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Yang Jian smell speech, sneer at 1, backhand. I immediately got a bright three-pointed double-edged knife in my hand and smiled: "If you want to keep me, it depends on your ability!"

At this time, the pharmacist Buddha came forward to signal Yang Jian to be calm and turned to that there is no heaven: "I’m afraid your majesty’s move is inappropriate!"
"Yang Jian is the most important criminal in heaven, and now he’s caught in a trap. What’s wrong with me taking him!" Wu Tian sneers.
The pharmacist Buddha smiled faintly: "The world still knows that the two countries are at war, and they don’t want to make it! Your majesty is the master of the three realms, so I’m afraid it will inevitably make you laugh and be generous! "
"It’s said that Buddhist people’s tongues are bursting with lotus flowers, and it’s sure enough at first sight today!" Wu Tian sneers.
"Your majesty is ridiculous! Everyone knows this common sense. Don’t you know that your majesty is the master of the three realms? " Error-free novel network does not skip words. The pharmacist Buddha retorted.
"Hum!" Wu Tian snorted again, and his face changed for a while. Then, with a wave of his big sleeve, he said, "Well, today, I will let you go. Someday, on the battlefield, I will kill you myself! "
When the pharmacist Buddha heard this, he did not see the slightest timid smile on his face: "I am always welcome to your majesty!"
After that, he went to Yang Jian’s side and said "Goodbye!" , and left with Yang Jian.
After leaving the worse gate, Yang Jian suddenly heard something and said to the pharmacist Buddha, "Brother, a good friend of mine is still imprisoned in that heaven, but I want to save him!"
The pharmacist Buddha heard this and thought for a moment. "In that case, I’ll go with you!"
Yang Jian shook his head and refused: "I have the skill of seventy-two changes of that demon. It’s more convenient to sneak in. Brother, you’d better go back to Lingshan to recover!"
"How does this make it possible for you to cope with the chaotic 36 demons alone? I’d better go with you for my brother!" The pharmacist Buddha said.
"Brother, rest assured, I went to save lives, and I won’t make much trouble. You’d better go home quickly, so as not to worry about your uncle and master! "
Say that finish, Yang Jian is turned into a breeze, evaded the four kings, into the heaven.
The pharmacist Buddha saw that Yang Jian had dived in, so he had to hope in his heart that Yang Jian would come out safely. However, the pharmacist Buddha didn’t return to Lingshan, but hid his figure above the cloud and waited outside the worse gate, in case Yang Jian should miss, he might help himself in time.

Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Fautu FuMo (3)
Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Fautu FuMo (3)
Yang Jian turned into a breeze. Evaded the heavy guards of heaven, but went around to the place where the prison was that day.
Hey, why did Yang Jian come to the prison? Originally, he wanted to come here to see if Nezha was being held here. Since that day I fled from heaven alone, I have been worried about the captured Nezha. Now with this opportunity, of course, he will think of some way to save Nezha.
Glanced at the four mountain soldiers who put their hands at the entrance of the day prison, and found that they only had fairy cultivation. Yang Jian fiercely accelerated and rushed into the day prison.
The four heavenly soldiers who put their hands at the entrance of the heavenly prison only felt a breeze blowing, and found nothing wrong. They were just surprised and didn’t care.
Into the channel, Yang Jian showed his figure, thought for a moment, read the hair tactic, suddenly, but turned into the Tatar King Excavate. Smiled, then walked to the lower level of the prison.
In fact, whether Nezha will be locked up here or not, Yang Jian is not sure at all. He is totally trying his luck with a try attitude.
Who knows. Yang Jian just stepped into the first floor of the prison, and a celestial soldier who looked like the head of the guard on this floor ran over and bowed and said, "Li Tianwang, you are here!"
Yang Jian looked at the soldiers that day, and then nodded his head in style.
"Heavenly King, are you still here to interrogate the third prince of Nezha?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. Mountain flattering asked.
At the moment, Yang Jian is worried about how to find Nezha. You know, this heavenly prison, like that hell, has eighteen floors in total. If you let yourself find it layer by layer, it will not only be a waste of time, but also easy to expose yourself.
Yang Jian was delighted when he heard this, but his face was still dignified: "Yes, you are clever, so follow me in the future!"
On that day, when the soldier heard the news, he immediately felt as if he were in joy, and quickly thanked him: "Thank you for your appreciation!"
Yang Jian waved and said, "Well, lead the way ahead!"
"Yes!" That day, when the soldiers heard the news, they should give a cry and kowtow to the front, leading the way for Yang Jian.
Behind the soldiers that day, Yang Jian leaned out all the way to observe the defense of the prison, and found that there was no guard above a pick Jin Xian, and his heart was thin.
A quarter of a column of incense. Yang Jian came to the 17th floor of the prison with the soldiers that day. The 17th floor of several guards also know excavate, and they just Jin Xian, but you can’t see the immediate excavate is changed by Yang Jian, have done a ceremony slightly, then get out of the way.
"Li Tianwang, please!" A few mountain devoting way.

When Fang Lingling heard Meng Qi say this, she first nodded, then shook her head and said, "Unfortunately, if everyone in the clan shared your thoughts, we black emperor clan wouldn’t have so many things."

