See Yang Jian that a face of fake smile expression; There is a feeling that I want to punch the past on Sunday, but; That kind of behavior is to think about it on Sunday; Really want to do, Sunday don’t think Yang Jian will really honestly stood there and let him beat.

On the contrary; After listening to Yang Jian’s words, although I clearly know that at this time, both sides are probably cursing each other in their hearts, but on Sunday, I still have to pretend to be kind and answer to Yang Jian: "It’s really hard for my nephew over the years, and now I can have a rest, but you, uncle, have to stay in this place for one hundred years before I can go out, and I don’t know how to live this one hundred years."
"There are many things that seal the magic hole; A hundred years of dealing with a few accidents will pass, and you don’t have to worry about feeling lonely, Uncle. " Say a set; Yang Jian’s heart is secretly sneer at, in don’t know the beginning Buddha has been issued to let them the whole Sunday one person stationed in the magic hole in one thousand orders, Yang Jian don’t think there is a chance to get out of the hole on Sunday. There may have been; Yang Jian is just going to close Sunday after one hundred years to help clear water nun 1 out; This matter will be forgotten.
But before Sunday’s performance, Yang Jian has been completely offended, and now Yang Jian’s heart is only an idea; That is to keep Sunday locked in this magic hole until he runs out of gas; One thousand years and ten thousand years don’t give Sunday a chance to leave, so let Sunday know what happened to him.
However; Yang Jian’s heart is full now. If he knew the order issued before the beginning of the Buddha, it would be impossible for him to have such an idea now.
After the two sides talked with each other; Yang Jian informed Zhou Tianhou about some facilities and responsibilities of the magic cave; Then he left directly.
Speaking of it; The matter of guarding the magic cave is not busy; But say something easy; But it’s not easy at all. It all depends on the reaction from the underworld. Sealing the magic cave is another small space, where all the disciples who come to experience are fighting. But there is a magic weapon at the mouth of the cave to convey all the pictures in the space, large and small, if there is a disciple in distress; Or when a powerful Taoist priest appears in the magic-sealed space, Sunday needs to go in to help the disciples or kill the powerful Taoist priest.
After understanding their responsibilities; On Sunday, I couldn’t help but be relieved at that time, and immediately I was relieved at that time.
Originally, I thought on Sunday that guarding the magic cave needed constant fighting, so I had already made preparations for a hundred years of hard work before I came. I didn’t expect that now that I am stationed in the magic cave, I have some responsibilities, compared with the original idea of Sunday; What needs to be done on Sunday now is naturally easier. I don’t know how many times, if I am lucky; Even a hundred years can complete the task without doing anything, in this case; On Sunday, naturally, I feel relieved.
And then; In the next time, the situation was similar to what Sunday thought, although Sunday could not leave the magic cave because of his duties; But what needs to be done is really not much. Maybe I don’t trust Sunday’s strength. When Sunday took over nòng Jian’s position, the disciples who came to seal the magic hole were much less. Plus there was no powerful magic monk in Ma’s side, and Sunday had nothing to do. After a few years, I have been practicing there constantly, not so much guarding the magic hole; The feeling for Sunday is more like a retreat and vacation there.
Moreover; Even in front of the guards, Sunday, who is bored, runs a small shop and does some small business with those disciples who come to experience every day; It is also very unhappy.
Pure is nothing to find another job to do, and there is no shortage of fairy stones on Sunday, but under boredom, seeing that those disciples who come to experience need to run far away to buy Dan medicine after running out of Dan medicine every time, and then come back to practice, the heart will move and there will be such a Dan drugstore.
Sunday’s space produces its own medicinal materials; And now the space has the ability to mass-produce Dan medicine, and the Dan medicine in Sunday’s hand is never lacking. Every day, some of them are sold, which makes it convenient for those disciples to explain their teachings. On Sunday, they have a little more fun. By the way, I earned a little fairy stone.

Chapter two hundred and seventy-six Wear it again?
Chapter two hundred and seventy Wear it again?
"What the hell is this? It won’t be a demon, "reflected in the figure of Zhou Tianyan; The most is a creature that looks like a western demon, and those creatures that can be regarded as demons are now doing things that are constantly killing the fleeing people there and looking at the mutilated bodies around. On Sunday, I first felt a bad taste, but then my heart gave birth to infinite pitfalls for those demons. No matter what the situation is now; On Sunday, it’s impossible to see an alien killing his own kin without reaction. Since Sunday saw such a picture, those demons have long been doomed to no good end.
Just; There is no hurry to attack those demons here on Sunday, but I don’t want those demons to find Sunday first at that time.
