"What can I do to integrate them all? It’s a headache!" Huangfu Zhantian tried many times in a row, but every time it was the last step of fusion, there was a furnace explosion, which made Huangfu Zhantian suddenly hysterical. He thought for a long time and didn’t understand what it was and what it couldn’t be fused.

"Are you in trouble, silly? Let me help you for the last time, old man. The rest of the way is up to you!" When Huangfu Zhantian was very depressed, an old man sounded the first section: the past.
After hearing this sound, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly showed a respectful look in his face, and soon the old man appeared again. It was the old servant who was chaotic before Huangfu Zhantian.
"Old-timer, you really want to help me! What is it that you said this was the last time to help me? " After hearing the old man’s words, Huangfu Zhantian was suddenly surprised because he remembered that the old man was omnipotent, but now he says it is the last time to help himself.
"Ha-ha silly boy forgot I told you. After you came to this Shenyuan continent, it is estimated that after three years, I will disappear forever, and now the three-year deadline is coming!" The old man kindly way
"But …!" After hearing this old man’s words, Huangfu Zhantian suddenly felt a little sad. Whenever he encountered difficulties, the old man would help himself. Now he suddenly said that he was leaving Huangfu Zhantian, which was a little unacceptable at the moment.
"Who won’t die? Although my strength is very strong, my heart is already dead. My master died at the moment of his fall. It’s just to help him find someone for so many years. But when I first found you, your strength was too weak. I came to find the owner and then I left. But I can also help you in this situation for a while. When you are strong enough, I can safely leave." The old man’s wind is light and the clouds are light, as if he were not himself [
Hearing the old man’s words, Huangfu Zhantian was a little sad, but he also understood the old man’s thoughts and didn’t say anything he opposed.
After a good half-day, Huangfuzhan genius looked up and said to the old man, "Now, the elder can talk to the younger generation about my master, because I met someone two days ago …!" Any suspection.i Zhantian then said it again when SiLie saw the chaotic jade in his hand.
After hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian, the old man suddenly became silent. After a long time, he finally looked up at Huangfu Zhantian Road. "Yes, my master is the founder of this Shenyuan mainland and your Lifeng mainland, and that Si Lie is the master, a student, and the master has a total of nine real students, including your Si Lie, who is old, that is, your brother. It’s a long story."
Then the old man told some past events to Huangfu Zhantian. After listening to the old man’s words, Huangfu Zhantian genius Bai had what happened.
It turns out that there was a student who was the most powerful among the students, and naturally he was a big brother. Their strength was as old as their ranking, and their strength was the worst. At that time, the chaotic venerable had made a rule that whoever was strong would get more resources and cultivation, and the longer he was, the weaker he became, the stronger he became, and the stronger he became. This made the four other disciples who ranked lower feel resentful. Of course, the chaotic venerable was their teacher, but he didn’t often know this with them.
It was not until later that their contradiction broke out completely that the four other disciples behind them could not defeat the top four disciples by virtue of their strength, but they did not know where they had attracted foreigners. These foreigners were very powerful. Although they struggled hard, they were still defeated by these foreigners. In the end, three of the four brothers escaped by luck, and the third one was the most intelligent and savvy among them. However, if he was injured in front of the chaotic honour person, he would rank third.
This incident shocked the chaotic venerable master, and killed all these aliens in one fell swoop. However, although these aliens were killed, they left a curse. One of these aliens was an alien Lord, and after the alien Lord’s father arrived, the chaotic venerable master fought several rounds and divided the whole continent into two parts. In order to protect these two continents, the chaotic venerable master led the powerful alien to fight alone in Outland.
The two of them fought for a whole year, and then the chaotic venerable came back with a trace of spirit, saying that his body and soul were mutually assured destruction with the alien strong, while the four inverse acts were sealed by the chaotic venerable to powerful forces for millions of years until Huangfu Zhantian gave the star world and the mainland passage the seal, and the four inverse acts seals were slowly dissolved.
After listening to the old man’s speech, suspection.i war genius understood that SiLie had lied to him, which made Huangpi war, as a result of a burst of resentment, summon SiLie.
"Master doesn’t know why you want to see me …!" Si Lie was forced to come by Huangfu Zhantian and then said respectfully to Huangfu Zhantian directly, but when he saw the old man around Huangfu Zhantian, his face suddenly changed and he was about to escape.
"If you dare to escape, I will destroy you now!" Any suspection.i Zhantian at this time a full face of murderous look shouted at the same time any suspection.i Zhantian directly controls the small world to squeeze the SiLie up.
Si Lie was sent back by the powerful strength of Huangfu Zhantian, and he was scared to death. When he saw the old man, he knew that he was finished. I am afraid that his lying was also exposed.
"Si Lie, how dare you lie to me? Do you believe me or not?" Any suspection.i war day coldly drink a way
"Xiaotian, don’t move yet!" When the old man saw Silie, the whole person’s eyes suddenly showed anger than look. He has always been very dull, but now the whole person is like a leopard. He came to Silie’s side in an instant. The skinny palm severely bombarded Silie’s chest and directly bombarded Silie. I don’t know how far it was, but the old man didn’t let him go. He planned to wave his hand and directly bound the Silie back to him with a strong binding force.
In this way, the old man punched him out and then sucked him back into the hands of the old man who was beside him, and he didn’t have any strength to fight back.
Seeing such a situation, Huangfu Zhantian was suddenly surprised, because this fierce Huangfu Zhantian knows that since he dared to hide the truth from himself, it is certainly impossible for the old man to strike back. The only explanation is that the strength of the old man has exceeded him so much that he has no fighting back at all, which makes Huangfu Zhantian a little hard to accept. He didn’t expect the old man to be a peerless strong man.
"Please forgive me, housekeeper. I was wrong. I was really wrong. Don’t fight. Please, just leave me alone for the sake of Master!" SiLie was struck by the old man for so long and then immediately begged for mercy.
"Let you go, you let me let you guys go. What about you? That little resource actually killed your master. For so many years, you not only have no remorse, but also want to kill your master. Let me let you go!" Old man anger repeatedly shouted.
"What, you are the master’s undertaker? It’s impossible for the master to be dead. How can you give his mantle to others? Even if you want to, you have to give it to our four brothers. How can you give it to an outsider? I don’t!" Si Lie was dumbfounded when he heard the old man’s words, so he angrily asked the old man, but his eyes were staring at Huangfu Zhantian as if he wanted to kill Huangfu Zhantian.
"Hum, the four of you have long been expelled from your master’s school by your master. Now you are traitors. It’s a dream to dare to get your hands on your master!" The old man immediately sneered after hearing Si Lie’s words [
"It’s impossible. Master, how can his old man expel us from his master’s school because we are a little small? It’s impossible to be a housekeeper. Are you kidding us? You’re lying to me, right!" After hearing the old man’s words, Si Lie immediately panicked, with a pleading look in his eyes, trying to get the answer he expected from the old man’s mouth, but the old man’s answer disappointed him.
"Little sex, you still don’t repent at this time. The master has only one other disciples in total, but three of them have actually been killed because of the jealousy of the four of you. There is also a great kindness for the master to let you reflect on your life. The master said that if you don’t repent after breaking the seal day, you will be expelled from your legacy forever. Now that you have just got out of trouble, you will make waves and want to kill me. How can you? I now declare for the master that the four of you will be expelled from your legacy forever!" Old man cold way
After hearing the old man’s words, Si Lie suddenly froze. wait for a while’s eyes were full of ashes, just like being taken away from his soul.
After a good half-day, that Si Lie finally broke out, with a full face of pain and a crouching look, and the whole person was shivering.
"Master, I was wrong. I was really wrong. I shouldn’t be jealous of my brother. Master, please, I don’t want to be expelled from my school. Forgive my brother for being confused and blinded by lard!" Si Lie cried and slammed his head in the virtual space. There was no hardness in the virtual space, but Si Lie kowtowed and broke his head. Even so, Si Lie still didn’t stop.
