It’s a bit hard for him who is used to all this.

However, JiZheng only hesitated for a second. He immediately smiled and said, "Well, your territory will be canonized when I think about it. You and Zhuo Qing haven’t seen each other for a long time, have you? I won’t bother you, you go down first. "
Li Feiyang and MuZhuoQing farewell out, JiZheng a person quietly sitting in the dragon chair, looking at the top of the hall to stay.
A dark shadow emerged from nowhere and slowly became a human figure, an old man.
It is because his whole body is covered in a black robe that people can’t see his eyes clearly. It is only from the white beard that we can judge that this person is very old.
"Your majesty, why did you do that? This young man is difficult to control. " Always talking, his voice is as old as his beard.
Ji Zheng doesn’t seem to be surprised by the appearance of this person. It seems that he is still used to it. His eyes drifted slowly into the distance, as if looking at the outside of the temple and recalling the past.
After a long time, Ji Zheng said faintly: "I, how can I not understand?" This person is not difficult to control, but it is impossible to be controlled. "
"So, why are you doing this? I know what you want to do … Do you really dare to take risks? Aren’t you afraid of losing your ancestral land? Because this kid put down a rebellion? All you have to do is stretch your finger to destroy that stupid thing! "
Ji Zheng smiled indifferently, with great confidence on his face: "I didn’t want to control him at all. As for Gong Yin, I am very happy that this old guy can play such a game at a dying age and let me relieve boredom, but I won’t take it to heart at all. The sky is boundless and has helped our ancestors without reservation, and our family has always obeyed this man’s words. Now that he has recommended this boy, I believe he has his reasons. I also have my own ideas, but I still want to trust this ancestor again. "
The old man was silent for a long time. He said indifferently, "You are playing with fire. Aren’t you afraid that this boy will become the most horrible beast?"
Blade master!’ Ji Zheng’s tone was suddenly blunt: "Don’t talk to me in a qualitative tone. Everyone in this world will respect you. But in front of me, you must remember who you are, who I am, and understand your own identity! "
The old body suddenly released a cold murderous look. At this moment, the whole hall seemed to be extremely cold, and a layer of light frost spread upward from the bottom of the hall, little by little extending to the whole palace. The invincible defense circle in the hall is as fragile as a piece of paper in the face of this old power.
However, this force of frost is confined to the interior of the hall, and the guards standing outside the hall did not feel the coldness and strangeness in the hall at all, but still looked straight ahead without any sleep.
JiZheng smiled, and the index finger of the right hand gently bounced on the dragon chair. You can vaguely see that with the action of Ji Zheng, the invisible ripples slowly invaded the hall, and then spread toward the force of ice. As a result, the original turbulent cold suddenly seemed to be caught in a sore spot, jumping violently, then retreating a little, and being pushed back to the old body by fluctuations a little.
However, the fluctuation of JiZheng’s pop-up still shows no signs of dispelling, but it oppresses the old along the ground until he is trapped in the middle and can’t move.
The old body began to tremble gently, and then began to exhaled breath. Later, it even sounded like a cow growling. But strangely enough, with such a loud voice, the guards outside the door still didn’t respond, as if they didn’t hear it at all.
After a long time, Lao finally gave up his struggle and stopped. He slowly bent down and knelt down, and his already old figure looked even older.
"Yes, your majesty, the old slave is guilty."
The old compromise was exchanged for Ji Zheng’s smile: "It’s good to understand, the world is in my hands. You have to remember this … "
Li Feiyang followed MuZhuoQing to her residence. After two people had a love affair, MuZhuoQing was flushed and breathed heavily. If it weren’t for her strong resistance, Li Feiyang even gave birth to the impulse to "eat" her at the scene.
After all, he is no longer the young boy, and after two years of killing experience, Li Feiyang’s body and mind are becoming more and more intense. Sometimes he is even pregnant. Is it the fusion of red blood and tiger blood, which is making him slowly change?
The former Li Feiyang was not steady, but he was definitely not a crazy person. Now, his heart is full from time to time.
Conquer, kill, possess.
If Li Feiyang hadn’t been suppressing himself intentionally or unintentionally, and the infinite heart sutra would always cleanse his heart, maybe he would have been a different person.
"ZhuoQing, you tell, this is how to return a responsibility? How did you become the goddaughter of Emperor Bai Man? " Li Feiyang calmed himself down and once again put forward this question that has been wrapped in my heart.
MuZhuoQing adjusted his messy clothes, some JiaoChen stared Li Feiyang. Then he said, "This starts with the day you suddenly went crazy …"
Mu Zhuoqing said again what Li Feiyang didn’t remember that day, and then said that a little mind of the father of the boundless sky appeared from the five swords, and then took her and Li Feiyang to the white country. Just don’t know why, the road is endless and Li Feiyang is thrown into a village …

Chapter 152 imperial doctor
Ya put Li Feiyang down, and took Mu Zhuoqing to Bai Man’s country. Emperor V Man had a long talk. After that, Emperor Bai Man was asked to recognize Mu Zhuoqing as his adopted daughter.
Emperor Bai Man seems to have great respect for the father of Cang Infinite. He not only agreed to this request, but also promised to take good care of Mu Zhuoqing. In fact, during this period of time, Emperor Bai Man was really kind to Mu Zhuoqing, and it can be said that he treated Mu Zhuoqing as his own.
After Bai Man’s father arranged all this, the last thought left. Mu Zhuoqing once wanted to find Li Feiyang, but when he was flying in mid-air, things were indistinguishable, and he couldn’t remember where Li Feiyang had been put by the boundless sky, so he had to give up.
Because the boundless mind once said before it disappeared, as long as Mu Zhuoqing waits patiently here, Li Feiyang will naturally come to her …
After hearing what MuZhuoQing said, the original doubts in Li Feiyang’s heart did not disappear, but became more dense.
He doesn’t understand why.
If, according to Mu Zhuoqing, he slaughtered himself wildly that day, it should be regarded as the public enemy of practitioners all over the world. As the founder of the Five Elements Sect, Cang Wuyou has no reason to help himself. But instead of taking himself away, he may even help himself.
Why is this?
Why do you want to interview the emperor Bai Man? Why did he bring himself here? Why did Emperor Bai Man recognize Mu Zhuoqing as his adopted daughter?
Really … That’s weird.
Don’t. What’s the plot against yourself?
Li Feiyang just gave birth to this idea in my heart. Then I gave up. Obviously this inference is wrong.
If the sky is boundless and wants to harm yourself. He has no reason to save himself. Kill yourself while you’re out of your mind. Didn’t you get it all?
But if not. Why should he help himself?
Li Feiyang is puzzled. Think about it. Only the Emperor, who had a close talk with Cang Infinite, might know the truth. But Li Feiyang believes. He won’t tell himself anything.
To say. When they summoned themselves. He would have said it.
Li Feiyang is a simple man. Since I don’t understand, don’t think about it first. The urgent task is to solve your own problems and do what you should do.
First, solve the weapons that the Dark Forest urgently needs, and then try to find some help as much as possible to help the Dark Forest through this sacrifice.
After dinner that evening, Li Feiyang was chatting with MuZhuoQing in her bedroom. Suddenly, the news came, and the emperor summoned them to the Prince’s bedroom.
Hearing the news, Mu Zhuoqing suddenly trembled all over. Then, as if remembering something, he grabbed Li Feiyang’s arm excitedly and said in a hurry, "It’s saved, my brother has it, Feiyang, let’s go!"
Li Feiyang was dazed by Mu Zhuoqing’s appearance. He asked in amazement, "What has been saved? You don’t worry, talk to me first … "
"I’ll tell you on the way, come with me!" MuZhuoQing high-handed, pulling Li Feiyang ran out of the bedroom, and then royal five swords flying.

Are you lucky enough to go against the sky? Monty’s conclusion after careful observation. There must be some monster living inside him to help him stabilize. Otherwise, Yuan Shen will surely break up. Haikui told him before the combination. It must have something to do with Zhou Lin who was sealed in the body by the real Wuyang.

