Moreover, its body is much larger than that of ordinary tree demon, and the strangest thing is that it has a very ferocious face.

Thick trunk, two lanterns-like eyes, a huge mouth and long fangs dripping with saliva, looks disgusting and terrible.
Especially at this moment, its body has been stabbed and its look is distorted.
No! They suddenly found a more strange place.
That is, its wound was sprayed with blood, red blood.
This happened at a time, but at that time, people didn’t feel like it. Now, when they see that the source of the blood rain is a tree demon, they are really horrified.
Do tree demons bleed, too?
It’s incredible. In an instant, everyone was shocked.
And at this moment, Qianfeng’s body has jumped to a height higher than that of the tree demon flying in the middle.
The sun shines on her for a moment and people can’t look straight.
At this time, she has already launched an attack.
Cold and charming, drinking her body, in the middle of a flip, the aura surged, and the end of her right arm burst into a devastating light.
Brilliant knife light, she has swooped towards the tree demon.
Time seems to freeze at this moment, and at this moment, she is the only picture in this day.
No one can deny it or deny it, especially these men who look up at her at this time.
This tree demon is suspected to be the king of tree demons.
No other tree demon dares to stay here in its territory.
It has the peak strength of the spirit emperor, and there are some tree demon kings who have the ability
But even the tree demon king is still a tree demon.
How high can you ask for the wisdom of a demon?
It would be really strange if a elm head were smarter than a human.
It didn’t expect that it would attack it just after it appeared, and it was still so fierce
The most important thing is that the speed of this blow is very fast, and the flint seems to be as fast as a blink of an eye and as fast as a flash, and when the root doesn’t respond to people.
The demon king of the tree didn’t come to protect the aura in vitro, and the gas mask had already suffered from a thousand chickens breaking the moon.
I have been brewing since just now.
Condensed a lot of spiritual force until just broke out hand knife.
Scary wounds, large tracts of blood, screaming and screaming, the demon king of the tree has swooped down from the height of the moon and wants to launch an attack on the demon king of the tree
In this world, at least for hundreds of years, there has been no creature except tree demon in this forest for a long time, and bossing around a group of tree demons has already made the tree demon king have a dominant consciousness.
I am in charge of the sky, but I have the feeling that I dare not disobey it.
This feeling has been imperceptibly influenced by every cell in its body, and today someone actually challenges it to be a king.
Not only that, but also when he just appeared, he sneaked on himself.
A despicable human being with no dignity and spirit
For hundreds of years now, the sudden contrast has raised the anger in the heart of the tree demon king, and the anger will be extinguished if it is exhausted.
It’s angry! It’s completely angry!
It will tear up this human who dares to challenge it and hurt it, instead of turning it into nickel powder to nourish this land.
Thousands of phoenix broken moon has rushed over, and the lich king roars and gives off a little green light, suddenly moving towards the front and gathering away quickly.
Green fluorescence has become a glittering and translucent torrent in an instant.
Like nine days of divine water falling in the sky, this glittering torrent is spinning wildly, like an angry sea roaring and spinning, turning into a whirlpool and sweeping away towards a thousand phoenix and breaking the moon.
Thousands of phoenix broke the moon, and a flash of light flashed through her eyes. Her right arm was dragging a long light blade, and Guanghua was bright and suddenly moved, and she had already split out.
Draw a sword and cut off the water, and suddenly it seems that the waves are divided into two parts. The glittering torrent is divided into two parts in a moment. The attack of the phoenix breaking the moon is not only the surge of aura, but also the light of the knife is once again full of mapping, and the cold face of the phoenix breaking the moon is crashing towards the tree demon king
Fang Ming night suddenly froze. I don’t know what. He suddenly had an illusion that at this time, thousands of chickens broke the moon and their strength was much worse than when they met just now.
Of course, in his view, this is also an illusion.
943 Chapter 943 Ghost Night

The thief has such a hand.

The thief was furious. "Where did you get paralyzed? The little red guy actually hit us with his idea to die." He said with a swinging knife.
Haikui smiled. "What, do you still want to do it?"
At this time, many thieves are bold and fat. As the saying goes, two fists can’t defeat four hands, but this is meaningless to practitioners and ordinary people. Even a hundred ordinary people can’t defeat a foundation practitioner, and it’s even worse for Haikui. What about the practitioners who reach the fairyland in the early childhood?
"Mom, don’t delay the arrival of the egg horse. Wait a minute. It’s crowded and crowded. Don’t delay the time to make a fortune." A cargo scolded.
Haikui nodded, "Yes, don’t delay your making money, then I’ll hurry up."
With that, Haikui’s feet moved instantly and people seemed to be divided into five people, each holding out his hand in front of five people and raising five people at the same time.
This is not that Haikui has cultivated the separation, but that the speed has reached the extreme to produce the effect.
Haikui looked at the five people grimly and said, "Give me all your money, or I’ll cut you alive." He said that Ran Yan was fierce and at the same time grabbed the thief’s knife and gently scratched them in the face, leaving a wound on five people’s faces.
Haikui’s body instantly recovered. A man looked at them coldly and said, "Go quickly. If you don’t get it for 30 seconds, I’ll cut you off."
Where have you seen this battle before five people were frightened? Who the fuck is this? Look, I’m afraid it’s a demon! For a moment, I was shaking with fear and my eyes trembled
Haikui is satisfied with their reaction, like this group of social scum. If there is no absolute power to intimidate or the state violence agency is finished, they can’t be stopped. "Go quickly, it’s been a second."
Haikui said coldly that several people were frightened out of their wits and went back to get the money.
In a short time, the five men turned around and came back with this one in their hands. Bao Haikui simply checked out a handful of cash and returned the other things to them. You also saw what it is like for me to surpass mortals. You should all know how to keep your mouth shut.
A few people watched Haikui take a lot of money and suddenly disappeared. Is this fucking magic? Is magic so strong?
Haikui ignored those stupefied people and walked back.
The 345 police officer chased four or five carriages, but he didn’t see Hai Kuiying sweating all at once, but the bus had arrived.
Wang Zhonghou is also anxious after the policeman’s ass. For him, although it is not a big number, it is equivalent to his income for nearly two months, and his heart is like a root floating.
When the policeman saw that Haikui could not be found, he immediately turned his head and said, "Go back to the sleeper car quickly." His idea was to detain the beautiful girl and the boy would definitely appear.
However, the train has already knocked on the door, and the passenger car is crowded with people. It is difficult for them to move.
Wang Zhonghou shouted "Let’s go!"
But the drivers are all here, and they are all in a hurry. Who cares if he shouts?
Wait until two people back to the sleeper car has been like also didn’t see a figure.
The policeman had an inspiration and hurriedly said, "Express to the exit."
But when they got to the sleeping car, Haikui was out of the train and waiting for Yang Yulu and Ma Mengmeng outside.