See this behind the scenes, the old man is crustily skin of head to kowtow.
And suspection.i war day by this time also gradually white some, but he has some not white what this SiLie has made things like that don’t want to be expelled from his legacy.
"Do you ask the master that there is no master who has gone to the root and can’t hear you, but I can obey the master’s wishes!" Old man coldly to SiLie way
After hearing the old man’s words, Si Lie suddenly sat there with a look of regret as if he had smoked his soul.
"I am the master’s successor. Do I speak like a master?" By this time, Huangfu Zhantian also found a little taste. The old man always said that he would expel them from his legacy, but he didn’t use his means to kill them. He just wanted to be a good man himself.
"Of course!" Old man after hearing any suspection.i war words corners of the mouth immediately with a smile and then cold way
"In that case, I will take them back to Mensilie on behalf of Master. I wonder if you will?" Any suspection.i war cold asked
"I’d like to. I’d like to see the master!" After hearing the words of suspection.i Zhantian, Silie has to listen to me wrong. It was not until suspection.i Zhantian said it again that Silie was excited and shivering, and saluted suspection.i Zhantian.
"Wrong, we are all Master’s brothers. If you want to worship, you should naturally worship Master’s old man’s house and I am a teacher’s apprentice. Get up. If you behave well later, you will still be my brother. If you have that idea again, I can expel you directly from my master!" Any suspection.i Zhantian light to SiLie way
"Is … is nine … nine teacher younger brother!" Si Lie was suddenly excited after hearing the words of Huangfu Zhantian. He was speechless and stuttered.
"Well, get up, master. If there is a spirit in the sky, you will be pleased! Right, brother! " Any suspection.i Zhantian previous step to help SiLie way
"This is natural. Master will naturally hear from Junior Nine. Do you want to ask your three senior brothers something?" SiLie was lifted up by HuangFuZhanTian immediately after some trepidation and some carefully asked, although HuangFuZhanTian said he was his brother, but he didn’t dare to show any disrespect to HuangFuZhanTian.

Chapter four hundred and fifty-six: The road of the forerunner’s crossing

Chapter four hundred and fifty-six: The road of the forerunner’s crossing
After all kinds of hardships and countless dangers, I finally have to face the inheritance in my imagination. The agitation in Tang Qing’s heart almost made him uncontrollable.
Treasure, achievement method, lingshi, Dan medicine? Or some kind of magical teleportation? For example, caused by an idea, it is like taking a fast train and soaring to the realm of god in an instant?
God is too outrageous, Yuan Ying. Grandpa Tang is not so greedy. "Standing in front of the cupboard, Tang Qing licked some dry lips due to nervousness and lowered expectations.
Bao Puzi didn’t set too many obstacles for Tang Qing, and there was no organ hidden weapons on the pavilion. In addition to the outermost layer, there is no forbidden law, and there is no such test as moral cultivation. In this way, it is like a treasure house that opens the door, quietly waiting for the arrival of the predestined friends.
Even the bamboo forest, mostly by accident. It’s just that Tang Qing himself is second-rate and too greedy, which makes him beaten continuously. Besides, his gains far outweigh his sufferings, so naturally he won’t have any complaints.
The old gentleman probably really believes in karma. It is estimated that if he wants to come here, most of the younger generations will come from the same place as themselves. Under such circumstances, it is always necessary to leave some incense.
The cabinet is very simple, except that the material is special and the style is simple, there is not much strangeness. A huge drawer with a single-door handle doesn’t even have the simplest barrier prohibition. As if a shy girl, she has undressed and stayed in bed. As long as she reaches out, she can take whatever she wants and pick it at will.
"Amitabha, your Buddha, three sweeping respects, and Tang Ye is about to open the card. Our habits have always been very good. You can’t fool me by washing your hands before and after meals. "
With an abnormal flush on her face, Tang Qing tried to restrain the greed in her eyes and prayed silently with her hands folded. This just took a deep breath and opened the door resolutely.
And then blindsided.
Three jade slips
No … No ring, no storage bag, no jade bottle, jade box, magic weapon of lingshi Dan medicine material, nothing.
I cann’t believe it’s gone. How can it be gone? It’s gone
His eyes widened in an instant, and he stood there with extreme disbelief and disappointment, just like being trapped by a monkey. After a full half-ring, Tang Qing still couldn’t believe the facts in front of him, and he pulled in the drawer with his hands like convulsions, as if to remove a few copper coins from the air to soothe his injured heart.
Still nothing. It was the three jade slips that collided with each other under his scratching, making a tinkling sound, staggering and endless. It’s as if a few naughty children set a proud trap and laughed at the adults they played tricks on.
"Smile a fart!"
Tang Qing had no place to make a fire. He grabbed a few jade slips and tried to throw them. Suddenly, he took them back gently. He said with a smug smile, "Are you stupid? Do you think Tang Ye is stupid?"
Then, he came to the table with his arms dangling, sat comfortably in the plush chair that was very comfortable at first sight, and sighed with a sigh.
"Your ya think Tang Ye will be angry and disappointed? Too look down upon me! "
"The law is not false. Who is Tang Ye? Can you just be swayed? Okay, I admit, you did fool me. It’s nothing. But you can even play with Xiao Xuanzi, which is a bit unorthodox. "
"What multilayer abode of fairies and immortals? What multiple seals? What is the best lingshi? All of him? No. I have to say, you are really bad. "
Holding a few jade slips, Tang Qing seemed to be whispering to her lover and negotiating with the enemy. The expression is like the face-changing king of Sichuan opera, sometimes angry, sometimes disappointed, sometimes sighing, sometimes confused, and there is no moment to finalize the design.
"It doesn’t matter, Tang Ye has made a lot of money and doesn’t care about this money. I guess you don’t have the best lingshi at all. That thing is so precious that you didn’t get a few, not to mention you are an old man. "
Judging from his appearance, he really regards these jade slips as human beings. Without fighting back a few times, he can’t eliminate his resentment. Like a psycho.
"Next door to spicy food, Tang Ye is a mental derangement" complained to Yu Jian for a long time. Tang Qing realized that she was bored and could only berate herself helplessly, trying to put all kinds of distractions behind her.
Unfortunately, he is destined to be a snob, and he will never become a Taoist monk. With a sigh, Boss Tang probably felt that he was too photogenic, and began to talk to himself to remember the friendship of the old friend.
"In fact … you are always good to me. If you don’t have this code, Tang Ye may have lost everything. Since you have left these things, you probably have some last wishes to entrust to me. Tang Ye is not as stingy as you are. If it is convenient, I will help you get rid of it when I have time. "
After thinking about it, Tang Qingsu looked seriously and said solemnly, "Don’t be too difficult. Don’t accept the mission. Also, don’t leave any powerful skills as a thank-you gift, as that would look down on me too much. Really "
"Of course, if there really is … Tang Ye’s sake of seeing your age, you will be reluctant to accept it. Good things can’t be lost, right? "
Long-winded for a long time, Tang Qing, with extreme anxiety and unwillingness, put the jade slips on the eyebrows one by one.
Surprise, shock and ecstasy followed …
"Yu Ming Tang Qing, Jin Danyang Jurong Renshi."
After reading the first sentence in the jade slips, Tang Qing was almost scared into a mental derangement. In turn, I thought that surnamed tang was one of the most popular names in China, and it was not unusual to have the same name, so I settled down a little.
"I have to warn you, it’s no good flirting with Tang Ye." Swearing with malicious, Tang Qing continue to look down.