Monty looked at Haikui seriously and said, "I don’t know if you will be distracted after waking up this time." In that case. It is a deep blessing. "
On the other side. A middle-aged man frowned slightly. Now close your eyes and count for a while. Looking at the distance. "Actually took my distraction. Hey. That’s too much for you. More and faster chapters, please go to. You are just a tripod furnace and you want to go against the sky. "
Monty wants to think about it. Only this one is logical. He sat cross-legged again. After looking at Haikui’s eyes, he closed his eyes and meditated.
On the east coast of China. Xue Zheng Xiu and Stuart Yuan Wu are probing carefully. Xue Zhengxiu suddenly looked up at the sky. Eyes a dignified. Then he turned to Stuart Yuan Wu and said, "Stuart Yuan Wu. I have more important things to do. When you find the old man. Baojia and Ziruyi are all yours. I want the old man’s yuan god. "
Stuart Yuan Wu gloomy looking at Xue Zhengxiu. Heavy voice asked: "Xue Zheng xiu who are you?"
"You know the old so long still don’t know who I am? The old man is just a casual repair. " Xue Zhengxiu hey hey smiled.
Stuart Yuan Wu’s eyes were full of pitfalls. "I don’t think so. You take a break. I know so much about the various factions in the spiritual world. And people who are Taoist are even more familiar with it. Who will believe you if you say it? I think you are like … "
Stuart Yuan Wu seems to have noticed something. One-handed pinch tactic carefully staring at Xue Zhengxiu.
Xue Zhengxiu looked at Stuart Yuan Wu cautiously. Laughing. "Stuart Xiaoyou thinks too much." He said and disappeared.
Stuart Yuan Wu looked at the place where Xue Zheng had just disappeared. Eyes show the color of meditation. Frown. Think twice and continue to search for people in Donghua.
Stuart Yuan Wu came to Daofeizong with all the fighting power of Wanmo Palace. I got an imperial edict. This imperial edict comes from another world. Another powerful world. Stuart Yuan Wu dare not disobey. Whether the imperial edict is true or not. He has to come. And he is expected to soar. In urgent need of powerful help. The promise in the imperial edict. Success or failure. There are rewards.
Stuart Yuan Wu suspected that Xue Zhengxiu was from another world.
Xue Zhengxiu appeared in Jialing City at this time. Since he was separated from Stuart Yuan Wu. A few minutes. He came to Jialing City. Didn’t hide his breath. A powerful breath filled between heaven and earth. Mortals can’t feel it. But the practitioners here can feel it.
What exactly is Xue Zheng’s practice? Haikui guessed that he had a state of distraction.
Soon. It’s time to hide It’s time to appear.
At this time there are dozens of people in front of Xue Zheng Xiu. Fix for the lowest infant period. Two distracted periods. They looked at Xue Zhengxiu cautiously. One of the distracted monks asked, "Who are the Taoist friends? Why call me? "
"I am a celestial messenger. I was ordered to arrest a man. I order you to scrape three feet to find this man. " Xue Zhengxiu looked down at the crowd and said.
"It’s a loose tongue." Xue Zheng Xiugang finished. The friar said in a cold voice at the end of a dollar baby.
Xue Zhengxiu’s eyes looked sharp. In the later period of Yuanying, the friar only felt the sudden lag of Zhenyuan in the body and then became tyrannical.
The power of a glance. Let him be really unstable. The heart of Tao is shaking.
"Fairy angel. It’s really the first time I’ve heard it. " During the distracted period, the friar moved lightly and stood in front of Xue Zheng Xiu. Blocked his eyes.
The monk’s back was cold and sweaty in the later period of Yuanying. Heart andao fortunately. Hurriedly take a step backward. Pull away.
Chapter 299 are looking for.
Xue Zhengxiu glanced at all. "Which one is a descendant of the Sect that has existed for more than 3,000 years?"
A distracted person stood up. Xue Zhengxiu threw him a jade slip. "Look at it."
The distracted person picked it up. After a glance. He said to the crowd, "Dear Taoist friends. This is indeed a celestial messenger. "
Everyone was surprised. Everyone wants to know what’s in the jade slips. But Yu Jian was taken back by Xue Zhengxiu.
"Don’t ask anything more. Let you know what you know. If you don’t know, you will be killed if you want to know. " Xue Zhengxiu took a look at them and said coldly.
Everyone shuddered. They all shut up honestly. The celestial world is the supreme existence in their hearts. And they also aim to soar to the celestial world. How dare you offend the celestial messenger?
"To find this person. Dig a thousand feet and find it. " Xue Zhengxiu waved his hand. Haikui’s image came out. Sure. Is what he looked like before he changed his body.
Zhou Lin can’t communicate with Haikui after being sealed by Wuyang real person. Haikui changed his body. He doesn’t know it yet.
The people kept the appearance of Haikui in mind. Xue Zhengxiu flicker disappear.
A few minutes after Xue Zhengxiu left. After a distracted person confirms it. He said to the crowd, "Let’s go."
"Zhao predecessors. What do you see? " Someone asked the distracted person who saw Xue Zheng’s jade slips. First time update
"The seal of the fairy world." Friar Zhao’s distracted period said.
"Feng Xianwen. What is that? "
Friar Zhao’s name is distracted. "After successful soaring celestial. The fairy world will appear on the fairy list and admit that you have stepped into the ranks of immortals. Then you take this fairy list to Huaxianchi. Into the fairy pool. The true elements in the body are transformed into immortal elements. Since then. You are a real fairy. "
Brother Zhao said. Many people are showing the color of suddenly. Someone has heard of it. Someone hasn’t heard of it.
"That day? Armageddon is not the real element that helps us refine the body. " One person did not understand and asked.
"Armageddon is natural selection. More and faster chapters, please go to. Get rid of those who can’t survive the disaster. This is one of its intentions. Second. People who have survived the natural disaster. The cultivation will grow in the Armageddon. You can bear the cleaning of the fairy pool. The fairy pool turns the real yuan into the fairy yuan. The flesh is the container of immortals. If it is unbearable, it will collapse. Still failed. So people who have survived the natural disaster. It will be able to withstand the cleaning of Huaxianchi. " Brother Zhao explained carefully and said, "Look at those people who have crossed the sky through the ages. Most of them rely on strength to survive. Lucky to get help from others. Or a magic weapon to resist. Ascended to the celestial realm. That is also the lowest fairy. People who can’t stay for three days after entering the fairy pool. The whole body can’t be completely transformed. Such people can’t get along in the celestial world. "
Some people didn’t know this kind of thing before. Someone immediately showed a pessimistic expression. "If according to zhao predecessors said. After soaring, isn’t it a change of environment to continue to practice and practice again? "
Brother Zhao looked solemn. "Yes. I sent my predecessors to soar. Ten times as hard as you can in the lower bound. Work hard in the celestial world to stand in front of people. Today, I’ll tell you about it. In fact, the fairy world is not as good as you think. "
In the crowd, the face of a monk in the later period of Yuan Ying immediately collapsed. "I thought I could be free and unfettered in heaven and earth after I became an immortal. Listen to you. Is the struggle in the celestial world more fierce? "
Brother Zhao sighed and remained silent. But everyone knows.
After a while. Brother Zhao said to the crowd, "Let’s follow what the messenger just said. Find this person as soon as possible. If you can’t catch him alive, don’t startle him. Signal to wait for the arrival of the messenger. The emissary left a rune signal. I will give it to everyone. " He said, with one hand, he definitely drew a few pictures in the air with Zhenyuan. Hold on a second. "In the last five fingers spread out with true yuan before pushing. Runes will automatically look for the messenger’s adult. Remember. "
They wrote down the runes and dispersed. Brother Zhao also flew in the same direction. Heart andao: From the first generation of soaring predecessors. A person of the younger generation. Must be suppressed. You can’t cross the sky until you can’t suppress it. In this way, the actual strength to survive the apocalypse is much stronger than the strength to go all the way directly, to be distracted and to soar in Mahayana. After soaring. Win at the starting line.
The battle between the immortals is more fierce than expected. Update the first time where there is a paradise. Where there is no immortal happy. It’s all bullshit But once you have set foot on this road, you can’t back down. The elders of the sects in the celestial world are still waiting for the younger generation to soar to increase their strength. Hey.
Brother Zhao’s face gets lower and lower as he thinks about it. But he shoulders the mission of sects. Shoulder the mission of becoming cannon fodder or elite to the celestial world. Let him have no other choice.
Haikui is still in a coma underground. And in Jialing city and even nearby. There is a great uproar among practitioners. Are looking for haikui. Trying to dig up the ground and find him out. But what more people know is that Haikui is the person asked by the celestial messenger. After finding it, you can exchange it for the interests of the celestial messenger. The alliance of cultivating immortals is also looking for the people who slaughtered the Hao family. These two things are the most important things among practitioners in Jialing.
Xue Zhengxiu appeared in the place where the Hao family was slaughtered. There are policemen and soldiers everywhere now. Fiona Fang is blocked for miles. The news was also blocked. But the mayor of Jialing needs to give an explanation to the above. Not only did half the police come. The subordinate army division also sent a battalion of soldiers to station and assist.
Xue Zhengxiu looked at the vehicles flashing the alarm and the big green truck with a slight frown. "This is the place where the last induction. I don’t know what happened. "
Xue Zhengxiu glanced at the people below. The soldiers are resting. You can also walk around. He appeared below in a flash. Update and control a soldier’s mind in the first time. The soldier’s eyes were confused. Turn to yin. He walked up to the policeman who was whispering and asked, "Brother. What happened here. "
Two policemen looked up. There is a strange color in his eyes. One person asked, "You don’t know yet."
I don’t know. The soldier shook his head.
"I heard that the rich family Hao family here was slain by people. A big fire left no residue. Look at this. Everywhere is blackened. Maybe the place where we are standing now is the ashes burned by the dead. " The policeman said. The tone is slightly low. Finally, it was found that the other party was a soldier. I can’t scare him with this tone. Hey, hey, smile. "We don’t know the details. More and faster chapters, please go to. I came as soon as I was informed. Waiting for the investigation. "
"Oh. Thanks a lot. " The soldier smiled.
"You’re welcome." The police also waved generously.
The soldier turned around. The expression of eyes was gloomy. Suddenly, my eyes turned into confusion again. Strange. Look around.
Xue Zhengxiu once again appeared over the original address of Hao’s family. Not only dark eyes. My heart is also gloomy. He’s sure it was Haikui. But the dead didn’t even leave a soul behind. So he can’t know what was going on at that time.
He used his magical powers to explore carefully for dozens of miles in Fiona Fang, and there was no sign of Haikui. Except those down there that are not living. Nothing else was found. Xue Zhengxiu thought for a moment. I don’t think Haikui can stay here. After killing people. There must be a monk here to explore. I’m sure it’s bad luck to stay here But at this time, there is not a soul of the Hao family. He doesn’t know where Haikui has gone. After looking in four directions. The figure disappeared into the air.
Most practitioners speculate on Haikui’s trace with the heart of ordinary people. Many people think we should hide in sparsely populated or barren hills. And the so-called big is hidden in the city. Haikui is now under a hotel in the center of Jialing City. So they can’t find Haikui in a short time. Moreover, the monty flag hides the breath of him and Haikui. Even if someone is looking in the city. It takes a little effort.

Even fangzhou folded to drink and asked, "Aunt Miao? What have you done to Miao Da’s family? "