Wang Zhonghou screamed and kept cursing, "Are you policemen eating for nothing and letting people run away like this?"
After looking for a circle, no one can be seen. The police have confirmed that the boy may have left, but they have the real information about the boy buying tickets here.
The policeman took Zhong Wang’s kindness to "go to the car police room to register and buy a ticket. If they have information, they can’t run."
Wang Zhonghou has long been furious. "Then hurry up and be a bunch of fools like a head fly."
The policeman was not happy in his heart. The attitude of the goods was really fucking bad. After that, he was also unhappy. He pointed to the front and said, "That’s the police room. You go first and I go to the toilet." Then he slipped away. This person can’t serve.
Wang Zhonghou was in a bad mood and scolded "a lazy donkey grinds shit too much"
Haikui waited outside until Yang Yulou and Ma Mengmeng greeted with a smile. "Why are you so slow? Slower than me? "
"Are you out?" Yang Yulou looked at him strangely.
"Why do you want me to go to prison? But that old goat named Wang Zhonghou is really not a fucking thing. "Haiquin really took Wang Zhonghou’s money this time, so he was not so angry. Instead, he took it for granted. Who told you to falsely accuse me? I’m really welcome.
"Where are we going next?" Yang Yulou asked.
"Go to school, of course," Haikui said. "It’s only ten o’clock in the afternoon." Are you two going to eat first or report to school first? "
Yang Yulou laughed and said, "Ask your monitor."
Chapter 17 This is like an introduction?
Haikui looked at Ma Mengmeng.
Ma Mengmeng turned red and shook his head. "Whatever you decide."
Haikui hesitated for a second. "Let’s go to dinner first and report for duty at noon. I haven’t had a good meal in the car these two days. It’s better to have a good meal and I’ll introduce you to our school alumni."
Yang Yulu said, "Hai Kui didn’t expect you to know so many classmates before you got to school."
Brother Haikui’s shame, I’ve come for a walk, okay? I just made a haha with them and said, "Let’s go near the school first and I’ll introduce you."
The three men took a taxi and went straight to Fugang University.
Haikui dialed Yunxi Yuehua in the car and asked her to bring Jingxiang to the school gate. Then she dialed liujing dialect. Although she is not familiar with liujing, after all, it is a place. Maybe she can help each other after studying in Laifu Port.
Yang Yulu asked behind Haikui, "Strange, how do you know so many people and it seems to be a girl?"
Haikui gloated with a chest, saying, "It’s natural for a man to be handsome and charming."
Next to the driver’s uncle, he looked at it with a smile and was embarrassed to laugh.
Yang Yulu threw a dirty look at the back of Haikui’s head. "Come on, you, you, who are you and I don’t think any girl you know is beautiful."
After that, I looked at myself and Ma Mengmeng and said, "Of course, except for your monitor and me."
Haikui laughed more triumphantly. "Wait, I will surprise you, and maybe you will beg me to say, please be my boyfriend less." Haikui teased Yang Yulu that she was elated because Shizuka and Yunxiyue are both great beauties, although Yunxiyue is a little different at this time and liujing is also a beauty, although she looks petite and exquisite.
Yang Yulou thinks this guy hasn’t boasted yet, so he has to tell Ma Mengmeng, "Is that what he is like when you have known him for so long?"
Ma Mengmeng thought that he really didn’t care about Haikui’s situation, shook his head and said, "I didn’t know him well before."
Haikui was sad when she heard that. It was a waste of me paying so much attention to your every move before, but you actually said that I didn’t know my heart well.
Yang Yulou exclaimed, "No, you and he were childhood friends."
Ma Mengmeng turned red and said, "I didn’t talk to him much before I talked nonsense. If it weren’t for this time, his grades were too Uber, I’m afraid we wouldn’t remember each other after."
Haikui’s sad heart is cold. "Stop it, I’m sad." I didn’t expect myself to be such a presence in the monitor’s heart.
Yang Yulou looked at Haikui strangely and asked, "Haikui didn’t you say that the monitor was your childhood friend?"
Haikui growled, "Who said it was all you, the girl? I said at random that I never said she was my childhood friend. If I hadn’t filled in Fugang University at the moment, I’m afraid she wouldn’t even know who I am when we met later." Haikui was upset at the monitor.
Ma Mengmeng blushed and said shyly, "But I have paid some attention to this boy since his grades came out and he was admitted to Fugang University. In fact, he is good."
Ma Mengmeng said to Yang Yulou that his eyes were flashing and shy.
Yang Yulu looked at her and suddenly felt that his monitor liked him. He looked at Haikui’s hair with a triumphant expression.
Haikui feels full of blood and resurrects. Generally, just now, the monitor said that he didn’t pay attention to him first, which made his heart cold. After that, he said that he was good. I almost want to move with the embrace of the sun.
Yang Yulu suddenly asked, "Monitor, do you like Haikui?"
She asked Ma Mengmeng and Haikui instantly became statues.
Ma Mengmeng doesn’t know how to answer. She feels very embarrassed. She feels that she has risen to a good impression on him. She doesn’t like it, but if she doesn’t like it, will it be stiff?
Haikui pricked up his ears to answer him, but he always wanted to know whether the monitor liked him or not.
The driver’s uncle also cocked up his ears. He still prefers such pure hexagrams. He is over forty and has not experienced such an interesting age. Besides, where did he put them in his own time?

Yue4 was stimulated by Zhao Erhu’s expression of disbelief, and he turned his head and ignored Zhao Erhu. Zhao Erhu didn’t care about Yue4′ s small temper. He was used to charging him. Anyway, he cut bamboo kannika nimtragol nearby and couldn’t get away from his sight, but he wasn’t worried.

Zhao Erhu went to Lin Yue since he was busy, and also picked up a hoe to find it. It is better to argue than to speak with facts. Seeing this huge bamboo forest, he has gained a little more confidence and secretly cheered up. "Lin Yue, you have to fight for yourself and don’t let people look down on you."
Digging bamboo shoots is a technical activity. It is easy to find winter bamboo shoots, but it takes experience to find the right position to dig the forest and the moon. It is halfway to becoming a monk. In my mind, I recall that my grandfather said that bamboo shoots will grow only when it is on duty once a year, while bamboo poles and bamboo leaves are green and yellow. It is easy to distinguish between finding cracks along the bamboo on duty or bamboo shoots in soft places.
I don’t know if it was God’s intention or if it was true, as Zhao Erhu said, Lin Yue dug two or three places without digging bamboo shoots. I was not discouraged but I didn’t want to admit defeat like this. Although I was too tired to sweat, I waved my hoe to dig the earth. After digging for so long, Lin Yue finally saw a yellow sharp and excited hoe digging around the tip of the bamboo shoot and slowly exposed it.
A few bamboos won’t be enough for Zhao Erhu. Cut the bamboo hemp rope and tie it up. Zhao Erhu came to see Lin Yue digging and sweating. Suddenly, he put a straight face and picked up Lin Yue’s little coat because of the heat. It was rude to give Lin Yue a set.