See Fang Ling ghatpot, Meng Qi roughly guessed what happened in Zongnei recently, but he was not qualified to take care of it. When he saw Fang Ling ghatpot shake his head, he just bowed his head and didn’t talk.
Fang Lingling sighed for a while and then said to Meng Qi, "How many high-level lingshi do you have now?"
Meng Qi didn’t know why Fang Lingling suddenly asked this question, but he calculated the number of high-level lingshi in his hand and said, "There are about twelve more. Miss Li suddenly asked this question."
"Twelve pieces? Barely enough. " After hearing the number of high-level lingshi of Meng Qi, Fang Lingling hesitated in a low voice and said, "If you are promoted to then, plus the high-level lingshi provided by Zongnei, it will be enough. However, I still want to tell you that there are some ways to earn high-level lingshi. Are you willing to do it?"
"oh? ! Can earn high-level lingshi? What is it? " Hearing such a good thing, Meng Qi couldn’t help but have a bright eye. After all, who would think Lingshi was hot?
When Fang Ling Ling saw Meng Qi, she shook her head and said, "Don’t worry, just hear me out. Originally, this was a special job for disciples and elders like you who needed promotion. Every time you complete a task, you can get a certain amount of high-order lingshi according to the difficulty of the task.
Of course, not every task will be rewarded with a high-level stone. If you don’t have enough, you will write it down for you. After accumulating one, you can collect it yourself.
These tasks are dangerous to some extent. Now that you have so many high-level lingshi, you don’t have to do these things, but it depends on your meaning. How about that? "
"I see." Meng Qi bowed his head and thought: Listen to Fang Ling Ling Ling’s words, this lingshi is not so easy to earn. However, it seems that he has nothing to do now. It is better to do some simple tasks and exchange one for another. Otherwise, it will be inconvenient if Wei and Xianer don’t have enough high-level lingshi when they break through.
Thinking of this, Meng Qi looked up and said, "Miss, I’d better do that task and earn some lingshi. You can also hone my cultivation and mood, and maybe there will be a breakthrough. "
Hearing Meng Qi say this, Fang Lingling nodded and said, "In that case, if you go to the magic temple tomorrow, someone will take you to the place where you will take the task."
Meng Qi nodded and asked, "Miss Da, do you have any other orders?"
Fang Lingling shook her head and said that she had nothing to do, but after a pause, she said, "That’s why I called you here today. By the way, when you go there tomorrow, if you meet the old man you met when you went to the magic temple to find me, you’d better be respectful, which may be beneficial."
"ah? Ok, I wrote it down. Since there is nothing to do, I will be leaving now, young lady. " Meng Qi got up and said.
Fang Ling ghatpot nodded and waved, indicating that Meng Qi would leave on his own.
After Meng Qi returned to the bamboo garden, Cheng Rewei was already awake. She has learned from Hu Xianer that Meng Qi has come back, so she has been sitting in the yard waiting for Meng Qi.
When Meng Qi came back, she also jumped into Meng Qi’s words. Don’t talk, just quietly holding Meng Qi to express his lovesickness.
Meng Qi also tightly hugged Cheng Rewei, so two people hold for a long time is separated. Cheng Rewei word, just pull Meng Qi, walked into the room.
Meng Qi had no idea that Cheng Rewei would be so active. After the reaction, Meng Qi smiled and hugged Cheng Rewei horizontally and strode towards the sweet little bed.
As the saying goes, when the golden wind meets the jade dew, it is even better but there are countless people in the world. The so-called lightning strikes the fire, and the goat meets the swing … Ahem, I said it.
Cheng Ruowei lay prone on Meng Qi’s chest, hooked Meng Qi’s neck with both hands, and replied in a tired and satisfied voice: "I want to ~"
Meng Qi smiled, and then said with some melancholy, "I’d like to, but I’m going out again tomorrow."
Cheng ruowei stood up at once and a half, and asked with some unhappiness, "Are you leaving again? Where to go? "
Meng Qi pulled Cheng Ruowei down, climbed on his chest again, told what Fang Ling Ling Ling said today, and then continued: "Although my high-level lingshi is barely enough, you don’t have it, nor does Xianer. Therefore, I have to make plans earlier. "
Hearing Meng Qi’s words, Cheng Ruowei was a little touched, but when she thought of the danger that Meng Qi said, she couldn’t help worrying. She said, "But, isn’t there danger?"
Meng Qi interrupted Cheng Ruowei’s words and said, "Everything is risky. You" xianggong "and I are so clever and rough-skinned, so I will be fine. I promise you, I will come back safely every time. "
Cheng Rewei’s heart is full of deep happiness. How happy is it for a woman to find a man who thinks for herself and cherishes herself?
So Cheng Rewei can only nod, and at the same time pray silently for Meng Qi in her heart, hoping that he will be safe.
That night, naturally, it was another madness. The next morning, Meng Qi slept until he was in the sun. While Cheng Ruowei is still asleep.
Meng Qi didn’t want to disturb her, but quietly went out and said goodbye to Hu Xianer.
When I heard that Meng Qi was leaving, Hu Xianer naturally kept Meng Qi lingering for a while, and then left Meng Qi with pity. Meng Qi, this is going to the enchanted temple.
Entering the magic temple, Meng Qi looked around. Yesterday, Fang Ling Ling said that someone would take him to the place to pick up the task.
Just after Meng Qi stayed in the magic temple for a short time, a Confucian scholar-like figure wearing a blue shirt and a square towel came towards Meng Qi.
"This is Meng Qimeng’s younger brother?" The Confucian scholar walked up to Meng Qi, looked at Meng Qi’s eyes, then nodded and asked.
Meng Qi guessed that this man was probably the one who came to lead himself to the place where he took the task, so he handed over and said, "It’s the younger brother. I wonder who this senior brother is?"
The Confucian scholar said with a smile, "I’m the same as my younger brother, and I’m the one who’s going to take that task. I didn’t know him before, so I need to get closer now."
Chapter one hundred and sixty Meng Qi’s bad taste
Chapter one hundred and fifty-four Meng Qi’s bad taste
Therefore, Meng Qi asked Fang Chen in surprise, "Brother Chen, is this fragrant tea house? !”
Seeing Meng Qi’s amazing appearance, Fang Chen was a little surprised and asked, "What happened to Brother Meng?"
Meng Qi pointed to the plaque on the top of his head with a strange expression on his face. What’s wrong with this world? I actually felt the indescribable rhyme in front of a teahouse on the street? !
Grass, it’s not Chinese cabbage in the field!
Fang Chen looked at the plaque above his head and suddenly remembered something. Then he looked at Meng Qi with a more amazing expression and said, "Meng Xiong, you should not see anything, right? !”
Looking at Fang Chen’s weirder expression than himself, Meng Qi didn’t respond for a moment: "Why, Chen Xiong can’t feel it?"
Fang Chen looked at Meng Qi with a monster expression and said, "Of course I can’t feel it, not only I can’t feel it, but I’m afraid no one in the street can feel it."
"ah? What’s the matter? " Meng Qi doesn’t understand. Although the rhyme on this plaque is not so obvious, it’s not too difficult to understand it.
Fang Chen shook his head and said, "Go in first. I’m telling you about it slowly." Fang Chen seems to be trying to calm down the mood, but look at Meng Qi’s eyes is still a bit strange.
Enter the room set by Fang Chen, everyone takes a seat, and tea snacks are also brought up. But now Meng Qi’s mind is not on this, just take a sip and want to ask Fang Chen just now.
However, at the entrance of the clear tea, Meng Qi’s eyes lit up. I didn’t feel anything at first, but it was only a second, or even a shorter time. A strong fragrance was scattered in my mouth, and Meng Qi felt that his whole body was washed out.
That clear and refreshing feeling gives Meng Qi an unprecedented feeling.
Meng Qi’s attention was actually transferred to this tea. After tasting it again, Meng Qi had a long aftertaste, then looked at Fang Chen and asked, "What kind of tea is this?"
Fang Chen seemed to have foreseen Meng Qi’s present appearance, and said with a smile, "The name of this tea is Qingsi, which is one of the signs of this fragrant tea house. Anyway, I didn’t let you down. "
Meng Qi shook his head again and again. This is the best tea he has ever drunk in his life. Compared with this tea, those so-called good teas in the past seem to be dull.
Looking at Meng Qi, Chen Fang smiled and then said, "Well, let’s talk to you about the plaque just now." Said the matter, Fang Chen seems to be very sigh with emotion.
Hear Fang Chen about this matter, Meng Qi hurriedly concentrate, even one side of Chen Qingluan is a curious appearance, but that DJ Jane, is still a wooden appearance.

"Bones, are you all right this afternoon?" Tianyu asks.

"Nothing …" Bones glanced at the remaining seconds of the red light and then said, "What are you going to do?"
"See the shadow" Tianyu fingers pointed to the large billboard outside the window smiles to say
"…" Two whew sitting beside Tianyu immediately wiped the staff deeply.
Bones are pulling the turn signal, steering wheel, turning the car around and heading for the cinema over there.
"Why does the silly bear suddenly want to see a movie?" At Tianyu two whew puzzled asked.
"I don’t know, but I really want to see the name of the movie." Tianyu said and pointed to the poster at the entrance of the cinema.
"Chinese Partner"? " Bones glanced at his mouth and muttered, and then several people stopped the car.
"So suddenly come to see the film?" Two xiu feel a little incredible too Li head.
"Do you still need to choose an auspicious day to see a movie?" Tianyu patted two whew shoulder laughed
"This film I know seems to be an inspirational struggle film, and the prototype seems to be adapted from Yu Minhong in New Oriental." Bones looked at the big poster at the door and smiled and added, "first hero is my male god."
"…" Tianyu and Erxiu language.
"Come on, look at the games," said Erxiu.
Since even the bones seem to be very interested, the film is decided by the second whew and it is not hypocritical to say so
It’s a quarter of an hour before the latest scene. It’s 12: 30 in the afternoon.
"Silly Bear seems to be the first day of this film," said several people sitting in the hall and watching the film introduction.
"… that’s it" Tianyu gave a wry smile.
However, in Tianyu’s heart, it is’ exciting’ because this film can be said to be the last one I have seen before my rebirth.
I was impressed by it because it was adapted from reality.
At that time, I was depressed and the whole person hid in the virtual world. I didn’t have the courage to face the reality until I saw this film, but I couldn’t get out in the end.
More professional name to explain is that negative energy is better than positive energy …
Therefore, at this time of my life, it is very kind to see this film reflected in the cinema.
Start checking in. Three people are admitted.
There are not many people in this screening room. After all, it’s just after noon.
Shadow start
It will be over in about two hours.
"What does it feel like?" Tianyu smirked and twisted his head for two times. He looked at both of them and asked.
"It’s a bit like … we" Erxiu "cheekily" inserted the "color" plot of the shadow angle into his own personal wry smile and said.
"It’s … if you continue to live in my house, maybe the three of us will really become the protagonists in the movie …" Bones looked at the two of them and said.
"What is the most impressive paragraph in the shadow?" Tianyu interest quite high asked.
Just after Tianyu asked this question, Bones and Erxiu immediately replied, "Don’t play mahjong with your mother-in-law, don’t have sex with people with more ideas than you, and don’t start a company with good friends."
"It’s a tacit understanding. There are so many sharp words in this film that you just picked this sentence." Tianyu joked.
"Maybe … it is empathy." Two whew scratched his head and replied.
"Although we didn’t start a company, we worked as a team." Tianyu laughed.
"Yes, I don’t quite agree with this passage in the film. To put it bluntly, I still think that my friend shouldn’t be so highly praised and the person in his position should be myself." Bones opened the box and continued, "Why do people want to live for others?"
"Come on, how come so much sense? I just want to prove that my eyes are not bad by asking casually. This movie is not bad. "Tianyu laughed.
"It’s almost time for us to go back," said Erxiu when she took out her mobile phone and looked at it.
After cashing in, Tianyu and Erxiu went to the Science and Technology City the next day, not only changed their mobile phones, but also changed their brains at home.
The three men drove home again.
"Don’t start a company in partnership with your good friends … it’s been almost five years, and they’ve known each other for less than four years, right? What if I suddenly disappear after August 31st? "
"In fact, I really want to go together for a generation, but my’ foresight’ can last for five years in the game, and my memory has been very blurred recently."
"Stop early and relax early. Just have enough money."
Che Tianyu thinks so.
Since I have a car, Tianyu will take Erxiu for a drive after dinner every day, which is a skilled driving skill.
Continue to walk forward until the end of May.
Today is May 8 th, and the game has been updated from 7: 00 am to 12: 00 noon.
1 Distant thoughts;
Dreams come true;

