"If I really am a reincarnated practitioner, it is estimated that my consciousness in my previous life was exhausted when I was reincarnated. Because so far, I can’t remember what my previous life was like at all. " Xin Tong said with a smile, "It seems that my younger brother is predestined friends with spiritual practice …"

Romantic decline male way: "this is normal, maybe the good brother has not yet recovered the memory of past lives."
Xin Tong took a look at Jing Guan, who looked delicate, and said, "Grandma, I always feel that this guy insists on recognizing me as a master, and there is something wrong …"
"Wrong ….." Static officer DengYuan two small eyes, called up to bump day flexor, "disciple loyal to the master, like …"
"Well, you stop." Xin Tong hurriedly waved his hand to stop Jing Guan’s loyalty. He didn’t want to get entangled in this issue. He asked the romantic man, "If my brother hadn’t arrived at a critical moment today, my brother would probably fall into the hands of that old horse … Well, when will my brother rob me?"
"Foolish brother feels that in half a month at most, the apocalypse is coming." The words of the romantic man are full of self-confidence. "Don’t worry, my good brother. I am 90% sure that I can survive this robbery."
Xin Tong is puzzled. Faced with the apocalypse that everyone in the spiritual circle talks about, why does a romantic man have such confidence? Is it to reassure yourself?
The romantic man seems to have seen through Xin Tong’s mind. "Good brother doesn’t have to worry, foolish brother is not talking nonsense, and he is really 90% sure." After a pause, he said to Xin Tong, "Brother Yu has two lucky Duerdan! Speaking of which, I would like to thank my good brother. Without my good brother, my foolish brother would never have got these two pills! "
Xin Tong was startled and didn’t understand how he could be associated with the two legendary robbery gods.
"Isn’t the good brother always wondering why the foolish brother should be so kind to the good brother?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. The romantic man continued to pass on liu er’s wonderful skills to Xin Tong: "In fact, it is because of these two lucky Duerdan!"
Introduction to the next episode:
Xin Tong’s trip to Wankeng Valley coincided with a group of demons attacking the valley in an attempt to rescue the demon king who was sealed by Master Hammer and Misty Rain Fairy. How can Xin Tong resolve this crisis? What kind of secrets are hidden in the imperial edict that Weidi gave to Xintong?

The ninth volume Wankeng Valley The first chapter takes Dan (on)
The ninth volume Wankeng Valley The first chapter takes Dan (on)
The method of not transmitting liu er is very similar to the method of transmitting sound into the secret in the martial arts. Both of them may be intercepted, but it is more subtle than transmitting sound into the secret. You want to intercept the content of the former unless it is twice as high as the performer.
Yuan Ying, a quiet official, has just become a young man, and both the cultivation and the realm are much worse than those of the romantic male who is about to be robbed. Naturally, he can’t hear what the romantic male is saying, but he can still feel the abnormal fluctuation of the air and know that the romantic male is talking to Xin Tong with occult techniques. Besides, I don’t want him to know the content of the conversation.
"Master, talk about it." Jing Guan, who was extremely knowledgeable, said to Xin Tong, who was still in shock, "Disciple went out to do something."
Romantic decline male that "good brother is not always wondering why foolish brother should be so good to good brother?" In fact, it is because of these two creatures! " At the moment, it’s still lingering in Xin Tong’s mind, and the smell speech is just a well, and he didn’t say much.
About half an hour after Jing Guan left, Xin Tong came to his senses. He didn’t understand it for a long time, so he had to send a voice to the romantic man: "What is the relationship between my younger brother and those two legendary robbery gods?"
The romantic man was very satisfied with Xin Tong’s caution. He nodded approvingly, moved his hands together, and set up a sound-proof array behind him. He said, "Just now, my foolish brother has said that without my good brother, my foolish brother would never have got these two lucky Duerdan! The thing is … "
With the improvement of the realm of romantic decline, the signs of doom have also appeared. For the apocalypse that everyone in the spiritual world talks about, the romantic man is also not sure that he can survive it safely. Just as he racked his brains to find a way to rob himself, someone came to you.
The man cut to the chase. Directly explain the purpose, if the romantic man can pass on the position of the romantic patriarch to a person named Xin Wuqi, then he will get two lucky Erdan!
