I miss the purple princess bed in the room!

"I’m tired, too. I’ll sleep with you." Yue Xuanyi hurriedly posted it to arouse people’s disdain eyes.
"Well, let’s go." Xingtianmo or go to the second floor arm in arm with Yuexuan Yi. She can’t wait to have a date with Duke Zhou.
Early the next day
"Why is the headmaster in such a hurry to find us?" Xingtianmo wanted to catch up on sleep and wake up naturally, but she was awakened by a strange word. It turned out to be the old man of the principal.
"I don’t know" Yue Xuan Yi Yi didn’t wake up just like Xingtian Mo.
The headmaster was so anxious to find them that he said that if they didn’t go, he would die = …
"Knock knock" Xingtianmo habitually knocked on the door.
Unexpectedly, there was no response from Yuexuan Yiyi, so I impatiently kicked the door and thought it was habitual.
The door was hit and the headmaster was talking to a man, Kan Kan.
Xing Tian Mo and Yue Xuan Yi walked in unhurriedly to see that the man was Xing Lengyu.
Seeing his impatient face, it is estimated that the headmaster will be angry if he doesn’t stop. If he is angry, the consequences will be very serious …
7 exchange learning
"The headmaster …" Star day foam called a he didn’t respond estimation is too absorbed.
"Principal!" Star day foam shouted a pity that he finally had a reaction.
"Hey, what are you doing here? Can I help you? " The headmaster inexplicably asked with a face of koo.
Xing Tian Mo and Yue Xuan Yi suddenly had a black line on their faces. The old man forced them to come here early in the morning. Now he asked them what they were doing. Is this old headmaster selective and forgetful? !

Are you lucky enough to go against the sky? Monty’s conclusion after careful observation. There must be some monster living inside him to help him stabilize. Otherwise, Yuan Shen will surely break up. Haikui told him before the combination. It must have something to do with Zhou Lin who was sealed in the body by the real Wuyang.

Monty looked at Haikui seriously and said, "I don’t know if you will be distracted after waking up this time." In that case. It is a deep blessing. "
On the other side. A middle-aged man frowned slightly. Now close your eyes and count for a while. Looking at the distance. "Actually took my distraction. Hey. That’s too much for you. More and faster chapters, please go to. You are just a tripod furnace and you want to go against the sky. "
Monty wants to think about it. Only this one is logical. He sat cross-legged again. After looking at Haikui’s eyes, he closed his eyes and meditated.
On the east coast of China. Xue Zheng Xiu and Stuart Yuan Wu are probing carefully. Xue Zhengxiu suddenly looked up at the sky. Eyes a dignified. Then he turned to Stuart Yuan Wu and said, "Stuart Yuan Wu. I have more important things to do. When you find the old man. Baojia and Ziruyi are all yours. I want the old man’s yuan god. "
Stuart Yuan Wu gloomy looking at Xue Zhengxiu. Heavy voice asked: "Xue Zheng xiu who are you?"
"You know the old so long still don’t know who I am? The old man is just a casual repair. " Xue Zhengxiu hey hey smiled.
Stuart Yuan Wu’s eyes were full of pitfalls. "I don’t think so. You take a break. I know so much about the various factions in the spiritual world. And people who are Taoist are even more familiar with it. Who will believe you if you say it? I think you are like … "
Stuart Yuan Wu seems to have noticed something. One-handed pinch tactic carefully staring at Xue Zhengxiu.
Xue Zhengxiu looked at Stuart Yuan Wu cautiously. Laughing. "Stuart Xiaoyou thinks too much." He said and disappeared.
Stuart Yuan Wu looked at the place where Xue Zheng had just disappeared. Eyes show the color of meditation. Frown. Think twice and continue to search for people in Donghua.
Stuart Yuan Wu came to Daofeizong with all the fighting power of Wanmo Palace. I got an imperial edict. This imperial edict comes from another world. Another powerful world. Stuart Yuan Wu dare not disobey. Whether the imperial edict is true or not. He has to come. And he is expected to soar. In urgent need of powerful help. The promise in the imperial edict. Success or failure. There are rewards.
Stuart Yuan Wu suspected that Xue Zhengxiu was from another world.
Xue Zhengxiu appeared in Jialing City at this time. Since he was separated from Stuart Yuan Wu. A few minutes. He came to Jialing City. Didn’t hide his breath. A powerful breath filled between heaven and earth. Mortals can’t feel it. But the practitioners here can feel it.
What exactly is Xue Zheng’s practice? Haikui guessed that he had a state of distraction.
Soon. It’s time to hide It’s time to appear.
At this time there are dozens of people in front of Xue Zheng Xiu. Fix for the lowest infant period. Two distracted periods. They looked at Xue Zhengxiu cautiously. One of the distracted monks asked, "Who are the Taoist friends? Why call me? "
"I am a celestial messenger. I was ordered to arrest a man. I order you to scrape three feet to find this man. " Xue Zhengxiu looked down at the crowd and said.
"It’s a loose tongue." Xue Zheng Xiugang finished. The friar said in a cold voice at the end of a dollar baby.
Xue Zhengxiu’s eyes looked sharp. In the later period of Yuanying, the friar only felt the sudden lag of Zhenyuan in the body and then became tyrannical.
The power of a glance. Let him be really unstable. The heart of Tao is shaking.
"Fairy angel. It’s really the first time I’ve heard it. " During the distracted period, the friar moved lightly and stood in front of Xue Zheng Xiu. Blocked his eyes.
The monk’s back was cold and sweaty in the later period of Yuanying. Heart andao fortunately. Hurriedly take a step backward. Pull away.
Chapter 299 are looking for.
Xue Zhengxiu glanced at all. "Which one is a descendant of the Sect that has existed for more than 3,000 years?"
A distracted person stood up. Xue Zhengxiu threw him a jade slip. "Look at it."
The distracted person picked it up. After a glance. He said to the crowd, "Dear Taoist friends. This is indeed a celestial messenger. "
Everyone was surprised. Everyone wants to know what’s in the jade slips. But Yu Jian was taken back by Xue Zhengxiu.
"Don’t ask anything more. Let you know what you know. If you don’t know, you will be killed if you want to know. " Xue Zhengxiu took a look at them and said coldly.