The leader took a cool glance at Fangzhou and smiled. "What else can I do? What kind of hard-mouthed untouchables do you keep? Kill them all, of course! It’s only a dozen mouths. What matters! "
"You!" Even Fang Zhou’s face turned white and shivered, staring at the man mercilessly and wishing to kill him!
Listen to another person still don’t smile happily enough and added, "Gee, those two little wives are really watery. If it weren’t for us, I wouldn’t give up my hand! Oh, I regret it! "
Another person took a meaningful lust even fangzhou smile happily way "this is not simple? I’d say Mrs. Weininghou is much better than those two daughters-in-law Hey hey, this is the duke’s woman! "
They said with unbridled laughter.
Li Fu couldn’t help but hold the soft swordsman in great anger, and his joints turned white and his veins stood out suddenly, and his eyes suddenly turned cold as ice, staring at everyone’s thin lips and pursed his lips without saying a word.
Lian Fangzhou was extremely angry and said to Li Fu, "Jane didn’t fall into their goad, so you killed them all and took revenge on Aunt Miao!"
Thinking of hospitality, simplicity and kindness, when everyone thought that they and Li Fu were leaving, Aunt Miao earnestly urged even Fang Zhou’s eye socket to burst into tears.
They deserve it!
She swore that if she didn’t die today, not only these people in front of her, but also those behind their scenes would not let her go!
This Nanhai county is not a place where they single-handedly cover the sky and care about human life!
Li Fu nodded.
The leader saw that Li Fu was obviously very angry, but he actually resisted not being angered. He had two unexpected giggles and smiled. "Weining will wait for you-"
A word unfinished Li Fu suddenly jumped up and jumped at him like a flash, and he was taken aback to object to looking down at soft sword in Li Fu’s hand and passing through his chest!
The man couldn’t believe stare big eyes Li Fu sneer at a foot to kick him out of the wrist and yank out soft sword’s sword. A roll has been attacked by others.
This sudden change in addition to Fang Zhou that a few assassins froze!
Who would have thought that Hou Weining would let go of his daughter-in-law and violently attack?
By the time they react, the leader with the strongest martial arts has breathed his last, and two others have also died and been injured!
The atmosphere suddenly changed, and a few people left were no longer surprised and angry. Before I closed it, I cried out with a few laughs, holding a sword and attacking Li Fuqun.
Li Fu sneered at soft sword’s fast-moving sword, sword, zither and naruto’s shadow flashing, and the two sides were inextricably linked. From time to time, someone was injured and screamed.
Even fangzhou was dazzled, his hands tightly holding his big eyes and he didn’t dare to move.
She has never been so sorry and hated herself for not knowing martial arts and fighting.
Accompanied by "ah!" A scream, a man’s left arm was cut off by Li Fu, and he fell in pain. Even Fang Zhou’s consciousness glanced at it. It was just a cold look at the man, with rage and bloodthirsty. Even Fang Zhou was surprised and stepped back.
The man stared at her with a ferocious smile, and the sword in his hand staggered up bit by bit, and staggered towards Lianfangzhou step by step.
Even Fang Zhou’s face burst into a white mouth, trying to shout and endure.
These people are obviously very talented. Even if Li Fu takes the lead and kills two seriously injured people, it is not easy to get rid of them for a while. If he is distracted, it is hard to say.
The man stared at Lian Fangzhou with a giggle in his throat and a long roar. The sword in his hand stabbed Lian Fangzhou straight in the past.
The dazzling light stung her eyes, and even Fangzhou felt dizzy. Although she had been waiting for her heart for a long time, she was still so nervous that she almost couldn’t live!
More importantly, she doesn’t know whether Yunluoer gives her powder or not!
Panicked, even Fang Zhou’s hand waved the powder for a long time and hurried back.
I heard "Ah! Ah! " The squeal screams came to a terrible place in a row, and even Fangzhou had never heard such a miserable scream to the extreme, and she was a little unresponsive at the moment.
All the people in the box were taken aback and glanced at it. They didn’t look big, and there was a surprise in their eyes.
Even Fang Zhou’s brain was in a daze, and he was surprised to see them so much. He wanted to look at the screaming place and Li Fu shouted, "Don’t look!"
Toe a little fly away to embrace her quickly retreated into the mountains towards running all the way in the deep forest.
There are three people left outside who are not injured. The rest are seriously injured, two are slightly injured, one is dead and three are dead.
A few people stared at the terrorist accomplices who died at the hands of Mrs. Weining Hou, and their faces were bloody and frightened.
No wonder Hou Weining dared to show off in Nanhai County with a lady who can’t do martial arts. No wonder …
Rao is Nanhai County, which has been rich in poisons since ancient times. They have never seen such terrible and powerful poisons. What the hell is this …
Several people looked at each other, in addition to fear and trepidation, and asked whether to chase or not.
It doesn’t seem appropriate not to chase, but it seems even more inappropriate to chase. Who knows if there are any strange things in Mrs. Weininghou’s hand?
In what meritorious service opportunity at the moment a few people even dare not think about it!
"Come on, let’s leave here quickly and contact other brothers to report to the Lord! Well, now that we have found their trail, they will not escape in this mountain sooner or later! Consumption can also kill them! " One sneer at a way
Several other people have agreed to fold so many brothers, and even the leading brother Lu has lost his life. It can be seen that the other party prick the hand even if he goes back, he has something to tell.
A few people want to take back the dead brother’s weapon, and it is certainly impossible to take it away from the body.
Who knows that when collecting weapons, don’t just collect the sword that was poisoned by Lian Fangzhou, but the sword is good at three or five sentences. The man feels that there seems to be something wrong with his hand. He bowed his head and scared. "Ah! Ah! " Screamed and the sword in his hand stumbled to the ground.
A few people were surprised. Fortunately, someone responded quickly and wielded a sword "shua" to cut off the man’s whole arm in shock and picked up a life for him.
Li Fu ran out for more than two minutes with Lian Fangzhou in one breath and stopped panting.
"Chase, can make track for? Otherwise, let’s run and run a little further! " Even fangzhou leaned against the tree and gasped for some pain in his chest and asked intermittently.
Li Fu patted the judo behind her. "There should be no chase. It doesn’t matter. Let’s have a rest." She said and helped her sit down.
I ran too fast and too fast, and my heart was full of tension. At this time, I stopped, and even Fangzhou felt trembling all over, especially my legs could not stop trembling.
Li Fu helped her to sit, then pulled her injured foot and rubbed it. "Is there any discomfort?"
Even the continent some embarrassed busy back feet say with smile "nothing! It’s already healed. How could it be wrong? I’m not afraid of running too fast and my legs are always shaking. "
Li Fu couldn’t help laughing. "Good mother, when did I say you were afraid? My mother is so bold. How can she be afraid of people casually? You didn’t go through such a thing, so eager to dash all the way. Are your legs and feet trembling with fear? "
Even Fang Zhou smiled and said to him, "You are shaking with fear!"
Two people laugh make a mood slightly loose.
"By the way, why didn’t you let me see it?" Lian fangzhou asked
Li Fu’s eyes flashed with a touch of disgust and disgust. He didn’t like all kinds of harmful poisons, especially disgusting poisons that looked so evil.
He smiled and said, "Because it’s really ugly, I’m afraid you’ll be scared."
Lian Fangzhou spat out his tongue and laughed, "Where am I so timid?" In my heart, I believed Li Fu’s words. He said so. The death must be very, very ugly. Fortunately, I didn’t see it …
Li Fu gave her a look and suddenly added, "Is that medicine for you from Yunluo? It’s too vicious, and if you make yourself too bad, do you still have it? Don’t be careful when you are easy. "
Even Fang Zhou nodded "well" and said, "Luo Er also told me that this powder is too poisonous and too powerful to be in the most critical moment. It’s best not to! But I was really scared at the time. I just took a look outside. This is what I can’t do! "
She smiled and comforted Li Fu. "Don’t worry, Luo Er told me that this medicine is not afraid of my wounds until I see blood!"
Li Fu "oh" a little relieved in his heart, but secretly muttered that it’s no wonder that winning is like that …
I rested for a while and recovered my strength. Even Fangzhou was busy. "If those people make track for me, it will be miserable. Let’s hurry!" It’s Jane. What should we do if we pick it up? "
Li Fu just mused, "There is no need to worry at present. I don’t think that a few of them may have the courage to chase, but once they contact others, it’s hard to say."
This is a bit depressing for both of them.
Lian Fangzhou muttered, "We are really unlucky!" Being trapped in this mountain is temporarily ill, but it is even more difficult to get out!
And aunt Miao’s family. Chapter 1177 Crossing the deep forest