"If I really am a reincarnated practitioner, it is estimated that my consciousness in my previous life was exhausted when I was reincarnated. Because so far, I can’t remember what my previous life was like at all. " Xin Tong said with a smile, "It seems that my younger brother is predestined friends with spiritual practice …"

Romantic decline male way: "this is normal, maybe the good brother has not yet recovered the memory of past lives."
Xin Tong took a look at Jing Guan, who looked delicate, and said, "Grandma, I always feel that this guy insists on recognizing me as a master, and there is something wrong …"
"Wrong ….." Static officer DengYuan two small eyes, called up to bump day flexor, "disciple loyal to the master, like …"
"Well, you stop." Xin Tong hurriedly waved his hand to stop Jing Guan’s loyalty. He didn’t want to get entangled in this issue. He asked the romantic man, "If my brother hadn’t arrived at a critical moment today, my brother would probably fall into the hands of that old horse … Well, when will my brother rob me?"
"Foolish brother feels that in half a month at most, the apocalypse is coming." The words of the romantic man are full of self-confidence. "Don’t worry, my good brother. I am 90% sure that I can survive this robbery."
Xin Tong is puzzled. Faced with the apocalypse that everyone in the spiritual circle talks about, why does a romantic man have such confidence? Is it to reassure yourself?
The romantic man seems to have seen through Xin Tong’s mind. "Good brother doesn’t have to worry, foolish brother is not talking nonsense, and he is really 90% sure." After a pause, he said to Xin Tong, "Brother Yu has two lucky Duerdan! Speaking of which, I would like to thank my good brother. Without my good brother, my foolish brother would never have got these two pills! "
Xin Tong was startled and didn’t understand how he could be associated with the two legendary robbery gods.
"Isn’t the good brother always wondering why the foolish brother should be so kind to the good brother?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. The romantic man continued to pass on liu er’s wonderful skills to Xin Tong: "In fact, it is because of these two lucky Duerdan!"
Introduction to the next episode:
Xin Tong’s trip to Wankeng Valley coincided with a group of demons attacking the valley in an attempt to rescue the demon king who was sealed by Master Hammer and Misty Rain Fairy. How can Xin Tong resolve this crisis? What kind of secrets are hidden in the imperial edict that Weidi gave to Xintong?

The ninth volume Wankeng Valley The first chapter takes Dan (on)
The ninth volume Wankeng Valley The first chapter takes Dan (on)
The method of not transmitting liu er is very similar to the method of transmitting sound into the secret in the martial arts. Both of them may be intercepted, but it is more subtle than transmitting sound into the secret. You want to intercept the content of the former unless it is twice as high as the performer.
Yuan Ying, a quiet official, has just become a young man, and both the cultivation and the realm are much worse than those of the romantic male who is about to be robbed. Naturally, he can’t hear what the romantic male is saying, but he can still feel the abnormal fluctuation of the air and know that the romantic male is talking to Xin Tong with occult techniques. Besides, I don’t want him to know the content of the conversation.
"Master, talk about it." Jing Guan, who was extremely knowledgeable, said to Xin Tong, who was still in shock, "Disciple went out to do something."
Romantic decline male that "good brother is not always wondering why foolish brother should be so good to good brother?" In fact, it is because of these two creatures! " At the moment, it’s still lingering in Xin Tong’s mind, and the smell speech is just a well, and he didn’t say much.
About half an hour after Jing Guan left, Xin Tong came to his senses. He didn’t understand it for a long time, so he had to send a voice to the romantic man: "What is the relationship between my younger brother and those two legendary robbery gods?"
The romantic man was very satisfied with Xin Tong’s caution. He nodded approvingly, moved his hands together, and set up a sound-proof array behind him. He said, "Just now, my foolish brother has said that without my good brother, my foolish brother would never have got these two lucky Duerdan! The thing is … "
With the improvement of the realm of romantic decline, the signs of doom have also appeared. For the apocalypse that everyone in the spiritual world talks about, the romantic man is also not sure that he can survive it safely. Just as he racked his brains to find a way to rob himself, someone came to you.
The man cut to the chase. Directly explain the purpose, if the romantic man can pass on the position of the romantic patriarch to a person named Xin Wuqi, then he will get two lucky Erdan!
This lucky Duerdan is a peerless elixir left by a senior man who successfully ascended nearly ten thousand years ago. Today, there are less than ten, which is incredible for the robbers. It can be said that if a robber can have three lucky Duerdan. Then there is no need to worry about robbery!
When the man took out a lucky Erdan, the romantic man agreed without thinking. At that time. Xin Tong is on his way to South Hande.
Xin Tong, who learned the truth of the matter, was in a complicated mood. I don’t know what it was like. Thinking about the rhetoric of the romantic man at the beginning, he had mixed feelings, but in any case, he was grateful for the romantic man.
"That nature degrees Erdan won’t be false? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "Xin Tong tidied up his mood and joked with a smile. "If it is false, elder brother to loss is big …"
The romantic man laughed and said, "Even if we put aside the fate of Erdan, the foolish brother has always been gratified and proud to find a good brother who has passed on his hundreds of years of hard work." At one end of his face, Su Rong asked, "Can you trust my foolish brother’s words?"
Xin Tong looked sincere and said, "Believe it! Of course I believe! " The romantic man twisted his beard and smiled, saying, "Brother Yu, I have never misjudged anyone with these eyes!" Xin Tongdao: "That’s that. Brother God, chinese odyssey. " They laughed for a moment, then Xin Tong added, "Brother never said, who is that man?" Romantic decline male zheng, "xian brother don’t know?"
"I really don’t know." Xin Tong said with a wry smile, "After much deliberation, I can’t figure out which master cares for my younger brother so much that he is willing to give up two precious and incomparable Erdan …"
"I’m ashamed to say that," said the disgraced man. Foolish brother has seen the man twice, but at that time, he only wanted to check the authenticity of Erdan. He only knew that he was a middleman in the Skyfire Sect, but he didn’t ask whether the main messenger of this move was him or someone else … Foolish brother always thought that the person or the main messenger behind the scenes was an unambiguous elder, and wanted to … Alas … "He suddenly sighed, and his eyes looked at Xin Tong from time to time, looking like he wanted to say something but it was hard to open his mouth.
"Between you and my brother, just say something." Xin Tong said generously, "If an elder brother needs my younger brother’s help, he will go all out and never be vague!"
The romantic man is another sigh. Stand up and walk around the room. Turn straight to have a lamp that hot tea time doesn’t stop.
Xin Tong looked dizzy and said, "Brother, stop turning. No matter how long it takes, it won’t solve the problem. Let’s talk to my younger brother. " The romantic loser turned twice again, and then he stopped and sat in a chair and remained silent for a long time. "Just now, my foolish brother said that if there were three lucky Erdan, it would be safe to rob him, and my foolish brother only had two, which was a robbery …" Xin Tong immediately understood the meaning of the romantic loser, "Brother, but let my younger brother ask that man for one?"
The old face of the romantic man turned red and became a flaming cloud, and his nose and eyebrows were crowded into one place. He was extremely embarrassed and tunnel: "Foolish brother … that’s what it means …"
"Brother, do you know where the man lives?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. Xintong did not hesitate, immediately interface, "I’m going to find him." His words are not false, although we don’t know who the man is and what is the purpose of this move, but since the man is willing to give up such a big capital, he will find his head sooner or later, so, catch up early and don’t catch up late, just take the initiative to deliver it to your door.
Romantic decline male could see that Xin Tongyu was sincere, and he was filled with emotion. "My foolish brother cheated first, and I didn’t mind, but also helped my foolish brother to win God’s Dan. This mind really made my foolish brother admire and be ashamed … well, my foolish brother never said any kind words again. That man once said that if Brother Yu had something to do, he could go to the cloud peak of Dashishan, 60 miles away from the capital of the Eastern Han Dynasty. "
Xin Tong understood why the romantic man arrived at the critical moment when he was fighting Mazda, but now is not the time to talk about it. He said, "Brother, the apocalypse is coming, and the sooner you get the third Ouerdan, the better. Let’s start."
For Jade Eagle, the distance of 60 miles flew by in an unguarded moment. With LengYuBing, Jing Guan naturally followed.
"This is the residence of Mr. Mo Yunwei?" The romantic man descended in front of a cluster of houses at the peak waist to escape the light. After landing, he said respectfully, "Fengsan of Mingzhou came to visit as promised."