"I’ve told you several times to cherish yourself. Why can’t you remember this weather? You’re sweating and taking off your coat. How can it be good if the wind blows and you get cold? If you don’t listen to me again, stay at home and don’t go out." Zhao Erhu was really angry this time. At ordinary times, he can cover all the petty problems of Yueyue, but he can’t hide Yueyue from being bullied.
"I want to dig bamboo shoots …" Yuecai wanted to refute the anger in Zhao Erhu’s words and immediately became honest. Zhao Erhu put his coat on himself, but his eyes were still stuck in bamboo shoots. Even if he was badly trained by Zhao Erhu, his face still couldn’t hide his smile, which made Zhao Erhu very nai.
I went home in the evening and got a lot of harvest. In addition to a basket full of bamboo shoots, I also caught a hare. Lin Yue excitedly carried the hare before entering the house, only to find that there was something wrong with the atmosphere. Several children were squatting in the kitchen with red clothes in their eyes and messy hair. Erlang’s face was swollen with a bright red slap print. Look at Lin Yuexin. Who is so cruel to beat a child like this?
"What’s going on? Who beat you like this?" Lin Yue put Jiro, who was sipping his mouth and squatting on the ground, into his arms and asked angrily. He was a grown-up and a seven-year-old child who was afraid of his eldest brother and two younger brothers. At this time, his heart relaxed and he finally couldn’t help crying on Lin Yue’s arms. He didn’t know how to comfort Jiro. He reached out and silently patted Jiro’s back to vent it.
"San Niang blare ~ ~" It’s good for Lin Yue to stay with several children. These days, several children have more or less feelings for Lin Yue. Saburo and Shiro also ran to the front of Lin Yue when they saw Lin Yue coming back. One of them cried in Lin Yue’s body. It’s not good for Dalang to be older, just like his younger brothers. How old is his stepmother? She cried and followed him to Lin Yue’s side with a silent face, but not less than a few younger brothers.
"What’s the matter? It’s all crying like this. Okay, okay, don’t cry." One didn’t coax it, and two came again, which made Lin Yue a head and two went into a hurry. Zhao Erhu put the bamboo dragged back from the mountains in the yard, and when he entered the kitchen, he couldn’t help frowning and drinking.
"Don’t cry, boys bleed and don’t shed tears. One by one, they are all men, and they cry like babies who haven’t been weaned." In Zhao Erhu’s heart, boys are not as delicate as girls. He grew up without his mother and father, especially when he grew up suffering. He can’t stand this pair of losers. No matter what reason, he will be trained first
"The children are so wronged. What do you still scold them for? Didn’t you see that they were bullied? How did your father behave?" She was angry with Zhao Erhu for a few words. She knew what Zhao Erhu liked to lecture her so much. It turned out that Xun Er used to give Zhao Erhu a white lecture. Lin Yuecai continued to comfort several children.
"Okay, don’t cry. Tell Sanniang what happened. Who bullied you? Sanniang must make decisions for you."
Saburo and Shiro are most afraid that his father was scared by Zhao Erhu at ordinary times, so how dare he continue to cry? When Zhao Erhu trained people, he immediately stopped being a good boy. Erlang vented a phone call and was embarrassed to come out of Lin Yue’s arms. His ears were a little red, and he didn’t know what happened to himself. How could he burst into tears in front of his stepmother? This hateful woman must have laughed at him in her heart. Erlang thought with malice that she just didn’t want to believe that her stepmother would really be kind to him.
"Well, don’t cry. San Niang will help you wipe your tears." Yue Lin saw that Jiro was awkward and uncomfortable. He knew that he still had some resistance to his stepmother and was not discouraged. He took out a handkerchief to dry Jiro’s face and tears. At that time, Jiro looked at Yue Lin with a gentle comforting voice in his trance ear, like a mother’s voice in his memory, with a little warmth in his heart.
It took a few quiet moments to know that it was Zhao Erhu’s elder sister Zhao Lanmen who came to have a windfall. Several children refused to let her take all the things at home, and it was like this that Zhao Erhu heard a burst of anger, but she couldn’t send Yue. She was curious about what kind of people her aunt was talking about, so she took people’s things away without saying that she actually started work on several children.
"My aunt took all the rice in the house and also took the white flour. My second brother said that the white flour was bought by my father for Sanniang, and she refused to let my aunt take it away. When she was angry, she slapped her second brother, so she and her aunt started to fight, but we were beaten by her aunt when we went to help." Saburo was young and big-mouthed, but she was agile and told about Yueyue.
Yue4 is pleased and angry. It is gratifying that Jiro seems to hate her on weekdays. She didn’t expect to protect her secretly. Fortunately, she didn’t treat Jiro badly on weekdays. Otherwise, how could I feel guilty about going to Lin Yueru? In fact, it was a misunderstanding. Jiro didn’t want her aunt to take the food from home before scooping it up as an excuse. The food was finally robbed by her aunt. These words came out through Saburo’s mouth, but moved Yue4 and she was even more angry at what the so-called aunt said.
Yue4 gas but let Zhao Erhu go to the children’s aunt for justice, but Zhao Erhu refused to "what, your son was beaten like this? Don’t you feel bad when you are a father? And the food at home was taken away by the elder sister-in-law without even leaving a grain of rice for us to eat?"
"Sister-in-law is an elder. It’s not good for us to be a junior. It’s not a big deal for the children to eat a little food. I’ll think of some way to leave you alone." Zhao Erhu said that he was going to borrow some food from Wu Qiang’s house first.
Lin Yue always thought that Zhao Erhu was a very car-scrapping and responsible man. I didn’t expect that this time he would be so ignorant. "You took her as an elder. She didn’t take the children as a junior. Jiro was beaten and his face was swollen. Which elder would do such a shameful thing? People bullied Zhao Erhu. You still want to make peace. Are you a man? Ok, forget it, Jiro, at least call me a mother. Since I am his mother, I can’t let him be bullied like this. If you don’t go, I will go! "
"Niu Niu, stop this, I know quite well." Zhao Erhu is not a coward in Lin Yue’s imagination, but Zhao Lan. This woman is really provocative. Even if she goes to the door, she won’t reason with you. Zhao Erhu can’t do anything with her because of her elders’ status. It’s really impossible to deal with things like today. It happened not once or twice before. At the beginning, Zhao Erhu went to Yemen to theorize that things didn’t come back and was scratched by Zhao Lan, which made her feel embarrassed. There was nothing at home to take her elder sister-in-law and she wouldn’t
Lin Yue was heartless and angry. She didn’t even know where her elder sister-in-law lived. She grabbed a pole and rushed out. She was held in her arms by Zhao Erhu.