Volume 15 Section 13 A pool of muddy water

Boom Damn, these guys are really not afraid of death! "
The top of the tunnel has been destroyed repeatedly, and the lights are flickering. Wei Ya bitterly scolded 1 and followed suit with a "blazing thunder knife"
The light blue arc laser came out and the light blade cut off several main battle tanks continuously, and at the same time, the overflow detonated the car ammunition rumbling and exploding like muffled thunder in summer thunderstorm days.
When dodging to avoid the tank explosion, molten steel splashed out. Suddenly, I felt a nasty cold coming on Wei Ya, and I couldn’t help but stop. There seemed to be several bloodthirsty beasts lurking in the dark tunnel in front of me. The yogi felt that a potential threat was approaching, but it was still unknown what caused the threat.
Aware of the threat, Wei Ya stopped to think about the pros and cons, and then he simply chose the simplest way to return to the surface world whistling in the cold wind.
Looking back at the snow-covered earth, Wei Ya smiled coldly and said to himself
"The best way to kill a nest of ants is not to press your fingers to death one by one, but to pour a pot of boiling hot water. I am really confused by these guys! "
After saying his word, Wei Ya’s figure flashed into the sky in the same place.
Thousands of meters above sea level, the plateau is strong and the gangfeng is getting more and more terrible. Wei Ya naturally scattered a layer of light golden phosgene around him, but it has an incredible effect to weaken the wind to an almost imperceptible position. Even he never blew a silk. Wei Ya silently recited the spell in his eyes. After a while, he suddenly opened his eyes, patted the top door and a red virtual shadow wrapped in colorful starlight rose from his head.
After a long period of painstaking refining, the "Five-Ding Axe" has reached a high degree of fit, not only the combination of the device and the body, but also the uncontrollable power as it used to be.
The fiery red light of the "Five-Ding Axe" reflects the deep valleys of the surrounding snow-capped mountains, dyeing all the scenery as dark red as blood. The magic weapon turns red light into a sea of blood, and Wei Ya is reluctant to start work. His eyes turn to the peak not far from the oblique side.
After staring for a long time, Wei Ya said with a drink
"Who’s there? Get out of here! "
In Wei Ya’s burning eyes, he stared at the invisible side, and this man reluctantly appeared. This man in his forties has a very common plateau red face among Tibetans, wearing a dark yellow robe and leaving an inch on his head. After seeing Wei Ya, he bowed down and spoke not very authentic Mandarin.
"This Taoist friend must not misunderstand and be malicious."
Wei Ya where will believe his nonsense coldly glanced at him and continued to ask
"Is Zu a sect brother after all?"
See already can’t push to take off in the past the man or to be honest.
"Now it’s Moji Duoalan, the brother of Saga Temple."
There have always been two views in the Chinese spiritual circle, namely, six gates and nine gates, but they are actually contradictory. The so-called six gates refer to Saga Temple, which is located in a remote Tibetan border in China. The Dabule Mountain in the north and the Tang Nuu Liang Hai outside the territory belong to a member of the generalized Chinese practice enclosure. If you add these three doors to the six doors in Middle China, it will naturally become nine doors.
Hearing the name of Saga Temple, even Wei Ya, a guy who can walk sideways in the human world, has to show a little respect. The famous Saga Temple has its own advantages in maintaining its name for thousands of years.
Face slightly eased some Wei Ya continued
"oh? I wonder what the foot is lurking here. Are you with these guys? "
"Taoist friends, don’t get me wrong. I’m not with these government forces."
Hear some answer Wei Ya frown immediately said.
"Government forces? This word sounds quite new. You won’t be flying the snow mountain lion flag all the way, will you? "
After thousands of years, the idea of China’s unification has penetrated into the country, which can be said to be pervasive. Even the heretics have their own unwritten rules. Killing, arson and looting are all possible. Only traitors can’t do it like eating inside and picking outside. Although Wei Ya has never said anything about the slogan of benevolence and righteousness, he will never be polite.
Is about to recognize Wei Ya tune wrong mo some more hurriedly motioning with his hand and explained.
"Taoist friends, our Saga Temple has always been non-interference in the struggle between politics and religion in the secular hiding place."
You said I believed it without it? When always three years old! Wei Ya gherardini staring at the mo some more blue said slowly.
"Hehehehehe, so it’s cold to hide in this rabbit-less place just to watch the fun?"
Seeing that Wei Ya is so difficult, Mo Duo’s heart is full of complaints. It’s better for him to tell some valuable information. This guy will be annoyed later, but he can’t stand it easily!
Thought of here, the mo some more without many bitter face said
"To! How dare you! To tell you the truth, there are many psions, monsters and practitioners in this base. My other disciples have been ordered to take turns to stay nearby and spy on information. I plan to wait until the right time to save people, Daoyou. I’m afraid it’s a disaster! I, Buddha, have mercy on you. If you don’t pity those soldiers, you must leave these poor creatures alive! "
The more you listen to it, the more you think it is. Wei Ya took a deep breath and asked
"oh! You mean this side is a prison? "
Deeply aware of the situation, Mo shook his head with a disdainful look on his face and said
"It’s not a prison, it’s a biological research institute. I think you can guess what it is!"
Wei Ya a wave of his hand back "five axes" heart andao.
"You can bump into this kind of thing when a gun goes off. Old luck is really not good!"
Just then, there was an earth-shattering explosion at the square base, and a golden light rushed straight to Wei Ya and Mo Mo. As the golden light converged, a young man in his early twenties appeared in his hand, and an old man dressed in an army was the head of the base.
Is about easy to make young people in high spirits said excitedly.
"Brother things completed! You see this guy is the head of the base. Who is he? "
Wen Weiya smile more brilliant lang said
"Ha ha mountain man Wei Ya is a monk named Zuo Dao. Is there anything else you want to know about this man?"
Volume 15 Section 14 Mind your own business
Oh! How dare the government practitioners and monsters do this kind of experiment? Gee! Are those old guys out of their minds? When it’s really a Fengtian carrier! How did these mud legs get lost in less than a hundred years? How fast! Not to mention that there are many birds’ feathers in the imperial court that have not been seen in heaven these days. "
Listen to Wei Ya’s swearing. Many monks, unknown young people, have to pay for their smiling faces.
Since "Yuan Zhimen" can be regarded as a leading role in the side door, the soul-searching spells are naturally a lot of real-life repairs. It is also futile to fight personally with the general like a savage. It is no exaggeration to say that all the memories in the general’s head have been searched out in ten seconds since he took the shot. Even the memories of urinating and mud have been scraped out when he was a child.
It is in the general’s memory that those shocking and cruel experimental projects, such as Wei Ya, and such murderous murderers all felt chills when they saw them, and they couldn’t help but have a churning stomach, let alone two brothers sent by Saga Temple.
Watching Wei Ya perform illusion and present memory playback, the young man sang Jie couldn’t help vomiting for less than ten minutes in total, but Mo Mou did well next to him, except that his face turned white, and his appearance was almost invisible.
"Teacher younger brother, I practice Buddhism and cultivate my mind first. No matter how big my magical power is, it’s not enough for you to cultivate your mind!"
A few years before Mulberry Knot, Mo Duo Lan ordered a teacher younger brother to sneer at Wei Ya and said
"Friends of these things are really people can come out? Buddha! These wicked people should really be put into ten layers of hell. "
Wei Ya doesn’t have so many years of compassion, but the government can’t sit back and watch the yogi do experiments, and God knows what these guys want to do in the future, he immediately said
"All right, let’s cut short the gossip. This old thing just ordered the destruction of evidence. Shall we do it now?"
"Dao You Gao Yi, we naturally can’t stand by and watch."
Saga Temple sent Mojiduo and Sangjie here to monitor this base and search for information.
Practitioners in China’s Middle Earth and Tibet have never been in harmony, so Saga Temple can’t act rashly without sufficient evidence, although it suspects that the base is full of articles. Now, taking advantage of Wei Ya’s opportunity to muddy the water, it has glimpsed the secret curtain. Of course, it is unwilling to miss this godsend opportunity for no reason.
Junior sang Jie is always a brother, and Ma Zhizhan nods repeatedly when he sees it.
"Yuan Zhimen" has always advocated doing everything regardless of good and evil, but doing things according to one’s wishes. Wei Ya also didn’t consider whether it was a problem to join hands with Saga Temple, and said brightly
"That’s good to go in! Five elements of evasion! "
As the saying goes, people go back on their words and drink cold water. This military base has been calm since it was established in Mao’s time. However, today, I met Wei Ya, who is afraid of chaos, and even the peaceful days of these years have passed.
The Saga Temple duo has been lurking near the base for a long time. Although the core laboratory finally infiltrated successfully, in other places, the door was cleared and Wei Ya easily bypassed the heavily banned circle of the base department and came to the alloy steel gate leading to the laboratory.
The alloy steel gate as high as 10 meters seems to be flat, but it can be clearly seen that after Wei Ya opened his eyes, the ghost face to face made the gate material, and the soul sacrifice was made to obtain the magic weapon.
This gate, together with the strict circle around it, bans the entrance of the laboratory, and the whole base is integrated with the help of the earth. The energy defense is rock solid. It goes without saying that external force cracking will lead to a strong self-attack. Although Wei Ya can’t guess that the layout of the gate in the past years was from sects, it can be seen from the layout that these bans are enough to blow up the base.
"It’s no wonder that both of you can’t get in."

Yue4 was stimulated by Zhao Erhu’s expression of disbelief, and he turned his head and ignored Zhao Erhu. Zhao Erhu didn’t care about Yue4′ s small temper. He was used to charging him. Anyway, he cut bamboo kannika nimtragol nearby and couldn’t get away from his sight, but he wasn’t worried.