A demon with a cow’s head doesn’t know when it is standing behind Sunday, holding a huge axe; It is in the case that Sunday seems to be unaware; Directly is an axe toward Sunday split in the past.
And Sunday didn’t make any resistance in this process, under the attack of the tauren demon; Directly and let the other side of the axe to cut the waist.
Only; Different from what the tauren demon thought, the tauren demon wanted to come, relying on Sunday’s weak body, under his axe attack; On Sunday, nature will die at once. But actually; When the attack of the tauren demon finally fell on Sunday, it did not cause any harm to Sunday, and there was a crunchy sound; The axe of the tauren demon did not slay Sunday. Instead, it was directly collapsed by Sunday’s powerful body because of its excessive force.
Even a fool; At this time, it should also be known that it hit a strongman, and the tauren demon gave a strange cry of fear; He was ready to run away.
However; Sunday’s counterattack is faster than the escape speed of the tauren demon. The tauren demon just turned around and didn’t come to rush. With a wave of his right hand on Sunday, the tauren demon was directly halved by Sunday.
The situation here is that all the creatures in the place are shocked at once. Before the death of the demon in tauren, both the demon and the terran slaughtered by the demon seem to have discovered the existence of Sunday. In the case that the Terrans shouted’ Xianshi’ and rushed towards it, the demons were one by one, staring at Sunday; Slowly surrounded by it.
"If we know the word XianShi, so although I don’t know how these demons appear, but from the current situation, I’m afraid these terrans should be a small world like the fix true world where they originally lived, whether it is like this or not; Now that we’ve hit this thing, we can’t ignore it anyway, demon; Hum, hum; Today, let you see what a real demon is. "After a few cold grunts; On Sunday, after taking out a fairy-level broadsword from space, he rushed directly at those demons.
Sunday now knows nothing about why he will appear in this position, and Sunday’s last memory just stays on the picture that was sent to the gap in space by the powerful Ma. Now I don’t know where I am on Sunday; I don’t know how I got here, let alone what happened in this process. But these are not important. No matter how puzzling those things are, they will need to be considered later. Now there is only one thing to think about on Sunday. How to kill those demons, as long as they are killed; Sunday has plenty of time to investigate things that are not known yet.
That’s it; In the case of a sneer expression on Sunday’s face, it directly collided with those demon armies, and then; What greeted those demons was a complete massacre.
Although Sunday doesn’t know anything about how he came over, he doesn’t mention those things; Sunday’s strength has not been lost, and it depends on Sunday’s five turns of Xuangong’s cultivation. The sword is hard to hurt, and those demons’ cultivation methods are different, but in Sunday’s view, they are the most cultivated from Du Jie to Mahayana, and the cultivation between the two sides is so big, although there are many demons, but even so; However, it is still impossible to have the strength to confront Sunday, so when fighting Sunday; Those demons’ attacks have no effect on Sunday, but every attack on Sunday can kill several demons, in such a case; Not for a moment; On Sunday, it is easy to kill all the demons within sight.
"ShiShu; This Dan medicine is too expensive for you. It’s more than ten percent more expensive than the outside. It won’t be long before we go out to buy Dan medicine. What you are doing now is simply killing people. "A new monk explained that when he saw the guard selling Dan medicine at the mouth of the magic cave on Sunday, he looked at the price of those Dan medicines out of curiosity. Is can’t help but directly and also toward the Sunday rang rang.
For such a thing; Sunday is already a habit, and there is no idea of arguing with each other at all; After a casual glance, I replied to him: "Love to buy or not; This is the price of Dan medicine here. If it is too expensive, you can go out and buy it. "
Listen to the words of Sunday; At that time, the disciple was ready to get angry, but after thinking about Sunday’s identity and calculating the gains and losses, he had to put away his anger; Opening his mouth, he replied to Sunday, "Give me ten bottles of Xianyuan Dan and three bottles of Cao Huan Dan". That disciple took out the corresponding fairy stone and handed it to Sunday.
For such a situation; Sunday is already a habit, so I didn’t say much; After collecting the fairy stone; It will also pass the Dan medicine that the other party needs.
Throw the fairy stone into the space; On Sunday, after watching the disciple leave, my heart felt helpless at that time.
Although Sunday earned a lot of fairy stones in this place by relying on the ability of space, it depends on Sunday’s strength; It is not easy to earn immortal stone. Today, Zhou Tiankai’s shop is not really to earn immortal stones, of course; Nor is it for the convenience of those disciples, but the purpose is simple; I opened the shop on Sunday only because I was too bored, and I went looking for trouble, which led to such a business.