Everyone shuddered. They all shut up honestly. The celestial world is the supreme existence in their hearts. And they also aim to soar to the celestial world. How dare you offend the celestial messenger?
"To find this person. Dig a thousand feet and find it. " Xue Zhengxiu waved his hand. Haikui’s image came out. Sure. Is what he looked like before he changed his body.
Zhou Lin can’t communicate with Haikui after being sealed by Wuyang real person. Haikui changed his body. He doesn’t know it yet.
The people kept the appearance of Haikui in mind. Xue Zhengxiu flicker disappear.
A few minutes after Xue Zhengxiu left. After a distracted person confirms it. He said to the crowd, "Let’s go."
"Zhao predecessors. What do you see? " Someone asked the distracted person who saw Xue Zheng’s jade slips. First time update
"The seal of the fairy world." Friar Zhao’s distracted period said.
"Feng Xianwen. What is that? "
Friar Zhao’s name is distracted. "After successful soaring celestial. The fairy world will appear on the fairy list and admit that you have stepped into the ranks of immortals. Then you take this fairy list to Huaxianchi. Into the fairy pool. The true elements in the body are transformed into immortal elements. Since then. You are a real fairy. "
Brother Zhao said. Many people are showing the color of suddenly. Someone has heard of it. Someone hasn’t heard of it.
"That day? Armageddon is not the real element that helps us refine the body. " One person did not understand and asked.
"Armageddon is natural selection. More and faster chapters, please go to. Get rid of those who can’t survive the disaster. This is one of its intentions. Second. People who have survived the natural disaster. The cultivation will grow in the Armageddon. You can bear the cleaning of the fairy pool. The fairy pool turns the real yuan into the fairy yuan. The flesh is the container of immortals. If it is unbearable, it will collapse. Still failed. So people who have survived the natural disaster. It will be able to withstand the cleaning of Huaxianchi. " Brother Zhao explained carefully and said, "Look at those people who have crossed the sky through the ages. Most of them rely on strength to survive. Lucky to get help from others. Or a magic weapon to resist. Ascended to the celestial realm. That is also the lowest fairy. People who can’t stay for three days after entering the fairy pool. The whole body can’t be completely transformed. Such people can’t get along in the celestial world. "
Some people didn’t know this kind of thing before. Someone immediately showed a pessimistic expression. "If according to zhao predecessors said. After soaring, isn’t it a change of environment to continue to practice and practice again? "
Brother Zhao looked solemn. "Yes. I sent my predecessors to soar. Ten times as hard as you can in the lower bound. Work hard in the celestial world to stand in front of people. Today, I’ll tell you about it. In fact, the fairy world is not as good as you think. "
In the crowd, the face of a monk in the later period of Yuan Ying immediately collapsed. "I thought I could be free and unfettered in heaven and earth after I became an immortal. Listen to you. Is the struggle in the celestial world more fierce? "
Brother Zhao sighed and remained silent. But everyone knows.
After a while. Brother Zhao said to the crowd, "Let’s follow what the messenger just said. Find this person as soon as possible. If you can’t catch him alive, don’t startle him. Signal to wait for the arrival of the messenger. The emissary left a rune signal. I will give it to everyone. " He said, with one hand, he definitely drew a few pictures in the air with Zhenyuan. Hold on a second. "In the last five fingers spread out with true yuan before pushing. Runes will automatically look for the messenger’s adult. Remember. "
They wrote down the runes and dispersed. Brother Zhao also flew in the same direction. Heart andao: From the first generation of soaring predecessors. A person of the younger generation. Must be suppressed. You can’t cross the sky until you can’t suppress it. In this way, the actual strength to survive the apocalypse is much stronger than the strength to go all the way directly, to be distracted and to soar in Mahayana. After soaring. Win at the starting line.
The battle between the immortals is more fierce than expected. Update the first time where there is a paradise. Where there is no immortal happy. It’s all bullshit But once you have set foot on this road, you can’t back down. The elders of the sects in the celestial world are still waiting for the younger generation to soar to increase their strength. Hey.
Brother Zhao’s face gets lower and lower as he thinks about it. But he shoulders the mission of sects. Shoulder the mission of becoming cannon fodder or elite to the celestial world. Let him have no other choice.
Haikui is still in a coma underground. And in Jialing city and even nearby. There is a great uproar among practitioners. Are looking for haikui. Trying to dig up the ground and find him out. But what more people know is that Haikui is the person asked by the celestial messenger. After finding it, you can exchange it for the interests of the celestial messenger. The alliance of cultivating immortals is also looking for the people who slaughtered the Hao family. These two things are the most important things among practitioners in Jialing.
Xue Zhengxiu appeared in the place where the Hao family was slaughtered. There are policemen and soldiers everywhere now. Fiona Fang is blocked for miles. The news was also blocked. But the mayor of Jialing needs to give an explanation to the above. Not only did half the police come. The subordinate army division also sent a battalion of soldiers to station and assist.
Xue Zhengxiu looked at the vehicles flashing the alarm and the big green truck with a slight frown. "This is the place where the last induction. I don’t know what happened. "
Xue Zhengxiu glanced at the people below. The soldiers are resting. You can also walk around. He appeared below in a flash. Update and control a soldier’s mind in the first time. The soldier’s eyes were confused. Turn to yin. He walked up to the policeman who was whispering and asked, "Brother. What happened here. "
Two policemen looked up. There is a strange color in his eyes. One person asked, "You don’t know yet."
I don’t know. The soldier shook his head.
"I heard that the rich family Hao family here was slain by people. A big fire left no residue. Look at this. Everywhere is blackened. Maybe the place where we are standing now is the ashes burned by the dead. " The policeman said. The tone is slightly low. Finally, it was found that the other party was a soldier. I can’t scare him with this tone. Hey, hey, smile. "We don’t know the details. More and faster chapters, please go to. I came as soon as I was informed. Waiting for the investigation. "
"Oh. Thanks a lot. " The soldier smiled.
"You’re welcome." The police also waved generously.
The soldier turned around. The expression of eyes was gloomy. Suddenly, my eyes turned into confusion again. Strange. Look around.
