"I only know that your mind is full of thinking about how to cultivate into an adult so that you can hit on my mother." Yang Muyu evil laughed.

The medicine son suddenly squatted under the pillow and thought about it. He leaned out and shouted at Mo Qing, "Mr. Mo, if you don’t go to see the master, the master will really get married. I won’t lie to you this time."
"Your master has been married for fifteen years and has never seen her really married!" Mo Qing didn’t good the spirit of the way.
Yang Muyu rubbed his head. What a mess? I thought about it. After sorting out my thoughts, I asked, "Father, what is the origin of my mother? Why don’t you marry her?"
"I want to marry, but … she doesn’t agree and she wants me to go outside …" Mo Qing sighed.
"The outside world?" Yang Chen and Yang Tie and Yang Muyu were moved at the same time. There is another world outside the boundary between mountains and seas. There is no doubt about that, but … Throughout the ages, people from all walks of life have never crossed the line … It should be said that no one has ever been able to cross the line …
Of course, the inferno exception.
"Sure enough, it seems that my guess was right. When I saw the medicine rabbit around my father, I wondered how there could be a medicine rabbit in this mountain and sea world. It turned out that someone had come to play." Yang Tie faint smile is not stopped out of thin air to knead a water polo in the blue and white porcelain bowl.
Just now, Yang Chen was attracted by Mo Qing’s affair and didn’t care what Yang was working on. Now, at first glance, he not only asked, "What is this deep blue mud?"
"Yes!" Yang Tie said coldly, "How can you meet someone tomorrow when you hurt your father’s face like this? I’ll get him some deep blue mud to tie it up and eliminate the swelling."
"Is it worth it just for this boy’s face?" Yang Chen shook his head, saying that deep blue mud is a treasure that is hard to find, but now it is used to treat Yang Muyu with such injuries, which is really overqualified.
"I want you to take care of it?" Yang Tie cold tunnel.
"Yang Tie must not be rude!" Yang Muyu suddenly said.
"It’s the Father!" Yang Tie busy respectfully promised.
Yang Muyu thought for a moment and asked, "What is my mother?"
Yang Tie looked at Mo Qing and said with a smile, "Tell me, Mr. Mo." "I don’t know!" Mo Qing only knew that Yang Muyu’s mother was not an ordinary human being, but he had no idea what her identity was. At the beginning, Yang Muyu’s mother, the city of Sunny Yao in Yang Chen, also took the opportunity to disappear. Mo Qing came after Yang Chen in a rage, but learned that he didn’t hurt the woman.
Mo Qing realized that she had run away by herself. Two years, including a newborn child, she can leave behind. What is the reason why she is desperate to leave herself?
Three years later, Yaoer came to the city of Qingyao, but she just took a message to Mo Qing. She was all right, just as Mo Qing wanted to marry her, so she came to both worlds.
At that time, Mo Qing knew that she was not from this world.
"What did you say?" Suddenly, Yang Tie was surprised and asked, "Is the mother of the Father God … a person from both worlds?"
"What’s the matter?" Mo Qing asked inexplicably, "Do you know both worlds?"
"Mr. Mo, you are in big trouble." Yang Tie sighed. I really don’t know how to explain to him that both worlds are different. Is that place accessible to ordinary people?
"What the hell is going on?" Even Yang Chen was curious and asked, What can anyone do to them, even if it’s not the world’s biggest in the mountains and seas?
"Father, lie down first and I’ll treat the wound on your face." Yang Tie shook his head.
"ok!" Yang Muyu leaned against the soft mat, and a faint light emerged in Yang Tie’s hand, together with the deep blue mud in the blue and white porcelain bowl, and poured it evenly on Yang Muyu’s face.
Yang Muyu smelled a faint fragrance in his nose, took a deep breath and blurted out, "It smells good!"
Yang Chen sighed: "It’s true that the legendary sacred object deserves its reputation. I’m afraid the spices you use are not as good as this."
Mo Qing nodded and said, "What I made was just ordinary incense. The bottle of spices you asked me to match was better than what I made now."
Yang Tie laughed: "I really don’t understand what’s good about you two?" In addition to being able to stay in beauty and use it, there are no practitioners on the nine products to stay in beauty. It seems that these external things are not needed? "
"You don’t know that our family is famous for its star medical skills and organs, and it is not ordinary people who are so idle that they start to study weird luxury goods. Originally, we didn’t have any research on spices, but Fairy Yaochi has a hobby for this. " Mo Qing smiled and said, "At first, I got an embroidered source hall for this morning, but it was only for the private use of Yaochi Fairy. Later, the cost was too high, and I started to use the Mohist network to buy spices. Other things were incidental products."
Yang Muyu listened and shook his head. How did the original embroidered source hall come from?
Mo Qing added: "The fairy Yaochi was really picky about spices. He was not satisfied with several kinds of spices in the morning, so he came to me to configure them in the morning. As a result, in order to meet her requirements, I spent three months experimenting for dozens of times and consumed a lot of precious medicinal materials and herbs to configure the spices …"
Yang Muyu not only rolled his eyes, but no wonder Yaochi Fairy recognized his identity when she saw him.
"Later, I thought that I couldn’t give all the women in Qingyao City different kinds of spices. Even in Jindi Palace, these spices are sold in Xiuyuantang, but now the feather is used but can’t be bought in the market." Mo Qing added.
"Why?" Yang Tie puzzled asked.
"A small bottle of this spice is worth thousands of gold. Who can afford it?" Yang Chen cold way "and configuration is very complicated steaming, drying, stuffy, smoked … Once which link is wrong, it will be wasted. In addition to being clear, I am afraid that even if someone in this mountain and sea community knows the formula, it may not cooperate. "
Yang Muyu said with a wry smile, "Father, you are idle and bored, so you can’t do such tedious things, can you?" He is proficient in astrology, especially medicine and poisonous common spices, and he can know what the ingredients are just by smelling them. However, this spice given to him by Mo Qing has been used for so long that he can’t figure out what the main medicine is.
"I was really bored at that time … it was all this damn spice or I wouldn’t have paid attention to your mother." Mo Qing shook his head. "At the beginning, she appeared in the city of Qingyao because she was so beautiful that a group of good people molested me. As a result, I accidentally smelled the fragrance on her body, which was very similar to this spice … I was very curious at that time, and the people who directly identified her Yaochi wanted to tease her …"
As a result, I went too far …
At that time, Mo Qing was young and charming, and naturally he was affectionate. It would be a good story to get married if the other person was really a middleman in Yaochi.
But ….. Even Mo Qing never thought that the girl he had a crush on was a world apart.
Yang Chen watched Yang Tie apply the deep blue mud on Yang Muyu’s face and gradually turned pink. Finally, it blended with his skin color. Originally, Yang Muyu’s swollen face suddenly returned to its original appearance … It was more tender and white than the original, and the whole face almost gave a faint glow.
"If this thing is seen by a girl, I’m afraid it will be robbed-it’s amazing." Yang Chen laughed.
Yang Muyu was not in the mood to care about this and asked in a hurry: "Where are the two worlds?" Why didn’t my father go to find my mother? "