"Bastard, you let me go, Zhao Erhu. You are a coward and have no man. If you don’t go yourself, you will stop me. I look down on you." Lin Yue struggled and scolded Zhao Erhu, who was ordered by Lin Yue to let people go, and strode out the door.
Lin Yuemu reached the goal of turning around and embarrassed to smile at the children. "Well, don’t worry, since I am your mother, I won’t let you be bullied by others. Your father will take revenge for you." Lin Yuemu said, tidying up the kitchen that was turned upside down by her aunt to cook an egg for Jiro to rub her face. Unfortunately, all the food at home was searched by her aunt, and the eggs were naturally gone. Wait until Zhao Erhu came back to get the things back.
I was bullied by my aunt before, but I didn’t expect my stepmother to be so protective of them. After this, several children were close to Lin Yue, but they have always been biased against Lin Yue. Although Erlang twisted his heart, he gradually began to accept this stepmother.
Yue went to the room to check it again, but there was nothing missing. But the door was indeed left unlocked. Obviously, someone had come in. Could it be that the children had come in? Otherwise, how could my aunt’s greedy personality not put the box away with two pieces of cloth? It seems that valuable things at home have to be put away. The money at home is kept by Zhao Erhu. Yue doesn’t know where to put it, so she can’t worry about it.
Probably my aunt couldn’t see the soybeans and corn in these rough things. She also wanted to think about it in Lin Yue. She scooped up two scoops of dried soybeans and put them in a pot. She saw several children mysteriously lying next to the stove, and "What are you doing on the stove side is not afraid of getting dirty with pot ashes and playing elsewhere?"
"Sanniang, we are not playing. What do you think we are hiding?" Saburo smiled, pointing to Dalang, and pulled out a cloth basket from the kitchen, gloating and saying that he was depressed when he complained earlier.
"What are you? This was not taken away by my aunt! " Looking at the things in the basket, Lin Yue said with some joy that this was the first time that Sister-in-law Chun Hua sent her eggs to mend her body. She didn’t eat much, and there were still a dozen left and more than two kilograms of flour.
"Aunt Li’s family column reported to us when she saw her aunt coming to our house. Jiro knew that we should put away all the good things at home, but it’s a pity that her aunt came too fast and we hid such things." Dalang was not annoyed and said that she gave her basket to Lin Yueyue for praise and patted Dalang on the shoulder, which made Dalang very embarrassed.
"It’s very good to hide these. I’ll make Lamian Noodles for you to eat later." Lin Yuexiao said in his heart that how much this aunt has done can make the children so wary. Sometimes she still thinks that Zhao Erhu’s hunting income is not bad, so he sold a lot of money just once. There are fields at home. How can life be so tight before? Even if several children are raised, they can’t eat enough. It’s no wonder that there is an’ aunt’ who often has a windfall.
"Sanniang, I also hid it. You give me a good meal." Shiro Cong was clever and said when he heard that he was eating hastily, and then ran to the corner to pull open the messy firewood, which was impressively filled with pig Shui Mu pots
Lin Yue’s favorite pig water is delicious. No matter what her aunt took, she must never let her take it away. When they hid things, she didn’t care about it. No one noticed that Shiro actually hid pig water. Even if he didn’t hide it, her aunt didn’t necessarily see it as Lin Yue’s disbelief that it was such a four-year-old child who made a wooden basin and put it on the chopping board. She felt a little strong when she picked it up. Eating Shiro really played a limited potential.
With Lin Yue, food is no longer waiting for Zhao Erhu to come back for food to cook. In addition to the children hiding in the crock, there are still more than half cans of bone soup frozen and the back is a thick snow-white oil layer. Lin Yue thinks that today the children have suffered a lot of grievances and their performance in caring for their families is commendable, so they want to do something delicious to comfort and encourage them. So they divide the remaining flour in the basket into bone soup for the middle of the night to cook noodles, and then select a few dug bamboo shoots, peel them and cut a piece of smoked pork intestines, smoked pork intestines and fried winter bamboo shoots to make a dish.
Roll out the noodles and cut them into noodles, and the water in the pot is boiling, waiting for the noodle pot. Lin Yue thinks that the noodles are not delicious after being cooked for a long time, so she covers the kitchen alive and waits for Zhao Erhu to come back before starting the noodles. But when Zhao Erhu comes back to calculate, Zhao Erhu has been out for more than half an hour. That aunt is so unreasonable. What’s the matter? Lin Yue looks at the gate of the hospital from time to time, but she is worried. She just heard the children elaborate on Zhao Erhu’s glorious deeds and realized how difficult her aunt is to ask for something before going to the door.
"Why hasn’t Sanniang dad come back and won’t be beaten by his aunt again?" Dalang is also worried about his father’s uneasiness and asked about the time when Zhao Erhu was caught by Zhao Lan with a scar on his face, which made Dalang have a shadow in his heart. Lin Yue was made seven by Dalang’s question, although she denied Zhao Erhu’s size and some skills would beat him.
By again? What does this mean? "Was your aunt beaten before your father?"
"On more than one occasion, my aunt was angry with our dad, but she couldn’t find a door. My aunt refused to scratch my dad’s face and drive him out." Dalang said that with a little anger and resentment, the child has always respected and worshipped his father for something. No one is bad for his father.
"How is it possible that a big man like your dad can’t beat his aunt?"
"It’s not dad who is the best. It’s dad who says that my aunt is an elder and can’t start work on her."
After Lin Yue looked at Dalang and said this, several children looked depressed. Some people felt that the word "filial piety" was very demanding in this era, that is, Zhao Erhu was driven out of the house by the Zhao family, and he still had to give money and gifts at holidays because the man was his own father, Zhao Jingen, but he was not good to him. Otherwise, he was unfilial and would be reviled. Chapter 4 dealt with the past.
But then again, Zhao Lan is just aunt Zhao Erhu’s condition. It’s unreasonable for her daughter to splash out water when she gets married. It’s Zhao Lan who relies on her elder status to make a fool of Zhao Erhu. A big man is not good at her before he takes her. There is no way to deal with such people. There are more provocative and more Lai Linyue who secretly vowed in his heart that Zhao Lan must know that he is powerful.
When Lin Yue finally couldn’t resist going out to look for someone at her aunt’s house, Zhao Erhu came back with a small bag of rice, which seemed to be enough for one or two meals. He didn’t get anything back. In fact, Zhao Erhu didn’t go to her aunt’s house for nothing, so she couldn’t spit it out unless she saw a slapstick farce. He was forced out by kannika nimtragol and had no food at home. He planned to borrow some food from his friend Wu Qiang’s house first to cope with this evening.
When Zhao Erhu took the door, his heart was still a little uneasy, and he was afraid that Kannika nimtragol would make trouble with himself, especially Kannika nimtragol. Looking at himself with a pair of wronged eyes, it was too much for people. Zhao Erhu sat in Wu Qiang for a long time and helped Zhang Qiang to do some kung fu work. Only when it was getting dark did he get impatient and went home.