Zhao Erhu went to Lin Yue since he was busy, and also picked up a hoe to find it. It is better to argue than to speak with facts. Seeing this huge bamboo forest, he has gained a little more confidence and secretly cheered up. "Lin Yue, you have to fight for yourself and don’t let people look down on you."
Digging bamboo shoots is a technical activity. It is easy to find winter bamboo shoots, but it takes experience to find the right position to dig the forest and the moon. It is halfway to becoming a monk. In my mind, I recall that my grandfather said that bamboo shoots will grow only when it is on duty once a year, while bamboo poles and bamboo leaves are green and yellow. It is easy to distinguish between finding cracks along the bamboo on duty or bamboo shoots in soft places.
I don’t know if it was God’s intention or if it was true, as Zhao Erhu said, Lin Yue dug two or three places without digging bamboo shoots. I was not discouraged but I didn’t want to admit defeat like this. Although I was too tired to sweat, I waved my hoe to dig the earth. After digging for so long, Lin Yue finally saw a yellow sharp and excited hoe digging around the tip of the bamboo shoot and slowly exposed it.
A few bamboos won’t be enough for Zhao Erhu. Cut the bamboo hemp rope and tie it up. Zhao Erhu came to see Lin Yue digging and sweating. Suddenly, he put a straight face and picked up Lin Yue’s little coat because of the heat. It was rude to give Lin Yue a set.
"I’ve told you several times to cherish yourself. Why can’t you remember this weather? You’re sweating and taking off your coat. How can it be good if the wind blows and you get cold? If you don’t listen to me again, stay at home and don’t go out." Zhao Erhu was really angry this time. At ordinary times, he can cover all the petty problems of Yueyue, but he can’t hide Yueyue from being bullied.
"I want to dig bamboo shoots …" Yuecai wanted to refute the anger in Zhao Erhu’s words and immediately became honest. Zhao Erhu put his coat on himself, but his eyes were still stuck in bamboo shoots. Even if he was badly trained by Zhao Erhu, his face still couldn’t hide his smile, which made Zhao Erhu very nai.
I went home in the evening and got a lot of harvest. In addition to a basket full of bamboo shoots, I also caught a hare. Lin Yue excitedly carried the hare before entering the house, only to find that there was something wrong with the atmosphere. Several children were squatting in the kitchen with red clothes in their eyes and messy hair. Erlang’s face was swollen with a bright red slap print. Look at Lin Yuexin. Who is so cruel to beat a child like this?
"What’s going on? Who beat you like this?" Lin Yue put Jiro, who was sipping his mouth and squatting on the ground, into his arms and asked angrily. He was a grown-up and a seven-year-old child who was afraid of his eldest brother and two younger brothers. At this time, his heart relaxed and he finally couldn’t help crying on Lin Yue’s arms. He didn’t know how to comfort Jiro. He reached out and silently patted Jiro’s back to vent it.
"San Niang blare ~ ~" It’s good for Lin Yue to stay with several children. These days, several children have more or less feelings for Lin Yue. Saburo and Shiro also ran to the front of Lin Yue when they saw Lin Yue coming back. One of them cried in Lin Yue’s body. It’s not good for Dalang to be older, just like his younger brothers. How old is his stepmother? She cried and followed him to Lin Yue’s side with a silent face, but not less than a few younger brothers.
"What’s the matter? It’s all crying like this. Okay, okay, don’t cry." One didn’t coax it, and two came again, which made Lin Yue a head and two went into a hurry. Zhao Erhu put the bamboo dragged back from the mountains in the yard, and when he entered the kitchen, he couldn’t help frowning and drinking.
"Don’t cry, boys bleed and don’t shed tears. One by one, they are all men, and they cry like babies who haven’t been weaned." In Zhao Erhu’s heart, boys are not as delicate as girls. He grew up without his mother and father, especially when he grew up suffering. He can’t stand this pair of losers. No matter what reason, he will be trained first
"The children are so wronged. What do you still scold them for? Didn’t you see that they were bullied? How did your father behave?" She was angry with Zhao Erhu for a few words. She knew what Zhao Erhu liked to lecture her so much. It turned out that Xun Er used to give Zhao Erhu a white lecture. Lin Yuecai continued to comfort several children.
"Okay, don’t cry. Tell Sanniang what happened. Who bullied you? Sanniang must make decisions for you."
Saburo and Shiro are most afraid that his father was scared by Zhao Erhu at ordinary times, so how dare he continue to cry? When Zhao Erhu trained people, he immediately stopped being a good boy. Erlang vented a phone call and was embarrassed to come out of Lin Yue’s arms. His ears were a little red, and he didn’t know what happened to himself. How could he burst into tears in front of his stepmother? This hateful woman must have laughed at him in her heart. Erlang thought with malice that she just didn’t want to believe that her stepmother would really be kind to him.
"Well, don’t cry. San Niang will help you wipe your tears." Yue Lin saw that Jiro was awkward and uncomfortable. He knew that he still had some resistance to his stepmother and was not discouraged. He took out a handkerchief to dry Jiro’s face and tears. At that time, Jiro looked at Yue Lin with a gentle comforting voice in his trance ear, like a mother’s voice in his memory, with a little warmth in his heart.
It took a few quiet moments to know that it was Zhao Erhu’s elder sister Zhao Lanmen who came to have a windfall. Several children refused to let her take all the things at home, and it was like this that Zhao Erhu heard a burst of anger, but she couldn’t send Yue. She was curious about what kind of people her aunt was talking about, so she took people’s things away without saying that she actually started work on several children.
"My aunt took all the rice in the house and also took the white flour. My second brother said that the white flour was bought by my father for Sanniang, and she refused to let my aunt take it away. When she was angry, she slapped her second brother, so she and her aunt started to fight, but we were beaten by her aunt when we went to help." Saburo was young and big-mouthed, but she was agile and told about Yueyue.
Yue4 is pleased and angry. It is gratifying that Jiro seems to hate her on weekdays. She didn’t expect to protect her secretly. Fortunately, she didn’t treat Jiro badly on weekdays. Otherwise, how could I feel guilty about going to Lin Yueru? In fact, it was a misunderstanding. Jiro didn’t want her aunt to take the food from home before scooping it up as an excuse. The food was finally robbed by her aunt. These words came out through Saburo’s mouth, but moved Yue4 and she was even more angry at what the so-called aunt said.
Yue4 gas but let Zhao Erhu go to the children’s aunt for justice, but Zhao Erhu refused to "what, your son was beaten like this? Don’t you feel bad when you are a father? And the food at home was taken away by the elder sister-in-law without even leaving a grain of rice for us to eat?"
"Sister-in-law is an elder. It’s not good for us to be a junior. It’s not a big deal for the children to eat a little food. I’ll think of some way to leave you alone." Zhao Erhu said that he was going to borrow some food from Wu Qiang’s house first.
Lin Yue always thought that Zhao Erhu was a very car-scrapping and responsible man. I didn’t expect that this time he would be so ignorant. "You took her as an elder. She didn’t take the children as a junior. Jiro was beaten and his face was swollen. Which elder would do such a shameful thing? People bullied Zhao Erhu. You still want to make peace. Are you a man? Ok, forget it, Jiro, at least call me a mother. Since I am his mother, I can’t let him be bullied like this. If you don’t go, I will go! "
"Niu Niu, stop this, I know quite well." Zhao Erhu is not a coward in Lin Yue’s imagination, but Zhao Lan. This woman is really provocative. Even if she goes to the door, she won’t reason with you. Zhao Erhu can’t do anything with her because of her elders’ status. It’s really impossible to deal with things like today. It happened not once or twice before. At the beginning, Zhao Erhu went to Yemen to theorize that things didn’t come back and was scratched by Zhao Lan, which made her feel embarrassed. There was nothing at home to take her elder sister-in-law and she wouldn’t
Lin Yue was heartless and angry. She didn’t even know where her elder sister-in-law lived. She grabbed a pole and rushed out. She was held in her arms by Zhao Erhu.
"Bastard, you let me go, Zhao Erhu. You are a coward and have no man. If you don’t go yourself, you will stop me. I look down on you." Lin Yue struggled and scolded Zhao Erhu, who was ordered by Lin Yue to let people go, and strode out the door.
Lin Yuemu reached the goal of turning around and embarrassed to smile at the children. "Well, don’t worry, since I am your mother, I won’t let you be bullied by others. Your father will take revenge for you." Lin Yuemu said, tidying up the kitchen that was turned upside down by her aunt to cook an egg for Jiro to rub her face. Unfortunately, all the food at home was searched by her aunt, and the eggs were naturally gone. Wait until Zhao Erhu came back to get the things back.
I was bullied by my aunt before, but I didn’t expect my stepmother to be so protective of them. After this, several children were close to Lin Yue, but they have always been biased against Lin Yue. Although Erlang twisted his heart, he gradually began to accept this stepmother.
Yue went to the room to check it again, but there was nothing missing. But the door was indeed left unlocked. Obviously, someone had come in. Could it be that the children had come in? Otherwise, how could my aunt’s greedy personality not put the box away with two pieces of cloth? It seems that valuable things at home have to be put away. The money at home is kept by Zhao Erhu. Yue doesn’t know where to put it, so she can’t worry about it.
Probably my aunt couldn’t see the soybeans and corn in these rough things. She also wanted to think about it in Lin Yue. She scooped up two scoops of dried soybeans and put them in a pot. She saw several children mysteriously lying next to the stove, and "What are you doing on the stove side is not afraid of getting dirty with pot ashes and playing elsewhere?"
"Sanniang, we are not playing. What do you think we are hiding?" Saburo smiled, pointing to Dalang, and pulled out a cloth basket from the kitchen, gloating and saying that he was depressed when he complained earlier.
"What are you? This was not taken away by my aunt! " Looking at the things in the basket, Lin Yue said with some joy that this was the first time that Sister-in-law Chun Hua sent her eggs to mend her body. She didn’t eat much, and there were still a dozen left and more than two kilograms of flour.
"Aunt Li’s family column reported to us when she saw her aunt coming to our house. Jiro knew that we should put away all the good things at home, but it’s a pity that her aunt came too fast and we hid such things." Dalang was not annoyed and said that she gave her basket to Lin Yueyue for praise and patted Dalang on the shoulder, which made Dalang very embarrassed.
"It’s very good to hide these. I’ll make Lamian Noodles for you to eat later." Lin Yuexiao said in his heart that how much this aunt has done can make the children so wary. Sometimes she still thinks that Zhao Erhu’s hunting income is not bad, so he sold a lot of money just once. There are fields at home. How can life be so tight before? Even if several children are raised, they can’t eat enough. It’s no wonder that there is an’ aunt’ who often has a windfall.
"Sanniang, I also hid it. You give me a good meal." Shiro Cong was clever and said when he heard that he was eating hastily, and then ran to the corner to pull open the messy firewood, which was impressively filled with pig Shui Mu pots
Lin Yue’s favorite pig water is delicious. No matter what her aunt took, she must never let her take it away. When they hid things, she didn’t care about it. No one noticed that Shiro actually hid pig water. Even if he didn’t hide it, her aunt didn’t necessarily see it as Lin Yue’s disbelief that it was such a four-year-old child who made a wooden basin and put it on the chopping board. She felt a little strong when she picked it up. Eating Shiro really played a limited potential.
With Lin Yue, food is no longer waiting for Zhao Erhu to come back for food to cook. In addition to the children hiding in the crock, there are still more than half cans of bone soup frozen and the back is a thick snow-white oil layer. Lin Yue thinks that today the children have suffered a lot of grievances and their performance in caring for their families is commendable, so they want to do something delicious to comfort and encourage them. So they divide the remaining flour in the basket into bone soup for the middle of the night to cook noodles, and then select a few dug bamboo shoots, peel them and cut a piece of smoked pork intestines, smoked pork intestines and fried winter bamboo shoots to make a dish.
Roll out the noodles and cut them into noodles, and the water in the pot is boiling, waiting for the noodle pot. Lin Yue thinks that the noodles are not delicious after being cooked for a long time, so she covers the kitchen alive and waits for Zhao Erhu to come back before starting the noodles. But when Zhao Erhu comes back to calculate, Zhao Erhu has been out for more than half an hour. That aunt is so unreasonable. What’s the matter? Lin Yue looks at the gate of the hospital from time to time, but she is worried. She just heard the children elaborate on Zhao Erhu’s glorious deeds and realized how difficult her aunt is to ask for something before going to the door.
"Why hasn’t Sanniang dad come back and won’t be beaten by his aunt again?" Dalang is also worried about his father’s uneasiness and asked about the time when Zhao Erhu was caught by Zhao Lan with a scar on his face, which made Dalang have a shadow in his heart. Lin Yue was made seven by Dalang’s question, although she denied Zhao Erhu’s size and some skills would beat him.
By again? What does this mean? "Was your aunt beaten before your father?"
"On more than one occasion, my aunt was angry with our dad, but she couldn’t find a door. My aunt refused to scratch my dad’s face and drive him out." Dalang said that with a little anger and resentment, the child has always respected and worshipped his father for something. No one is bad for his father.
"How is it possible that a big man like your dad can’t beat his aunt?"
"It’s not dad who is the best. It’s dad who says that my aunt is an elder and can’t start work on her."
After Lin Yue looked at Dalang and said this, several children looked depressed. Some people felt that the word "filial piety" was very demanding in this era, that is, Zhao Erhu was driven out of the house by the Zhao family, and he still had to give money and gifts at holidays because the man was his own father, Zhao Jingen, but he was not good to him. Otherwise, he was unfilial and would be reviled. Chapter 4 dealt with the past.
But then again, Zhao Lan is just aunt Zhao Erhu’s condition. It’s unreasonable for her daughter to splash out water when she gets married. It’s Zhao Lan who relies on her elder status to make a fool of Zhao Erhu. A big man is not good at her before he takes her. There is no way to deal with such people. There are more provocative and more Lai Linyue who secretly vowed in his heart that Zhao Lan must know that he is powerful.
When Lin Yue finally couldn’t resist going out to look for someone at her aunt’s house, Zhao Erhu came back with a small bag of rice, which seemed to be enough for one or two meals. He didn’t get anything back. In fact, Zhao Erhu didn’t go to her aunt’s house for nothing, so she couldn’t spit it out unless she saw a slapstick farce. He was forced out by kannika nimtragol and had no food at home. He planned to borrow some food from his friend Wu Qiang’s house first to cope with this evening.
When Zhao Erhu took the door, his heart was still a little uneasy, and he was afraid that Kannika nimtragol would make trouble with himself, especially Kannika nimtragol. Looking at himself with a pair of wronged eyes, it was too much for people. Zhao Erhu sat in Wu Qiang for a long time and helped Zhang Qiang to do some kung fu work. Only when it was getting dark did he get impatient and went home.
Yueyue knew that Zhao Erhu had come back so well, but she was a little angry with Zhao Erhu for doing so after thoroughly understanding her great aunt, and she was also relieved at the same time. Anyway, Zhao Erhu also had a passive beating when she sent the door to find her aunt. The more she knew about this man, the more she felt sorry for him, the better she would be. She didn’t force her aunt’s greed to be dealt with again. She would definitely give her a lifelong lesson, so that she couldn’t even dare to come to her door and eat this loss for the time being.
Zhao Erhu was psychologically prepared on his way back, no matter how eager Kannika nimtragol was, he was coaxed, but he didn’t expect things to end the way he thought. It should be said that Kannika nimtragol was calm and some abnormal reactions ended, which surprised him. Before Kannika nimtragol, he was still crying and asking him to go to her sister-in-law’s house to get things back, but now he is completely indifferent and didn’t even ask a word.
"Niu Niu, eat these rice first. Don’t worry, I won’t let you hungry." Zhao Erhu said dryly that he was really timid in elder sister-in-law.
Lin Yue’s understanding belongs to understanding. It’s absolutely impossible for Zhao Erhu to look at Zhao Erhu with a vertical expression before he took Zhao Erhu’s hand, put away the food, cooked the noodles in the pot, picked them up and put them in the prepared bone soup. Several children had already set the dishes and chopsticks for the table to eat.
Although Lin Yue made a delicious dinner, the children were amazed at it, but Zhao Erhu didn’t know what to eat. Kannika nimtragol didn’t want to talk to herself again. This time, it was his own fault. Zhao Erhu felt guilty and looked at Lin Yue from time to time. At the same time, he didn’t even give Zhao Erhu a look, but Jiro, who was smart and sensible, saw that something was wrong with them. After dinner, he winked at Dalang and took two younger brothers back to his room, leaving the rest for adults.
Lin Yue didn’t want to listen to Zhao Erhu’s explanation. After the meal, he went back to his room without even washing the dishes. The rest was naturally given to Zhao Erhu to clean up.