At the same time, it is very close to him, and Purple Yan has come to him with a cold smile. He will definitely come up with the strongest strength to deal with him, but he has a left arm to deal with Purple Yan’s attack.

It seems to freeze for a moment and then return to normal in an instant!
"hey! ! !”
A low and fast impact sounded red on the right side of the dragon wing’s head, and the bullet hit it!
The whole body of the dragon wing leans sharply to the left and the head leans to the left even more, as if it had broken its neck!
A fist-sized blood hole has already appeared with the disappearance of the red light bullet. Everything in the hole is swallowed up and evaporated …
He fell to the left in front of him, and his left arm was almost out of control. It is impossible to protect him as if he could play before he died. He blocked his left arm in front of his neck …
And at the same time, there is a purple light on his left chest, which seems to be exploding!
The purple light passed away, and his body quickly turned into purple-black Se and rose rapidly. When the right chest was slightly farther away, there was another purple light that seemed to explode!
But purple Yan has rushed over, and her right hand, which makes men eat bones, is slightly bent into a claw and extends to the part where the dragon wing is about to light up!
"roar! ! ! ! ! !”
What happened next even got a fright when Xiao Wen, a mountain 500 miles away, Okawabe Louis drowned the purple Yan with purple and black breath, and then the explosion speed of purple and black breath was not enough. The expansion speed of a black Se giant was instantly dispersed by the black Se giant!
A monster as high as 20 miles appeared on the north bank of the big river, and just rose in the south. The red magic moon moonlight is crazy in the cool and comfortable wind at night, rolling by the water! !
The monster is half human, but its body is inflated and deformed, which is both like a human being and a crocodile. A bipolar, wide, black Se hard wing slapped behind him once and set off several miles of high waves in the south river, but he failed to fly.
He roared in agony like crazy, but it was his weirder head! At this time, he actually has two heads, the one on the left is the original skull that has been blown off, and it is this head that growls, while the right head and neck are extremely long but hang down in front of him, and the head is like a dragon!
As soon as this remarkably powerful dragon head appeared, it seemed as if it were dead, but only the rest of the people’s heads were blown off and some of them were unconscious. At this time, the dragon wing, no matter how powerful it looks, has actually fallen into a desperate situation
He is crazy and purple, but he is calm!
At this time, purple Yan’s right hand, which is parked in the distance, is holding a heart, the dragon wing, the second heart, and the acquired forging body is condensed into the powerful heart of the demon arrival!
Throw away the heart with purple Yan and rush to Long Yi again. She also has purple gas, which explodes along the river. One of the giants, who is about 16 or 17 miles tall, rushed out!
Even a giant at this time, Zi Yan’s figure is still concave and convex, but she has changed into a cold, cold and pure black Se armor, and her temperament has changed greatly!
At this moment, she is no longer the purple Yan that Xiao Wen knows well. She is the famous evil queen in the underworld!
There is a field in front of her, and that is death! ! !
Violet Yan punched out her right arm and was blocked by her left arm.
"whoosh! !”
Purple Yan’s right fist still stopped at the left arm of the dragon wing, but something was pulled out of it. When the original light and shadow had not disappeared, it bombarded the dragon wing again!
Then it’s still a purple Yan right fist! But at this time, the purple Yan speed is too fast, and the ghosting of her right arm is still clearly left in the dragon wing to set up her left arm! At first glance, it looks like she has an extra right arm!
"Cut! ! !”
Purple Yan second punch firmly hit the Louis chest immediately to a chest ring! The dragon wing has broken ribs!
"whoosh! ! !”
The ghosting of the first punch disappears, the ghosting of the second punch is still clear, and the third punch of Ziyan has been blasted out!
At this time, although Ziyan is a head shorter than the dragon wing, she is like a cold killing machine, punching forward at a constant rate, and every punch is so fast, so stable and so powerful that she will never stop until the goal is met!
In the distance, Xiao asked to see the cold sweat. He couldn’t help but say in his heart, "Is this the real purple Yan …"
Then at this moment, a flustered shouted in Xiao Wen’s mind, "Come on! ! !”
Xiao asked finally to react a teleport appeared in the Louis!
His arms raised red light to the right and flashed across the exquisite fire, and the fierce sword appeared in his hand and suddenly split obliquely!
The exquisite fire sword that has been sacrificed to six and a half floors has grown rapidly in the process of splitting the arc. The original three feet have been more than two miles long when they split halfway, and finally it has been five miles long in front of the dragon wing!
It’s still a sword, but it’s already an amazing sword!
The five-mile-long exquisite fiery sword is about to be chopped obliquely in the dragon wing’s head, and the dragon wing can block with its left arm!
"hey! ! !”
The blade cut directly into the meat and even touched the bone!
And because Louis raised his arm to hold this sword, he missed the defense in front of him. "Hey" and "Hey" sounded twice, and two punches hit Louis’ chest! Except for the blood hole in the heart where the right chest was cut out by Purple Yan, the dragon wing is now sunken in the whole chest, and the sunken part has a tendency to become bigger and deeper.
At this time, maybe even if she and Xiao Wen stop attacking Louis, they will die because of their injuries.
But purple Yan xing, and shall let him die of natural causes?
However, at this time, some people hiding in the distance finally reacted from the shock.
All this actually happened in a very short time. If Xiao Wen and Zi Yan were not the masterminds, they would certainly be shocked.
Those who are hiding in the distance are the dragon wings accompanying the purple Yan out, and their hands are gesturing behind their backs, so that Wu Lao can call three Asian gods in magic dragon Temple, and then Wu Lao is four!
"Quick!" Purple Yan press a way
Xiao wengen did not directly make the smartest move!
Seeing that the four Asian gods are about to teleport, it is rare to see the blue breath in the underworld, which spreads from Xiao Wen to cover more than 500 miles in Fiona Fang!
So the four inferno gods failed to teleport successfully!
After being dazed for another time, they can honestly rush into the blue atmosphere as quickly as possible.
And this has given Xiao Wen and Zi Yan enough time!
Even if you can forge two hearts, you will still die if your brain is damaged and your heart is destroyed!
Louis has a total of two hearts. The first inferno’s heart has already exploded, but the second one has been refined to be stronger the day after tomorrow. magic dragon’s heart has been removed by Purple Yan, and its vitality has been reduced by half. Louis, the magic dragon’s first head collapsed directly, but it was smashed by Xiao Wen’s sneak attack for nearly four points. After repeated calculations, Violet Yan smashed those broken ribs on his chest, shattered his dirty fists. At this time, he was actually quite weak, that is, relying on that strong body and vitality to hold on.
"pa! ! !”
Seeing that the four Asian gods rushed for the first time in history, Zi Yan didn’t punch, but changed his fists and claws to buckle the left wrist of Louis! Her physical strength may be smaller than that of the dragon wing, but the black armor of her wrist gives off a cold and frightening breath, which shows her strength!
At that moment, the left arm of the dragon wing was actually pulled back!
In madness, the dragon wing raised its right fist and smashed it at Ziyan!