"When I was young, I was famous, and I studied for more than ten years. I dare not say that I am familiar with ancient and modern times, but I can know the classics of a hundred schools of thought. Through the path of scientific research, you can enter the official position without exception. Later, he won the king’s weight, and he was awarded the patrol ambassador from all directions, holding the Tianzi sword and supervising the world for the king. "
"I have been blessed by the upper body, and I have been compassionate to the people. I dare not work hard for three years. Although I have no outstanding achievements, I can be conscientious. Cutting corruption, punishing evil and promoting good, and saving people’s health are really worthy of what they have learned in their lives. "
"On the day of return to Beijing, my wife. He is a wise man, and it is a good match for me to respect him. Giving birth to our son years later adds joy. I have tasted it, and if life is like this, it is not wasted. "
"However, disaster comes from the sky, and I am conceited and clean, but I don’t know that the fish will not exist when the water is clear. When it comes to being constructed by traitors, it is not yet available for the disciples to give up their lives, and it is even more implicated in their wives and children. "
"My son is harmed by people, and my wife is unbearable to be humiliated by Goulan, and the soul pays the hanging beam. My parents are sad and lonely, my teacher died in his sickbed, and I have no way to call, and there is no way to live and die, so what can I do? "
"The son of heaven has eyes, and he is not aware of it. He thinks every day, only for the sake of immortality, and the immortal body. However, life is born with death, which is heaven, and it is what human beings can ask for. Even more alchemists use flattering words, the method of Dan Sheng, and take the ointment of all the people to continue one’s life. How can this retrograde be called heaven? "
"My life is a gift from heaven, born by my parents, and I have never reported anything, that is, I went to the grave. More harm to his wife and children, sad sad. "
"When I was in prison, I often thought about it and regretted it. If I have the day of rebirth, I will definitely slay the demons and get rid of all the evil alchemists, and give me back my talent …
"… I have been executed, why didn’t I die, but I was in infancy … Murphy, there is a rebirth in the world."
"… otherwise this place is not my homeland. Words are unknown, and living habits are not necessarily … "
"Since this is really the case, I will be Xi Zhi, and I will not bear the care of God." ……
"… fix true … is there a fix true in the world? There really are immortal immortals. "
"Don’t … I came to another world. The sky here is not the sky in my hometown. What is a planet? Maybe my hometown … is one of the vast stars? "
"This is not my home, not my hometown. Here, I am an orphan without my parents. Without this so-called spiritual root, they would not have saved me. "
"I want to fix true, I want to practice to the broken void. I want to find my way home, and I want to find the way of rebirth and revive my wife and children. "
"I want to go back, I want to show the dog emperor, this is the real immortal, and I want to show those who can only flatter and waste, this is the real fix-up."
"I’m dead, but I’m alive. Now I am no longer the Tang Qing I used to be. I need a road number and a new identity. "
"In my hometown, maybe there is a monk … let me think … the flow of legends is out of reach. I know Dan Shi … Ge Hong "
"Good embrace PiaoZi … is the name. From today, my name is Bao Puzi. "
"… this is called Tianyouxing. If my hometown is a planet, what’s its name?"
See here, Tang Qing sighed. He understood that this jade slip is actually the autobiography of "Tang Qing".
All the characters on this jade slip are written in ancient Chinese. It doesn’t matter if the newcomer is not from the earth and doesn’t understand it at all. The old man was so attached to his hometown that he told his life story to the latecomers, but he just didn’t know if he meant anything other than commemoration.
"Dog blood is a little bit of dog blood, but this kind of thing should be a common thing in ancient times, not surprising." Feeling the unwillingness and resentment between the lines, Tang Qing rarely did not mock and told his feelings truthfully.
After thousands of years of civilization, even if he is illiterate, in some ways, Tang Qing is better than the pioneer. Perhaps because he has the same name as himself, Tang Qing feels a little touched for no reason. As a result, as if chatting with old friends, Tang Qing talked to Kan Kan in the air, which was quite well-meaning.
"I said Tang Qing … ahem, I said the old man … I X, why is this awkward?"
Adjust your mood and barely suppress that absurd feeling. Tang Qingcai continued: "You still can’t see through it. It was your own fault at the beginning. At most, it has something to do with the emperor, but it has nothing to do with God. But I can’t blame you. At that time, it was estimated that there were still so many people. Then again, who can be as talented and free and easy as Tang Ye? "
"Come on, it’s no use pulling these now. If Tang Ye has the chance to practice to your level and soar, maybe he can meet you again. At that time, my brothers and sisters will talk again. "

The copper tiger and the iron leopard are even more livid. Yang Muyu has been playing this trick for an afternoon, but he has to face the East to win the championship. He just made two leng and lost a lot of money in one afternoon.

The East won the championship, pale and depressed to the extreme. Originally, I expected my eldest brother to give him an outlet, but it turned out to be such a result. Instead of revenge, Yang Muyu was tricked in vain.
The Oriental Lingding lost an ingot of gold and said coldly, "Keep it!"
"Thank you for your reward!" The shop assistant dragged the "reward" ending completely as if he were afraid that the ears of the Oriental Lingding and others would not be good or clear.
Out of the moon floor, the Oriental Lingding took a deep breath and looked at the copper tiger. "You two should send Sangong back to rest first, cousin. It’s getting late, so you should go back to rest early."
"Big cousin?" If you look at the Oriental Lingding and open your mouth, you will see the woman next to you give an expression of eyes and then shut up.
"Go back to rest early and rest assured that it will be fine." Oriental Lingding comforted her when she was worried about the old one.
"Yes!" If the flower nodded and agreed, Mammy took the flower as the copper tiger and the iron leopard walked towards the back yard.
"three public!" Walking along, Mammy Hua asked, "Do you have any plans?"
"What?" Asked the east for the title.
Mammy Hua sighed for a long time before saying, "You have to be prepared for the three public affairs."
The East still won’t understand and shake their heads, but the copper tiger and the iron leopard are even more rude. They don’t know that Mammy’s words mean something, but if they do, they can’t help but tremble.
Back to the rented courtyard, the East won the championship, and I was in a bad mood. I went straight back to my room to rest, but Hua Ruoruo took Hua Mammy into another room.
"Mammy, what did you … just mean?" If flowers frown gently and ask in a low voice, a little face is full of worries.
Sister Hua sighed again and whispered, "Didn’t miss see that Yang Gonggen had no intention of reconciliation?"
If flowers gently shook her head, she did not see it.
"If he really intends to reconcile, then he will have to return the three swords first, and naturally he won’t let Dagong settle his bill for him again. He is not prepared for this." Mammy Hua is an experienced woman who is not sophisticated, but she is much more refined than the three gentlemen in the East.
"So … what should I do?" If Hua Ruo is startled, he can’t help but grab Mammy Hua’s hand and ask anxiously, "Mammy, you have to think of something!"
"Miss!" Flower mammy frown patted if flowers small hands shook his head, "think of a way? Isn’t there no law, but is Sangong willing? "
"What method?" If flowers if eagerly asked.
"That Yang Gong will die if he doesn’t want to be good!" Mammy Hua sighed again that Yang Muyu acted at an early age, but it was so unpredictable. Isn’t he really afraid of offending the Oriental family and finally lying dead in Jinsha Bay? Or is there absolute support behind him?
If the flower is incredible, look at Mammy Hua. It turns out that she is pure, even if she can’t be good. At most, the two sides really want to start a fight. Who are you afraid of? But she didn’t think that once she really started, Yang Muyu would immediately ask the East to win her life first.
"If you want to be good, now unless it’s Sangong who goes to the Yang Gong to kowtow and make amends and-"said Mammy Hua here to shut up.
That condition is not fair or Dagong can do it, but now if there is no condition to get it, the other party will never let people go
Today, the attitude of the second husband is even more puzzling. Mammy naturally knows that the second husband and the grand duke and the third husband have always been at odds, but they have to maintain a superficial friendliness in front of outsiders.
Today, he took the lead in tearing this surface camouflage, which proves that he is going to challenge the archduke
It is reasonable and possible to help others to deal with their brothers when the Oriental family inherits a second husband in the future. Mammy Hua shuddered involuntarily at the thought of this-
She knows that Hua Jia and Dongfang Jia have always been in-laws. She is a senior woman of Hua Jia and Dongfang Jia. How can you hide something from him?
