I can’t stop smiling at the corners of my mouth because of the sweetness oozing from my heart.

Although he always says that his daughter doesn’t look like him, he still thinks a lot. It seems that he should know a lot of things recently.
Although we have exchanged two messages in the past half a month, my Lord and Ruoxi have been running to the family for a long time and should have told him a lot about us.
"Are you used to living there?" I saw that he was in a good mood, so I asked myself a question.
Zou Chen gave me another look in the rearview mirror. "I moved out the day before yesterday."
"ah? Where did you move? "
He glanced at me again with a faint resentment and didn’t reply. "You seem to be busy for more than half a month?"
"a little"
"Busy doesn’t even have a message? Or do you just want to come back and actually don’t want to? " Zou Chen’s tone is a little sour.
Does he blame me for not calling him? Didn’t he call me himself?
"I’m afraid you’ll bother me." He said this half a month knowing that he was at home, but he couldn’t see or talk. He didn’t know how hard I was working.
A man glanced at me in the rearview mirror again and didn’t speak.
"Mom, I want to listen to Xiaoyan." Panpan knelt up and pointed to the stereo.
I was afraid that the car would fall for a while and she would take her back to her leg and then encourage her in her ear, "Then ask dad if there is Xiaoyan."
Panpan looked at Zou Chen, but he just kept silent.
"What’s the matter?" I stood her up to face myself.
Panpan hung his head slightly and put a little finger on his mouth, pouting but not talking.
"Panpan is afraid of … dad?"
The daughter shook her head.
"Then you don’t talk to him?" I induced
The daughter suddenly looked up and said seriously, "He didn’t talk to Panpan either."
A man heard it and immediately asked, "What does Panpan want to hear?" The soft tone gave me goose bumps and made me a little uncomfortable.
Panpan immediately turned to look at him, then quickly turned back and threw himself into my arms, showing shyness.
Zou Chen looked at her in the rearview mirror and her eyes were even softer. "Do you want to hear Xiaoyan?"
My daughter gave me a gentle’ hmm’ in my arms.
Soon, "Xiaoyan" was played in the stereo.
I followed the light hum "Xiaoyan wears flowery clothes …"
My daughter was lying on my arms with her little head shaking again and singing along with her.
The sunshine outside the car is charming, the children’s songs are cheerful, and the three faces are full of smiles. The beautiful mirror is like a dream, and the breath is warm with a sweet smell.
Zou always tries to please his daughter.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-nine A family of three (2)
The sunshine outside the car is charming, the children’s songs are cheerful, and the three faces are full of smiles. The beautiful mirror is like a dream, and the breath is warm with a sweet smell.
The window of happiness seems to have been hit by us, and I believe it will be better later.
It took about 20 minutes to arrive at the forest park. Zou Chen parked the car in the designated parking space and took a look back at our mother and daughter.
Panpan didn’t expect that he would suddenly turn back and suddenly fall back into my arms, but I’m sure she is definitely not afraid of being as shy as a shy little girl who is embarrassed to see her favorite teenager.
"Here we are." Zou Chen reached out and gently touched her head.
Panpan shrank slightly in my arms.
I gave him a look and told him I was shy.
Zou Chen hit the door at the corner of his mouth and deliberately said, "Go fishing."
As soon as my daughter heard about fishing, she sat up straight. "Mom … car."
Some guy really knows how to hold our mother and daughter together
Zou Chen trotted out of the car and gave us the door. He was afraid that Panpan would hit the trunk when we got out of the car.
Panpan was very excited when he saw the big sign of the forest park, pointing to the gate and leaning forward.
In and out of the gate, almost all children are brought to play with grandparents or a family of three.
In April, Beijing is also very warm. It is the season when people come out for an outing. There are many peach blossoms in the park and the scenery is pleasant.
Zou Chen came to me with the bag "Go in"
When I entered the gate, I saw many families of three riding bicycles. Laughter words passed in front of us, and my heart itched.
In the past two years, I have devoted almost all my energy to the company to find out Zou Chen’s revenge on Bai Jie, and I have never come out and played once, and I have never been serious with Panpan.
Looking at the people in front of me, smiling faces are flying, ordinary and real happiness is actually very simple, that is, the family is together.
"Want to ride?" Zou Chen gently stabbed me at a side.