When everyone went to the tent, Quannai asked rudely, "Little General, you don’t know that your grain carrier was robbed, do you? Since your food and grass were robbed, why didn’t you take any precautions in last night’s battle, or did you relax your vigilance when you realized that there were only a few hundred people attacking? "

Quan Nai’s words made Jia Kangming feel ashamed. It was not that he didn’t get the news from Xia people, nor did he fail to notice the Xuanjiamen behind him. He just trusted his judgment too much and thought that what the Batman said was nonsense, which led to the present situation. In this case, in fact, Jia Kangming also had an unshirkable responsibility.
"How did your highness know so clearly about last night?" Questioning is Takeda Nobuo, and this time he didn’t react. Last night, the situation was so stalemate. How could a woman in Quannai walk out of the disorderly army unharmed?
"How should I know? Because I was captured by Xia people before? ! Do you know why they let me come back, because the leader in Xia people told me that let me think about the consequences of fighting with Daxia, or we will die ugly! " When he mentioned that he was captured, Quan Nai was full of anger, and it was all because of the unfavorable handling of affairs in Tian Zhen Village, which led to this situation.
Hearing that his sweetheart had been captured by the police, Jia Kangming stood up directly. "These summer people dare to talk nonsense, so we will attack Moping City and kill all their brothers."
Mu Qingfeng’s words are certainly not as ugly as what he said, but what women are best at is embellishing.
"Go to play? With what? I think you are out of your mind, too. What I just said went in one ear and out the other, didn’t you? We have even become a problem with food and grass now. If this matter is not solved, are you going to let our warriors fight with an empty stomach? " Quannai looked at Kangming with a face of contempt. I don’t know why the face that once looked pleasing to the eye now looks unbearable.
"That’s right, I’ll send a book to my brother, and then let him send a batch of hay by fleet …" Home Kangming closed his mouth before he finished, and he suddenly thought of a problem, that is, the summer people seem to have a very powerful warship.
"Your Highness, but as you just said, people in the summer have a ship like that, and they are not afraid of close combat. Our fleet is afraid of being no match." Jia Kang name said carefully.
"You don’t have to worry about this. I have my own way. Putting me on board is their biggest failure!" Quannai wine atoms vowed to say.
city with high walls
"Although the Xia people’s new weapons and the Black Armored Army are our biggest obstacles, we have no way to target them now, but this does not mean that they are invincible." Spring nai said slowly, "the last time your fleet was completely annihilated, the most important reason was that we underestimated our enemy. Also, their infantry and weapons were on board, but this time it was different. It seemed that we had lost a lot, but their decision was more stupid. Only a few hundred people’s black military can only play a role of surviving on the wall. All their equipment is on the boat, and we can afford it. As for the Pingliang Pill, it is better to deal with it. Without the black military, they will not be so invincible. They feel that they are saving from the mire, but they are actually digging their own graves. Once the two big killers are separated, they will be difficult to care about. It is a good opportunity for us to make enemies. "Quan Nai deserves the title.
"So what should we do now? Do you continue to attack Moping City to put pressure on them? " Takeda Nobuo wanted to continue to attack after hearing this, so as to save his mistake of running away from the enemy and leave a bad impression on the imperial daughter.
"Now don’t worry, our top priority is to keep our current camp, and all our energy should be put on the sea. As long as our next batch of food arrives, it will be the death of these summer people!" Quan nai gnashed her teeth and said.
For Jia Kangming, Quannai is the object of his secret love; For Takeda Nobuo, Quan Nai is the leader of his loyalty, so the Japanese who were originally divided actually reunited again. Mu Qingfeng’s hunch at that time was right. If he hadn’t put her back in the Japanese camp on his own initiative, there might not be so much trouble.
In the remaining few days, Moping City and the Japanese camp were peaceful. On the seventh day, the long-awaited food of Japanese people finally arrived. In order to send this batch of food, Jia Kangming asked his brother to send several warships. The "Broken Lu" didn’t see the fleet, but Sha Tongtian was not a fool, and he didn’t have the Xuanjiamen as the backing. Even if the bed crossbow and fierce fire oil of Huang Liang could sink some Japanese ships, Thinking of Mu Qingfeng’s entrustment and his oath, Sha Tongtian was anxious like a cat on hot bricks. He had advanced weapons and sufficient supplies, but he could only wander around the sea day by day. It was really uncomfortable.
"Mama of, the Japanese have dispatched so many fleets to escort. How many ships do they have!" When a batch of grain ships passed by, Sha Tongtian couldn’t help swearing.
