Yang Jian smell speech, sneer at 1, backhand. I immediately got a bright three-pointed double-edged knife in my hand and smiled: "If you want to keep me, it depends on your ability!"

At this time, the pharmacist Buddha came forward to signal Yang Jian to be calm and turned to that there is no heaven: "I’m afraid your majesty’s move is inappropriate!"
"Yang Jian is the most important criminal in heaven, and now he’s caught in a trap. What’s wrong with me taking him!" Wu Tian sneers.
The pharmacist Buddha smiled faintly: "The world still knows that the two countries are at war, and they don’t want to make it! Your majesty is the master of the three realms, so I’m afraid it will inevitably make you laugh and be generous! "
"It’s said that Buddhist people’s tongues are bursting with lotus flowers, and it’s sure enough at first sight today!" Wu Tian sneers.
"Your majesty is ridiculous! Everyone knows this common sense. Don’t you know that your majesty is the master of the three realms? " Error-free novel network does not skip words. The pharmacist Buddha retorted.
"Hum!" Wu Tian snorted again, and his face changed for a while. Then, with a wave of his big sleeve, he said, "Well, today, I will let you go. Someday, on the battlefield, I will kill you myself! "
When the pharmacist Buddha heard this, he did not see the slightest timid smile on his face: "I am always welcome to your majesty!"
After that, he went to Yang Jian’s side and said "Goodbye!" , and left with Yang Jian.
After leaving the worse gate, Yang Jian suddenly heard something and said to the pharmacist Buddha, "Brother, a good friend of mine is still imprisoned in that heaven, but I want to save him!"
The pharmacist Buddha heard this and thought for a moment. "In that case, I’ll go with you!"
Yang Jian shook his head and refused: "I have the skill of seventy-two changes of that demon. It’s more convenient to sneak in. Brother, you’d better go back to Lingshan to recover!"
"How does this make it possible for you to cope with the chaotic 36 demons alone? I’d better go with you for my brother!" The pharmacist Buddha said.
"Brother, rest assured, I went to save lives, and I won’t make much trouble. You’d better go home quickly, so as not to worry about your uncle and master! "
Say that finish, Yang Jian is turned into a breeze, evaded the four kings, into the heaven.
The pharmacist Buddha saw that Yang Jian had dived in, so he had to hope in his heart that Yang Jian would come out safely. However, the pharmacist Buddha didn’t return to Lingshan, but hid his figure above the cloud and waited outside the worse gate, in case Yang Jian should miss, he might help himself in time.

Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Fautu FuMo (3)
Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Fautu FuMo (3)
Yang Jian turned into a breeze. Evaded the heavy guards of heaven, but went around to the place where the prison was that day.
Hey, why did Yang Jian come to the prison? Originally, he wanted to come here to see if Nezha was being held here. Since that day I fled from heaven alone, I have been worried about the captured Nezha. Now with this opportunity, of course, he will think of some way to save Nezha.
Glanced at the four mountain soldiers who put their hands at the entrance of the day prison, and found that they only had fairy cultivation. Yang Jian fiercely accelerated and rushed into the day prison.
The four heavenly soldiers who put their hands at the entrance of the heavenly prison only felt a breeze blowing, and found nothing wrong. They were just surprised and didn’t care.
Into the channel, Yang Jian showed his figure, thought for a moment, read the hair tactic, suddenly, but turned into the Tatar King Excavate. Smiled, then walked to the lower level of the prison.
In fact, whether Nezha will be locked up here or not, Yang Jian is not sure at all. He is totally trying his luck with a try attitude.
Who knows. Yang Jian just stepped into the first floor of the prison, and a celestial soldier who looked like the head of the guard on this floor ran over and bowed and said, "Li Tianwang, you are here!"
Yang Jian looked at the soldiers that day, and then nodded his head in style.
"Heavenly King, are you still here to interrogate the third prince of Nezha?" Error-free novel network does not skip words. Mountain flattering asked.
At the moment, Yang Jian is worried about how to find Nezha. You know, this heavenly prison, like that hell, has eighteen floors in total. If you let yourself find it layer by layer, it will not only be a waste of time, but also easy to expose yourself.
Yang Jian was delighted when he heard this, but his face was still dignified: "Yes, you are clever, so follow me in the future!"
On that day, when the soldier heard the news, he immediately felt as if he were in joy, and quickly thanked him: "Thank you for your appreciation!"
Yang Jian waved and said, "Well, lead the way ahead!"
"Yes!" That day, when the soldiers heard the news, they should give a cry and kowtow to the front, leading the way for Yang Jian.
Behind the soldiers that day, Yang Jian leaned out all the way to observe the defense of the prison, and found that there was no guard above a pick Jin Xian, and his heart was thin.
A quarter of a column of incense. Yang Jian came to the 17th floor of the prison with the soldiers that day. The 17th floor of several guards also know excavate, and they just Jin Xian, but you can’t see the immediate excavate is changed by Yang Jian, have done a ceremony slightly, then get out of the way.
"Li Tianwang, please!" A few mountain devoting way.