The benefits were enough, and the five chieftains were impressed by iron and blood. Under the combination of kindness and kindness, this simple, primitive social form of the dark forest was condensed by Li Feiyang.

The rest of the things is very simple. Li Feiyang entrusts all things to Mr. Tu and Mr. Shui, and then Mu Zhuoqing sits in the seat. I don’t think there will be any problems. Having seen his strength, coupled with the well-known identity of Mani in the future, it is expected that no one dares to rebel.
Besides, God’s memorial day is coming. If anyone tinkers with it at this time, it is estimated that others will be able to crush him without Li Feiyang’s hand.
After dealing with these things, Li Fei began his own "temple retreat" trip.
Of course, this is just his counterpoint claim. In fact, he entered the sixth floor alone to find the legendary "ancient magic dragon".
Flying royal sword flew for three days, is out of the fifth floor, into the sixth floor. It takes him so long to fly, which proves how vast the fifth floor is.
These three can’t be regarded as pleasant experiences. Facing the endless desert sea, I still feel spectacular for a long time at first, and everyone will feel monotonous and boring, even boring to make people crazy. Fortunately, Li Feiyang’s mind is very tenacious. After two years of training, he has already become accustomed to being alone, so that he will not feel too uncomfortable.
After entering the sixth floor, the scene in front of us is completely new, and then the vast sand sea is replaced by a piece of green. Tall trees and dense weeds get darker as they go deeper. From light green to dark green, it finally slowly turned into a strange scarlet.
This color is really hard to make people feel comfortable. And Li Feiyang feels more surprised than that. I don’t know why, but he can’t fly here.
A heavy pressure covered the whole sixth floor. As long as Li Feiyang flew, he felt like he was on a mountain, so heavy that he could hardly move. In desperation, he had to walk.
In the first three days, everything was normal, and Li Feiyang had enough food and water in the cultivation of immortals. But he still liked to eat and drink a few mouthfuls of water in his spare time. The reason is that it is difficult to give up what other people are used to.
And only in this way can he feel that he is still a person and not something else …
Continue to move in, the color of plants has become much darker or even as dark as ink. The trees are towering, walking in it. It always makes people feel uneasy. There wasn’t much light and these black plants set off. Li Feiyang felt as if he had entered the nether world. He always felt that he didn’t know when he might save the evil spirit Luo Cha next to him. With this in mind, Rao is Li Feiyang who has been fearless for a long time, and he can’t help but feel a little scared.
In fact, in the final analysis, the blood-red vertical eyes that cover the moon in his heart have become a heart disease for him.
There was a great silence in the Woods, and in such strange silence, it made people feel a little creepy. March for a long time, although still can’t hear any movement, but Li Feiyang felt that his ears were full of voices in a trance. It was a strange feeling of indescribable chemistry and mystery. It’s like something is shouting, calling, warning in his heart …
Finally, just when Li Feiyang’s mood was depressed to the extreme, suddenly there was a piercing animal roar not far away. Li Feiyang immediately refreshed and quickly swept away toward the position of the voice.
Even if he fights with the beast, he doesn’t want to stay in this oppressive environment any longer.
When I rushed to the crowd, I saw a huge fire cow swallowing the fruit of a big tree. This fire ox is much bigger than the one he killed on the fifth floor by array method. The color of the whole body is more vivid and looks more shocking.
Li Feiyang was taken aback. Because according to the law of fierce beasts in the dark forest, after entering a layer, the fierce beasts on the outside will be weaker, and the deeper they go, the stronger they will be. Not long after he entered the sixth floor of the Dark Forest, he met such a huge fire cow. It is conceivable that the fierce beasts inside should be terrible.
But since I’m here, there is no turning back. Li Feiyang never thought about turning back. Without hesitation, Li Feiyang took out the thunder Excalibur and rushed at the burning Luo Niu …
After a fierce battle, this fire cow was finally killed by Li Feiyang. But Li Feiyang is also not so easy. As he estimated, the fierce beasts here are not only bigger, but also stronger. As far as this fire cow is concerned, its ability to control the flame has been great. After a fierce battle, it almost led to a forest fire. If it weren’t for the water in the plants here, it wouldn’t burn well. I’m afraid Li Feiyang is in flames now.
After collecting the flesh and blood and various materials from Huoluo Niu into the cultivation ring, Li Feiyang took a break and continued to enter.
Unconsciously, Li Feiyang has entered the sixth floor for seven days. During these seven days, he met many fierce beasts, and each fierce beast was very powerful. Every battle is much more intense than when it is outside. But in the same way, Li Feiyang has gained a lot.
In seven days, his level has been upgraded to level 3, and the King Kong spell has directly reached the full level!
Li Feiyang’s current state is that his practice value is 198 for C force, 352 for spiritual strength and 526 for physique, and his posture is 1netbsp for good luck. The Vajrayana Mantra consumes the true qi to increase Li Feiyang’s physical defense by 1c times. After lasting for 3 minutes, he will be completely immune to physical attack within 2 minutes. Cooling time is 1 minute.

Chapter 180 The cat was revealed
On the eighth day, he never saw a fierce beast again. It was not that the fierce beast was extinct, but most of the fierce beasts seemed to feel his presence. As soon as they sensed his breath, they took a detour and didn’t give him any chance to kill.
Fortunately, Li Feiyang has finally adapted to the darkness and depression in the sixth floor, and no longer needs to use killing to vent his emotions, but he is also complacent and quiet.
On the ninth day, Li Feiyang came to a strange place.
To be precise, the whole sixth floor has become extremely strange. There is no longer any vegetation in front of us, but a dense fog. But the fog is like a substance, and it can’t enter it at all. It can only follow the periphery of the fog along the road. On the tenth day, Li Feiyang finally found the entrance of the fog.
This is a huge iron gate, with a height of more than ten feet, and two huge golden animal faces carved on the door, which look lifelike and want to be confused.
Surprisingly, the door is half-closed, and a gap enough for one person to pass through is just enough for one person to enter. But looking in from the outside, I feel red and foggy, plus a little bit of eerie, it is really impossible to know what is in it.
But Li Feiyang did not hesitate to go in, because after he got here, the strange voice of calling and guiding in his heart seemed to be more and more clear, so he couldn’t help but go in and find out.
After entering it, there was a hazy moment, probably a few seconds, and it was as long as thousands of years. Li Feiyang now appeared in a brand-new place.
I don’t know what material is used to build the promenade, which is shining with soft and touching brilliance. A wide avenue goes straight ahead, but it is a little surprising and strange that this fellow road is full of light, but the line of sight will always be blocked by something unconsciously, as if you will never see the distant scenery and outline.
Li Feiyang’s heart suddenly felt that the scene just now seemed familiar, and then it sounded. Before sweeping the floor, Mani took himself into the mysterious mural space, as if there had been a brief absence.
It just feels much shorter than just now.
Li Feiyang eyebrows a pick. A strange idea popped up in the book. If so, it can also be used as a standard to judge strength. Does that mean the people who built this space? More powerful than that mysterious sweeping mani?
Walk slowly down the channel. Turn a corner. In front of the scene. Li Fei Yang was taken aback immediately.

"Boom! !” Straight to the three war behemoth rushed out a hundred meters away, and the explosive power of the dark ball was completely released. The three war behemoths were still struggling to support, and they were directly blown out and fell into the mountains thousands of meters away.