Xue Zhengxiu once again appeared over the original address of Hao’s family. Not only dark eyes. My heart is also gloomy. He’s sure it was Haikui. But the dead didn’t even leave a soul behind. So he can’t know what was going on at that time.
He used his magical powers to explore carefully for dozens of miles in Fiona Fang, and there was no sign of Haikui. Except those down there that are not living. Nothing else was found. Xue Zhengxiu thought for a moment. I don’t think Haikui can stay here. After killing people. There must be a monk here to explore. I’m sure it’s bad luck to stay here But at this time, there is not a soul of the Hao family. He doesn’t know where Haikui has gone. After looking in four directions. The figure disappeared into the air.
Most practitioners speculate on Haikui’s trace with the heart of ordinary people. Many people think we should hide in sparsely populated or barren hills. And the so-called big is hidden in the city. Haikui is now under a hotel in the center of Jialing City. So they can’t find Haikui in a short time. Moreover, the monty flag hides the breath of him and Haikui. Even if someone is looking in the city. It takes a little effort.

Well, how about I set up a department at the same time, let some people take charge of supervision, and try to eliminate all kinds of legal tricks that have been circulated for different reasons?

Although it will take about a hundred years to implement it imperceptibly, the source will be gradually removed. How about I guide mortals to take another road and not use aura?
At the same time, I will try to refine some special magic weapons to detect the foundation of mortal qualifications, and use them to test those children, so as to replace the basic cultivation methods now.
In this way, I have eliminated another source. Are you satisfied? Also, there are many blessed places with abundant aura overseas. How about going to open them together? "
Xuanzhenzi said coldly, "So you still won’t give up your crazy plans. Hum, what if you do this?" Why don’t you fight against our Emei Sect in the future? "
He turned to the blissful real person and said, "Real person, it is said that since this person is a member of your Qingcheng School, we can’t treat him well, but he is right with us everywhere. Please ask the real person to be fair. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, XuanZhen son, you said so many truths, because I blocked the road to the prosperity of Emei and cut your fate. What do you want to get rid of me and say so much nonsense?
I, Song Changgeng, walk alone between heaven and earth. Since I dare to do it, I dare to undertake it. Come if you have the skill. Let me see how powerful the two-instrument dust array, which is known as the first method in the world, is! "
I thought about so many ways to compromise, but I still heard Xuanzhenzi’s adamant4. Song Changgeng couldn’t help but be arrogant. He tried his best to explain to these people from the beginning, and finally the other party had to deal with him. He was crazy at the moment.
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The twelfth volume You and I draw out a sword Chapter one hundred and fifteen Single-handedly bear
Blissful reality said lightly, "All right, let’s stop arguing. What’s going on?"? It’s worse than those people who teach evil ways, and waste it as the leader of the right path.
Song Chang-geng just said that the method is very good, so that the source of communication can be eliminated, and the things we are most worried about competing for aura will not be born. As for other things, he must also find ways to solve them.
As for weakening your Emei sect’s fortune, I think that if you are naive enough to prosper, others who take it from you will give it back twice as much. What do you think?
If someone takes the lead and doesn’t return to your hands in the end, it means that this thing or person is not yours, but the cause and effect flow to you, and it means that you are not really blessed by God.
Isn’t it a little narrow-minded of you to shout at others for fighting and killing because of this? If you must deal with Song Changgeng, I’m his grandmaster, and I’ll take everything, okay? "
A teenage boy’s expression is faint and his voice is not high, but the words of the real person Blissful really stunned the Three Immortals in the East China Sea. They didn’t expect that the real person Blissful would really take this matter in the end.
What about the flag gate where they brought two instruments of dust? With the ability of a blissful real person, there is nothing he can do. At that time, the three immortals in the East China Sea can’t help but decide what to do.
Without waiting for their reply, Blissful Reality turned to Master Fentuo and said, "As for Xuanyuan Erbao, not only you have been thinking about it for a long time, but I have also been thinking about it for a long time.
Now that the treasure has been obtained by our Qingcheng Sect, will you stop there? If you must fight, let’s make an appointment and we’ll fight it out. "
Master Fentuo listened to his words and was stupefied. She didn’t expect things to show in the worst direction at last. Blissful reality finally accepted all the enemies. It seems that the orthodoxy of Qingcheng School is too important to him.
She glanced at her apprentice Yang Jin, sighed and said, "It depends on the fate of each person, if these two treasures can’t be given up." I can’t say anything.
Since real people have their own plans, we have come abruptly. Please include a lot of rude things in real people. Let’s do it today. Let’s get together again someday. Goodbye. "
Hearing Master Fentuo’s words, a string in the heart of Blissful Reality was finally loosened. Since Song Chang-geng had a good solution to the reiki problem, he naturally had no worries.
He knew that Song Changgeng could not fight against these two people. And now I’m still injured, so without looking back, I naturally stand up for myself and take everything to myself.
Now Master Fentuo doesn’t want to be his enemy and leave automatically. Although there will still be a lot of troubles in the future, the present level is finally over. Of course he was relieved.
Without an enemy, Real Blissful was also very happy. He stood up and made a few polite remarks to Master Fentuo, and stayed for a while, seeing that they were determined to go. Just want to send them away.
The three immortals in the East China Sea made eye contact with each other, and Qi Shuming, a wonderful real person, handed over and said, "Speaking of real people, they are our elders. How dare we fight against real people? Wouldn’t that hurt the harmony between our two families?
At the same time, it’s also a joke for those evil spirits. Since the real person wants to protect this person with all his strength, I’ll ask the real person to be kind to him, so how about never being against us Emei Sect again? "
Qi Shuming, a wonderful real person, is also very depressed. He didn’t expect things to be like this at last, so he had to settle for the second best. As long as this person doesn’t do it right by himself in the future, things will be revealed first.
He understands. This matter won’t be over, and there will be conflicts in the future, but let’s deal with the present first, and we can’t really fight with Blissful Reality, can we? The three of them really have no bottom to beat others.
Therefore, when they see Master Fentuo leaving, they naturally can’t stay, and say their final request. Blissful reality will know when they decide to take over these issues themselves. This is basically the case.
