The benefits were enough, and the five chieftains were impressed by iron and blood. Under the combination of kindness and kindness, this simple, primitive social form of the dark forest was condensed by Li Feiyang.

The rest of the things is very simple. Li Feiyang entrusts all things to Mr. Tu and Mr. Shui, and then Mu Zhuoqing sits in the seat. I don’t think there will be any problems. Having seen his strength, coupled with the well-known identity of Mani in the future, it is expected that no one dares to rebel.
Besides, God’s memorial day is coming. If anyone tinkers with it at this time, it is estimated that others will be able to crush him without Li Feiyang’s hand.
After dealing with these things, Li Fei began his own "temple retreat" trip.
Of course, this is just his counterpoint claim. In fact, he entered the sixth floor alone to find the legendary "ancient magic dragon".
Flying royal sword flew for three days, is out of the fifth floor, into the sixth floor. It takes him so long to fly, which proves how vast the fifth floor is.
These three can’t be regarded as pleasant experiences. Facing the endless desert sea, I still feel spectacular for a long time at first, and everyone will feel monotonous and boring, even boring to make people crazy. Fortunately, Li Feiyang’s mind is very tenacious. After two years of training, he has already become accustomed to being alone, so that he will not feel too uncomfortable.
After entering the sixth floor, the scene in front of us is completely new, and then the vast sand sea is replaced by a piece of green. Tall trees and dense weeds get darker as they go deeper. From light green to dark green, it finally slowly turned into a strange scarlet.
This color is really hard to make people feel comfortable. And Li Feiyang feels more surprised than that. I don’t know why, but he can’t fly here.
A heavy pressure covered the whole sixth floor. As long as Li Feiyang flew, he felt like he was on a mountain, so heavy that he could hardly move. In desperation, he had to walk.
In the first three days, everything was normal, and Li Feiyang had enough food and water in the cultivation of immortals. But he still liked to eat and drink a few mouthfuls of water in his spare time. The reason is that it is difficult to give up what other people are used to.
And only in this way can he feel that he is still a person and not something else …
Continue to move in, the color of plants has become much darker or even as dark as ink. The trees are towering, walking in it. It always makes people feel uneasy. There wasn’t much light and these black plants set off. Li Feiyang felt as if he had entered the nether world. He always felt that he didn’t know when he might save the evil spirit Luo Cha next to him. With this in mind, Rao is Li Feiyang who has been fearless for a long time, and he can’t help but feel a little scared.
In fact, in the final analysis, the blood-red vertical eyes that cover the moon in his heart have become a heart disease for him.
There was a great silence in the Woods, and in such strange silence, it made people feel a little creepy. March for a long time, although still can’t hear any movement, but Li Feiyang felt that his ears were full of voices in a trance. It was a strange feeling of indescribable chemistry and mystery. It’s like something is shouting, calling, warning in his heart …
Finally, just when Li Feiyang’s mood was depressed to the extreme, suddenly there was a piercing animal roar not far away. Li Feiyang immediately refreshed and quickly swept away toward the position of the voice.
Even if he fights with the beast, he doesn’t want to stay in this oppressive environment any longer.
When I rushed to the crowd, I saw a huge fire cow swallowing the fruit of a big tree. This fire ox is much bigger than the one he killed on the fifth floor by array method. The color of the whole body is more vivid and looks more shocking.
Li Feiyang was taken aback. Because according to the law of fierce beasts in the dark forest, after entering a layer, the fierce beasts on the outside will be weaker, and the deeper they go, the stronger they will be. Not long after he entered the sixth floor of the Dark Forest, he met such a huge fire cow. It is conceivable that the fierce beasts inside should be terrible.
But since I’m here, there is no turning back. Li Feiyang never thought about turning back. Without hesitation, Li Feiyang took out the thunder Excalibur and rushed at the burning Luo Niu …
After a fierce battle, this fire cow was finally killed by Li Feiyang. But Li Feiyang is also not so easy. As he estimated, the fierce beasts here are not only bigger, but also stronger. As far as this fire cow is concerned, its ability to control the flame has been great. After a fierce battle, it almost led to a forest fire. If it weren’t for the water in the plants here, it wouldn’t burn well. I’m afraid Li Feiyang is in flames now.
After collecting the flesh and blood and various materials from Huoluo Niu into the cultivation ring, Li Feiyang took a break and continued to enter.
Unconsciously, Li Feiyang has entered the sixth floor for seven days. During these seven days, he met many fierce beasts, and each fierce beast was very powerful. Every battle is much more intense than when it is outside. But in the same way, Li Feiyang has gained a lot.
In seven days, his level has been upgraded to level 3, and the King Kong spell has directly reached the full level!
Li Feiyang’s current state is that his practice value is 198 for C force, 352 for spiritual strength and 526 for physique, and his posture is 1netbsp for good luck. The Vajrayana Mantra consumes the true qi to increase Li Feiyang’s physical defense by 1c times. After lasting for 3 minutes, he will be completely immune to physical attack within 2 minutes. Cooling time is 1 minute.

Chapter 180 The cat was revealed
On the eighth day, he never saw a fierce beast again. It was not that the fierce beast was extinct, but most of the fierce beasts seemed to feel his presence. As soon as they sensed his breath, they took a detour and didn’t give him any chance to kill.
Fortunately, Li Feiyang has finally adapted to the darkness and depression in the sixth floor, and no longer needs to use killing to vent his emotions, but he is also complacent and quiet.
On the ninth day, Li Feiyang came to a strange place.
To be precise, the whole sixth floor has become extremely strange. There is no longer any vegetation in front of us, but a dense fog. But the fog is like a substance, and it can’t enter it at all. It can only follow the periphery of the fog along the road. On the tenth day, Li Feiyang finally found the entrance of the fog.
This is a huge iron gate, with a height of more than ten feet, and two huge golden animal faces carved on the door, which look lifelike and want to be confused.
Surprisingly, the door is half-closed, and a gap enough for one person to pass through is just enough for one person to enter. But looking in from the outside, I feel red and foggy, plus a little bit of eerie, it is really impossible to know what is in it.
But Li Feiyang did not hesitate to go in, because after he got here, the strange voice of calling and guiding in his heart seemed to be more and more clear, so he couldn’t help but go in and find out.
After entering it, there was a hazy moment, probably a few seconds, and it was as long as thousands of years. Li Feiyang now appeared in a brand-new place.
I don’t know what material is used to build the promenade, which is shining with soft and touching brilliance. A wide avenue goes straight ahead, but it is a little surprising and strange that this fellow road is full of light, but the line of sight will always be blocked by something unconsciously, as if you will never see the distant scenery and outline.
Li Feiyang’s heart suddenly felt that the scene just now seemed familiar, and then it sounded. Before sweeping the floor, Mani took himself into the mysterious mural space, as if there had been a brief absence.
It just feels much shorter than just now.
Li Feiyang eyebrows a pick. A strange idea popped up in the book. If so, it can also be used as a standard to judge strength. Does that mean the people who built this space? More powerful than that mysterious sweeping mani?
Walk slowly down the channel. Turn a corner. In front of the scene. Li Fei Yang was taken aback immediately.