"Ha ha ha"

Mo Tianyuan revealed an embarrassing smiling face like Conan, but his heart was quite linguistic …
Because I stayed in the sea for a long time this time, Mo Tianyuan returned to No.7 Middle School the next day, and had studied for a day during the National Day holiday in the school, thinking about how to explain to the class leader, Mr. Lu, the reason for skipping class for one day. When he came to the school, he was dismayed to find a red bar with several dazzling white characters hanging across the school gate.
"Congratulations to our school’s Mo Tianyuan player for winning the Premier League championship!"
Holy shit. come on.
This time, because he skipped class for a day, he would be "educated" by his teacher in the office like a defeated soldier, but I didn’t expect that the whole school was waiting for him like a victorious general!
This can make him happy!
Chapter 51 You want the championship trophy
The banner pulled at the school gate is like a reassurance that he still has a little uneasy heart, instant stability and even some high spirits …
School leaders are so interesting! After what they’ve done, maybe now my school brothers and sisters see me as if they saw a national treasure, right?
On this hot day, Mo Tianyuan was thrilled to think that the beautiful school girls with glistening thighs and floral skirts surrounded him. He has already considered whether to sign "Mo Tianyuan" when he enters the school later. It’s better to sign your own game id "Blast and Heaven Source" …
Well, well, it’s better to sign your real name. After all, it’s easier to write something, and I don’t know how many girls there will be. Alas, it’s not a good thing to have more girls in a senior high school with long experience!
Read this, he no longer hesitated, strode into the school gate with his long legs.
However, before he felt the siege of junior girls, he heard a lazy old voice coming out of the gatehouse next to the school gate. "Live! What for? Do you know that social points are registered when entering schools? ?”
Mo Tianyuan sucked up and smacked himself, shaking his head and sighing when he got home.
"Uncle Li, I’m a student in our school. I’m in Class 37. My class leader is Teacher Lu and there’s a naughty boy Xiaoyu …" He explained.
Uncle Li is an old man who has been a doorman in No.7 Middle School for decades. Although he is a little deaf and blind, the students in No.7 Middle School still respect him.
Hearing Mo Tianyuan’s "uncle" call kindly and he said it in great detail, Uncle Li was sure that he was indeed a student of No.7 Middle School and let him go with the wave.
Mo Tianyuan’s dark passage was unlucky, but he was relieved to think that there might be a big wave of junior students coming ahead. However, he walked a long way and saw that he was about to go to the teaching building, but he still didn’t see a junior coming to be caring and attentive. Mo Tianyuan’s heart was so depressed …
Desperate, he walked back to the classroom and looked at his seat from a distance, but he didn’t see the lovely girl who spread laughter and love to himself all day. "This little girl agreed to wait for me in the class. Where did she go now?"
"Lie trough! Tianyuan, you are back! ! !”
However, although I said that I was looking forward to seeing someone, many students in the class found him screaming as if they had seen a ghost. Among them, You Lihe and Su Heng were the two great men with the loudest voices.
Mo Tianyuan said, "Please … it’s just a National Day holiday. Although I know you miss me very much, don’t act so exaggerated?"
There was a burst of laughter in the class. Li He scratched his head in embarrassment and smiled. "Then you are not what you used to be. Don’t say that the national championship of the Super League is our class’s glory. Now our school has also shown its face greatly! It is estimated that many schoolmates in the school worship you to death. How did you come in just now without being besieged by them? "
Mo Tianyuan rolled his eyes over this sad topic, and he didn’t want to explain it any more. He said, "Well, I did meet a lot of junior girls just now, and they were all pretty, so I just signed their names …"
"Oh, I’ll go! Look at this B outfit! " Everyone laughed in succession
Although they are playing a good joke with Mo Tianyuan at the moment, it can be said that Mo Tianyuan’s classmates are the most caring group of people for him this time. Even if they go to the sea to participate in the competition, Mo Tianyuan represents them for them.
Every time he gets a place in the sea, he is far away in Tiancheng and they will follow his heart. And when he was affected by rumors, they were also worried. Although everything was silent, silence was better than a thousand words. They were his staunchest supporters in his hometown.
Even Mo Tianyuan saw those congratulatory banners on the campus outside the school gate, and they were only approved when they applied to the school …
Just then, a beautiful image with long wet hair came in from the outside.
Just walked into the classroom, she obviously felt a little strange footsteps, and her soft eyes quickly looked into the classroom, just like those eyes that made her heart tremble.
"Cold water washed again? Didn’t I tell you that it’s not good to wash your hair with cold water? "
He gently took the towel from her hand and gently wiped the strands of long hair from her forehead with water drops, with a hint of blame on her face but full of love in her eyes.
At this time, her little mouth pouted slightly, but her pink cheeks showed. At this time, her heart was not angry at all. She rubbed her pink cheeks gently with the towel in his hand, which made many boys and girls in this classroom still remember it after several years.
When he just transferred to school, she took the initiative to sit with him. At that time, there were still many boys in the class who were unhappy and sighed that such a beauty was so clumsy. However, now there is no one in this classroom who thinks so again. Everything seems to come so naturally …
He left the team unexpectedly and returned to high school. He worked hard to get him to the top of the school. His amazing talent made him grow up quickly. Although she is not good at competition, she can catch up with him by accumulating scores day after day, and she can follow in his footsteps after graduation.
Although they are not as talented as those on the Qinhuai River a thousand years ago, they have unconsciously become the most envied couple among the seven middle schools in the past two years …
"Well, you want the championship trophy."
Put the towel soaked with water drops in his hand, and he stretched out his hand behind him like magic. Then he surprised her in class and handed the platinum trophy inlaid with a bright diamond to her hand.
That makes the cool running god of the country rush. Gao Zhen didn’t hesitate at the moment when he handed it out …
If you want to invite the stars to dance with you, I’ll pick the stars with your hands.
At this moment, the girl pouted as if she had lost her breath. Two shallow dimples hung on her good cheeks. She gently held the trophy in her chest, and the sweet voice still had a hint of blame.
"That’s more like it …"
Chapter 519 519 Xuedi gate
"Lie trough! You said you introduced us to the owner of extinct club? And he agreed to let us in! ?”
Zhaiying, a coffee shop in Tiancheng, listened to the news that just came out of Mo Tianyuan’s mouth. He was surprised that Lian Gang would spit out all the salt and soda water he drank, and Shi Qi was sitting beside him. Although he didn’t look as excited as him at the moment, he was shaking slightly with a coffee cup in his hand. The water also showed that he was not calm.
Less than two days after returning from the sea, Mo Tianyuan invited these two people out and told them about introducing them to the extinct club in the sea.
After the dissolution of Fengqi Club, Zhai Ying continued to go back to his No.1 Middle School and became a hard-working college entrance examination party, while Shi Qi, who had already dropped out of school, tried to be a part-time game anchor at home, but it can be seen that this job did not make him have a stable income. After all, he did not have a high reputation in China like Xiaojun and Sun Yue.