He also bowed his hand and said, "Don’t worry, I will give him a good warning. Let him be different from you in the future, that is, Qingcheng and Emei are connected by the same gas, so we should be closer in the future. "
Song Chang Gung next to the interface: "You can rest assured that my magic weapon, the Jade Turtle, which deduces and blinds the secret has been destroyed in the Holy Tomb, so the secret will be clear, and I won’t be able to seize any opportunities in the future."
"Hum, that’s the best. You should take care of yourself in the future, otherwise we Emei Sect can’t be bullied. You’d better put away your crazy plans and provoke us again, so you won’t be so accommodating."
Xuanzhenzi said coldly, he was really annoyed, and this matter was finally settled because of the intervention of the bliss reality. They came for nothing, and naturally they were depressed and didn’t good the spirit.
If it weren’t for Song Chang-geng’s saying that he deduced and blinded the secret, the mysterious jade turtle symbol had been destroyed in the holy tomb, and the secret was really clear, Xuanzhenzi would be even more depressed.
We polite a few words, said some pleasantries to each other, and finally sent the Three Immortals of the East China Sea and Master Fentuo away, and the real Situping also left Guihua Mountain with the Three Immortals of the East China Sea.
Qi Lingyun stayed, on the pretext of taking care of Shuangying, two Younger. After seeing these people off, Blissful Reality said to Qin Ziling, "Ziling, please tidy up and arrange for your school sisters to practice."
Then he said to Song Changgeng, "You and I will go for a walk."
Qin Ziling knew that they had something to talk about, so she took a few school sisters to salute and leave. Li Ning originally wanted to say that Shuangying should leave Emei School, but later she didn’t mention it when she saw too many things.
Now I know that things are not so easy to solve, so I didn’t say it again. After I left, I went back to my tree house for repair. Shuangying and Qin Han Calyx winked at Song Changgeng when they left.
Of course, Song Changgeng knows what they mean. He just wants to talk to him and ask about things that used to disturb the cat’s nest, but he is not in the mood to take care of them now, to cope with what the bliss talents need most now.
When everyone else left, before he could speak, the real Blissful began to say, "Don’t say thank you. We all need what we want. You have received a few disciples with good qualifications and good fortune these days, which made me see hope, so I tried to protect you. But tell the truth, will you be right with Emei Sect in the future? Tell me, will you let me know? "

The twelfth volume You and I draw out a sword Chapter one hundred and sixteen A new future
Song Changgeng was dazed, thought it over carefully and said, "Although we may have to get a head start on some things or people in the future, there is nothing else.
However, if the Qingcheng Sect wants to rise, confrontation with the Emei Sect is inevitable. After all, one mountain can’t accommodate two tigers, and two sects want to rise at the same time, and mutual competition is indispensable. "
With a sigh, Blissful Reality said helplessly, "I know all this, but I can’t help it. In order to establish orthodoxy, this is a necessary thing, and I have realized that I have to pay the price.
This time, I can temporarily suppress these things, but neither of them will let you go. Be careful when you go out in the future, especially when your magic weapon is destroyed.
Hey! You don’t have a magic weapon to deceive the cat, and your future actions are easy to be calculated, so you should be careful. You’d better do more work in advance to temporarily confuse the cat.
You’re here to recuperate. Now that we’ve torn faces with Emei Sect, you should pay more attention to Shuangying. It’s best to leave them in Qingcheng Sect. I’ll go when Mrs. Bao Xiang is robbed. I’ll go first if nothing happens. "
After seeing off the Blissful Reality, Song Chang-geng simply responded to the inquiries of Shuangying and Qin Han-calyx, and then went back to retreat and heal himself, and also thought about his next action plan.
This time, if there is no blissful reality, all of them will be carried down, not to mention the dust array of the three immortals in the East China Sea, that is, master Fentuo and his disciples are not able to fight against each other.
So Song Changgeng thought for a long time and finally decided to modify the previous plan. In order to avoid the problem of competing for reiki, he decided to solve it by his own way.
At the same time, I can’t hide my identity. I can’t hide my abode of fairies and immortals in the South China Sea, the North China Sea and Taihang Mountain. There must be a danger of being attacked then.
Fortunately, the hidden strength of the three places is very strong. Originally, the corpse in the cave dwelling of Taihang Mountain was prepared for the subsequent counter-offensive to the North. Now I’m afraid I’m going to hide in the south in part.
The upper thunder army on Xiaoyao Island in the South China Sea has just been built and has not yet formed combat effectiveness. It seems that it is necessary to contact Zi Xuanfeng. Tell him to prepare more backup hiding spots, just in case.
Beihai Black Knife Gorge has nothing to worry about because female disciples are proficient in law, and Long Xuan and his wife are seated. Song Changgeng pretended to be Situ Ping himself to help the Qingcheng School set up, but it’s a pity that such a thing happened before the plan was completed.
Speaking of it, Song Changgeng did not expect that the mysterious jade turtle symbol would be destroyed. At that time, his plan in the Holy Mausoleum was to take the opportunity to destroy the parents in Songshan, because these two people were very important to Emei Sect.
As far as he knows, in the future, many disciples will enter Emei, and there are many things related to Emei. These two people are all in the shadow, and even they are the key to success or failure, so they must be eliminated. In this way, the Emei Sect is equivalent to a broken hand, and there will be insufficient manpower to do things, which is convenient for Song Changgeng’s future actions. Yang Jin was born as a piggyback, but I didn’t expect that it was this affiliated person who let himself have a big accident. Not only was he injured, but he also destroyed the magic weapon. Finally, he had to let them go because of the instability of several Uber.
Without the magic weapon. Only his own strength has completed his own plan, and Song Chang Gung has a new understanding of his own strength. After thinking in the sacred tomb, he decided to think of it as the main means of cultivation.
All the dharma formulas he has learned before will be integrated in the future and transformed into a version of dharma formulas, and he will be devoted to one dharma formula in the future.
After the holy ling to things. Song Changgeng finally understood that a spoonful of water has universal flavor. There is no need to taste the truth of the world law, only to be good at one kind of law. In order to spend limited time and energy in one place.
Therefore, in his healing, he mainly transformed his own skill. After the Taoist skill and Buddhist skill were transformed into Xuanyin blood flame gods, he produced a blood god bead in the abdomen.

When Meng Qi is so, but after Meng Qi arrived in the team of Ai Zhuoshui, he immediately felt guilty.

