This makes Wu Chongyao worry that these weapons will not be able to get rid of their hands in the future, but Zhu Jinglun insists on at least five times the price.

Section one hundred and thirteen Napoleon’s ideas
From the perspective of power comparison between the north and the south, the north has an overwhelming advantage. There are 23 states in the northern federation? 2? With a population of 230,000, almost all heavy industry, arms industry and light industry are in the north.
The Confederacy has 11 states, of which 40,000 of the 90,000 people are black slaves. Most of the economy in the South relies on agriculture, and there are a few small arsenals.
However, the south has long been prepared for the war and secretly trained a small but well-equipped and well-trained army.
So they can March on Washington as soon as possible
On the first day of the war, Lincoln made a speech. He called on 75 soldiers loyal to the state to suppress the rebellion in three months by the federal government. In towns and villages, people from all walks of life recruited and equipped the army to raise funds. Almost every village and town had people joining the army. They solemnly vowed to crush the rebellion before mid-July.
No one, this is a long-term war. Both the North and the South of the United States believe that this is a short-term war. Wu Chongyao is also increasingly pessimistic. Zhu Jinglun is worried about the situation of weapons law. He sold a batch of 10,000 rifles that have been delivered to the Americans for 52 silver.
Then he decided not to speculate on weapons and invest in cotton futures.
But Zhu Jinglun ordered 50 thousand rifles, and he didn’t decide or dare to make a decision for Zhu Jinglun. These rifles were delivered by the British and then sent to the warehouse.
Wu Chongyao didn’t know that his decision made him inadvertently jump out of a rat trap. In the end, Zhu Jinglun suffered a lot from weapons and hit a large number of weapons in his hand.
In addition, the price of grain has also increased, but it has only increased by half. Bankers in London are not optimistic about the price of grain, because even if the Americans themselves smash the British Empire and want grain, they can be transported. No one dares to stop the British Empire fleet. Besides, Americans don’t sell grain, and Russians are the world’s largest wheat exporter in this era.
Wu Chongyao, who was advised to eat enough, threw away the hoarded grain and made a small profit a month after he arrived in Britain. It is better to talk than to save money and warehouse in pencil-sharpener.
At present, he has at least one million taels of silver in cash, and he actively invests in cotton futures. American cotton is still responding to the British market, because the American fleet has not been able to block the southern British merchant ships or its own merchant ships. The southern cotton is still intact and sent from new york to Britain, and new york is a city in the north.
Although the price of cotton has soared, the increase is not outrageous. The newspaper even said that this price increase was due to panic and the British government sold cotton to crack down on prices, which caused a general increase.
In this era, Britain has basically completed industrialization, but the industrial revolution in continental Europe is still in the ascendant. The cotton textile industry is the core department of the industrial revolution in all countries, not because of how high the technical content of this department is, but because it can solve the employment problem of the most people, and everyone should wear clothes.
Cotton is the best material to solve the problem. The output of woolen cloth is not comfortable enough, and the linen is too rough. It is a luxury for the poor to choose silk, so cotton cloth has almost become the only choice. As a result, the whole world needs cotton.
The United States is the best place for cotton production, and the land resources almost limit them to enjoy the benefits of cotton planting. In 13 years, Europe imported 720,000 bales of cotton from the United States and soared to 250,000 bales in 15 years, and reached 50,000 bales in 16 years last year.
Among them, 77% of the British textile industry comes from the United States, 9% from France, 6% from Germany, and even the land is equally vast. Russia also imports 92% of the cotton needed by the country from the south of the United States. As a result, the southern States of the United States have produced a cotton imperialism argument that a thin cotton thread can strangle the world, so that they can safely and boldly wage war, not because they are confident of winning, but because they believe that Europe will not sit idly by.
In the south of the United States, they controlled Europe, and Europeans didn’t just fool around with business and finance. London financiers were still new york financiers, and all countries withdrew from the cotton reserve policy one after another. Britain was the most perfect country, and their annual cotton reserve consumption ratio was 1: 5, which means that they had one-fifth of the demand for such a huge reserve, which almost made them control the cotton price. It was just like the oil-producing countries in the future could never compete with the capitalists to control the oil price.
That is to say, if the quantity of cotton in the market is reduced by no more than one fifth, the British government can control the cotton price, and at the same time, if the American war ends in one year, then the market will not be affected, because American cotton should be normal in 2008.
Wu Chongyao’s agent in London, a broker of Bahrain Bank, explained to Wu Chongyao that he was betting on whether the American war would end in one year or last for many years.
At this time, Wu Chongyao remembered that Zhu Jinglun’s judgment was less than three years. He was convinced that he doubted that history was not a life-and-death one year when the north and the south were unified.
Wu Chongyao resolutely put all his funds on cotton and asked his agent to help him eat as much as he could on bargain hunting. At this time, if the market price falls, Wu Chongyao’s funds will go in as if they were supporting the market, and the British government is suppressing the cotton price, which leads to people familiar with the situation saying that Wu Chongyao is gambling with the British government. Few people think that this will be a war that lasts for a year because they don’t think much of the fighting capacity of Americans. Many people say that China businessmen are challenging the British government. At that time, they wait and see and want to enter the market, and speculators are even going to look at it.
Weird results happened. Wu Chongyao smashed two million and two thousand dollars into the market, but there was no big fluctuation. He actually bought two million and two thousand cotton futures at an average price of one cent. Compared with the British government’s huge one-fifth, he really couldn’t afford a Shui Piao with this money.
After that, I waited for Wu Chongyao and couldn’t stay in Europe. He had already arrived in Paris.
The French are also very interested in the American war. Everyone is talking about this war. Of course, businessmen and other people have a knowing dance. What emperor invited a group of China people to have an anecdote?