Yueyue knew that Zhao Erhu had come back so well, but she was a little angry with Zhao Erhu for doing so after thoroughly understanding her great aunt, and she was also relieved at the same time. Anyway, Zhao Erhu also had a passive beating when she sent the door to find her aunt. The more she knew about this man, the more she felt sorry for him, the better she would be. She didn’t force her aunt’s greed to be dealt with again. She would definitely give her a lifelong lesson, so that she couldn’t even dare to come to her door and eat this loss for the time being.
Zhao Erhu was psychologically prepared on his way back, no matter how eager Kannika nimtragol was, he was coaxed, but he didn’t expect things to end the way he thought. It should be said that Kannika nimtragol was calm and some abnormal reactions ended, which surprised him. Before Kannika nimtragol, he was still crying and asking him to go to her sister-in-law’s house to get things back, but now he is completely indifferent and didn’t even ask a word.
"Niu Niu, eat these rice first. Don’t worry, I won’t let you hungry." Zhao Erhu said dryly that he was really timid in elder sister-in-law.
Lin Yue’s understanding belongs to understanding. It’s absolutely impossible for Zhao Erhu to look at Zhao Erhu with a vertical expression before he took Zhao Erhu’s hand, put away the food, cooked the noodles in the pot, picked them up and put them in the prepared bone soup. Several children had already set the dishes and chopsticks for the table to eat.
Although Lin Yue made a delicious dinner, the children were amazed at it, but Zhao Erhu didn’t know what to eat. Kannika nimtragol didn’t want to talk to herself again. This time, it was his own fault. Zhao Erhu felt guilty and looked at Lin Yue from time to time. At the same time, he didn’t even give Zhao Erhu a look, but Jiro, who was smart and sensible, saw that something was wrong with them. After dinner, he winked at Dalang and took two younger brothers back to his room, leaving the rest for adults.
Lin Yue didn’t want to listen to Zhao Erhu’s explanation. After the meal, he went back to his room without even washing the dishes. The rest was naturally given to Zhao Erhu to clean up.

Li Feiyang nodded and said, "Thank you for your help. I will help you defeat the magic statue and report it again today."

Yandi nodded. "It’s good that we can kill the magic statue out of here. No matter what you want to do, I Yan Di."
Li Feiyang asked curiously, "What do you want to kill the magic statue? And "who are you?" "
Yan Di said with a straight face, "Because" I want to be the new magic statue, and I am another reason why his hand magic will kill him, and I don’t want to tell you. "
"Well, then I don’t ask. Do you know what the magic statue’s weakness is? Or "How can we kill him? "
Emperor Yan shook his head and said, "I don’t know how to kill him. I’ve never heard of anyone in the celestial world being killed."
Li Feiyang showed indecision. "No? What should I do? " "Nothing doesn’t mean that you are not in the celestial world for hundreds of millions of years, and you don’t know how many damn places you have died. We have a choice, and that is war!" Emperor Yan firmly said this sentence with a tight sword in his hand. "When he comes, I believe that I will die, too. Today, it’s either him or me. If you want to live, go ahead!"
Booming heart!
The earth trembles violently, and the dust rises to the sky, and it explodes hundreds of feet high, like a fountain spouting from the ground. The light flashes in the sky, and the whole world is shaking all the time. A mountain rain is coming, and the atmosphere is full of the sand on the surface of the whole world, and black magic gas is pouring out crazily.
Suddenly, the sky was thickly dotted with flashes, and the crazy bombardment stirred up pieces of smoke and dust on the earth. The flashes were like living, winding towards Li Feiyang and Yan Di, and Yan Di had a low drink. Suddenly, a purple curtain appeared and wrapped them together.
Lightning strike caused waves of ripples in the tent. Emperor Yan looked somberly and secretly transported the capability. The tent suddenly doubled in thickness, and finally stabilized and blocked Lei Zhen from the outside.
Deep in the ground, there was a dull sound, and it seemed that something huge was drilling out of the deep underground, and the whole ground fluctuated violently.
"He’s crazy. Try your best. Be careful!" Yan emperor face now ferocious color roar a way
The earthquake shook the sky, and it was dark. A thunder struck hard on the ground and immediately made a small pit with a depth of about 100 feet. Then it flashed and struck crazily on the earth, and then a huge mound was quickly arched from the center of these potholes at a distance of 1,000 feet from Li Feiyang and other people. The mound was expanding, and the dust nearby was attracted by a great force and gathered crazily towards the mound like running water.
The mound rose higher and higher until hundreds of feet suddenly exploded like an inflated balloon, and the dust was scattered and scattered, forming a strong dust whirlwind. In that whirlwind, a person appeared.
The magic statue stands in the center, and there is a thick layer of black gas, and the earth keeps pouring out. The earth-gray earth essence is attached to the magic statue to form a suit of armor, which is evil and earthy, and it is also mixed with a hint of red blood.
When Fu appeared, he came with a strong and heavy atmosphere to make Yan Di Li Feiyang feel restless.
A crisp sound of gold and iron rings, and a long knife with strange patterns and runes engraved with blood color pops up from the palm of the magic statue. The blood color blade appears more horrible in the dark world than in the dark world. In the middle of the blade, a dense magic gas spreads towards the tip of the knife. In the past, the magic statue shakes a breath of Xiao killing, and the center of the magic statue impacts in all directions, and the magic knife makes a clear roar as if it is clamoring for an excited bloodthirsty feeling.
Shoulder armor, a long black cloak stretched out and fluttered in the wind and cloud.
Magic statue, step body armor as he moves out of the harsh click.
When the magic statue stepped with such strength, the armor still clanged, which shows that this armor should be so heavy.
Walking out of the smoke and dust all over the sky, I gradually saw this form, including Yan Di, who took a gasp when they were together.
The whole body is black and blue, and the forehead is blue, and the gold lines are flashing with harsh glow, and the red corners are flashing with breathtaking light.
The naked body outside the armor is also a dark blue magic statue. At this time, the whole person seems to be from hell, and the spectre with a horrible smell makes people stare at it.
The veins stood out in his hands, and there was a faint scarlet. His arms were thick and sturdy, and it looked like two muscles were knotted together, and the muscles were wriggling violently, as if something was struggling in the flesh and blood.
Hands and claws flashing cold light, stepping on a mass of dense red light, reflecting his dark blue body with a blush, the more bizarre and horrible it seems.
Unabashed puffed up domineering and crazy tyrannical breath mixed together like a mountain towards the two people almost let them breathe.
The magic statue moves towards them step by step, and the pressure of expansion becomes more and more vigorous.
Yan Di’s forehead exuded a little sweat, and some people couldn’t believe it. "He, he actually broke through to that level." I didn’t expect that. "
Chapter 234 O Human-God
Chapter 235 eyeing up
The flood gradually subsided and all the surrounding scenery returned to its original state, which disappeared strangely. At this time, Li Feiyang and Yan Di stood in the front battlefield of the holy witch country.