It’s not that I don’t, but since Meng Qi came, I feel that everyone here has a strong hostility towards himself, and Ai Zhuoshui has no good temper towards Meng Qi, throwing Meng Qi in a room, and then ignoring Meng Qi and limiting the action area of Meng Qi.
Meng Qi was also sent by Dragon Valley to make contact, but now he is a prisoner. However, in recent days, the progress of Dragon Valley has been relatively smooth, and the cat and demon clan in Kyubi no Youko has also benefited a lot from Dragon Valley, even without any strength.
At that time, Meng Qi’s liaison ambassador was useless. In an environment full of hostility everywhere, Meng Qi recognized that he was practicing hard, then followed the cat demon clan in Kyubi no Youko and sent the news back to Huilong Valley regularly.
Today, Meng Qi is practicing hard as usual, but a catwoman woke Meng Qi up and said that Ai Zhuoshui asked him to discuss things.
Meng Qi revealed a smile at the corner of his mouth. He had long expected this. Recently, Longgu was against a powerful race and this race was quite stubborn. He would rather die than surrender.
Suo Long Gu decided to extinguish this clan, so that Kyubi no Youko Cat Demon naturally can’t make any effort as before, and Ai Zhuo’s water is also white. Although it is necessary to make all one’s strength, it benefits but it is real.
This time, Ai Zhuoshui didn’t want to contribute, but he was afraid that he couldn’t do anything. Ai Zhuoshui specially called Meng Qi to naturally want Meng Qi to join the Dragon Valley to see where their attack direction is.
Meng Qize has already received the news from Longgu, but he deliberately didn’t tell Ai Zhuoshui the news. Even the clay figurine has three points of anger because he has been a doormat for so long. Kuang Mengqi is not a broad-minded guy.
When Meng Qi saw Ai Zhuoshui, he asked, "I don’t know if Ai Zong called Meng Qilai for something?"
Ai Zhuoshui always has a cold attitude towards Meng Qi, and of course, his enthusiasm has not changed much. He simply said, "Sit down first." Meng Qi nodded and then sat down.
After Meng Qi sat down, Ai Zhuoshui seemed to care very little and asked, "The brute orcs are powerful. I’m afraid it’s not easy this time."
Meng Qi smiled when he heard Ai Zhuoshui’s words and said, "Barbarian orcs are really powerful, but it’s not a big problem to clean up them. After all, my strength in Longgu is not what it used to be. Don’t let Ai’s patriarch suffer too much losses. Let Meng Qi take a message that Ai’s patriarch needs to contain it this time."
Hearing Meng Qi’s words, Ai Zhuoshui’s eyes twitched. The so-called containment is to let yourself not start work at will. That is to say, Longgu doesn’t intend to give himself benefits?
This answer is naturally unable to satisfy the other Ai Zhuoshui. Although she hates her teeth itch in her heart, her face has revealed a smile like never before. Suddenly, it is like a gorgeous summer flower.
Meng Qi actually looked dull for a while-but immediately Meng Qi just sat back and stopped looking at Ai Zhuoshui, who first despised Meng Qi’s performance and then said, "Since my Kyubi no Youko cat demon family has belonged to the name of Dragon Valley, it is natural for Dragon Valley to solve problems. What do you think of my family taking the initiative to take the main attack on Meng Qi?"
Meng Qi was fascinated by this beautiful enchanting just now, but he didn’t lose his head because of it. He pretended it was hard to say, "It’s good that the clan leader of Ai can be so deeply righteous, but it’s hard for Long Lao to decide the war arrangement."
Although it is difficult to pretend on the surface, Meng Qi actually has a smile on her mouth, which is naturally seen by Ai Zhuoshui. She asked coldly, "How do you know that the Presbyterian Church will be difficult if you don’t give my opinion back to Huilonggu?"
This original face was torn by Meng Qi, and naturally he lost his good face. He said coldly, "Meng Qi was sent by Longgu as a liaison messenger, but the head of Ai clan relegated Meng Qi to a small place. Meng Qi wants to give you this convenience?"
Ai Zhuoshui didn’t expect Meng Qi to say these words openly, but Meng Qi looked at Ai Zhuoshui with a sneer. He didn’t believe that Ai Zhuoshui dared to kill himself.
But to Meng Qi’s surprise, Ai Zhuoshui grabbed Meng Qi’s neck, and then Meng Qi felt that he was going to suffocate in a short time …
Chapter DiErLiu narrowly escaped death.
Chapter DiErLiu narrowly escaped death.
Meng Qi’s eyes rolled like two big lanterns, looking at Ai Zhuoshui. Meng Qi really didn’t expect Ai Zhuoshui to kill himself, but now looking at Ai Zhuoshui’s angry look, Meng Qi knows that this time I’m afraid it’s really a mistake.
In Meng Qi’s mind, the scenes of this world seemed to be played back like a lantern. Nine days seemed to be a sigh, and then an external force came to give Ai Zhuo water to Meng Qi.
Meng Qi fell to one side and gently pinched his neck, which was a violent dry cough, while Ai Zhuoshui stood aside and his face was very complicated, but he didn’t mean to rush again
After half a ring, Ai Zhuoshui suddenly said, "Now you can block the freedom of entry and exit in our camp." Then he sat back to his previous position.
Meng Qi finally caught his breath at this moment. I didn’t expect it to be heard. At that time, I didn’t understand it, but then I thought that a force that came just now should be so Meng Qi wouldn’t be naive to think that Ai Zhuoshui would suddenly change his mind just now.
Meng Qi got up and didn’t have a good face. Anyway, Meng Qi simply said, "Ai’s patriarch should have been so convenient for himself. You asked me to return the dragon old place for you, but can Yu Long old place make arrangements to ensure it?" After that, Meng Qi handed over and even the scene words were too lazy to say directly.
Ai Zhuoshui looked at Meng Qi and became more and more angry, but this anger was vented because the will of the person who just stopped her from making moves was that she must never resist.
"Grandma, what did you just stop me from killing that nasty thing? It’s just a monk then. Even if I kill Longgu, it won’t be like that, "said Ai Zhuoshui, who was wronged at the top of his head.