The fingers can’t help but loosen, and the moon blade roared out with a gorgeous black light.

Any dragon, regardless of its rank and cultivation, can only release Rowen once in the end.
Different from other supernatural powers, no matter what kind of dragon, Rowen is the same, that is, the extreme shock comes from the shock of the soul.
The specific power of Rowen will be different because of the different cultivation and species of dragons. Falling on different people, the results are not the same. With the order of this dragon, it is already its limit to display the range of the dragon’s tail to surround Tang Qing and Yu Shao.
You know, the straight-line distance between Hailong and Tang Qing is more than 100 meters, while Tang Qing and Yu are less, and the distance is nearly 200 meters. Such a wide range of attacks, with other monsters, even monks, who can display it?
The preciousness of Rowen can be seen. As long as you are in this range, as long as you are inferior to me, even at the same level or slightly higher, you can’t help but be affected. If you use it on the battlefield, how many people will you knock down with this roar? A few hundred? Thousands?
However, talent has its limits, even the dragon favored by heaven is no exception. The biggest limitation is that once in a lifetime, there is no possibility of repetition.
If you don’t force the dragon to the edge of life and death, no dragon will be willing to spend the last card with only one chance. This is the absolute ultimate kill.
With this record of Rowen, the blue sea dragon is absolutely sure to make these two human ants faint. Then, of course, it is time for it to do whatever it wants.
That handsome guy must die. Hailong’s hatred for him is so strong that it can’t be controlled. Another important reason is that Hailong is deeply despised by the fear of his own talent, and needs to use the soul of this opponent to wash away the shame.
As for the handsome monk who is as annoying as loach, it is a bit troublesome to deal with. Originally, he was also the object that must be killed, but just now, I don’t know why, Hailong suddenly felt a strange feeling in his heart.
It’s hard to describe in detail, as if an invisible voice told it in the soul that once the human was killed, he would regret it.
"Don’t worry about it, let’s catch him first." Hailong was a little upset, so he thought.
Unfortunately, it immediately found that today is really not its lucky day.
Chapter 321: Rowen!
Chapter 321: Rowen! , to the website

Chapter 322: Man can conquer nature.
Chapter 322: Man can conquer nature.
The situation of the blue sea dragon today is not bad.
The dragon’s tail is the most seriously injured, the dragon’s claw is the most influential, and the most troublesome thing is poisoning.
My body suddenly became restless and my mind was a little confused. No one else could suddenly adapt to such a tense situation.
More importantly, the external threat has not been lifted.
That faint spark, from the release, just like a wind tunnel, will absorb the endless or spiritual force around it and grow stronger.
It seems that ten thousand buddhas live in a dynasty, and it seems that all rivers return to the sea. Just a few hundred meters away, the light-pinched flame that can be extinguished has turned into a raging fire, and the huge body of the blue sea dragon will be completely wrapped.
Fortunately, Yu Shao has fallen to the ground at this time, and it seems that he has no idea. Otherwise, let him control the fire, and Hailong will be desperate. This flame is not an ordinary fire. Fire and water are mutually compatible. As a water monster, Hailong knows best the threat of flame to himself.
If this is the sea, or the sea surface, even if it is only on the common land, Hailong has enough ability to despise this inferno with a very sunny atmosphere. Unfortunately, nowadays, it can’t even feel the breath of a water molecule around it, let alone mobilize the huge water spirit.
In a flash of life and death, Hailong also spelled a life.
Without taking care of many things, the blue sea dragon let out a roar that almost ran through the space. The dragon head swung hard, and the injured dragon tail waved wildly, desperately trying to break away from the invisible shackles around it. Two African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African Union.
Less has lost control of the magic weapon, and the countless fire wires that seem to have life can no longer bind the African claws. In the flashing light, they are ripped off a lot.
At the same time, the blue sea dragon spouted wildly, spitting out several cold dragon breaths in succession. There is a soft aperture shining on the glittering dragon horn overhead, and in a blink of an eye, several dragon breaths are wrapped and connected together.
Obviously, I am extremely afraid of this sea of fire, and there is no way to avoid it. It can only be carried by magical powers.
It’s not over yet. The blue sea dragon’s eyes showed decisively, and he opened his mouth and sucked. I saw the wound of the injured beaten dragon’s tail, and some dragon’s blood that had to be solidified was like a fountain, shooting out and blending into the aura.
It actually used its own blood as a guide to trigger this magical power to resist the power of the fire.
Visible to the naked eye, the series of actions of the blue sea dragon not only brought great pain to itself, but also caused great damage to Zhenyuan. Even those two eyes, which are as radiant as searchlights, have become extremely dim and become two flickering light groups.
The raging sea of fire and the cold suddenly met, and the forces from the two poles collided together without reservation or any buffer.
There is no explosion, no light, only annihilation and step-by-step retreat of the ice consumption ring, and layers are compressed; And the peripheral fire, also a little bit, a little bit of being killed.
The inferno is obviously better because it is supported by the fire spirit force everywhere around it, and it will touch the ontology of the dragon as soon as it is seen. The blue sea dragon’s eyes were sad, and he couldn’t hold back any more. He roared with anger, and even his voice was hoarse, and he spit out a dragon’s breath again.
This dragon’s breath is different from the previous one, with a deeper color and a brilliant sapphire blue. After the blue dragon spits out this dragon’s breath, its eyes are even dimmer and its spirit is already very weak. Even the glittering and translucent dragon horn has turned into a gray color, just like a stone, without any luster.
People have the essence of life’s core monuments, and dragons have the essence of dragons. After this dragon’s breath is spit out, even if this dragon is put into a dormant state immediately, it will not be able to return to its peak state for decades. The monster beast is, after all, a monster beast. Before taxiing, it can only rely on its own resilience.
Just like Jasper Dragon’s injury, without Tang Qing’s help, it may still be doomed to death in the end. Even if it can be restored, I don’t know if it will be a long time.
It can drive the blue sea dragon with super strength of six orders to this degree, and the power of the magic weapon of the ancient lamp with less space can be seen. In fact, he is a blow, and unless he is advanced, he will never be able to display it again.
With the integration of this essence, the ring of Xuan Bing suddenly spread, like autumn wind sweeping away leaves, and like a waterfall rushing to a bonfire. The whole fire area was swept away and turned into a crystal clear.
By this time, Tang Qing and Yu chose to decorate the venue with less meditation. In the area of hundreds of meters, it has been completely turned into a huge ice cube. How terrible it is
It is reasonable for Tang Qing to estimate that this sea dragon is better than Jasper Dragon. You know, it’s fighting in a wounded body, multiple restrictions, and a highly toxic situation.
After the fire was annihilated, the blue sea dragon fought hard and wanted to take back the residual essence. Suddenly, I found that a "magic weapon" that made it grief-stricken could not be avoided.
What a coincidence! Unfortunately, that plane told Spin, with the glorious moon blade of death, to come straight to its injured African paws under Tang Qing’s "miss".
At this time, the blue sea dragon, the whole body repair is almost consumed, and even the essence of its real name is running out. At this time, I’m afraid it’s not even able to fly. Sea dragons have no wings, and they still have to rely on spiritual cultivation to fly.
If you want to fight next, by what?
The beaten tail is useless. If the beaten claw is hit hard again, what will it fight for?
Anxious, the blue sea dragon did not lament her own bad luck, and struggled to combine the other African claws, with the intention of resisting this unparalleled blow with the strength of the two African claws. Arguably, it shouldn’t be so nervous. The African claw is the hardest part of the dragon, and the fine scales on it alone are better than ordinary magic weapons, not to mention the dragon itself has the magical power to strengthen itself. That high-speed rotating moon blade is not even a horoscope, so there is really no need to be so pessimistic.
But as a result, the mortal weapon won a complete victory.
Even the medicine-paid shield knife was passed by the moon blade, and the injured paw of a six-order dragon was nothing but a hair.
Unfortunately, when the dragon lifted its other paw, it was extremely deadly again and again because of the influence of Wudu Dan, and it was half a beat slow. Otherwise, with two African paws resisting at the same time, the result will be better.
In the blood shooting, the blue sea dragon didn’t even feel the pain, so he saw a claw several meters long flying. Looking at the shape, how could it look like his "hand"?
The chaos of the mind even makes Hailong’s eyes dull. It can’t understand how its proudest African paw could be cut off by something made by a mortal.
Not only that, the moon blade has not disappeared, and with a crunchy sound, it is cut like the root of another African claw again.

People from outside the city have been deaf to things outside the window for two months, but it’s impossible to practice their own merits and demerits. They came back to find a key thing and revisited the old place to find their previous feelings, but those guys outside the city really hate it. Although it is impossible to pose any threat for a short time, it is always troublesome.