The magic statue’s body fell in front of the two people, and there was no vitality. His eyes looked at the sky as if telling him that he was unwilling.
A little halo appeared from the magic statue, and his body became fast and the streamer dissipated in the wind.
When the celestial world is completely erased, it will be completely lost. Maybe one or two percent of the tens of millions of streamers will be lucky enough to enter reincarnation and give birth to new life. Maybe there will be a chance to practice from scratch and become immortal again. But even so, the newly born life is no longer a magic statue.
The magic statue is gone forever.
Li Feiyang looked up and looked at the fields. Emperor Yan stood in his side eyes with awe and respect.
Tens of thousands of monks stood motionless in the fields and quietly watched Li Feiyang as if waiting for Li Feiyang to say something.
In fact, it is not that the monks present are obedient, but that each of them is firmly locked by Li Feiyang’s gods. It feels like being stared at by a python. If you make a slight change, you will be killed by a python immediately.
Li Feiyang’s strength has exceeded the current world rules, even if it is an idea, mental movement has great poverty power for these mortals.
Looking at Li Feiyang and Yan Di’s body, I feel that it almost covers the momentum of heaven and earth. Everyone hesitates and fears and looks at it with disguised terms.
They have understood everything in the dialogue between the former magic statue and Li Feiyang. Li Feiyang left the palace for the first world war, and he has already soared to immortality. This time, he is an immortal.
From ancient times to modern times, how many practitioners ask for immortality? Immortals are common, but few immortals come to earth.
They didn’t expect to see the immortal so openly, but they witnessed a fairy war.
What makes them feel even more incredible is that the so-called celestial world should have a devil!
The magic statue fiend’s various names and facts have subverted all the cognition of these mortals. In addition to their surprise and deep doubts, Li Feiyang looked at the people who were close to kao and gradually took a deep breath and calmly said, "Who wants to soar to immortality? I can help you. "
Don’t wait to hear these words, the monks responded. Li Feiyang continued to talk about it.
He told all the truth of the celestial world, including the whole celestial world. There is a bigger HarmonyOS outside, and the creatures in HarmonyOS controlled the entry and exit, limiting the creatures in the wilderness here and being forced to meet them. The Ministry of Facts said it
Li Feiyang’s plan is that since he has decided to enter HarmonyOS in the wild, he must unify the wild as soon as possible. The first step to do this is, of course, to establish his own team. If he wants to do it step by step, he must inform these monks of this fact and then take them into the wild.
After Li Feiyang finished, including Yingren, a face of shock and disbelief at Li Feiyang in silence.
There are many people who don’t quite believe Li Feiyang’s words, but Yan Di once again stated that Li Feiyang’s words were true after a short silence.
Even if I don’t want to believe it in my heart, I have to believe it.
Everyone’s heart sank deeply.
The cultivation way is illusory, obscure and difficult for hundreds of years, which is the ultimate goal pursued by almost every monk. However, at this moment, some people tell them that immortality is a process that they still need to repeat and be like people even when they arrive in the celestial world. From the beginning, there will be no difficulties, dangers and dangers, and they may die at any time. Even if they reach the extreme of the celestial world, they are just struggling in a bigger box. There is a wider world out there, eyeing them and planning to destroy them as soon as they have the chance!
Isn’t it a big joke that they try their best to pursue everything?
So what if it’s immortal? Isn’t the life you continue fighting and killing forever?
Then what is the significance of these shemale and all kinds of other creatures?
It’s like the sudden collapse of faith, and everyone feels desperate, so desperate that there is no hope or retreat.
"Don’t mind lost! Even if the destiny cannot be violated, it is necessary to change the fate of others! Even if you don’t think about it yourself, you must let your grandchildren win a chance! "
Li Feiyang saw that the people hesitated and immediately drank a big drink. This shaking day buzzed like a thunderbolt. All the monks immediately woke up with a shock. After a slight hesitation, someone shouted, "I am obedient! Fight our way into HarmonyOS! Change your life against the sky! "
"yes! Only the fairy is obedient! " Tens of thousands of monks drank a lot and broke a shocking roar.

Hum, Li Yi, you are a normal person who can’t be normal. Unless you directly change a person with abnormal IQ at this moment, you can’t guess my question at all. Just wait and promise me the conditions!

"Well, although it’s a little unfair to me, who am I, Li Yi? This little unfairness is like floating clouds in my eyes. I resolutely agreed," Li Yi said
"Well, Li Yi, we agreed that you can’t keep your word!" Lin Keer said.
"Yes, yes, yes, I am the most trustworthy. I have kept this sentence for many years," Li Yi said
"Bah, bah, a whip is really * *!" Lin Keer’s little face is red again.
"Well, if I were * *, can you still be so intact in front of me now? Would have let me in the * * "Li Yi skimming the pie mouth said.
"Bah Bah really * * I won’t talk to you about these problems anymore," said Lin Keer, who shook his head decisively.
"Well, forget it. Tell me something quickly. Let me guess. I’m afraid I really can’t help it for a while and then accidentally put you on * *" Li Yi said and made a very * * gesture.
"Oh, don’t" Lin Keer directly hugged his little breast.
"The more I see the more * * Chloe, the more I can’t help it." Li Yi said and walked away.
"Well, do you know what I came here for?" Lin Keer directly took three steps back and said
"Cutting a timid girl is just a joke with you to see how scared you are. Am I the kind of boy who has no concentration? This incident also exposes a problem. Chloe, you don’t believe me fully!" Li Yi skimming the pie mouth some don’t want to say
"You’re joking with me, and I’m joking with you. Please guess quickly!" Lin Keer said.
To tell the truth, Lin Keer was really not afraid just now. What is there to be afraid of? He and Li Yi are both boyfriends and girlfriends anyway, and he will give himself to Li Yi one day.
"I guess you want to come and have fun with me," Li Yi said with a smile.
"No, no, you lose. Remember, you have to promise me a request," Lin Keer said.
"That what this time is not a joke?" Li Yi decisively played a shameful life, which means this time is not.
"Well, forget it this time, but you have a chance this time." Lin Keer decided to bicker with Li Yi 120% and fail. He might as well be a little more atmospheric and let Li Yi do it directly this time.
"Well, Chloe is still * good? Then I have to think about it for a direct guess to let you spend more time with me." Li Yixiao said.
"Well, guess, but for a minute, if you stay like this, maybe I’ll still be here with you!"
"Hey, Keer said, did you run over and want to get my key?" Li Yi smiled and asked
"Er" Lin Keer didn’t know what to say at the moment.
"Haha, I guessed right. Come and play with me!" Li Yi wanted to laugh. I didn’t expect it. I just got caught in the ass by this key. I suddenly thought of such a thing. I didn’t expect it to be true.