Who would have thought that their emperor would invite these people? The newspaper has already cursed the emperor.
The reason is very simple. The newspaper broke the news that they had made it clear in Britain. This is not a formal diplomatic mission. It is a mission sent by the local government of China. The British women didn’t even meet them, and our emperor invited them warmly. Is this showing the British people across the strait that the French are inferior? No, it can be said that Napoleonic Pavilion itself is inferior to the Queen of England.
The newspaper atmosphere is the reason why Napoleon invited the Guangdong mission, because his opponents are increasing.
When Napoleon became emperor, he had opponents just like his uncle, but he didn’t have his uncle’s super ability and outstanding achievements, so the middle class became more and more opposed to Charles Louis Napolé on Bonaparte’s rule. Simple farmers supported Napoleon, but simple farmers didn’t know the words at all, so newspapers often played against Napoleon’s testimony
Including this attack on Peiping by the British and French allied forces, before the war, all the newspapers clamored for the victory of the war, but instead of praising Napoleon, they once again picked on Napoleon, the leading general sent by Napoleon. After returning to China, Napoleon got him a parliamentarian and gave him some annuities, which made the newspapers scold him. Montoban gave him a letter directly. The public said that Napoleon was not greedy and refused the annuity, but after the Franco-Prussian War, the people discovered that their emperor had kept his promise and quietly gave it to Montoban from Chinese reparations.
This is the era when Napoleon was in no absolute prestige. At the same time, newspapers have long been accustomed to freedom of speech. If you lose, they will scold you. If you win, they will still scold you. This government has no credibility, just like China in later generations. People don’t believe what the government says, and some people always come out to suspect that it is a conspiracy.
So when the Guangdong delegation arrived in Britain, Napoleon came to a special country mission to help him rule out of the idea of the United States, just as Emperor China always liked to meet the envoys of the foreign countries and then give them a lot of rewards. This was a good time to show his prestige.
But I didn’t expect to be scolded. If Napoleon didn’t come to France lightly, Chen Zhiting would probably still be scolded. At that time, it would be said that even a declining country like China ignored France under Napoleon’s rule, but people went to Britain but didn’t come to France at such a time.
It’s really worse for the emperor to treat it like this.
Similarly, it is not a good thing for the people to be irrational. They don’t know that Napoleon was forced by them in the Franco-Prussian War and then suppressed by Germany for more than half a century, and was completely destroyed in World War II.
Bad emperor, irrational national contradictions, the decline of France has long been doomed.
But at this time, no one can see this. Even if the French elite are dissatisfied with Napoleon’s rule, they will admit that France is a great country now, or that France has always been great. This is nothing like the Napoleon family. Even without Napoleon, they still have Louis XIV.
After half a century, I wonder if the defeated French miss the scenery that Napoleon took them across Europe.
In this contradiction, Chen Zhiting didn’t feel embarrassed to break into the court of the second imperial era in France.
Section one hundred and fourteen The backstage fell down
Lā Chen Zhiting was very angry. It wasn’t that the French court didn’t speak international etiquette and neglected him. Honestly, Napoleon III? 2o? ? Advocating the glory of the past, making the court as aristocratic as it was in the old days, he thinks this is the essence of France, and it is impossible for the British across the strait to have this kind of background
But after all, it is not the past, and now the nobles are not the nobles of the past. There are too many violent minions flooding the court, and they are bold and provocative, which makes Chen Zhiting unbearable.
When Chen Zhiting now every lady wants to pass by him on purpose and glance at him, it’s not a random sweep, but seeing his body from his face and seeing him from his body-
Well, what makes him angry is that there are already more than a dozen heavy make-up clothes that make him look at his crotch. He also saw a woman of a young age who specially put a monocle up to look at his crotch when she came to him.
This, this, this is outrageous. Chen Zhiting felt that he had received a great humiliation. He couldn’t help it. The French deliberately called him to humiliate him, so he left with a cold hum. He was just chasing after a lady translator.
Later, he saw Chen Zhiting angrily asking him what to humiliate him. The French explained for a long time. He was a second-rate translator and an amateur who studied Sinology. However, he was often involved in the French court and volunteered to be a translator for the national mission. However, he barely spoke Mandarin and could speak Mandarin. It was very difficult to communicate with Chen Zhiting’s Cantonese accent. At this time, I saw Chen Zhiting’s fire and didn’t understand what had happened.
Finally, Wu Chongyao chased it out, and then English communication made it clear.
Chen Zhiting was explained that foreigners are also very bold about this custom in female wind, but Chen Zhiting blushed and decided not to attend this cocktail party and asked the French to arrange for him to go back to the hotel.
On the contrary, a group of wealthy businessmen who are used to living in the streets and alleys in China are like a duck to water. Although the translators’ translation is not very accurate, they can also talk and laugh freely with French women through some body language. Frankly speaking, this is the first time that they feel at home during their trip to Europe and the United States, not in the American railway, not in the British ship, not in the church and university, but in the French court.
It was they who found a brothel here. I didn’t know what the French emperor would think when he knew it.
When these rich men later returned to China, their experience in the French court became their biggest talk, boasting that they let French women beg for mercy in the garden, in the back of the house and in the hidden stairs in the corner.
There are indeed many handsome rich men who have slept with French ladies, or have been slept with by French ladies. They feel that they are in charge of French ladies. Isn’t it a taste of French ladies? To put it mildly, the fact of the French in this era is that they discriminate against Chinese people. Ancient Roman ladies also sleep with slaves
It is not impossible for Chinese people to really want Europeans to throw themselves at each other, but at least now they are not working hard enough. Although a nation that eats old people is better than a nation that never eats old people, it is definitely not worth boasting that if Chinese people want to be first-class, they must work hard to create more splendor than their ancestors.