In addition to Ruer, several other girls are crazy about absorbing the aura around them to increase their strength. The huge gap between the six maids around Duanmu Ming makes them feel a sense of crisis, and Ruer’s physical strength is very close to the divine level. Even if the aura is so strong, there will be no great progress here. She needs an opportunity.
In the apocalypse, hey, hey, there’s a joke about Duanmu Ming. There’s absolutely no such thing as the apocalypse coming to trouble his woman. I wonder if this is a disadvantage?
The mighty outside the city is still dealing with the engineers. Duanmu Ming didn’t ask the mighty to dismantle all the dark towers at the foot of the mountain and halfway up the mountain. It can’t be to let it destroy the other party’s process as much as possible, and by the way, run in new weapons and explode the skeleton.
Two months ago, dozens of dark towers had been erected at the foot of the mountain and halfway up the mountain. Although they were scattered and demolished by the terrible explosion skeleton, they were finally completed. I’m afraid they will unite and start the monty array.
The complete monty array is formed by one hundred dark towers, and it needs to be started by a magic device. In addition, it needs a lot of extremely dark SPAR and beast essence, so that even the high-order gods can’t get out of it.
But that’s just saying. Are there so many fools waiting for you to build a hundred dark towers? And it’s too difficult to be a magic weapon and a spar. The real monty array is not so complicated. It’s just that the real inferno is getting less and less in the process of bearing, and later people come up with various alternative methods. Although the power is not reduced, the program is much more complicated.
Monty large array in the present mountain, if it is started for one year, even if Ruer is so close to the master of God level, don’t want to go out. After one year, it will be another story.
The other party won’t want to kill the left-behind department of the ethnic alliance this year, will it? Although they have a good idea, I’m sure they will fail. All ethnic alliances have emergency shelters. Once the situation is remedied, they will go into hiding. You can definitely find out how much you are interested.
However, this is to make sure that everyone outside can return and make decisions, because if you hide, even your own people can be found again.
This situation will not happen, not only the problem of ethnic casualties, but also the problem of Duanmu Ming’s face. Where can I put my home under siege for a year?
"When Ru was a child, who was going to shoot?"
"Master, you are the master here. Of course you want to sit here or I’ll go."
"All right," Duanmuming wanted to think, "Actually, there is Four Holy Beasts sitting here. Let’s not worry about it. Let’s go together. Although your ability is not weak, there are few people outside who are different from you. I still have some worries."
"Master …" Ruer’s eyes are full of gratitude. "Master, you don’t worry about me …"
"I know you will be careful, but I still don’t trust." Duanmuming smiled and looked at the window sill. In the outside city, he still meticulously learned from each other. Because of the distance, even Bi Meng soldiers looked like small ants.
"They are probably all waiting for the moment when they leave the city." Looking into the distance, the mountains are dark and foggy. "They are probably waiting for that moment."
"Young master, why didn’t you inform them or just solve those enemies in the mountains?"
"This is just a game." Duanmu Ming’s eyes suddenly appeared a little confused and tired. This information was immediately discovered by all the attention, but she did not show it.
"Even without me, the other side will also attack, and it has obviously been prepared for a long time. I let their department enter the city, and the average growth level has been a great help to them. Besides, no one will specifically inform you before attacking you." Duanmu Ming said with a cold smile and a look of indifference, which made Ruer afraid
During these two months, his master and himself were almost inseparable, so he didn’t leave himself. How could he have such a great change? For the first time, Ruer felt the atmosphere of terror from Duanmu Mingshen; It is also the first time that Ruer feels that her master, master and husband really have the majesty of the demon king who despises all life.
"The inferno horse will attack the demon world. This is the first test they face. Whether they can pass or not depends on themselves. If even this little wind and waves can’t pass the clan alliance, there is no need!"
"Yes, Master" Ruer, no matter whether Duanmu Ming is good or bad, finally listens to him and tells her that she will be the starting point of all actions.
"Now it’s time for us to see some old friends." Duanmu Ming smiled with a sinister smile on his face and his breath grew rapidly unconsciously as if there was no end.
The real Duanmu inscription seems that the horse is about to awaken.
It’s really a long time to talk about it for two months, especially for engineers who have been having a headache recently. Although the two women, Death and Ice Devil, are only here to help themselves (it seems that they are ill or come from the human world privately), they are more like traveling, but their strength is not there, and these two women are very good, so someone can discuss it with them.
More importantly, if things go wrong, someone will take the blame.
"These two dead women, I must report this to my master!" Engineers swear bitterly in the heart, although he also knows that the master reprimanded them a few words at most, which is not a big deal.
"Chief …" An evil spirit ran to him and said weakly.
"What is it?" It’s very rare for a fifth-order master to be so scared that his eyes should be lit by generate, so that the evil spirits who came to report were as scared as wrecks.
"Chief … and two dark towers fell down."
"Where are people?"
"Run … run"
Just after the end of the speech, I came to report the evil spirit, and I felt that my body was suddenly light, and the earth was spinning away from me before my eyes …
Chapter 39 Two months
With Ruer Duanmu Ming, he flew directly from the high rooftop. The castle shield was not for Duanmu Ming, and the dark sky had no effect on him. He was able to see everyone moving in the dark fog.
After flying for a moment, I fell to the foot of the mountain, far away from the glorious castle and some distance from the completion of the monty array. A man in the Woods was waiting for Duan Muming.
"You’re late." The ice demon looked at the person in front of him more coldly, but his eyes seemed dreamy.
"It would be nice to come!" Duanmuming stretched himself. Since he came to the demon world, he has returned to the demon ghost emperor. He should know almost everything. It seems that there is no need to keep a low profile and live a completely away from him.
"You … are not uncomfortable there?" When Duan Muming proudly put pse on his face, the ice demon actually touched his forehead without changing color, which made Duan Muming almost busy.
"Uh-huh, although I am handsome and let you have a longing for love, I can’t be so casual or less. I still need to cultivate a feeling and find a tent …" Duan Muming gushed and didn’t notice that the ice demon’s face was getting worse and worse, and there was already a precursor to the storm.
Ruer looked at her master with a wry smile. She never expected Duanmu Ming to change so quickly. Just now, he looked cool. He became so funny in the blink of an eye … or batting practice!
There was a rustling sound in the Woods next to it, and it was calm again.
"She’s gone." Duanmu Ming suddenly calmed down and there was no glib tone.
"You still have such a deep prejudice against her after leaving," said the ice devil.
"…" Duan Muming was silent for a moment and sighed in a subtle way. "We are from two different worlds. What is it?"
"Nothing can’t see you?" Ice demon calmly looked at Duanmu Ming’s eyes, which made him afraid to look at Ruer. I don’t know when he had quietly retired and left them alone.

Yun Niang stammered Wei Tingyan, "Who is this …"

Wei Tingyan remembered that he didn’t know what the ghost face shura was, and took a sip of his tea lightly and said, "My name is Ling."
Chapter 40 Drunkenness means no wine
Wei Tingyan smiled. "This Ling Gong is my friend’s mother. You can just go to work with your girl Feng Feiyan and accompany us." Yunniang hurriedly left and made a wink at Feng Feiyan, and then went to greet his guests happily.
Wei Tingyan held out her hand and said to Feng Feiyan with a smile, "It’s better to hear a hundred things than to see a girl who has heard a lot about flying cigarettes for a long time. Today, seeing a beautiful woman who is really worthy of her name really makes me feel really excited!" Is it Brother Shura? " He turned his head and asked the man in black around him in a respectful tone
The mysterious man in black provoked a beautiful radian at the corner of his mouth, indicating that he laughed and his voice was very beautiful. "Yes, beauty is natural, elegant and holy, like a lotus flower that emerges from the mud without dyeing." His voice sounded very clear and young, that is, twenty-five or six years old.
He raised his slender white hand and waved to Feng Feiyan to "come and sit by my side"
Feng Feiyan smiled shyly and approached the ghost face Shura to sit in the chair next to him. "Do you want to listen to the piano or listen to my daughter sing a song?"
Wei Tingyan turned to Shura, the ghost face, and said, "Fei Yan’s beauty and skill are excellent. Anyone who has heard that piano will be crazy. Brother Shura, how about we listen to it?"
Ghost face shura smiled. "I’ve already heard the piano."
When did Wei Tingyan’s ghost face shura ever hear of a phoenix, fly, smoke and fiddle? Phoenix flying smoke is also a face of astonishment.
The ghost face shura ignored other people’s surprised eyes. His cold and arrogant eyes came out from the veil. Although he could not see his facial expression, a chill rose from the bottom of his heart.
Just when everyone couldn’t guess what medicine was sold in the ghost face shura gourd, they suddenly heard the madam Yunniang’s voice, "Miss Feather, what are you doing here?" Go back to your room. "
Although the sound is light, Yafeng Curie can hear it clearly.
Feng Fei-Yan was surprised. She must be worried that she was in trouble. She went to the door to eavesdrop on the situation inside, so that Yunniang could see that Yunniang was afraid of what she had caused, and quickly let Yunzhen go back.
A subtle smile appeared at the corner of Shura’s mouth. His voice was cold and penetrating. "Duke Wei asked the girl outside to accompany me."
Wei Tingyan hurriedly knocked on the door and said to the procuress Yunniang outside, "Mom, please invite that girl in just now."
Cloud Niang one leng hurriedly said, "Wei Gong, that girl, she is not our’ Liuxiangge’ girl, but … is …" Her eyes secretly looked at Feng Feiyan.
Feng Feiyan quickly said, "Ling Gong, the girl just now is a good friend of mine, not a’ Liuxiangge’ girl. Please show me how to accompany you."
The ghost face shura didn’t seem to hear it. He sat there like a statue of a true god without a word. The porcelain cup in his hand was suddenly crushed into powder. Wei Ting said coldly, "Isn’t it a girl who stays in the fragrance pavilion?" Then why stay here? Mom, please ask that girl, no matter how much money I can pay! " He took out a stack of silver tickets from his pocket and threw them to the procuress Yunniang.
Seeing this thick silver ticket, Yunniang’s eyes are a little straight, and she is really in a dilemma.
Feather has not gone far. At this moment, she is hiding behind Yunniang. When she hears this sentence from Wei Tingyan, Feather sneers and flashes out, "When am I worth so much silver?"
Seeing a beautiful and free from vulgarity girl flicker out, Wei Tingyan and others feel that the shine at the moment is different from the delicate charm of the phoenix flying smoke. At present, this girl is as thorough and cold as a clear spring.
Ghost face shura sat there motionless, unable to see his expression, but able to see the faint smile at the corner of his mouth.
Feng Feiyan quickly winked at Feather Beard, which means to get Feather Beard away from this wrong place, but Feather Beard won’t wait until she can see clearly the room or sit or the guests, especially when she glanced at the ghost face in black. She couldn’t help but "yi" this mysterious black man, whom she had seen in the "Fu Ji" mala Tang. At that time, he was as mysterious as a ghost and a dangerous ghost.
Feather is a feather, after all. She ignored everyone and was surprised. Lotus stepped lightly into Yafengju and said coldly, "Who wants me to accompany him?"
Wei Tingyan looked at a blue feather pastor and laughed. "Good, good. Brother Shura can feel that this is a very beautiful woman by feeling. It seems that you two are really destined! Then I won’t bother us to find our own happiness, so I’ll bother Miss Feng Feiyan to accompany me. "
Ghost face shura hesitated a coldly say "both for me"
Wei Ting stared blankly for a moment. He fought back his anger and said quickly, "Well, Brother Shura has a big appetite. Well, please trouble the two girls to accompany me, my dear friend and mother. Please ask us brothers to find some other girls."
Stunned, Yunniang just woke up and quickly led Wei Tingyan and a few hands to another room to find another girl’s heart. Yafengjumen was left in the room with a ghost face shura, a phoenix flying smoke and a blue feather.
There was silence in the room, and it was impossible to believe that this was a fireworks place.
Feng Feiyan is secretly complaining that this mysterious black man is too difficult for people to see through, but it happened that he was involved in the feather.
Feather Qian thinks it’s all right whether he is or not. Today, we must find out the origin of this person. What’s the attempt to keep her around? It’s better that she doesn’t know how to deal with this situation alone.
In black dress person ghost face shura want to what two girls but is unknown.
Seeing that the ghost-faced shura didn’t speak, the feather smiled skillfully. "I said, isn’t it hot for you to wear a hat in such a hot day?" Mouth said that her hands have pointed to the hat like a high wind.
The ghost face shura didn’t stop the hat from being caught by Feather Beard, but Feng Fei Yan and Feather Beard froze when they looked at the face, because he even brought a very close-faced ghost mask.
The cold eyes shot out through the ghost mask, and the feather and the phoenix gasped in a gasp.
Feather Qian sneered, "I’d like to see what’s behind your mask?" She lifted her hands and quickly picked up the ghost mask of Shura.
But almost like a flash, the ghost face shura gently shook his head and evaded the feather and jade hand. At the same time, the wrist gently lifted "Peng" and buckled the feather and jade wrist.
Wei Tingyan smiled. "This Ling Gong is my friend’s mother. You can just go to work with your girl Feng Feiyan and accompany us." Yunniang hurriedly left and made a wink at Feng Feiyan, and then went to greet his guests happily.
Wei Tingyan held out her hand and said to Feng Feiyan with a smile, "It’s better to hear a hundred things than to see a girl who has heard a lot about flying cigarettes for a long time. Today, seeing a beautiful woman who is really worthy of her name really makes me feel really excited!" Is it Brother Shura? " He turned his head and asked the man in black around him in a respectful tone
The mysterious man in black provoked a beautiful radian at the corner of his mouth, indicating that he laughed and his voice was very beautiful. "Yes, beauty is natural, elegant and holy, like a lotus flower that emerges from the mud without dyeing." His voice sounded very clear and young, that is, twenty-five or six years old.
He raised his slender white hand and waved to Feng Feiyan to "come and sit by my side"
Feng Feiyan smiled shyly and approached the ghost face Shura to sit in the chair next to him. "Do you want to listen to the piano or listen to my daughter sing a song?"
Wei Tingyan turned to Shura, the ghost face, and said, "Fei Yan’s beauty and skill are excellent. Anyone who has heard that piano will be crazy. Brother Shura, how about we listen to it?"
Ghost face shura smiled. "I’ve already heard the piano."
When did Wei Tingyan’s ghost face shura ever hear of a phoenix, fly, smoke and fiddle? Phoenix flying smoke is also a face of astonishment.
The ghost face shura ignored other people’s surprised eyes. His cold and arrogant eyes came out from the veil. Although he could not see his facial expression, a chill rose from the bottom of his heart.
Just when everyone couldn’t guess what medicine was sold in the ghost face shura gourd, they suddenly heard the madam Yunniang’s voice, "Miss Feather, what are you doing here?" Go back to your room. "