If you want to win the family inheritance, you have to kill the archduke. Is it that he arranged all this? Lend someone to get rid of Dagong and Sangong?
"Mammy, what shall I do …" If Hua sees Hua Ruo, Mammy can’t help but ask in a low voice after a long silence.
"We will leave here early in the morning!" Sister Hua decided that although Hua Jia is in-laws with Dongfang Jia, she can’t lose all her young ladies. It is the most important thing to get away from right and wrong. Fortunately, if she hasn’t made an engagement with Sangong Zhen, the consequences will be worrying.
Mammy couldn’t help dying at the thought of this flower.
If you don’t talk, Mammy Hua is her wet nurse, she is naturally trustworthy, but it seems a little too sentimental to throw away my third cousin now.
It is absolutely impossible for Sangong to kowtow and make amends to that Yang Gong. Sangong has always been proud. How can he bear this tone? But Mammy Flower said that Yang Gong would kill him if he didn’t do that?
Really? That Yang Gong looks handsome and elegant when he is only 15 or 16. He really doesn’t look like a terminating person … Mammy must have guessed wrong!
If involuntary flowers float in front of Yang Muyu’s eyes, he laughs indifferently and shivers slightly in his heart-will he really kill his third cousin?
It is said that Dongfang Zhouding and Yang Muyu walked in front of each other, and when they left the Oriental Zhouding on the moon floor, they could not help but ask, "What will happen to you if he doesn’t pay the bill?"
"Dogs can’t change the habit of eating shit. Your third brother is so angry that he still pays me out of his pocket every afternoon. That’s how bad money is. Do you think he feels better if I don’t help him spend a little?" Yang Muyu light say with smile
The third chapter silver hook gambling house (1)
"My big brother will be angry!" Oriental state ding laughed
"That’s because you’re angry. Well, wouldn’t it be as you wish if he were angry?" Yang Muyu whispered to Yang Tie when he left, telling him that he could make friends with Dongfang Zhouding, and that Dongfang Zhoudu had made it clear that his eldest brother and third child were very bad.
Only by knowing ourselves and knowing ourselves can Yang Muyu win every battle. Naturally, he has to take the opportunity to climb a friendship with this Oriental state and set up an old family in the East.
What’s more, the second child of the Oriental family did not agree with Yang Muyu easily. When he lived in Muxin town before, the richest man in the town was Zhang Laotou, who gave birth to two sons, and these two sons were turned upside down after they died of old age. At that time, although he was young, he also remembered deeply.
A little rich man with a small fortune will turn against his brothers. Is it a big family like Dongfang Family? If Dongfang Zhouding wants to inherit, he has to kill the boss.
"Yang Gong is really a smart person!" Dongfang Zhou Ding chuckled, "But you have to be careful to guard against the boss. He’s not a pig brain like the old one."
Yang Muyu nodded and said, "I see his head has worms!"
A few steps away from the moon building is the Silver Hook Gambling House. Nowadays, when the lanterns meet in the sea, it is natural to have a funny number of gamblers, or to have fun and watch the fun, all of them flock to the Silver Hook Gambling House.
"It’s cold and cheerless during the day, but it’s surprisingly lively at night. Almost every night is all night," said Dongfang Zhouding.

"I don’t know how well Mulberry Mushrooms are made. They are delicious ingredients." I heard Qiu Yuan boast that Grace was modest on the surface, but my heart was much more comfortable. At the thought of this, I stared at Norus again.

Norus was very depressed when he came, and was glared at by Grace. The two monks were puzzled
I don’t know if I can sleep in bed today …
Everyone seems to have forgotten what happened between Qiuyuan and Norus just now, and they ate happily and chatted happily.
Qiuyuan gave Grandma Salo a piece of tofu and heard her say, "Xiaoqiu, how did you teach Little Mara to play the erhu?"
Qiu Yuan was stuck and then reacted. What about this?
"Ah, I’m still preparing for this. After all, it’s the first time for me to teach others to play the erhu … it will be fine soon."
Qiu Yuan hasn’t seen Zhe in town since he left home that day. It seems that he was sent to their choir by Mataris to study.
General Qiu Yuan is very much in favor of this.
Quite right! It can also exercise children’s skills, enhance artistic accomplishment and hone an emotional intelligence.
It’s a good thing for a zhe, a conceited child.
Qiuyuan also knows that he has no bad intentions, but he is too arrogant and has some arrogant people.
Children are not sensible, just give them a beating.
Qiu Yuan remembered that the former naughty monkey had broken a grandfather’s favorite flowerpot in the nursing home, and was tied to a long bench by several masters, took off his pants and spanked with a pole.
That’s an unforgettable one!
Sallo wouldn’t have asked about what happened in Qiuyuan’s recent life.
Mataris’s eyes are full of erhu, and he looks forward to Qiuyuan teaching him every day, but he can’t come at all.
As soon as he saw the gate of Qiuyuan’s breeding house, he dared not go forward. Fortunately, he waited outside, but after waiting for a long time, Qiuyuan did not come out, so he went home frustrated.
But Mataris was wrong about Qiuyuan, who told him to look for Qiuyuan at noon yesterday and Qiuyuan happened to be taking a nap …
Tong also showed that someone was waiting outside Qiuyuan’s door, but Qiuyuan forgot about it as soon as he turned over.
Uncle Tong also said it once, but he didn’t say it again.
This led to Mataris’ illusion that Qiuyuan didn’t like others to visit his place and waited for Qiuyuan’s door at home.
This is some drama.
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Qiuyuan bought Mataris the cheapest erhu. It is stipulated that props in the store cannot be sold to other people, nor can they be exchanged, but they can be given away.
It is foolish to buy the cheapest and pay for it yourself, but it is impossible to reimburse you.
Qiu Yuan, the master of ghosts and goblins, was warned when he thought about calculating erhu money in Mataris.
The wine has gone round three times
Although everyone didn’t drink, they all meant the same thing
Qiuyuan helped Grace clear the table, and then left home. It was not convenient to stay in Grace’s house and go back to take a shower.
Qiuyuan looked back at Serena when she left.
"Are you going to let Pikachu spend the night at your house or let him go back with me?"
"Ah?" The little flower ball on the sofa made Pikachu circle and Serena stopped moving. "… I’d better let it go back with you first, I’m afraid it won’t adapt."
"What’s wrong with this? But you don’t know enough about taking care of Poké mon. When you meet my requirements, let you take care of Pikachu in person."
Qiuyuan said so after thinking about it.
Pikachu is a very common and ordinary Poké mon, but it is not something that Serena can do for her to take care of Pikachu with little knowledge about breeding.
Qiuyuan is going to exercise Serena’s ability in this respect in the next few days, so that she can get familiar with Pikachu’s life habits as soon as possible, and then slowly teach her other Poké mon feeding knowledge.
And Serena nodded obediently and gently touched Pikachu’s head, kissed it on the forehead and gently patted its ass to let it follow Qiuyuan.
"pickup truck ~"
Pikachu licked Serena’s palm, then jumped on the sofa and left with Qiuyuan.
Before leaving, Pikachu looked back at Serena and handed her a reassuring look.
This made Serena laugh and cry and gave it a look. Pikachu twisted little ass away.
Qiuyuan walked with two Pikachu on the road, holding the back of his head in his hands and chatting and looking up at the stars.
"If I have an organic conversation, I will have to see if there is a powerful mystery of the universe Poké mon in every star."
"Pickup pickup? (Star Poké mon? )”
Pikachu, who was lying on Qiuyuantou, gave a confused cry and knocked on Qiuyuantou rhythmically.
"Yes, there are Poké mon in the stars."
For example, Deoxys was conceived from a derailed falling planet.
Although this Poké mon world was created by Zeus, there are still many Poké mon worlds in the universe.
Qiuyuan chatted and thought so.
The world of Poké mon is big enough just now, except for a few known areas. As human footprints spread farther and farther, more areas and more new Poké mon will be discovered.