"Li Yi congratulations, you guessed wrong. Actually, this time I just came to see if you were sad. Look at the fact that Qianji is a little heron’s sister who lives in the same room with you. Now Little Heron’s sister is no longer in trouble and will be a little lost. I’ll come and see and give you some necessary warmth." Lin Keer said clearly!
"really?" Li Yi decisively disbelieved and gave himself some necessary warmth? Then why not hug yourself?
"That can be false! It’s so sad that people are kind enough to come and see you, and you don’t appreciate it. "Lin Keer stamped her feet hard and said.
"Well, I was wrong this time. I admit my mistake voluntarily, but Chloe, didn’t you come and give me some necessary warmth? Can you give it?" Li Yi smile happily asked.
"Well, in view of the fact that the young lady came in and found that Li Yigen was not left out in the cold, let’s wait until you are left out in the cold!" Lin Keer said.
"Come on, Chloe, look at me. I’m left out now. How can you give me some warmth to feel the vitality of nature?" Li Yi looked at Lin Keer piteously and said.
"Li Yi has to say that it is not spring now, but winter, and there will be no vitality." Lin Keer shook his head and said.
"Should I have the key?" Lin Keer asked.
"Hey, I got nothing and got a key, cheat people!" Li Yi couldn’t help feeling
I was scared to death. I came here this time. I remember that Li Yi was not so clever. Before the game, I didn’t understand what was going on. Now, is it that people broke out and guessed it directly? Fortunately, the young lady is quick to react and add her own clever little brain, or she will have to sleep with Li Yi.
Although it is also a good choice to accompany Li Yi, it is very important to sleep with girls!
In this way, this room once again became Li Yi’s own world.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-seven Peeping
"Hey, old man, can you tell me if I’m a bit back?" Li Yi is very resistant to talking to his old man.
"Smelly little have to say that your IQ is really … hey!"
"Hey, hey, old man, can you finish talking? Is my IQ high or something?" Li Yi asked
"Your IQ should really be honed. It’s too low. It’s obvious that you have been fooled by this little girl Lin Keer." Very Nai said.
"The old man how can I let Lin Keer to play? What else is there to say that my IQ is low? " Li Yi is really not white at the moment.
"Actually, stinky, sometimes your IQ is quite high, but sometimes your IQ is just like that of a neurotic patient. It’s like that brain-dead patient, and the basic IQ is half or none at all."
"I can’t help it. Is my IQ really that weak sometimes?" At the moment, Li Yi doesn’t believe that his IQ is so abnormal.
"I really have you to see if you have just been fooled by Lin Keer and you don’t feel anything at all. Tell me if there is something wrong with your IQ?" Have a little hate iron not to produce.
"Well, I still haven’t reacted, old man. Why don’t you tell me!" Li Yi’s brain cells are almost killing himself, but I just didn’t think of anything.
"It’s really stupid! Look at her and let you guess what she is doing here. This said that she can say what she is doing here at will. You can’t guess what she is doing. "The words made Li Yi suddenly realize that she was really close to being played.
"Oh, my poor key, so I accidentally gave it to someone for my evening welfare!" Li Yi almost didn’t cry with a pillow directly.
"Smelly little boy, look at you. You have a lot of keys on you. There is one on the right and one on the left. Did you give it wrong?" I really admire Li Yi.
"I see! The amount seems to be really wrong. I gave out the key to my security door, "said Li Yi, picking up a key.
"God helps smelly little ah, you can go in and peep for a while, so I won’t bother you." After that, I ran away directly.
"Hey, hey, what do you mean by voyeurism? I call it looking at my girlfriend fair and square. It’s strange that the old man didn’t come out to let me practice today, but I wonder how a good boy like me can need someone to watch him practice!"
Moonlight spilled on the sofa in the living room, making it look particularly beautiful.
"Ah, it’s a good show." Li Yi didn’t open her eyes for a long time.
Through the moonlight in the living room, Li Yi clearly saw where there was something and where there was nothing, so that Chloe wouldn’t find it by stepping on something.
"Holy shit, there’s a banana peel here. It’s a sign of death!" Li Yi couldn’t help but sigh
"Oh, I’m smart enough to put so many things in his ya. If it weren’t for the bright moonlight, I might be directly injured and go back to my room." Li Yi looked at the piles of bottles and banana peels behind him.
"I really don’t know where Chloe found so many banana peels. Forget it. This is not the main problem. The main problem is that you can look at those chubby and charming bodies in vain." Now Li Yi is purely a pig brother

"It’s like you bought a Ferrari but you can get as much as 100 miles per hour. It’s really lang that a good engine can’t make it play its strongest state."

Dou Re-mei once again said that she had nothing to say about Qin Shaojie’s fallacy and didn’t know what to say.
It took a long time for Dou Re-mei to look at Qin Shaojie with a strange expression and say, "Do you have rice in your bag? Do you have eggs? "
When I heard Dou Re-mei’s words, Qin Shaojie gave a long cry. Even Dou Re-mei got a fright, but I was about to speak when I saw Qin Shaojie fumbling in the dry bag. Then a bag of rice and a box of eggs appeared in front of her eyes. But Qin Shaojie was still fumbling in the dry bag, as if there was something left out.
A moment later is the moment to truly witness the miracle.
"Bang" Rao is that Dou Re-mei has lived for so long and is used to the strong wind. lang is also stunned by the things in front of him.
At the moment, after Qin Shaojie took out rice and eggs, he even took out a series of kitchens with gas tanks, pans, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar.
"Ha ha" Qin Shaojie laughed and looked at a dull face. Dou Ruomei said, "It turns out that women are not all chests and brains. Thanks to your waking up, I really forgot that I still have this thing."
"Well, it’s good. The egg is still fresh." Qin Shaojie looked at the shelf life of the egg box and said, "Now you have the luck to eat. I’ll show you my cooking and make you a Qin’s home-cooked dish. It’s our old Qin family’s secret."
"What … what kind of food?" Dou Re-mei wait for a while asked her that she had an intuitive feeling that Qin Shaojie would definitely give her something unusual’ surprise’ again.
"Secret" Qin Shaojie blinked mysteriously. In Dou Re-mei’s already dull eyes, he pulled out a small pot of rice bags, caught a few rice in it, ran out for a moment and then ran back, but the rice in the pot had been cooked by Qin Shaojie somehow.
Then Qin Shaojie pounded up the pots and pans and gas tanks "tinkling" incessantly.
Dou Re-mei’s stupidity today is almost beyond the sum of her stupidity for so many years. The main reason is how this fellow does things. It is really difficult for normal people to understand and it is really unreliable.
Dou Re-mei lost his mind, but Qin Shaojie was busy. After a shovel pan crashed, Qin Shaojie came to Dou Re-mei with a plate.
"This … this is?" Dou Ruomei looked at the yellow and white things in the dish for a long time before she was uncertain and asked, "Scrambled eggs with rice?"