This lucky Duerdan is a peerless elixir left by a senior man who successfully ascended nearly ten thousand years ago. Today, there are less than ten, which is incredible for the robbers. It can be said that if a robber can have three lucky Duerdan. Then there is no need to worry about robbery!
When the man took out a lucky Erdan, the romantic man agreed without thinking. At that time. Xin Tong is on his way to South Hande.
Xin Tong, who learned the truth of the matter, was in a complicated mood. I don’t know what it was like. Thinking about the rhetoric of the romantic man at the beginning, he had mixed feelings, but in any case, he was grateful for the romantic man.
"That nature degrees Erdan won’t be false? There are many words in the error-free novel network. "Xin Tong tidied up his mood and joked with a smile. "If it is false, elder brother to loss is big …"
The romantic man laughed and said, "Even if we put aside the fate of Erdan, the foolish brother has always been gratified and proud to find a good brother who has passed on his hundreds of years of hard work." At one end of his face, Su Rong asked, "Can you trust my foolish brother’s words?"
Xin Tong looked sincere and said, "Believe it! Of course I believe! " The romantic man twisted his beard and smiled, saying, "Brother Yu, I have never misjudged anyone with these eyes!" Xin Tongdao: "That’s that. Brother God, chinese odyssey. " They laughed for a moment, then Xin Tong added, "Brother never said, who is that man?" Romantic decline male zheng, "xian brother don’t know?"
"I really don’t know." Xin Tong said with a wry smile, "After much deliberation, I can’t figure out which master cares for my younger brother so much that he is willing to give up two precious and incomparable Erdan …"
"I’m ashamed to say that," said the disgraced man. Foolish brother has seen the man twice, but at that time, he only wanted to check the authenticity of Erdan. He only knew that he was a middleman in the Skyfire Sect, but he didn’t ask whether the main messenger of this move was him or someone else … Foolish brother always thought that the person or the main messenger behind the scenes was an unambiguous elder, and wanted to … Alas … "He suddenly sighed, and his eyes looked at Xin Tong from time to time, looking like he wanted to say something but it was hard to open his mouth.
"Between you and my brother, just say something." Xin Tong said generously, "If an elder brother needs my younger brother’s help, he will go all out and never be vague!"
The romantic man is another sigh. Stand up and walk around the room. Turn straight to have a lamp that hot tea time doesn’t stop.
Xin Tong looked dizzy and said, "Brother, stop turning. No matter how long it takes, it won’t solve the problem. Let’s talk to my younger brother. " The romantic loser turned twice again, and then he stopped and sat in a chair and remained silent for a long time. "Just now, my foolish brother said that if there were three lucky Erdan, it would be safe to rob him, and my foolish brother only had two, which was a robbery …" Xin Tong immediately understood the meaning of the romantic loser, "Brother, but let my younger brother ask that man for one?"
The old face of the romantic man turned red and became a flaming cloud, and his nose and eyebrows were crowded into one place. He was extremely embarrassed and tunnel: "Foolish brother … that’s what it means …"
"Brother, do you know where the man lives?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. Xintong did not hesitate, immediately interface, "I’m going to find him." His words are not false, although we don’t know who the man is and what is the purpose of this move, but since the man is willing to give up such a big capital, he will find his head sooner or later, so, catch up early and don’t catch up late, just take the initiative to deliver it to your door.
Romantic decline male could see that Xin Tongyu was sincere, and he was filled with emotion. "My foolish brother cheated first, and I didn’t mind, but also helped my foolish brother to win God’s Dan. This mind really made my foolish brother admire and be ashamed … well, my foolish brother never said any kind words again. That man once said that if Brother Yu had something to do, he could go to the cloud peak of Dashishan, 60 miles away from the capital of the Eastern Han Dynasty. "
Xin Tong understood why the romantic man arrived at the critical moment when he was fighting Mazda, but now is not the time to talk about it. He said, "Brother, the apocalypse is coming, and the sooner you get the third Ouerdan, the better. Let’s start."
For Jade Eagle, the distance of 60 miles flew by in an unguarded moment. With LengYuBing, Jing Guan naturally followed.
"This is the residence of Mr. Mo Yunwei?" The romantic man descended in front of a cluster of houses at the peak waist to escape the light. After landing, he said respectfully, "Fengsan of Mingzhou came to visit as promised."