And just now, it seemed like nine days’ voice came again. "Silly boy, that man just now is not as simple as you think. Longgu appreciates him very much. If you kill him, you may be giving Longgu a reason to start work."
"But our clan’s strength has been enhanced several times now, and even in Longgu, we will not be afraid of him." Ai Zhuoshui is very unwilling. First, Qu Longgu, now even a monk then is quite afraid. This gap really makes Ai Zhuoshui feel uncomfortable.
The voice sighed again and said, "Our strength has increased several times because we benefited from the alliance of Dragon Valley, but the benefits we got are naturally a small part of it. Our strength has increased so much. Can you imagine that the strength of Dragon Valley has reached the same level?"
When I heard this, Ai Zhuoshui was silent. Now she has enough ability to fight in the Dragon Valley. Who would have thought that it was such a situation that a clan leader could naturally measure these gains and losses? Ai Zhuoshui squeezed his fist and said, "I won’t shoot that guy again after my grandson knows."
"So it’s good to Zhuo Shui. Now the demon race is really facing a new situation. You should be more careful here. We old guys can’t help you too much for some reasons." That sound is a little disappointed and maybe there are three points.
After Meng Qi returned to his residence, he was relieved to remember that he almost belched and said that he was not afraid of it, but his goal was finally achieved, but it was unexpected that the woman fell out.
However, Meng Qi didn’t pass Ai Zhuoshui’s request to Dragon Valley. It’s not that Meng Qi’s villain gave the news because of the context, or let Kyubi no Youko cat and demon clan take part in the main force. Meng Qi just borrowed a potential to achieve his own news.
However, even so, Meng Qi wants to dry Ai Zhuo water for a few days first. Although it has no substantial effect, it will always make her uncomfortable for two days.
In the past few days, Meng Qi went to see Ai Zhuoshui again. Naturally, there was no good face when they met. Meng Qi also kept a straight face and then told Ai Zhuoshui what he had decided. Ai Zhuoshui also sent Meng Qi out after hearing Meng Qi’s words.
And Meng Qishen doesn’t want to stay here. Just go out. Meng Qi just seems to walk casually in the Kyubi no Youko Cat and Demon clan camp. It’s about Ai Zhuo who ordered Meng Qi to move without being restricted. But once Meng Qi gets close to where, the Kyubi no Youko Cat and Demon clan will avoid him.
Meng Qi is also nai. In fact, there are two reasons why he wants to walk freely. First, his responsibility for this contact is not only to play a microphone, but also to inquire about the changes in the strength of Kyubi no Youko cat and demon clan, and then to lose control of this change in Huilonggu Kyubi no Youko cat and demon clan.
Secondly, it’s Meng Qi’s own reason. Meng Qishen is actually a man who yearns for freedom. This kind of freedom is of course not what he wants, but Meng Qi doesn’t like too many constraints.
As far as Meng Qishen is concerned, he doesn’t like to move very much, but even so, if someone actually restricts Meng Qi’s freedom, although there is no conflict here, Meng Qi is still uncomfortable. It can be said that he has an egg pain, but he is such a person who hates that kind of shackles, even though the shackles don’t actually have much conflict with him.
But now, although freedom of action has been restored, Meng Qi found that it is not so easy to find out the current strength of Kyubi no Youko Cat Demon.
Of course, you can walk around like this and look at some rough inferences, but judging from the information in Longgu, the Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan is not much threat to Longgu even if it digests those benefits assigned to them. In this case, Meng Qi has not investigated these things too much.
In the next few days, Meng Qi didn’t have the shackles, but he still stayed in his residence every day to practice hard, because since the Demon Conference, Long Yao gave Meng Qi some methods of transportation in some fields.
There is no point in Meng Qi’s cultivation because Dragon Valley has no time now, or the demon race has no time to repair it. How to take shortcuts is not a short time to rise too much.
However, the method taught by the professor to Meng Qi can make Meng Qi improve his combat effectiveness in the shortest possible time. In such troubled times, this is not only a problem of combat effectiveness, but also a problem of vitality.
Meng Qi naturally knows this, and since he came to that field, he sometimes studied this. Although it has not achieved much, it is not a gain.
A few days later, Ai Zhuoshui called Meng Qi again, but it was not to find trouble with Meng Qi, but because of the attack on the barbarian orcs.
The attack direction of Kyubi no Youko Cat and Demon is not the strongest but by no means the weakest place of the Barbarians’ defense. Meng Qi is naturally going to watch such battles.

"Grandpa is holding them outside. Shall I bring them in and show them to you?"

Jun Yang asked softly.
Shen Qiqi nodded.
Jun Yang knocked on the door and asked Sa to bring in two children, one left and one right, and put Shen Qiqi at her side.
Shen Qiqi sat up with her arms propped up and looked at this and that face with maternal brilliance. She was not willing to lie down and rest until she was tired.
Jun Yang sat by the bed and watched the three mothers sleep quietly. For the first time, she felt that life was complete.
Three years later.
Shen Qiqi and Junyang are holding a child who looks like a pink jade carving. They are staring at Sa and Hanu in front of a stone gate with their eyes full of tears.
Today is another day for the virtual exit, and the Shen Qiqi family is leaving Japan.
Shen Qiqi and Jun Yang, two small bags, have been over two years old and know that this is not their real home, but they have been getting along for more than two years. The two little guys have finished treating Hanu and Sa as their family. At the moment, they are crying into tears. The two little people are also red-eyed and tearful.
Sa was already married to A Cheng a year ago. At this time, she has been pregnant for six months. Looking at her wife with a big belly and crying, she is also distressed and holding her straight to comfort her.
"Aunt Xiuer, stop crying and we will come back to see you sometimes."
In the twins, Dabao Junxuan stretched out his meaty little hand and took Sa’s hand as a grownup to comfort her.
Xiaobao Junlin also learned to hold Sa’s hand gently shaking his mouth and said, "Aunt Sa doesn’t cry."
Said also made a face to make sa laugh through tears.
Although the two children were born before and after twins, Dabao was more calm and sensible than Xiaobao, which is like his father Junyang.
Xiaobao, on the other hand, is much more lively and active than his brother, but he is a full-fledged brother. He relies on his brother very much. If his brother speaks, he will definitely perform it 100%. His favorite thing at ordinary times is to be a little tail behind his brother.