This period of time is not without Japanese ships to provoke them, but the broken Lu has been transformed by thousands of machines, and its pursuit and escape are first-rate. After paying several Japanese warships but not even touching the hair of the broken Lu, the Japanese honestly escorted their own food, and they knew that this horrible warship would not dare to block one hundred anyway.
"I really want to fight with them directly. I still have so much fire oil and bed crossbows on board, so I can’t die with them!" Although Sha Tongtian’s mouth is fierce, his heart is like a mirror. He knows that he can never be brave for a while, and that he is completely annihilated. If the bed crossbow and fierce oil fall into the hands of the Japanese, he will be redeemed for his death.
"That’s right, these sons of bitches know that more people bully less people, so many people are dispatched every time, and they are not afraid of being copied!" A sea shark team resentfully scold a way.
The speaker has no intention, but the listener has a heart. Sha Tongtian’s eyes lit up, and a bold idea suddenly appeared in his heart. "The Japanese people use all their strength to protect us, which means that their base camp must be extremely empty. If they take the opportunity to copy their hometown, they will not be able to send food any more, and they will have an account with Mu Qingfeng."
However, this practice of Sha Tongtian is very dangerous. If the Japanese are prepared, the raid will be tantamount to a trap, which is of great significance. Sha Tongtian felt that he could not make a claim alone, so he called everyone on the deck and let everyone make a decision.
Surprisingly, almost everyone agreed with Sha Tongtian’s decision, because the prestige of Xuanjiamen was so shocking that everyone wanted to join this sect for a long time. Although it was dangerous, as long as they could help them, these sea shark players still turned their backs.
"That’s settled! Brothers, let’s go and copy the hometown of the Japanese! But there is one thing I want to make clear to you first. This ship is the painstaking efforts and crystallization of our summer. In any case, it can’t fall into the hands of Japanese people. If it comes to the last minute, we must set fire to this ship! " Sha Tongtian’s eyes filled with tears when he said that he had burned the boat.
Only a few hundred people answered him with neat slogans. "sea shark!" "sea shark!"
The Broken Lu turned the bow and headed for the place where Japan was located. Sha Tongtian had a fight with Japanese pirates in his early years and generally knew the position of Japan. Now that he has set off, the rest can only depend on God to give him no face.
"elder brother! Sister-in-law asked you to go out with her to buy jewelry! " This time, in just a few days, the three girls became close friends with their future sister-in-law. Although beautiful women don’t like each other, such as Xue Lianer and Zhuo Nongyue at the beginning, there is no such problem with sister-in-law and sister-in-law. Now, the relationship between Xue Lianer and the three girls is believed to be sisters.
Muqingfeng chuckled. She had never heard of her favorite jewelry since she knew Snow Lotus. Besides her adoptive mother gave her as a gift for her daughter-in-law, Beiyan’s family heirloom, she didn’t look at the jewelry of those Xia people on the road. Today, she made a mistake. It was eighty percent that the dead girl wanted to buy it herself, but she couldn’t open her mouth, so she played the guise of Snow Lotus, but it was no problem. After all, it was rare to be at leisure, and the Japanese didn’t attack.
As for the dog’s egg, let him have a good rest. The rough work these days can make him exhausted. You know, although Moping City is not short of materials, it takes a lot of effort to make the trebuchet.
Just when the third girl tried hard to wear the hair clasp on her sister-in-law’s head, a street boy came running breathlessly and grabbed Muqingfeng’s sleeve.
"Little ShiShu! Master, they have something important to discuss with you. Go to the city wall quickly. The Japanese seem to be making big moves again. " The little Taoist priest said anxiously without wiping the sweat from the coming year.
"hey. Little Taoist, why do you call my brother Little Uncle? Is my brother very old? " Hearing being called Little Martial Uncle, Third Girl was not happy.
"No … no, no, Miss Jiang, don’t get me wrong. I am a disciple of Master Liu Liangchen. Of course, I have to call uncle Shi. I have no other meaning." These days, people including Wan Chungu have understood a truth, that is, never go against this "three girls".
"Well, girl, don’t be hard on him. Let’s see what happened first. Just tell the boss what you like, and I’ll have someone take it back for you later." Mu Qingfeng said helplessly, there is really no way to take this sister by himself.
When the three of them went up to the wall, they found that all the important people were here, even the Huangliang and Muzhong Mountain, which were built in the equipment camp, had arrived.
"Teacher, teach, what’s the matter? Are the Japanese going to attack? " Mu Qingfeng is curious about where the Japanese people come from and dare to fight with them again.
"Silly boy, see if the Japanese camp is different from the previous two days." Li Daoling pointed to the Japanese camp in the distance.