One move, flying away, three war behemoths relieved a little pressure. Sirius made persistent efforts, and his paws were like a hook, and he attacked angrily. He staggered left and right, waving his paws to the point of exaggeration. Half-moon paws slashed his flesh. War behemoths were bloody and bloody. War behemoths were splashed with rubble, wooden bodies were splashed with sawdust, and so on. All kinds of war behemoths were forced back by greed, and at the same time, they left a series of shocking ravines in their bodies.
While sweeping the war behemoth’s body shape, the greedy wolf stared at the opportunity to make a decisive attack, revealing its horrible fangs, accurately and mistakenly biting the neck of a war behemoth, struggling to tear it off the neck of the war behemoth, and then directly opening its mouth, a small dark ball blasted out greed, and the part in its mouth directly turned to fly ash, and then the ball accurately and mistakenly went in from three places on the neck of the injured war behemoth, and then went forward and out.
The war beast fell on its back like a mountain, and the earth trembled.
Many war behemoths in the predecessor exhibition brutally killed the greedy wolf, and the second half of the body was not idle. A big tail like a waterfall wrapped around a war behemoth’s neck and rolled its huge body from side to side. It was used as a weapon to attack the war behemoth, and it also served as a shield to resist the offensive of other war behemoths.
The war behemoth is heavy and slow, and once it moves, it is difficult to close the move or change its direction halfway. As a result, it was sadly urged by Sirius and the two war behemoths. Instead of being directly attacked by Sirius, it was beaten to death by one of its own people.
It would not be so easy to be a war behemoth in its normal heyday, but now these war behemoths are hung up faster by Luan Er’s second resurrection skill with half of the original blood volume.
Dozens of war behemoths besieged a wolf and still hit this level. Although the wolf was in the wind, it did not show signs of defeat, which made Jiuzhong pleasantly surprised.
It’s amazing that the wolf has such strength to fight the trapped beast, but it still has the ability to resist the encirclement of dozens of war behemoths. If it can be allowed to play freely and fight, these clumsy war behemoths will never be a wolf-hungry opponent even though there are many people. Happiness is that the stronger the wolf is, the greater the value of it will be if it is harvested nine times.
"Luan son call you big troops back! Don’t call them sacrifices. There’s something else about keeping them! " Jiuzhong started to tread and ran straight to the wolf.
"Well, I know!" Luan promised a motor to retreat and called back the puppet of the war behemoth.
The city was just shaken, and the giant battles in Shan Ye have already been tourist trap. They are all huddled in every corner of Sirius City and dare not come out. From time to time, they lean out their heads and look outside the city.
Seeing that the war behemoths have receded, although it is late at night, players in Vietnam still feel that the whole day is bright. "Wow, haha is awesome! That’s awesome! We protect the country, the god beast, the wolf, and repel the enemy’s war behemoth army! Repel! !”
Just halfway through the cheers, players in Vietnam saw Jiuzhong appear in their field of vision and are rapidly approaching Sirius City. "Oh, no! Fang Sheng is coming! !” Suddenly it was a mess again.
Gen didn’t notice that he was entertaining himself in the city and had fallen into a semi-crazy state. Players in Vietnam rowed nine times and nine times and dragged a long tail flame to pounce on the wolf.
"Ho … ho …! !” When Jiuzhong approached it, the wolf had already noticed the huge wolf’s head clinging to the ground, such as mans eyes, staring at Jiuzhong and making threats and growling to scare Jiuzhong away.
Jiuzhong, of course, won’t buy it. No matter how the wolf grins at him there, he will still force the wolf in front of him.
"roar! !” At first glance, you can’t scare the nine-fold greedy wolf, decisively and preemptively raise your right paw across the nine-fold, and swing out a criss-crossing exaggerated claw curtain, as if the sky and the earth were coherent and inevitable, and the nine-fold roared and punched in the past.
"Hide the golden body! !” In the face of the wolf’s size comparable to that of ideal city’s super-large behemoth, it is difficult to effectively combat it. The nine-fold direct launch of the "Hidden Golden Body" is a huge figure, and it is no less than the wolf giant holding the Buddha’s "King Kong Ba Body! !”
Three times the defense and nine times the blessing, the wolf swung out to cover the sky, and the film and television saw it, and directly slammed its head and hit it.
"Boom-! !” Countless claw shadows fell on the golden body in the underground, and the nine-weight body exploded and the nine-weight body was submerged in the rolling waves.
After the attack of the wolf’s claw curtain ended and the smoke gradually subsided, the nine-fold huge figure emerged from the clouds to look like a god overlooking people and business.
I didn’t even scratch my skin when I hurt Mao.
“……!” See nine heavy incredibly unscathed Sirius Wolf city was taken aback and screamed for a moment. One by one, the mouth was marked by an attack. A huge dark ball tore up and rolled up like a tornado. air billow bombarded nine heavy.
"Buried hand print! !”
"blare! !” Before reaching the palm of nine hands, a big golden handprint was pushed out, and the windward surge suddenly turned into a huge canopy, which enveloped the wolf as if it were the Tathagata Buddha Wuzhishan.
The huge dark ball spit out from the wolf’s mouth hit nine times and hit the "hidden handprint" as if the gas hit the south wall and the moth threw herself to the fire.
"blare! !” Hang the wind and hide the big handprint, crashing down, and actually shooting at the wolf body, I heard a "burst", a wolf full of enthusiasm, and the whole body was lying in Sirius City, and the center of air billow Sirius City rushed around.
I want to protect Sirius City, but I was caught by the palm of my hand, but I was greedy, but my body was like a mountain. I pressed Sirius City into a sparse building, and the meat pie hid in the building. Players in Vietnam even turned into meat pie.
"Ow blare-! !” The wolf fell to the ground and could not help but let out a cry.
Chapter four hundred and thirty-seven You are still tender
"Era" Games Vietnam General Agent Game Department Computer Room
Looking at the big screen, the wolf was slapped by nine heavy slaps, and the technicians in the computer room seemed to be in the same mood as being photographed by nine heavy handprints.
"This sacred strength te also abnormal condition again so limit the greedy Wolf action don’t let it play out the strength is too passive! The situation is worrying! " A technical personnel expression dignified way
"But have you ever thought about …!" Technical director eyebrows locked way "once let the Wolf back to freedom from Sirius city words that day Wolf city is dangerous! Now it is impossible for players to keep Sirius City! Once Sirius City changes hands again, our war zone will be completely finished! "
"But now, according to this situation, going to the wolf-greedy city will eventually be finished!" Another technician is very pessimistic and speculates.
"In fact, I think … we can try our best to lift the restrictions on wolf-hunting!" Someone suggested, "You found that without this party, it was very arrogant. He let the players of the Holy Alliance and the war behemoth troops stand aside to watch the battle, in order to defeat our war zone by himself to protect the country, the beast and the wolf! So I think he won’t let the holy alliance players and the war behemoth troops show their actions before defeating the wolf again! This creates an opportunity for us! Fang Shengren is the leader of the Holy Alliance, and his success or failure will affect the morale of the whole Holy Alliance army. I think we should let the wolf fight hard. If we want to put Fang Shengren away, the morale of the Holy Alliance will definitely drop. It is impossible for them to defeat the highest fighting force in Huaxia, and they will finally retreat! "
"Before all this, it was the sacred alliance players who were wrong and the war behemoth troops did not take action during the sacred wolf fighting! Do you think it’s possible? !”
"Then we can take a gamble. Anyway, we will definitely die if we don’t lift the restrictions on the greedy wolf!"
"What’s your opinion? !” The technical director’s eyes swept all the technicians present.
"In favor of the left and right sides is a dead bet! !”
"Well …!" The technical director gritted his teeth and stamped his foot. "The horse lost his subconscious mind to the wolf. He can act freely if he doesn’t stick to the wolf city!"
"yes! !”
In the game world
Nine times slaps the greedy wolf, and then looks solemn and sincere, and looks like a magic stick to the greedy wolf. "Put a butcher’s knife and become a Buddha!"
I feel a little sick after talking about Jiuzhong.
"roar! ! !” Lying in Sirius City, the greedy wolf’s eyes suddenly swelled and his hair soared, and his body strength soared fiercely. Finally, suddenly, a blasting was dark and black, and he broke through and hid a big handprint on his body.

The medicine garden feels neglected, too. It is cluttered with herbs and smells.