Sa looked at the two big children since childhood, but even though there was no amount of sadness in her heart, she still put away her tears and squatted down to hold them in her arms. They kissed her face and said, "Dabao Xiaobao remembers to miss her aunt."
"Well" two small packages Zheng nodded.
"All right, Dabao Xiaobao, go and say goodbye to Grandpa."
Shen Qiqi came over and patted the shoulders of the two children, and he hugged a son himself.
"Sa, thank you for taking care of yourself."
In recent years, it has always been that Sa helped her to take care of two children. This time, from Shen Qiqi’s heart, it is also so different. Chapter 459 Return to Baicheng in the month.
"Sister Qiqi, take care of yourself. I will miss you."
Sa force back to embrace Shen Qiqi choked and said
"Well, there’s not much time left. The export is about to start. Get ready."
Say goodbye to the two little guys and send them back to Junyang and Shen Qiqi
Two little guys hold their parents’ hands and wave at Hanu and others respectively.
Behind him, Shimen slowly opened up a family of four, so Hanu and others walked in and finally disappeared before their eyes.
As soon as the four figures disappeared, Sa couldn’t help jumping into O’s arms and crying.
Hanu is also red-eyed and can’t help but wipe away tears.
"All right, all right, let them come back to see us whenever they want."
Hanu patted Ah on the shoulder and motioned for him to comfort Sa.
"Grandpa, Sister Qiqi, can they really come back to see us later?"
Sa looked up from her arms and asked uncertainly.
"Of course they want to."
Hanu said with certainty
"But grandpa, didn’t you say that we can’t go in and out at will?"
Sa is puzzled.
"That’s different now."
"Xiuer is not white"
"You will know later."
Hanu did not explain to her, but smoothed his beard and turned back with a smile.

But if you look left and right, you just can’t see anyone.

Nai two people have to decide to return to the inn to find another way.
"Has this brother ever seen the man in the painting?"
Yun Yong just turned to go back in the direction of coming, but suddenly a portrait appeared in front of him.
He looked up in front of him with a surprised look. The man wore a hat-like gauze and hung around. At this moment, some elegance and extraordinary faces were raised by the oncoming wind.
It exudes the temperament of Taoist spirits.
Looking at Xuanyi intently, I glanced at the vivid and enchanting woman in the painting.
He thought for a moment and then shook his head and said, "Never seen it."
"Let me see" Yunyong probe frowned in the past "I don’t know"
The man took back the portrait, and the sound seemed light. "Really? Excuse me two. "
The man dressed in white is like a fairy, and he continues to ask passers-by about the man in the painting.
From sylphy looked at the man again and finally turned around and turned into the corner with Yunyong.
"Listen to Xiao Er’s saying that there is a bag shop in the harbor that tastes delicious. Let’s buy some back." From Yun Qing’s outstanding charm, he handed the packed things to Bai Liyi.
"Good" thyme Yi smiled until she didn’t resist.
"Has this girl seen the person in the painting?"
Just ask YunYong male suddenly blocked two people way clear asked.
From yun-ching turned a look at the miniature pupil and narrowed his eyes and looked at it. He smelled like an inaccessible man.
I thought to myself, isn’t that her in this painting?
Then what is this man and her? Chapter 97 The return of an old friend ()
Thinking of this, Yun Qing smiled and looked at the man and asked, "I wonder who she is?"
The male painter said slowly, "She is my school sister named Mo Xian. When I heard that someone in Jingzhou had seen her, I found her."
Thyme Yi turned her head and saw a smile on the lips of the man in the painting. "It seems that God will treat you well and give you a pie!" ?”
Li Yunqing gave Bai Liyi a supercilious look, but he secretly cheered!
It turns out that … Her name is Mo Xian.
Yun Yong, as he turned into the corner from Xuanyi, was caught in a collision. The woman coming right against the face.
"ouch!" Female feminine shouted off her handkerchief.
From Xuan Yiwen, she quickly picked up the woman who fell to the ground and said, "Is the girl okay?"
I want to denounce, but when I see the elegance in front of me, I am charming and say, "Thank you for your concern."
From sylphy leng a loose hold female arm hand.
Yunyong bent down to pick up Pa and smiled apologetically. "Don’t be offended if you bump into a girl!"
I was puzzled when I saw the face in front of me, and I stared at people for a long time.
Sound took the handkerchief to detect YunYong sight face a red yan mouth smile "GongYanChong! My daughter still has to leave in advance. "
Then he turned the corner with small steps.
It was not until people left Xuanyi that they gently coughed, "Don’t look at it when people go far."
Maybe YunYong saw which woman?
Cloud chung during a new enlightenment "yi? Isn’t she the person in the painting? "
Tea house side
From Yun Qing’s eyebrows, she said slowly, "Isn’t she the goddess of nine days in Jingzhou prefecture?"
Male a lag "thank you two"
Although the tone is emotionless, I can also hear his joy.
"hey! And so on ….. "From yun-ching to stop wanting to leave the man.
The man immediately turned around and didn’t talk.
"You owe me a favor, but will you have to pay it back in the future?" From the soft audio-visual songs of Yun Qing, the movement is generally soft and refreshing, which makes it easy to relax.
"If you are kind, you will be rewarded!" The man said simply, "I don’t know what the girl is called?"
A moment after Yun Qing thought about it, people rushed to answer "She said she smiled" earlier.
The wind raised the hanging veils faintly from Yun Qing and saw the male corners of the mouth evoked a cold smile.

"Ha ha ha"

Mo Tianyuan revealed an embarrassing smiling face like Conan, but his heart was quite linguistic …
Because I stayed in the sea for a long time this time, Mo Tianyuan returned to No.7 Middle School the next day, and had studied for a day during the National Day holiday in the school, thinking about how to explain to the class leader, Mr. Lu, the reason for skipping class for one day. When he came to the school, he was dismayed to find a red bar with several dazzling white characters hanging across the school gate.
"Congratulations to our school’s Mo Tianyuan player for winning the Premier League championship!"
Holy shit. come on.
This time, because he skipped class for a day, he would be "educated" by his teacher in the office like a defeated soldier, but I didn’t expect that the whole school was waiting for him like a victorious general!
This can make him happy!