Chapter 17 contest registration is about to close.
Not to mention Qiuyuan, I’m not surprised to have such a result.
From the perspective of the third person, it is not surprising that these three papers can cause such a great sensation.
Even these three papers were published so late that he was somewhat dissatisfied.
Maybe the official has read these three papers for a long time, but they want to release them at one time, which will impact people’s cognition, bring more shock and lead to more thinking.
Let Qiu Yuan be happier or he can finally participate in the Alliance Doctor Forum Competition …
I still remember seeing that the first prize in the doctoral forum competition was a poké mon egg from Vulpix, arora. Qiuyuan has been thinking about this all the time.
But now it’s been more than two months. It stands to reason that the arora Vulpix Poké mon egg should have hatched long ago, right?

Nine eyes stare like two bells. "My darling guild token!"

"What? !” They smell speech by surprise "guild token? True or false? !”
"I still lie to you, don’t believe me!" Jiuchong handed the guild token to all.
Daughters are delighted to see it. "Wow, that’s great. It’s a guild token! With it, we can establish a guild and it is the first guild in Huaxia District! "
Finally, the token came into Shen Yue’s hands. Shen Yue looked at the guild token in his hand and said faintly, "… This is really an unexpected surprise!"
Jiuchong said, "But it seems that you are not surprised by this surprise!"
Shen Yue looked at Jiuzhong and said, "It’s really a surprise to say that this bank token is a gift, but if you want it to establish the first bank conversation in Huaxia District … it’s a pity that you are overqualified!"
"What’s the solution?"
"Want to listen to? !”
"Why do you ask if you don’t want to hear me?"
Shen Yue said, "It doesn’t really make much sense whether the guild is the first one. At the beginning, it will attract many players to join. However, with the development of the game, new guilds will rise one after another, so players who join our guild in advance may still jump ship and join other guilds. As a result, the advantages brought by the’ first guild’ will swing, and then this’ first token’ will become a token that will appear one after another. It’s just an ordinary token to establish a guild! Lost its due value! "
Jiuzhong recognized the final meaning that Shen Yue wanted to express and directly said it for her. "So … we should sell this card while it is in demand, make a fortune, and change it into real money when it is valuable, so we won’t be afraid that it will lose its due value? !”
Shen Yue’s eyes flashed a little surprised. "… you are not stupid!"
"I’m not stupid when I come!" Jiuzhong took the guild token from Shen Yue. "That’s what I thought. Since great minds think alike, we decided to cash this guild token into golden gold coins! Ho ho ho … How many gold coins do I have to change? !”
“……!” Shen Yue said for a while, "… I take back what I just said. You are just a money addict!"
Carefully pocketing the guild token, nine times bent down and came from the ground. This thing has a finger belly and looks like a silkworm chrysalis. It’s as muddy as white jade and crystal clear. Nine times looked curious. "What the hell is this? !”
The point attribute shows that "the golden silkworm can dominate and control the target by invading the brain of the target organism. The original owner is dead and is currently in the main state!"
"By the original is such a gadget to control the fire …!" Nine-fold words are still in the palm of your hand. It’s like a dead thing. The golden silkworm method suddenly attacked nine-fold and bit a hole in the palm of nine-fold and got into nine-fold!
Nine heavy surprised way "his mother is bad old gold silkworm method invaded the horse will become a method of people! You run quickly, or I’ll hurt you! !”
Daughters smell speech have fled to hide in the distance to observe the nine heavy situation!
Nine heavy in situ said to himself, "his mother really didn’t expect the old wind and waves to come over and turn over the boat in such a small river ditch and become a method person! This is simply a shame! !”
I’m feeling sorry for myself. The general instructions suddenly sounded!
Chapter 30 Parasitic beasts
"Congratulations to the player who has taken the initiative to recognize your Lord as your parasitic beast! Please name the parasitic beast! "
"The name of your new parasitic animal was named Xiaoyu!"
"What’s the situation …? !” Nine heavy don’t stand there at the moment.
Hiding in the distance, Shen Yue and others saw that Jiuzhong had been slow to move and ran back. Shen Yue asked, "What’s the matter? Why haven’t you become a monster? !”
Nine heavy a face of wry smile way "can’t change the golden silkworm method has recognized my Lord into my parasitic beasts! Anyway, what the hell is going on? If you are invaded by the method, you will become a method person. How can you recognize the Lord as a parasitic beast? !”
Shen Yue thought for a moment and asked, "When you just picked up the golden silkworm method, was it in the main state? !”
"How do you know? !”
"This is it!" Shen Yue said, "I’ve seen information about the golden silkworm method. This kind of golden silkworm method will choose one of its own after the death of its current owner. The owner will parasitize others! That’s the case with you now. His current owner, the master of the method control, has been killed by you, and you are the one he met with. It naturally chose you as its master! "
"That this is a good thing or a bad thing? !”
"It should be a good thing. Now you are equivalent to becoming a master of controlling methods in disguise, but all you can control is the golden silkworm method!"
"Well … that’s good, too. More harmful means! Ho ho ~! !”
Jiuchong’s voice just fell and the herd suddenly gathered around and surrounded Jiuchong and others!
Jiuchong said, "It’s not good to patronize and be happy and forget these guys!"
Shen Yue looked around the method of herd frowned slightly. "… don’t you think they are a little strange? !”
"What’s strange? I didn’t see it! "
"They don’t seem to be attacking us!"
"What do you say that? !”
"If they want to attack us, just come straight at us. It’s necessary to surround us in such a big way!"
"That makes sense … that this is how to return a responsibility? Did you touch your peers? They want to rob you? !”
"… your imagination is really rich!"
"Hey hey so-so!" As soon as Jiuzhong’s voice fell, suddenly a soft, gentle and very astringent voice sounded in his head, which seemed like bad words. "Master is not afraid that I am Xiaoyu. Their bodies are under my control and will not attack you. Now they are all your monsters. You can drive them to do things!"
"There will be such a good thing? !” There was a smile on Jiuzhong’s mouth. "Then tell them to sit for the old man!"
Jiuchong’s voice just fell and he saw the surrounding herds sitting on the ground in unison!
Daughters looked at all startled Shen Yue asked "what’s the matter? !”
Jiuzhong gloated, "Hey, hey, they’ve all become veterans ~!"
"Is there such a thing? !”
"hmm ~!" Nine nodded. "They are all controlled by my Xiaoyu, that is, by me. Now I can let them fart when I do things!"
Daughters smell speech in stitches Shen Yuedao "jade who is it? !”
"I’m the one who named the golden silkworm method parasitic on my body!"
"Oh!" Shen Yue looked around at hundreds of methods of herds and said, "This is another surprise. With them, I think our chances of success will be much greater! Ok, let’s hurry to the altar! "
When the crowd led hundreds of method of herd mighty came to the front of the altar where Feng Dance and others were located, Feng Dance led this group to be attacked by the star method of beast after Jiuzhong rode the dragon method of beast. There was no loss. Seeing the method of herd behind Jiuzhong and others, all the people were surprised and pointed to the method of herd. "It … it … they …? !”
Jiuzhong waved his hand and said, "Don’t be nervous. They are my own private armed people now!"
Phoenix dance way "what on earth is this? !”

Hum, it’s stupid to clip me with a stick. Keeping my ten fingers is bloody evidence

And I want to torture the queen mother, of course, and I want her to die, and I can’t testify against me
Medical skill is a high method, which can not only save people but also kill people, and even more wonderfully, it can torture people.
I deliberately pulled out a cold silver needle in front of the queen mother.
Looking at her eyes, from surprise to horror, physical pain may not be higher than spirit.
To torture the queen mother happily, we must first psychologically crush her, make her feel afraid, and let her, a woman who is used to controlling other people’s lives, realize that resistance can’t taste. That is the biggest torture for her.
"Do you want to acupuncture Ai Jia?" The queen mother’s eyes were fixed on my hand with a long needle face, Bai Rushuang.