There are various kinds of herbs, although most of them are common, but each plant is radiant and shiny. I don’t know how long it has been since anyone picked them. Most of the herbs have been used for thousands of years.
There is a stone road that has been paved for a long time, and now it is covered with herbs.
Be careful to stand on the slate, and don’t let yourself step on herbs. Yang Xiu strongly feels that in the middle of the medicine garden, there are aura fluctuations that are far higher than elsewhere.
Yang Xiu was curious and didn’t know what could radiate such an aura as essence. With curiosity and doubt, Yang Xiu slowly stepped forward to the middle. The closer he got, the more obvious he felt.
Yang Xiu walked to the middle of the medicine garden and saw a natural cave of a hundred square meters.
The cave is covered with stalactites of different sizes, and there is a pool in the cave.
The strong aura of the medicine garden is scattered from this pool.
Yang Xiu stood at the edge of the pool, and saw the viscous liquid in the pool, which shone brightly. There was a glittering mist floating on the liquid, which condensed into a water drop above the pool and dripped from the stalactites, and so on.
"This is the spirit of ten thousand years!" Yang Xiu exclaimed in my heart.
So standing on the edge of the spirit pool, Yang Xiu felt as if he were completely in a space full of aura, and he didn’t have to practice exercise deliberately, so his body absorbed aura on its own.
If you can practice here all the time, the efficiency will be three times as high as usual.
It is very rare for such a large spiritual pool and scattered aura density in the whole Xianye University 6. It is said that even the spiritual eye spring where Nanling sent Kongjue master to practice the forbidden area at the most touching place of Yunfeng is just an aura gathering, but it has not condensed into reality like this.
I want to come, only the nectar pool in the rumor of the first gate of Xianye University 6 can be compared.
Yang Xiu looked over the remaining two rooms again, more and more affirming the speculation in his heart.
There is an empty training room and a transfer room, but the transfer array inside has been damaged. This also solved Yang Xiu’s doubts just now, and really thought that the earth-escaping technique was worthless, and everyone could just go in and out of the abode of fairies and immortals.
"It seems that this is really an empty abode of fairies and immortals" Yang Xiu thought excitedly.
Yang Xiu is going back and forth to the underground abode of fairies and immortals in the next few days. After carefully determining that there is no problem, Yang Xiu decided to practice by the Lingchi in the future.
Yang Xiu, of course, first of all, should build a secluded mansion on the tooling right above the underground abode of fairies and immortals, but Yang Xiu will retreat to the underground abode of fairies and immortals for cultivation in the future.
Above the underground abode of fairies and immortals is the foot of Julufeng near the lost swamp of Nanling Sect, next to the tomb of Nanling Sect, with remote terrain and general aura coverage, but Yang Xiu doesn’t matter anymore.
However, in order to avoid causing suspicion, when Yang Xiu built the abode of fairies and immortals, he specially bought several sets of high-order Ju Ling array flags from the city square and arranged them around the abode of fairies and immortals. After all, there are some monks in the practice period of the Law Enforcement Hall who also want to practice in this abode of fairies and immortals. If the abode of fairies and immortals is too embarrassing, Yang Xiu also feels sorry for others.
I bought two sets of protection arrays to protect the abode of fairies and immortals.
It didn’t take two days, so Yang Xiu completed the construction of the abode of fairies and immortals.
Informed the Mu Yi owners, Yang Xiu officially moved from Peiyao Peak.
Soon, the head of Mu Yi also asked Ge Muduo to bring seven monks from the Law Enforcement Hall to Yang Xiu.
Ge Muduo: "These seven monks belong to the former Law Enforcement Hall. If Brother Yang feels that he is short of hands and is afraid that he is too busy, he can go to the Miscellaneous Affairs Office and choose some more disciples."
"Thank you for reminding me. I will go again when I feel that there are not enough people in the future."
Yang Xiuxian arranged the rooms for the seven people. Fortunately, Mu Yi told Yang Xiu at that time, so the room was completely enough.
Yang Xiuxian is familiar with the names of several people.
A chubby-faced young monk with ten floors of practice, Ming Leshi, a middle-aged monk with a cold face and twelve floors of practice, Hao Hai, three monks with twelve floors of practice who are nearly sixty years old, Hong Buyi, Xiao Nairong and Yin Sansi, and a Tsing Yi woman, Mrs Hua, and a plump young woman, Luo Qiu, are all practicing ten floors of practice.
Yang Xiu staring at seven people, quietly said:
"You usually practice independently when you have nothing to do, and there is a forbidden practice room in the middle, which is where I practice. If there is nothing urgent, you must not disturb."
After the simple command, Yang Xiu let them disperse, and went to his own training room, opened the ban, and then fled into the underground abode of fairies and immortals.
After these days of practice, Yang Xiuxian’s protective array outside the underground abode of fairies and immortals should be a kind of array with pure soil properties.
The array method takes the aura in the abode of fairies and immortals as the energy source, never stops, and is perfectly combined with the earth, regardless of each other, completely isolating the huge aura in the underground abode of fairies and immortals.

"Kai, if you change places and go to other places, you won’t."

"Think about it." Kai didn’t directly refuse, but he didn’t really say anything that made Cai Liangyan scold his carelessness.
When I received Tang Qinling’s words, he was floating. When I learned that the Tauren team needed two players, I was really sleepy and met a pillow.
Before he complained to Tang Qinling, I didn’t expect to get such a good news in a few days, and suddenly I felt lucky.
Looking at the scenery outside the window, Cai Liangyan also fell silent. Whether he can join the Tauren team or not still needs to be finally run-in
And when Zhang Hao got back to the hotel from school, a new person came.
"I said that when you went to lspl to find abuse, don’t expect too much. My former team’s pits are better than my teammates, so take them to fly."
"Yes, the technology didn’t say how much your salary is a month."
Zhang Hao heard these words when she took the door. Take a closer look at the two guys in the guest room and don’t know what to say.
"Xiao Hao, this is to inquire about friends after the announcement of team recruitment."
I heard that Gao Chengfeng introduced Zhang Hao Zheng at a fast speed, but it seems a bit arrogant to see the situation.
"You played in the league before," Zhang Hao questioned.
"Well played in Draco team stayed with them to fly.
"Poof" Chen Yi immediately sprayed it.
Seeing that someone despised one of them, he was unhappy. "Hey, I said, what are you laughing at?"
"Nothing, nothing"
Chen Yi’s words about Tianlong Team were very impressive. At the beginning, Chen Yi’s team won the first victory by killing Tianlong after losing N games in a row. However, this team is recognized as an experienced baby team in lspl League, and everyone loves it.
Chen Yi heard that it was the Tianlong team that came out, which was naturally dear, but such players really dare not recruit.
But for a moment, Chen Yi suddenly brightened up at the moment. On the other hand, although they can’t recruit, they are, but these two generations can compete.
This involves a rule of the professional league. If a registered professional player has no team, it is acceptable to rent from other teams.
That is to say, when the tauren team plays lspl, they can rent two guys who are free men to the team to play temporarily, and then they can make the team normal when they have the right candidate.
In the future, these two men will become free men, because their team was removed from lspl. No, don’t be at the bottom of the score because you finished playing in one season.
Chapter 25 We are here to join the team.
"Well, we’re thinking about it. The horse will have a final battle. We’ll discuss the team after the national league." Chen Yi is very sophisticated. After all, he is very familiar with the team industry.
And Zhang Hao and others have almost no experience in this field, so naturally it is not as good as he simply let Chen Yi run it. It is also a happy thing to have a familiar person.
I heard that I have to wait a while, and the two of them are a little unhappy. "Hey, I haven’t said anything about this treatment yet."
Two grand road "then what treatment do you want?"
It may be that the sound is slightly brighter than Hong Zhong, which makes the two people startled. Suddenly, they are a little humbled and say, "Five or five thousand months."
"This price is really lying in the trough." Er Hongyu asked for 10,000.
After that, the two of them became confident again. "Yes, it is 5,100 months, which is still the lowest. We didn’t ask for it from a higher place."
Chen Yi is also laughing internally, so the price is really the professional team level or the lowest level, but the level of the two seems to be a little bit worse. After all, diamond thugs are also grasping a lot these days
Their only advantage may be that they will adapt to the professional baptism faster.
"3,000" has escaped.
When they heard it, they suddenly felt a little uneasy. One of them even clamored to leave. "Forget it, you are not sincere. Let’s go."
"Yes, it’s boring," echoed another person.
The tauren team didn’t stop watching the two men leave and were silent again. These two guys are a good choice, but the price is slightly higher, which is a bit uneconomical.
After all, it’s hard to find temporary workers who can be recruited and kicked away at any time. When the Niuren team is considering whether to take them back, they will see the two of them turn back on their own.
"Then what three thousand is three thousand? You can have food and shelter."
"Well," the tauren nodded without considering what they would change their minds. Just as they were about to promise, the door rang.
Seeing that the two men were nervous made the insiders puzzled. Could it be that their enemies were here?
"Crunch" the door two people walked into the room immediately busy.
"Brother Yan" Zhang Hao is also confused about how this great god came.
"Long time no see, Xiao Hao" Cai Liangyan smiled.
"Welcome, welcome. Kai is here. What are you?"
"Speak slowly" Cai Liangyan sat and looked at the room with two people’s expressions pondering.
Cai Liangyan way "you seem to be a dragon team.
"Yeah, yeah, but now we’re the Bulls."
"Ha ha" Cai Liangyan said nothing.
"Now you’re not."
Two people a listen to suddenly a little reluctant to what do you mean? "
Zhang Hao zheng vaguely felt something?
"If I say that we are going to join the Tauren team, we will continue to say that if not, we can solo." Cai Liangyan has a light wind and a light cloud, and a guy who has been removed from the team dares to question it at the moment.
"You, you, you" people are a little depressed. They came out of the room with high bargaining chips, but they met Cai Liangyan at the corner.
I vaguely heard Xiao Kai say something like "I really want to join the Tauren team". How can I not know them after playing lspl?
These two people are nervous and hurry back to show their loyalty, but it seems that it is still late. When they go out with a sad face, Chen Yi can’t help laughing.