Chapter 51 You want the championship trophy
The banner pulled at the school gate is like a reassurance that he still has a little uneasy heart, instant stability and even some high spirits …
School leaders are so interesting! After what they’ve done, maybe now my school brothers and sisters see me as if they saw a national treasure, right?
On this hot day, Mo Tianyuan was thrilled to think that the beautiful school girls with glistening thighs and floral skirts surrounded him. He has already considered whether to sign "Mo Tianyuan" when he enters the school later. It’s better to sign your own game id "Blast and Heaven Source" …
Well, well, it’s better to sign your real name. After all, it’s easier to write something, and I don’t know how many girls there will be. Alas, it’s not a good thing to have more girls in a senior high school with long experience!
Read this, he no longer hesitated, strode into the school gate with his long legs.
However, before he felt the siege of junior girls, he heard a lazy old voice coming out of the gatehouse next to the school gate. "Live! What for? Do you know that social points are registered when entering schools? ?”
Mo Tianyuan sucked up and smacked himself, shaking his head and sighing when he got home.
"Uncle Li, I’m a student in our school. I’m in Class 37. My class leader is Teacher Lu and there’s a naughty boy Xiaoyu …" He explained.
Uncle Li is an old man who has been a doorman in No.7 Middle School for decades. Although he is a little deaf and blind, the students in No.7 Middle School still respect him.
Hearing Mo Tianyuan’s "uncle" call kindly and he said it in great detail, Uncle Li was sure that he was indeed a student of No.7 Middle School and let him go with the wave.
Mo Tianyuan’s dark passage was unlucky, but he was relieved to think that there might be a big wave of junior students coming ahead. However, he walked a long way and saw that he was about to go to the teaching building, but he still didn’t see a junior coming to be caring and attentive. Mo Tianyuan’s heart was so depressed …
Desperate, he walked back to the classroom and looked at his seat from a distance, but he didn’t see the lovely girl who spread laughter and love to himself all day. "This little girl agreed to wait for me in the class. Where did she go now?"
"Lie trough! Tianyuan, you are back! ! !”
However, although I said that I was looking forward to seeing someone, many students in the class found him screaming as if they had seen a ghost. Among them, You Lihe and Su Heng were the two great men with the loudest voices.
Mo Tianyuan said, "Please … it’s just a National Day holiday. Although I know you miss me very much, don’t act so exaggerated?"
There was a burst of laughter in the class. Li He scratched his head in embarrassment and smiled. "Then you are not what you used to be. Don’t say that the national championship of the Super League is our class’s glory. Now our school has also shown its face greatly! It is estimated that many schoolmates in the school worship you to death. How did you come in just now without being besieged by them? "
Mo Tianyuan rolled his eyes over this sad topic, and he didn’t want to explain it any more. He said, "Well, I did meet a lot of junior girls just now, and they were all pretty, so I just signed their names …"
"Oh, I’ll go! Look at this B outfit! " Everyone laughed in succession
Although they are playing a good joke with Mo Tianyuan at the moment, it can be said that Mo Tianyuan’s classmates are the most caring group of people for him this time. Even if they go to the sea to participate in the competition, Mo Tianyuan represents them for them.
Every time he gets a place in the sea, he is far away in Tiancheng and they will follow his heart. And when he was affected by rumors, they were also worried. Although everything was silent, silence was better than a thousand words. They were his staunchest supporters in his hometown.
Even Mo Tianyuan saw those congratulatory banners on the campus outside the school gate, and they were only approved when they applied to the school …
Just then, a beautiful image with long wet hair came in from the outside.
Just walked into the classroom, she obviously felt a little strange footsteps, and her soft eyes quickly looked into the classroom, just like those eyes that made her heart tremble.
"Cold water washed again? Didn’t I tell you that it’s not good to wash your hair with cold water? "
He gently took the towel from her hand and gently wiped the strands of long hair from her forehead with water drops, with a hint of blame on her face but full of love in her eyes.
At this time, her little mouth pouted slightly, but her pink cheeks showed. At this time, her heart was not angry at all. She rubbed her pink cheeks gently with the towel in his hand, which made many boys and girls in this classroom still remember it after several years.
When he just transferred to school, she took the initiative to sit with him. At that time, there were still many boys in the class who were unhappy and sighed that such a beauty was so clumsy. However, now there is no one in this classroom who thinks so again. Everything seems to come so naturally …
He left the team unexpectedly and returned to high school. He worked hard to get him to the top of the school. His amazing talent made him grow up quickly. Although she is not good at competition, she can catch up with him by accumulating scores day after day, and she can follow in his footsteps after graduation.
Although they are not as talented as those on the Qinhuai River a thousand years ago, they have unconsciously become the most envied couple among the seven middle schools in the past two years …
"Well, you want the championship trophy."
Put the towel soaked with water drops in his hand, and he stretched out his hand behind him like magic. Then he surprised her in class and handed the platinum trophy inlaid with a bright diamond to her hand.
That makes the cool running god of the country rush. Gao Zhen didn’t hesitate at the moment when he handed it out …
If you want to invite the stars to dance with you, I’ll pick the stars with your hands.
At this moment, the girl pouted as if she had lost her breath. Two shallow dimples hung on her good cheeks. She gently held the trophy in her chest, and the sweet voice still had a hint of blame.
"That’s more like it …"
Chapter 519 519 Xuedi gate
"Lie trough! You said you introduced us to the owner of extinct club? And he agreed to let us in! ?”
Zhaiying, a coffee shop in Tiancheng, listened to the news that just came out of Mo Tianyuan’s mouth. He was surprised that Lian Gang would spit out all the salt and soda water he drank, and Shi Qi was sitting beside him. Although he didn’t look as excited as him at the moment, he was shaking slightly with a coffee cup in his hand. The water also showed that he was not calm.
Less than two days after returning from the sea, Mo Tianyuan invited these two people out and told them about introducing them to the extinct club in the sea.
After the dissolution of Fengqi Club, Zhai Ying continued to go back to his No.1 Middle School and became a hard-working college entrance examination party, while Shi Qi, who had already dropped out of school, tried to be a part-time game anchor at home, but it can be seen that this job did not make him have a stable income. After all, he did not have a high reputation in China like Xiaojun and Sun Yue.