When Fang Lingling heard Meng Qi say this, she first nodded, then shook her head and said, "Unfortunately, if everyone in the clan shared your thoughts, we black emperor clan wouldn’t have so many things."

See Fang Ling ghatpot, Meng Qi roughly guessed what happened in Zongnei recently, but he was not qualified to take care of it. When he saw Fang Ling ghatpot shake his head, he just bowed his head and didn’t talk.
Fang Lingling sighed for a while and then said to Meng Qi, "How many high-level lingshi do you have now?"
Meng Qi didn’t know why Fang Lingling suddenly asked this question, but he calculated the number of high-level lingshi in his hand and said, "There are about twelve more. Miss Li suddenly asked this question."
"Twelve pieces? Barely enough. " After hearing the number of high-level lingshi of Meng Qi, Fang Lingling hesitated in a low voice and said, "If you are promoted to then, plus the high-level lingshi provided by Zongnei, it will be enough. However, I still want to tell you that there are some ways to earn high-level lingshi. Are you willing to do it?"
"oh? ! Can earn high-level lingshi? What is it? " Hearing such a good thing, Meng Qi couldn’t help but have a bright eye. After all, who would think Lingshi was hot?
When Fang Ling Ling saw Meng Qi, she shook her head and said, "Don’t worry, just hear me out. Originally, this was a special job for disciples and elders like you who needed promotion. Every time you complete a task, you can get a certain amount of high-order lingshi according to the difficulty of the task.
Of course, not every task will be rewarded with a high-level stone. If you don’t have enough, you will write it down for you. After accumulating one, you can collect it yourself.
These tasks are dangerous to some extent. Now that you have so many high-level lingshi, you don’t have to do these things, but it depends on your meaning. How about that? "
"I see." Meng Qi bowed his head and thought: Listen to Fang Ling Ling Ling’s words, this lingshi is not so easy to earn. However, it seems that he has nothing to do now. It is better to do some simple tasks and exchange one for another. Otherwise, it will be inconvenient if Wei and Xianer don’t have enough high-level lingshi when they break through.
Thinking of this, Meng Qi looked up and said, "Miss, I’d better do that task and earn some lingshi. You can also hone my cultivation and mood, and maybe there will be a breakthrough. "
Hearing Meng Qi say this, Fang Lingling nodded and said, "In that case, if you go to the magic temple tomorrow, someone will take you to the place where you will take the task."
Meng Qi nodded and asked, "Miss Da, do you have any other orders?"
Fang Lingling shook her head and said that she had nothing to do, but after a pause, she said, "That’s why I called you here today. By the way, when you go there tomorrow, if you meet the old man you met when you went to the magic temple to find me, you’d better be respectful, which may be beneficial."
"ah? Ok, I wrote it down. Since there is nothing to do, I will be leaving now, young lady. " Meng Qi got up and said.
Fang Ling ghatpot nodded and waved, indicating that Meng Qi would leave on his own.
After Meng Qi returned to the bamboo garden, Cheng Rewei was already awake. She has learned from Hu Xianer that Meng Qi has come back, so she has been sitting in the yard waiting for Meng Qi.
When Meng Qi came back, she also jumped into Meng Qi’s words. Don’t talk, just quietly holding Meng Qi to express his lovesickness.
Meng Qi also tightly hugged Cheng Rewei, so two people hold for a long time is separated. Cheng Rewei word, just pull Meng Qi, walked into the room.
Meng Qi had no idea that Cheng Rewei would be so active. After the reaction, Meng Qi smiled and hugged Cheng Rewei horizontally and strode towards the sweet little bed.
As the saying goes, when the golden wind meets the jade dew, it is even better but there are countless people in the world. The so-called lightning strikes the fire, and the goat meets the swing … Ahem, I said it.
Cheng Ruowei lay prone on Meng Qi’s chest, hooked Meng Qi’s neck with both hands, and replied in a tired and satisfied voice: "I want to ~"
Meng Qi smiled, and then said with some melancholy, "I’d like to, but I’m going out again tomorrow."
Cheng ruowei stood up at once and a half, and asked with some unhappiness, "Are you leaving again? Where to go? "
Meng Qi pulled Cheng Ruowei down, climbed on his chest again, told what Fang Ling Ling Ling said today, and then continued: "Although my high-level lingshi is barely enough, you don’t have it, nor does Xianer. Therefore, I have to make plans earlier. "
Hearing Meng Qi’s words, Cheng Ruowei was a little touched, but when she thought of the danger that Meng Qi said, she couldn’t help worrying. She said, "But, isn’t there danger?"