"You’re so clever," Qin Shaojie said with an eyebrow eye smile. "Come and try it. It’s my Qin family’s private kitchen. Most people don’t have a chance to eat it."
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Chapter 56 Before the chaos
The hall of the villa is almost crowded with people.
Qin Shaojie’s women or all the women with Qin Shaojie and Qin Shaojie’s parents are here. Everyone’s face is not very good, and the living room is also very quiet. The atmosphere is particularly strange.
"Mom, dad, sisters, say whatever you have." Finally, Ling Fangxian broke the silence and looked at all the people present and asked.
"Ahem" Qin Shaojie’s father Qin Huairen’s old comrade Qin is the oldest person in this villa. After coughing for two times, he said, "There are no outsiders here. You are all Shao Jie’s little confidante." Speaking of this old comrade Qin, he actually blushed a little and felt a burst of condescension for his son.
At this small time, I couldn’t make a fart after a few slaps. I don’t know what I hit, but I suddenly became obsessed with it. Not only did I get into Peking University, but I even had a girlfriend. What surprised Lao Qin was that this bastard even had his own teacher and the children were almost able to make soy sauce.
Hearing Qin Huairen’s words, several women all blushed.
Especially Xue Dan and Qiu Re’s little faces are as red as ripe apples. You should know that they are still big girls of yellow flowers. Qin Huairen is ashamed to say so.
Of course, they were classified as Qin Shaojie’s confidante by Qin Huairen, and they didn’t refute it. On the contrary, this is exactly what they hope.
Xue Dan will not say, except for the last layer of defense, which has not been broken by Qin Shaojie, it is already a woman of Qin Shaojie.
In autumn, Younger, who almost fell in love with Qin Shaojie at first sight, belongs to the kind of "have a wicked heart but no thief’s guts". He is concerned about Qin Shaojie but dare not express his expectation that Qin Shaojie will suddenly go crazy one day and then play a rogue on her, and then make uncooked rice into mature rice first, so that she can naturally follow her heart.
Looking at several women with different expressions and low heads, Qin Huairen sighed and said, "I know that my little job is really too much."
Qin Huairen got up and bowed to several women and said, "I’ll apologize to you for him and thank you for your kindness to Shao Jie."
"Dad, what are you doing?" Ling Fang hurriedly lifted Qin Huairen and said, "Shao Jie is a caring person. We all value him and will be with him."
"Yes, dad, this can not be" said Xiao-hui Yi with her daughter in her arms.
Looking around at all the girls in front of him, Qin Huairen said, "I know you are all good girls, and everyone is married, but now Shao Jie is missing and there is no news. What can I do?"
"Dad, don’t worry, Shao Jie will be fine." Although Ling Fang felt bad in her heart, she persuaded, "Maybe he was delayed by something and will be back soon."
When this was said, everyone fell silent again.
Everyone knows that Lingfang’s words are comforting everyone, even if Lingfang herself has no confidence in her words.
But this time everyone got together because of Qin Shaojie.
Seeing that the Chinese New Year is coming soon, Qin Shaojie has been missing for more than a month, which is nothing before.
Before Qin Shao Jie even went to do anything, it was as little as three or two days or more than a week, but at least he would call back to contact his family halfway, but this time there was something unexpected
Ling Fang also went to Yuyang Yuyang and told her that Qin Shaojie’s northern ghost war was to find the Suzaku, and he knew nothing else.
But they waited for more than a month and there was no news from Qin Shaojie, which made everyone sit still.
Regardless of Qin Shaojie’s status as a yogi, he is also the backbone of this family. Now that Qin Shaojie is missing, all the women are a little flustered, but they are not far from Qin Shaojie’s mind.
"Why don’t you …"
"Dad, don’t say that." Lingfang seemed to know what Qin Huairen wanted to say and immediately interrupted him and said, "We are all the same about Shao Jie. We are all waiting for him now."
"We’ll wait for him for uncle" Xue Dan also hurriedly said to Qin Shaojie, and all the women expressed their opinions one after another, saying that they would have to wait for Qin Shaojie to come back.
"What are your orders, my Lord?"
In a cave, Elder Nakata came in and said respectfully to the clown who was looking at the wall and didn’t know what was going on.

According to the scene, the one who destroyed

"Come on, no matter what chariots. No matter how powerful it is, it can’t be worse than what I put in the clock of heaven and earth. "
According to the scene, the one who destroyed the chariot was probably the broken halberd that Fang Yun met. Now that you have got the most powerful halberd, you don’t have to participate in the battle for the wreckage of the car. So as not to be greedy, you will lose big because of small.
Fang Yun knows, however, that there is a "Hall of All Demons" and the Emperor’s Prince and his party hidden in the dark.
The wind swings, Fang Yun without hesitation to another direction.
"Dragon saliva Gentiana!"
"Chaos tung skin!"
"Yin and Yang stretch grass …"
Fang Yun is constantly collecting the medicinal materials here.
"This time, or try to collect enough. Otherwise, out of here, I’m afraid I can’t find it again! It’ s too pale to have a prescription, but there is no material, but it’ s a very troublesome thing. "
Fang Yun frowned slightly while collecting medicinal materials. The value of "Tai Cang Shen Ding" is far above the general ancient instruments. But one problem that he has to face is that it is impossible for him to find so many places with ancient materials.
Besides, there are many strong people here. A conflict, a fight, can easily make this place, devastated. Besides, so many people are staring. It’s impossible for Fang Yun to sweep the whole piece away.
After all, no one is stupid who can cultivate to the realm of six or seven products of Tianchong. Probably, just seeing some bare spots, I guess someone got the formula of the ancient God Dan.
Suddenly, Wu Guang flashed in my mind, and Fang Yun suddenly had to laugh: "Hey! I actually ignored such a simple fact. " A breeze blew, and another flower disappeared out of thin air. Only this time, not only the roots, stems, flowers and leaves on the surface were collected, but even a piece of soil disappeared.
At the same time, just below a mountain peak, there was a newly transplanted herb.
Transplanting the exotic flowers and herbs in the ancient small world into the universal clock of heaven and earth, and establishing a medicine garden. Use the time of "the clock of heaven and earth" to accelerate energy, breed continuously and cultivate herbs! This is Fang Yun’s solution.
The so-called incoming fans, onlookers see clearly. Fang Yun kept thinking about how to collect more herbs, but ignored the simplest fact. With a complete space, Fang Yun can cultivate itself in it.
The concentration of primordial energy in the Middle Ages and the Near Ages is no longer suitable for cultivating ancient plants and medicinal materials. However, this is not a problem. Fang Yun can completely create an ancient environment in it.
"Ha, ha, ha, unexpectedly, I also made such a low-level mistake. Fortunately, I reacted in time. "
Da3 Yun4 smiled and relaxed completely. Now, really speaking, as long as he cultivates the medicine garden. There can be no one here who has gained more than him.
Sometimes, the harvest of killing is not necessarily the biggest!