Zuo Tangtang …

Ok … Look at Pikaqiu and get a lot of potholes. Don’t be angry. Zuo Tangtang scratched his head. Although she can understand something about this colonel …
[Private chat] Stewed pig’s trotters … Wrong. Why do you want to take part in this battle?
Being dizzy by Pikachu’s nonsense, Zuo Tangtang still found the key accurately and could not help but ask.
[private chat] pig’s trotters stew. shouldn’t you be well-behaved How could this happen?
Perhaps the word "behave yourself" deeply hurt Pikachu’s sensitive heart, and a lot of Bala Bala suddenly flooded Zuo Tangtang’s chat box.
Holding his forehead and breathing deeply, I don’t think I turned my eyes. Zuo Tangtang calmed down when he faced Pikachu. He glanced at it quickly and generally because everyone in the black wind village can fight and be old! If he continues to restrict his freedom of life all the time, he will definitely switch to being a poison master and poison everyone …
There is also a string of whining Zuo Tangtang who automatically gave the news and didn’t look back directly. The team still refreshed the information box and carefully directed Zuo Tangtang to pause and leave.
The pig’s trotters stewed away from the team.
This little show didn’t cause everyone to care about it. Immersed in the command box was also confused, so they turned their attention to the battle again.
[Private chat] Pig’s trotters stew cats?
[Private chat] Pig’s trotters stew cats? Are you online?
After waiting for two minutes, the message came back, but the hasty tone really showed that there were a lot of things that Cat Ear Niang needed to sort out at hand.
[Private chat] Cat Ear Niang is surprised/hoofed! Why are you still in Chengdu? !
The same tone made Zuo Tangtang Sensen wonder whether the goods had entered the phase of killing Pikachu.
The first sentence is to see where she is? !
Zuo Tangtang couldn’t help but lift the table.
[Private Chat] Cat Ear Niang hoof hoof, come out of Chengdu at once and go anywhere in a daze. Farming is really not good. I’ll buy you a hoe to cut down trees!
Zuo Tangtang …
Buy a hoe to cut down trees?
Zuo Tangtang was directly choked by this trance-like dialogue, and her attitude of putting her aside as something casually made her almost explode.
But even so, she still wants to ask her own questions. After all, she still knows what is important and what is the priority.
[Private chat] Do you know where Pikachu and the box went?
I asked carefully if I wanted to go to Zuo Tangtang, but I still didn’t say it directly. Although we are all friends, we spit at each other and curse each other. It has long been a common practice for every Han in Heifeng Village, but even so, I have been worried about this series of things recently, and my temper is too much. Sometimes Zuo Tangtang also knows that if I say two lines of Pikachu, it will be not good if it happens to hit the gun.
[Private Chat] Cat Ear Box and Pikachu?
Cat Ear Niang looked at the negative buff in her body while dropping blood and asked without thinking.
[Private chat] Stewed pig’s trotters …
After waiting for a long time, there was no news to continue to bounce into Zuo Tangtang. Finally, it was determined that the cat ear Niang really took a rhetorical question as an answer to her.
This ya perfunctory also can’t like this!
[Private Chat] Cat Ear Niang Oh!
Just as Zuo Tangtang was about to give up these things, the words of Cat Ear Niang followed, and a tone of sudden realization made Zuo Tangtang also exert himself to be busy. What reason is there to be angry? Bear with it.
[Private chat] Cat Ear Niang hoof hoof! What do you want with them?
Cat ear niang continued.
[Private Chat] They seem to be fighting in Suzhou. If you want to play with them, you might as well come to me. I’m in Yanyu Villa!
[Private Chat] Maoerniang Yanyu Villa has fewer enemies. You can come and collect your head! I take care of you!
With a tone that her hand is broken and she has never been famous, she can now satisfy her wish. After speaking, she didn’t feel anything wrong, and she didn’t know that Zuo Tangtang was surprised at this time.
[357] Chapter three hundred and fifty In muddy water]
Zuo Tangtang felt himself caught in a strange contradiction.
I have been arguing in my heart and firmly believing that the conclusion was suddenly overturned at this moment. This kind of feeling like everyone has emotions also happened to Zuo Tangtang. However, she did not have more energy to surprise and sigh, but fell into meditation.
Is there anything wrong with her?
Zuo Tangtang lowered his head and looked at it slightly.
Even Su Orange doesn’t know her little habits. Sometimes Zuo Tangtang can be particularly stubborn in thinking about small things for a long time. Perhaps this is a kind of pride that has been cultivated since childhood. Even Zuo Tangtang has never noticed it-he will not doubt that he believes that he is right after several proofs. If he is wrong, his first reaction will be to think about his own reasons.
As the saying goes, where there are clouds and people, there are rivers and lakes.
Jianghu will never be at peace.
One monk carries water to drink, two monks carry water to drink, and three monks have no water to drink. These simple and straightforward words are familiar to almost everyone, but the truth contained in them can be seen by anyone.
It’s even worse for three people. What’s going on here every day?
Face-to-face struggle, private slander and immobile calculation can be seen everywhere in this populated place, but just as the best solution to solve the contradiction is to place a common foreign enemy to fight across sects.
On how many times we have been unhappy with each other, on how to look down on each other on weekdays, at this moment of participation, everyone quietly put away their sharp minions and mutual enemies’ gangs, but they became smiling in an instant, and their attitude would not be noticed by people.

few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together

With a quick mind, Fang Yun continued to plunder other places and collect herbs.
“Red jade is a blessing!”
Fang Yun in the air, saw a few humble herbs in the grass. Heart together, gently swept, it is necessary to transplant this medicinal material into the “universal clock of heaven and earth”.
As soon as the news passed, Fang Yun was about to collect another piece of medicinal materials. All of a sudden, in front of me, this piece of “Red Jade and Fuze” disappeared.
Fang Yun dazed: “This …”
The front is empty, but there is a silver-haired man in front of him. His look is indifferent and his eyes are like starry sky. There are countless stars in it, which are born and died. Just a look, it seems that people’s souls will be sucked in. And his hand, is holding the Fang Yun just to collect “red jade Fuze”.
“Unexpectedly, someone like me, look at these strains of red jade. Little friend, come out. ”
Silver-haired man looking down at the front, a void. It was empty, but the man’s eyes seemed to have penetrated all the secrets and saw the tiny dust in the depths of space.
Fang Yun mind trembling, the silver-haired man didn’t how powerful momentum, but give the feeling of Fang Yun, but extremely dangerous. With his current strength, he can still feel threatened. This kind of person, for absolute reached, ghosts and gods unpredictable terrible realm.
A strong breath, cold as snow, locked in the space. Fujiki evil gentleman uses the magical power of “the best size” to change the dust. Fang Yun immediately know, he see is broken.
Void vibration, a grain of dust fiercely Yishan, suddenly stretched sharply, blink of an eye, revealing the appearance of evil Fujiki Jun, standing on the earth.

Chapter 664 The first person in Daomen
“Who are you?”
Rattan wood evil gentleman feet don’t touch the ground, gently floating, back several zhangs. After a distance, I looked at the silver-haired man in front of me This man makes him feel too dangerous, so it’s better to stay away.
“Xuan Xuan.” Silver-haired man indifferent blinked, calm way.
Fang Yun was shocked, and could hardly believe his ears. It’s him! Fang Yun didn’t expect to go to Junnian’s master here.
The first master of Taisu School, Yu Xuan. This name is well-known in the sectarian world. Fang Yun also found out that Yu Xuan was the master of Junnian. But this one never went down the mountain, so Fang Yun never saw him.
Fang Yun didn’t expect, would be in a place like this, see the first master YuXuan.
“Turns out to be danger elders, surprisingly, the elders, like me, are interested in these few strains of red grass. A gentleman doesn’t steal people’s love, since Elder Yu also takes a fancy to it. I naturally dare not worry about the elders. ”
Fang Yun didn’t discover the identity of “Red Jade and Fuze”, only that it was a red grass. He bowed his hand and flew upside down, then he wanted to leave: “Elder Yu, I have work to do next. Don’t bother, leave! “