It’s the one-horned green cow! After this figure roars, it doesn’t hesitate at the moment. Sitting on the cloud, it is full of spirits and begins to connect with the magic weapon.

At the same time, the treasure thief the Monkey King has forced the beating diamond bracelet to a big hill thousands of miles away. Standing at the top of the mountain, the Monkey King forcibly suppressed the diamond bracelet with mana, and informed Pig Bajie and Sha Wujing to meet with his mind.
"Brother Monkey, you can sing which one. Why did you come here?" About half an hour later, Pig Bajie and Sha Wujing arrived. Pig eight quit to see the Monkey King grumbled.
"Yes, master elder brother, it’s important to save the master!" Sha Wujing also said.
"Hey hey, I know this. Master, I have seen him. He is safe for the time being. What are you looking at? " The Monkey King a crooked smile, will be the magic weapon of the bosom light out.
"King Kong bracelet!" Pig eight quit and Sha Wujing exclaimed at the same time.
"hey! How do you all know this thing? " The Monkey King strange way.
"Monkey King, this is a magic weapon for the old gentleman. Lao Sha and I have been in heaven for a long time and have seen it naturally. However, Big Brother, you don’t seem to know this magic weapon. You shouldn’t! " Pig eight quit to say.
"Oh, why do you say that?" The Monkey King depressed way.
"Monkey Brother, when you fought against Erlang God, do you remember what fell from the sky and knocked you unconscious?" Pig Bajie reminded.
"Hum, don’t mention it. I’m angry when it comes to it. Otherwise, how could I lose to that little sage Jiro!" The Monkey King was a little angry when he mentioned the past.
"Monkey Brother, as far as I know, it was Tailaojun who hit you with a diamond bracelet when you were fighting against Erlang God." Pig eight quit to say.
"So that’s it. I didn’t expect the old gentleman to be so insidious. It seems that I played those three sticks lightly!" The Monkey King hate hate way. And pig eight quit and the Monkey King a listen to the Monkey King incredibly still played too old gentleman three sticks, some dumbfounded, this monkey is too bold. However, how could they know that the monkey only beat the old gentleman and became body double with a futon?
"Big Brother, you didn’t steal this thing from Tailaojun?" Sha Wujing asked to worry about.
"No, it’s not. I stole this thing from the monster who caught the master. " The Monkey King crush the diamond bracelet, face is sweating.
"It seems that the monster is too old gentleman’s clique, otherwise such a powerful magic weapon will not fall into his hands! Monkey, what should we do? " Pig eight quit to worry about.
The Monkey King smell speech hesitated for a moment, and said his plan. Pig Eight Rings hesitated: "Brother Monkey, is this ok?"
"Hey, if you can’t do it, you have to do it. Try it!" The Monkey King Road.
"good! Lao Sha, let’s act according to Brother Monkey’s plan! " Blowing the cold mountain breeze, Pig Bajie resolutely said.
"hmm!" Sha Wujing see things at this point is not good to say much, nodded his head.
"Good, old pig, old sand, disposal!" The Monkey King see two teacher younger brother agreed to come down, nods. Say that finish, the Monkey King untied a trace of mana suppression, let the magic weapon spread a breath, then blocked the breath mouth, a jump flew to the seclusion, and began to concentrate on holding up the crazy beating diamond bracelet.
Pig Bajie and Sha Wujing flew to the foot of this mountain and started their disposal.
"Old pig, old sand, can be faster! I can’t hold this treasure down for too long, but I need to solve it quickly … Yeah! ! !” A gnashing of words spread to come over, it is I don’t know where it is, and I have tried my best.
"I know!" Pig eight quit and Sha Wujing should sound, in the hands of the action is also constantly accelerated.
Jinming Mountain is only a short distance from this hill, but Wan Li, just a moment after the Monkey King sends out a magic weapon breath, a tauren figure wearing silver armor and holding an ink gun has appeared in the top of the mountain for nine days, looking at the two people who are busy below!
"Come on, open the array!" The green cow and the Monkey King are in the same realm. When the green cow monster came, the Monkey King felt it. At present, there was a sudden flash of divine light in his eyes, and his mouth made a sound.
"Ok, mix three talents, open!"
A passage from Pig Bajie resounded through the sky. After the words were finished, a monstrous momentum emerged.
The Monkey King suddenly appeared, turned around and placed the diamond bracelet in the law. Then I squinted, looked up at the angry figure in the top nine fairy clouds, and spit out the words: "One-horned green cow, I took your magic weapon. If you want it, come down and do it!"
When the tauren in Yuntou heard this, he burst out laughing wildly. Lang Lang said, "the Monkey King, I underestimated you. I didn’t expect you to know how to fight. However, do you think you can win me in this way? It’s ridiculous. That’s all, just do it! If you dare to provoke me, you must have the consciousness of death! " Before the voice fell, the smile on the tauren’s face disappeared, and the ferocious curtain of murder appeared. Without the slightest hesitation, the moment flew down from the nine-day madness, and a huge black gun appeared in his hand, with boundless power, stabbed the following three people!
"Three talents in one, open!" A powerful voice fell, and several mana lines appeared between the three people standing on the top of the mountain. It seems that it is an equilateral triangle! Behind the Monkey King emerged the word "Heaven" formed by mana. Behind Pig Bajie comes the word "land", while behind Sha Wujing comes the word "people".
"Old pig, old sand,! Let’s see if our three brothers can stand up to this arrogant monster together! " The Monkey King felt his own surging infinite strength, and now his confidence exploded. When he said it, his body was already leaping, and he raised his golden hoop and slammed it toward the ink gun that stabbed him head-on!
"good! Let the three brothers fight with them! " Crazy voice immediately sounded, and two figures followed Ao Lie like the wind. Two magic poles in their hands shone brightly, and they were full of endless murder and waved to the top of their heads, menacing black guns!
The giant sound of "bang" sounded, and the four figures staggered, and they were separated in a flash. Unlike just now, everyone has countless wounds with swords and guns, and the blood is like shura evil spirits!
"Ha ha, cool, one thousand seven hundred strokes for an instant! My old grandson can finally have a carefree battle again! Come again! " The meaning of fanaticism permeates the soaring discourse, and in an instant, four figures are fighting in one place again!
Four kinds of weapons are intertwined, arousing endless dark energy. In the nine days above the head, Xianyun has been shocked and disappeared early. The top of the mountain where the meeting is held has been cut down by seven or eight hundred feet! The remnants of the mountain, thickly dotted with traces of countless weapons spirit wave, every trace, almost all in ten feet deep!
The four men fought for a long time, and the diffuse fairy-demon breath cage covered the surrounding scenery. In the hazy smoke, the tauren-shaped green minotaur held the giant ink gun, and the three men fought alone without falling in the wind.