Finally lost that arrogant and vicious strong woman momentum.
I TanTan hand a face of the so-called "don’t you want to ask me what to do? I didn’t want to do anything either. I think the queen mother’s face is yellow, yin deficiency and fire are flourishing, which means that she is physically ill. Of course, I want the queen mother to make a good diagnosis and treatment. Let’s have an acupuncture treatment first! "
I looked at my swollen radish hand again, slightly worried and said, "Actually, I usually have a good stitch, but if you clip my finger into a radish head, I’m afraid it will be difficult for me to ensure the acupuncture point, but there is no need to stab it more than once. I am very patient."
The queen mother shook her voice in horror and roared, "Don’t you dare to mess around and mourn for your family."
I sneer at "Queen Mother, you don’t threaten me, even if I don’t do anything, you never want to let me go, and I will worry. It is better to get revenge now. After all, reciprocity is a virtue."
I threw the queen mother on the bed and lifted the clothes behind her.
The old witch’s skin is well maintained, although it is slightly loose, but it is still very delicate and smooth.
I stabbed her back with needle after needle, because the silver needle was thin, the hair was sharp and long, and I pulled it out quickly.
Acupuncture is not very painful, but if it doesn’t hit the acupoint, the pain will be different.
My needles deviate from the acupoints, which naturally adds to the pain.
It’s only a while before the queen mother gnashes her teeth in pain. It’s really a pampered woman. I can’t stand this pain. My killer hasn’t come out yet
I sarcastically said to her, "Does the Queen Mother know what punishment is the most painful? What’s a cudgel? Since you like lynching people so much, I’ll let you taste lynching today. You killed so many people and caused many people to ruin their lives. After death, hell is too cheap. Why don’t you experience what hell is today before you hurt others? "
"You’d better kill Ai Jia today or let Ai Jia live. You’ll know what life is worse than death." The Queen Mother shot bitterness in her eyes and gritted her teeth to devour me.
"Before that, I, Wang Chaoyan, let you know what life is worse than death." I touched a needle and inserted it into an acupoint on her back by mistake.
"It doesn’t hurt, does it? But then you have to hold back. If some acupuncture points are used at the same time, that kind of pain is what insects eat into the bones and internal organs, as if they were bitten by insects."
I pulled out another needle and flashed it into an acupoint of her foot.
"Ah!" The Queen Mother couldn’t resist the sudden pain and shouted. I immediately ordered her dumb hole so that she couldn’t call it out.
If you want revenge, you should let your enemy remember it deeply and never forget it. That will make her afraid from the heart and dare not do anything wrong again.
I gently twisted the silver needle and repeatedly pressed her two acupoints.
I don’t know how severe this pain is, but I know from the expression of the queen mother that it is extreme torture.
Her eyes almost popped out of her eyes, her face was horribly twisted, her lips trembled into a cold sweat and her clothes were soaked.
I quickly glanced at the queen mother, who was so guilty that she died, but it was just that I couldn’t bear to see her in this situation. It seems that my heart is not hard enough
Forget it. Even a second of this pain will be unforgettable enough for her. I’ll let her go for the time being.

His disciples made such a low profile that they all told the story. Everyone quickly got up and said, "Taoist friends are too modest to be polite!"

Wonderful a real person answered thank you, and then asked his master to prepare seats at this table. All of them are respected or influential, and their strength is also in their infancy. The platform hall is full of people’s disciples. Those who are humble and have no teachers for various reasons are arranged outside the platform.
At that time, the younger brothers usually put all kinds of delicacies and wines on the tables and chairs, and successively served a wonderful real person and other Emei masters to persuade them to drink in turn. When the wonderful real person came to the case of Zhu Mei, the short Zhu Mei laughed. "Qi Daoyou, this time, everyone accepted my recommendation, but none of them left any points because they were unbearable and said something nice to scare me."
Do you know that Bai Dwarf and I both like leisure and impatience to learn from Linghua’s good work, and what to do, Godfather? Now you don’t accept those people. Isn’t that forcing me? "
Miao Yi still smiled gently. "Brother Tao said otherwise. Qingcheng Mountain and Emei all roads lead to the same destination. Since the two elders Tian Du and He made a joke in the past, they pushed each other to close their monasteries and stop accepting disciples. Soon after, they successively became brothers and Jiang Daoyou, who are now soaring, to continue the orthodoxy.
You’re welcome to say that if you are a friend, Jiang Daoyou, although you are ambitious, can’t tell your family’s legacy. It is also said that you two have taken advantage of your luck to become the Qingcheng Sect and the robbers will soon be born. Most of your 19 high-footed people will vote in the Taoist Friends’ Gate. If you stay out of it, not only will the 19 people return.
Moreover, an unfortunate person was caught by a different faction. It’s still a small mistake, and it’s a big crime. I know that Taoist friends don’t like to teach people, but now that things have come to your head, I have to do it. I don’t want to accept it. Don’t friends have long predicted that although there have been deviations for some reasons, they still haven’t changed their minds. I hope Taoist friends will think twice. "
At this time, sitting next to the dwarf Zhu Mei, Ling Hunmin took a sip of wine and said, "Qi Daoyou, Zhu Dwarf is duplicitous. Don’t listen to his nonsense. I know that either he and Ginger know that the orthodox church is a prosperous road in the future, and the devil is also high, and it is relatively evil and more rampant. It is difficult for him to lead his disciples to your school …"
His words haven’t finished. Zhu Mei turned his small eyes over and was about to retaliate. Bai Guyi said, "You two eldest brothers don’t say that the second brother and the two families almost don’t stimulate anyone to laugh. This godfather of your family is not so good. When I am short, I have nothing to do and I don’t want to be a fairy. Why don’t you all be godfathers everywhere?" Don’t say that today’s big. "
A 15-or 16-year-old monk beside him laughed. "You’re a clay idol crossing the river, but you’ll never be able to survive in the future. The Taoist four or nine heavy robberies have not yet caused a lot of trouble. Which one is enough for you to do and have to clap your chest for others?" Woe to me if I’m almost white and short! "
Chasing the clouds, Bai Guyi looked at him and smiled. "Zhu Youmu, I’m white and short, and I naturally have a spectrum. You may not believe it. See if I can stop it?"
Song Chang Gung took a look at the young monk and thought that this person should be the bridled master’s apprentice, the monk Zhu Youmu. He was only fifteen or sixteen years old, dressed in a goose yellow frock, and his appearance was very neat, especially gentle and elegant.
Wonderful a real person knows that these immortals have a deep friendship and are all funny. Every time they like to laugh at each other, Zhu Youmu, a monk who picks the EU, is eccentric. Often, a joke will make him seriously afraid and cause an accident to be busy. "You Taoist friends don’t have to say that the future teacher has already left the Taoist school to rob me. There are eleven people in the middle of the country who are qualified to be present. One person should be robbed and it is difficult to avoid."
Other Taoist friends are in good health. Needless to say, it is even more surprising that the Qingcheng Sect did not need any help. In fact, the magical power of the Taoist friends who should be robbed when the four or nine days were robbed was not in your Taoist disciples’ hands, and it was really pitiful that they finally got in the door by mistake.
When I came there to resist the sun, the real fire and the evil things were divided into two factions. Others were prepared, and he prepared something in a hurry, which caused him to suffer a little injury. In the end, he was attacked by a magic attack. If someone had not pitied him, he would almost turn into a mortal, and then he would go to penance and re-enter the Xuanmen. It would be very sad.
What he needs today is a new girl’s brother, but he is ignorant and arrogant. I humbly invite him, but he refuses to condescend to the younger brother because he has not made up his mind. I hope he can get to the camera then. Let’s all be friends. I will propose a toast to you. "
The daily worry of Ling Hun and Zhu Mei is this matter. This Taoist robbery is especially amazing. The devil is especially incredible. They only calculate the time of robbery and stop the future success or failure. They can’t figure out a good way except to prepare more magic weapons and invite half of them to make friends and help each other, and then rely on their own skills to hit hard.