Meng Qi interrupted Cheng Ruowei’s words and said, "Everything is risky. You" xianggong "and I are so clever and rough-skinned, so I will be fine. I promise you, I will come back safely every time. "
Cheng Rewei’s heart is full of deep happiness. How happy is it for a woman to find a man who thinks for herself and cherishes herself?
So Cheng Rewei can only nod, and at the same time pray silently for Meng Qi in her heart, hoping that he will be safe.
That night, naturally, it was another madness. The next morning, Meng Qi slept until he was in the sun. While Cheng Ruowei is still asleep.
Meng Qi didn’t want to disturb her, but quietly went out and said goodbye to Hu Xianer.
When I heard that Meng Qi was leaving, Hu Xianer naturally kept Meng Qi lingering for a while, and then left Meng Qi with pity. Meng Qi, this is going to the enchanted temple.
Entering the magic temple, Meng Qi looked around. Yesterday, Fang Ling Ling said that someone would take him to the place to pick up the task.
Just after Meng Qi stayed in the magic temple for a short time, a Confucian scholar-like figure wearing a blue shirt and a square towel came towards Meng Qi.
"This is Meng Qimeng’s younger brother?" The Confucian scholar walked up to Meng Qi, looked at Meng Qi’s eyes, then nodded and asked.
Meng Qi guessed that this man was probably the one who came to lead himself to the place where he took the task, so he handed over and said, "It’s the younger brother. I wonder who this senior brother is?"
The Confucian scholar said with a smile, "I’m the same as my younger brother, and I’m the one who’s going to take that task. I didn’t know him before, so I need to get closer now."
Chapter one hundred and sixty Meng Qi’s bad taste
Chapter one hundred and fifty-four Meng Qi’s bad taste
Therefore, Meng Qi asked Fang Chen in surprise, "Brother Chen, is this fragrant tea house? !”
Seeing Meng Qi’s amazing appearance, Fang Chen was a little surprised and asked, "What happened to Brother Meng?"
Meng Qi pointed to the plaque on the top of his head with a strange expression on his face. What’s wrong with this world? I actually felt the indescribable rhyme in front of a teahouse on the street? !
Grass, it’s not Chinese cabbage in the field!
Fang Chen looked at the plaque above his head and suddenly remembered something. Then he looked at Meng Qi with a more amazing expression and said, "Meng Xiong, you should not see anything, right? !”
Looking at Fang Chen’s weirder expression than himself, Meng Qi didn’t respond for a moment: "Why, Chen Xiong can’t feel it?"
Fang Chen looked at Meng Qi with a monster expression and said, "Of course I can’t feel it, not only I can’t feel it, but I’m afraid no one in the street can feel it."
"ah? What’s the matter? " Meng Qi doesn’t understand. Although the rhyme on this plaque is not so obvious, it’s not too difficult to understand it.
Fang Chen shook his head and said, "Go in first. I’m telling you about it slowly." Fang Chen seems to be trying to calm down the mood, but look at Meng Qi’s eyes is still a bit strange.
Enter the room set by Fang Chen, everyone takes a seat, and tea snacks are also brought up. But now Meng Qi’s mind is not on this, just take a sip and want to ask Fang Chen just now.
However, at the entrance of the clear tea, Meng Qi’s eyes lit up. I didn’t feel anything at first, but it was only a second, or even a shorter time. A strong fragrance was scattered in my mouth, and Meng Qi felt that his whole body was washed out.
That clear and refreshing feeling gives Meng Qi an unprecedented feeling.
Meng Qi’s attention was actually transferred to this tea. After tasting it again, Meng Qi had a long aftertaste, then looked at Fang Chen and asked, "What kind of tea is this?"
Fang Chen seemed to have foreseen Meng Qi’s present appearance, and said with a smile, "The name of this tea is Qingsi, which is one of the signs of this fragrant tea house. Anyway, I didn’t let you down. "
Meng Qi shook his head again and again. This is the best tea he has ever drunk in his life. Compared with this tea, those so-called good teas in the past seem to be dull.
Looking at Meng Qi, Chen Fang smiled and then said, "Well, let’s talk to you about the plaque just now." Said the matter, Fang Chen seems to be very sigh with emotion.
Hear Fang Chen about this matter, Meng Qi hurriedly concentrate, even one side of Chen Qingluan is a curious appearance, but that DJ Jane, is still a wooden appearance.