Now, as soon as I heard Miao Yi’s name telling me, I knew that I might have been hurt. It would be a good thing to be happy. Fortunately, everyone’s friends just had a little holiday before. Now that I have solved my heart for so many years, I will no longer argue with Miao Yi’s real person. I will push a cup for a laugh and talk about it. It hurts to drink when I shout.
Gan Biwu took a few people from Ling Jiao Palace to sit with Song Changgeng and others, while Qin family sisters and others sat in Taiwan because of lack of grades. Song Changgeng, where they were doing, was not far from Ling Hun. After listening to a few people, he couldn’t help frowning. Gan Biwu was bent on seeing him so low and asked, "What’s the matter? Song Chang Gung smiled embarrassedly and laughed. "You know that when we practice for a short time, everything is studied by ourselves. There is no teacher who doesn’t know much about some things. What did they just say about the Taoist robbery? Will I also answer? I am very confused about these things. "
After GanBiWu leng, he gave him a gentle look and said, "Of course you don’t want to answer. You are already a fairy. This Taoist four-nine robbery refers to those Taoist monks who are about to rob in the later period of Yuan Ying. When the star changed every four hundred and ninety years, they haven’t robbed their skills yet, but they are also a robbery. Although the power is not as good as the apocalypse, it is also a big robbery.
Buddhism should not be that in the middle period of Yuan Ying, people were not able to sense the disorder of vitality when the star changed greatly, and the change of vitality could not attract disaster. buddha magic and other monks should not have the secret of practicing Taoist law, but they should also answer it when the time comes, but don’t worry about your hand and no one can have this qualification. "
Song Chang Gung nodded his head. He didn’t know that he had actually spent the apocalypse in a muddle. Others were worried that this Taoist four-nine-heavy robbery naturally didn’t have his share. I don’t know if it was lucky or unfortunate.
Ling Hun, who is talking here, is not far away from them, but his heart is seven. He knows that his door is good and beautiful, and he takes good care of it on weekdays, for fear that a real person says that the robbed person should be born in his own body. He always relies on being competitive and intends to take words to explore a real person, but he is afraid that Ling Hun, Bai Guyi, Zhu Mei and others will laugh and ridicule him.
There’s no good way to think about it, so you have to deliberately accept the other person according to the original idea, and then you will never stand by and end up with a small slip of the hand, and you will never be able to lose your heart. Listen to the real person and say that your daughter-in-law who has resisted the sun will hold on to her heart and feel slightly happy, and suddenly she will feel relieved. This is a real person.
He turned around and saw that after everyone was seated, all Emei brothers dispersed one after another, urging them to send more wine and food, but talking on the platform. All the boys and girls had put the ceremonial instruments in the hall except Yue Wen, Zhuge Jing, Yan Renying, Lin Han, Zhou Chun, Situping, Shi Lin and Qiu Lin.
The rest of the people are in the command of Qi Lingyun and Xiaer sisters, who are arranging a banquet. All kinds of things will be placed one by one from the Fairy House and Lingguixian Pavilion, and the console table registration account will be arranged with Zhou Qingyu. He looks around and sees that the current work is based on the original brother and the new brother are all talking together, and sometimes the younger brother will help when he says hello.
Although there are many people on these platforms, they have never seen them before, but all the men and women in the government ceremony have two kinds of costumes according to their age, each of which is new in color and fairy clothes, and it is easy to distinguish when they are doing things. It seems that a limited number of people, such as Yun Ziyan and Xiang Fangshu, are the youngest.
I don’t know how wonderful a real person said that the younger brother was here after a short thought, but he didn’t consider it rude to send Xuangong Hui’s eyes to look at the things in the young brothers’ bags. At this moment, wonderful a real person seemed to act now, but he smiled and didn’t speak and continued to get to the table to propose a toast to everyone.
Day spirit has been careful to observe these movements. The first eye is the cloud purple bone. Needless to say, the firm but gentle in the dry bag is different. After watching it for a few times, I don’t feel like I’m watching carefully. I caught a glimpse of a fat girl who looks ugly and full of scars behind me. A beautiful girl looks as if she had finished things together and smoked to find gossip.
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The thirtieth volume Interest togeher Chapter three hundred and seventy-nine Strange LeiZhu
It’s funny that the two girls are so beautiful and ugly that they are talking and laughing together. He was about to see a few people doing Kun bags. Suddenly he saw the ugly woman waving to the naked leader, Dowager Dowager Dowager, the adopted daughter, and the two women, Jin Shu and Yinshu, and they laughed together in the past.
Seeing the beauty, the girl casually took a dozen purple crystal beads as big as peas out of the bag, and the two women looked at the celestial spirit and froze. This thing was what he wanted, but looking at the girl seemed to be out of place, and he couldn’t help feeling that this baby was not something that could be obtained casually.
These purple crystal beads, which are as big as peas, are a kind of thunder-condensation beads, and they are a special secret method of magic teaching. The roots of ordinary magic teaching brothers can’t be made by magic teaching elders, and they can’t all be made. If so, it’s nothing, although they can’t be made by themselves, but each family has their own unique method, and the thunder beads are also powerful and earth.
What’s special about this Yin Lei Zhu is that it has been hardened by Taoist Lei Fa, and the combination of good and evil makes it more powerful than ten times. It is a treasure that can resist the apocalypse of thunder and fire. This thing is rare here. The decent master can’t get this thing. The Lei Zhu will explode as soon as it is released. There is no special treasure that can’t be received, and the magic religion has this Lei Zhu, but it won’t be Taoist Lei Fa.
As soon as Tianling saw this thing, he knew that it was a wonderful thing just now. Since people didn’t give it to him directly, he wanted to get some blood from the younger generation. At the thought of this, he resented that he had given three jellyfish that could produce water aura to Emei Sect, which changed his chance to get the treasure and had to exchange it for Du Jie’s things. Emei Sect was really digging.
These two women are the aunt and the female brother Mei Xianwa of Golden Grandma Luo Ziyan in Baique Cave of Hengshan Mountain. She is the abbot of Xuan Nv Temple in Minshan Mountain. Although she is also an authentic Buddhist disciple, she naturally has no luck and sects to protect her. This time, Emei sent a number of female brothers to accept disciples.
Xiang Fangshu is one of them. Luo Ziyan, her favorite grandmother, likes to give her all the mustard rings that the sect treasures can hold. Not long ago, she joined the Huashan Sect and several other evil sects in a small fight with Fang Shu. At that time, when the blissful real person passed by and met several decent brothers, she collected the mustard rings from Fang Shu and the evil sects.
After retiring those evil sects, the Blissful Real Person selected a few magic weapons and some special Yin Leizhu to be re-refined, and gave them to her. At that time, the Blissful Real Person taught her that she could show the newly refined Yin Leizhu in front of others when she was in the official residence, so as to tease the predecessors who resisted the four or nine fates, and it would be more beneficial then.
However, when people are not as good as the government, they only expect that the godfather’s commandment in front of the government missed the opportunity to show off his glory, but she has never found a good opportunity, but she is not only blessed with a thick fortune, but also has a good mind to set up a banquet with her aunt. Although funny, she is very clever and asks her for advice.
He also said that the teacher’s etiquette and dignity of the banquet could not be revealed. Ask her if she has a good opinion? Aunt’s eyes turned and said, "It’s hard. These old-timers are as wide-eyed as here, and they can see at a glance. He will find you. Finish what you are doing quickly, and then I’ll arrange it. You can just listen to me and schedule everything."
To Fang Shu, naturally, she smiled and promised to finish what she should do quickly, and then went aside with her aunt, who looked around stealthily and whispered, "Before we gave it away, we asked an expert about someone who got a cheap market."
After that, I pulled Xiang Fangshu to gather together with Gaotai, and then greeted the naked leader, Dove, Dove, Adore, Adore, Jin Shu and Yin Shu, and asked Fang Shu to take out Yin Leizhu and ask if this treasure is wonderful. This Jin Shu and Yin Shu are naked hierarch, dove, mother-in-law, adopted daughter and disciples, gentle and kind, never refining evil magic, but learning ordinary skills to defend themselves.
In their previous lives, they had been so kind to their naked leader, Dowager Dowager Dowager, who not only accepted their adopted daughters, but also tried to shelter the two women. Although they didn’t practice evil magic that harmed people, they were very pure in their skills, and their knowledge was also very extensive in the early days of Yuanying, because they were good-natured and decent, and many female brothers also had a lot of contacts with them
Two women can’t help but exclaim when they look at something in Fang Shu’s hand. Now the place is wrong. Two people quickly cover their mouths and Jin Shu is surprised. "Is it black, blue and thunder?" This thing is very powerful, except for my family teacher and my sister, there are not many tricks in this method, but three people have the ability to refine this thing in the Yuan baby period, and they are all unusual people.
As soon as this treasure is released, it will be completely indestructible. It is difficult to collect the magical power from outsiders after it is released. If it is stolen in advance, it will not make the mind of the owner of the Lei Zhu move, but it will explode immediately. I am not afraid of the harm. If you are normal, you will be more powerful than your two sisters.
Moreover, this thing has obviously been refined by Taoist orthodoxy Lei Fa, and this power has been able to resist the apocalypse of Vulcan Thunder. If those predecessors who have robbed Taoism four or nine times will see it, they will certainly get their eyes bigger and get along with their sisters. This thing ….. "Speaking of which, although Jin Shu didn’t say it, her eyes were eager to show that they would be able to refine black, green, dark and thunder, but they wouldn’t know the Tao.
The aunt replied with a sly smile, "This is a gift from the Blissful Reality to the pool. It has been tempered by the Blissful Reality, but is it really that powerful?" But I don’t know who wants us to exchange this thing if we want to give it something. Are you interested in robbing people but not keeping it for us? "
As soon as she finished speaking, she heard Mrs. Dian Miao calling to Fang Shu and giving her things to her aunt. She told her to help me find a buyer. I have more here! Say that finish, you should hurry into the temple. Mrs Miao laughs, "The good fruit in the back hill is strong, and you have about four or five other people to pick and prepare for a banquet when you are young." To Fang Shu, she naturally brought her life away.
At the sight of the heavenly spirit, my heart is hot. These remoulded thunder is just right for me to resist the apocalypse and listen to a wonderful person’s tone. Otherwise, it would not be so if the early Ming people took out the gifts. He just wanted to set up words to go out and go in secret, but on second thought, people here are all capable and mysterious. Although things are in the face, everyone knows them.
If I go now, I’m sure I’ll lose face. When he was hesitating, Ling Hun got up and said to a wonderful lady nearby, "Loquat and Yangmeifang in the Dongting Lake in the back of the mountain are always better than litchi. I love these stupid couples most in my life. I have to send the immortals in Lingjiao Palace for a while after the banquet. I want to borrow some skills and take them back to the mountain to taste the master’s willingness?"
Mrs Miao knew what he was going to do, so she laughed. "Why not? If Taoist friends like it, it’s my honor. I’ve sent a master to take it, but I’m afraid it’s disrespectful. If Taoist friends don’t get bored, just go to Houshan and choose freely."
Ling Hun said, "Thank you for your generosity!" It’s not stupid to get up and walk out of the flash and chase after the heavenly spirit. He knows that Ling Hun also recognized this treasure and asked for it by himself just now. It’s too late if he is allowed to go to Ling Hua, although he can find him, he must lose something, and he is afraid that he who sees through it will lose his dignity and ask the young players for something.
His heart is sad suddenly see red stick fairy Ruan corrected it and handed it to the four sides with a smile. "It’s hard to meet the beautiful scenery. At this time, it’s not yet the first month of the day, and it’s not as good as the natural scenery. There are still many beautiful scenery in the new land of Xianfu, and we haven’t finished our tour.
There are mountains, forests and flowers in this mansion, and even more, there are clear waves, waterfalls, waterfalls and singing springs in Pinghu, where Hongqiao lies, and where Qionglou is located. Wouldn’t it be fun for Xianfu to lead the bright moon and the bright light of that day to shine through the sky? At that time, the beautiful scenery of the sage guests was rare and prosperous.
You Taoist friends, if anything happens, why don’t you just stay for half a day and ask the host to put off the feast, first travel around the country and return to the exact month, and then bet on wine on the moon? I don’t want to bother the host. It’s such a great event. I’m sorry to say that the host and you don’t blame me for being abrupt. "
After another four lines of ceremony, everyone hurriedly reciprocated. A real person laughed. "I have ten old scenes of Ningbi Cliff in Emei Mountain. After this renovation, a new scenic spot in Lingguixian Pavilion has been set up. In addition to being named by the master’s cave map, many scenes have not been named. When your predecessors’ friends came, we were waiting for us to close the cave and practice the law. We wanted to borrow a glass of wine to apologize for many faux pas.
Then, after the meeting, I will accompany you to play. By the way, please give us good names separately, but there is a temporary change. I will ask you to travel together if you dare to give me a favor first. "
Immediately, I learned that all the younger brothers, Yue Wen and Qi Lingyun, led four younger brothers, men and women, to rotate in the temple. On the rest, the subject and object all put their collars to good use or watched the magic weapon together, but none of the imperial swords were seen by their eyes, but by their spirit, to sense the changes outside, whether the sword degree is sound or not.
Xie Shan, Ye Bin, Yue Yun, Yi Xiu, Zhu Mei, Bai Guyi and other immortals praised Miao Yu. At this moment, Ling Hun was smiling and walked back to Cui Wugu. At first glance, she knew that her husband had succeeded, so that her husband and wife were more sure. She couldn’t help but feel happy that she invited Ding Chang and others to go with her, but Gan Biwu wanted to go with Song Changgeng and others.
Chapter 30 Interests Chapter 300 The cuckold man
Cui Wugu is also a n experienced person. Although he didn’t pay attention, Gan Biwu was inseparable with him after Song Chang Gung prepared his wedding gift. His eyes were full of kindness and stupidity. He knew what she meant. How can you go with her now with such an opportunity? Cui Wugu is also a polite Ruan to correct her and Ding Chang and Han Xian.
When Ding Chang, a fairy mansion, just hit her flying magic weapon, she saw a young man around Song Changgeng shaking his hand and a flash of green light appeared. The young man and five other women were seated, and the young man took out the table, hip flask, fruit and other things in a dry bag, which turned out to be so comfortable.
At the sight of this thing, Ding Chang was stupefied and then smiled. This magic weapon of flying mat was out of fashion after the Tang Dynasty. First, it was too slow to fly. Second, it was quite material because it didn’t have the function of attack and defense. When it was time to watch and play, the practitioners in China may not have it, but there are many such things as Lingjiao Palace.
Just now Ding Chang didn’t expect to see the young man take out this magic weapon now, only to remember that this magic weapon is most suitable for her to smile and accept the five clouds, and then a white light flashed across a white jade mat that was 10 meters long and 15 meters wide. There was a small jade table, and the jade mat was filled with smoke, and the clouds rolled lightly, holding the jade mat to be a fairy home.
Ding Chang invited Cui Wugu and other female immortals, and his three female brothers and Ruan’s disciple Yin Songyun let them all take out their flying seats to entertain their male and female brothers and other brothers Gan Biwu, and also took out their share to invite Song Changgeng and Shuangying, the leprechaun Jade Butterfly, Princess Changping and others.
Others are very envious, but they don’t have a mysterious turtle temple. Yi also released a big flying mat on Monday. Others are either royal magic weapons or royal air. At this time, Mrs. Miao said loudly, "There are many Taoist friends in the left side of the fairy house who have gone to plant orchids with Ning, but there are Taoist friends who have never been there."