After the initial exciting period; Now, if you do this business on Sunday at this time, you will have no feeling. What I want to happen most on Sunday now; Is the Ma side hurry up nòng some reaction, but now Sunday is very boring, if now Ma side can send a few stronger magic monks to accompany their boredom, it can also be called a way to kill time for Sunday.
As Zhou Tianxin flashed some ideas; I don’t know if the other party really heard Sunday’s prayer or if Sunday had a crow’s mouth, anyway, when Sunday just gave birth to such an idea; Less than a minute; Originally, the magic weapon of Sunday’s hand has been without any movement suddenly changed dramatically, and Sunday, who knows something about his opponent’s magic weapon, naturally knows it; A magic weapon with such a reaction can only mean one thing, that is, there are magic monks who have exceeded the strength limit, and Sunday understands this implication; Nature is immediately and at that time.
Those second-generation disciples who were upset about explaining teachings on Sunday; After all, it was not long ago that Sunday suffered a loss in their hands. However, although those second-generation disciples who are not happy to explain their teachings, since Sunday’s identity is now the keeper of the magic cave; Then the responsibility for your present position; Sunday still didn’t want to deal with it, s and hatred is s and hatred; Sunday won’t affect your work because of a little s and hatred. Originally, others have already questioned his strength. Sunday doesn’t want to really let the magic monk nòng come out with something huā when he guards the magic hole. That Sunday today this face but also lost big.
Hold that idea; Magic weapon there has just had a reaction, and on Sunday, it immediately rushed through the magic space in the first time, flying towards the place where the magic monk appeared …
A fight; From Sunday, it was discovered that the Taoist priest invaded and rushed to the other side. The whole process was just huā for less than a minute, but it was under such circumstances; When Sunday arrived at the farm, it was still half a beat slow.
The underworld and the underworld have been sworn enemies since the birth of the underworld, and the celestial cultivators in the underworld will not let each other go when they meet the Taoist priests in the underworld. In the same way, as long as the monks in the underworld meet the monks in the celestial world, they are almost directly killed.
When they enter the magic space, they should also know that they have no hope of survival when they enter the celestial world. So; Often, as long as those magic monks enter the magic space hopefully, they will kill the monks nearby in the first time, and then consider the problem of escape at that time.
Although most sects like Explaining Religion have sent people to guard the magic space, after all, this behavior is only passive defense, even in the past; There are also regular disciples who are beheaded by monks who are far beyond their own strength when fighting in the magic cave. For those disciples who are dead; Generally speaking, the evaluation given to them is a "fate" probably in the eyes of those powerful monks. If those disciples are really expected to grow up, then they should be able to escape from the hands of those magic monks instead of being struck. Now that they have died in each other’s hands; That can only be said to be his fate.
So; At ordinary times, even the guards will not feel anything when they see that their disciples have been killed by those magic monks. In general, most of them will not feel anything after arriving at the place. What you should have done in the first time is to kill the invading Taoist priests. As for those disciples who were killed or injured, they can help to bury their bodies afterwards. It can already be said that it is a very kind person.
However; Those performances are only relative to those of ordinary guards, but Sunday is very different from ordinary monks, at least psychologically; There are not many things that Sunday has experienced at the moment; It is far from polishing a heart of stone. Meanwhile; Sunday’s age is not too big, and the anger of young people has not dissipated. When I saw those disciples being killed by the Taoist priest during their own time as guards, the reaction was inevitable and it was a bit hot.
I didn’t even see what the other person looked like on Sunday; When he arrived at the property, on Sunday, just because he saw several bodies on the ground, which were obviously the reasons for explaining the disciples’ bodies, he was furious and attacked the Taoist priest.
"The soul is pale; Since you dare to kill my disciples; Give me die die die … "A nu scold; On Sunday, Cao, who had placed a fairy-level broadsword in his own space before, cut it one knife at a time toward the magic monk.
Facing Sunday’s attack; At the beginning, the first reaction is to open a defensive magic weapon and prepare to borrow the defensive ability of the magic weapon to resist Sunday’s attack. Only; In the end, it is inevitable that the monk will be disappointed. On Sunday, even the strength is just the bottom corner of the second generation of disciples, but it is put in the celestial world; More or less, it can be regarded as a small high hand. Now this magic-sealing space has corresponding restrictions, and the powerful magic monk can’t pass. Now there is an accident, which is even a rare thing. If you want to fix it; If Zhou naive town not a son; Yuan Shi Tian Zun probably won’t let him come here to accept such a position, will he?
So; Sunday’s first blow was nothing unexpected, and it went down with a knife; The defensive magic weapon of the Taoist priest was broken on Sunday. If it wasn’t for the other party’s quick reaction, it was almost killed by a knife.
And after flying away from Sunday; The magic monk wiped the sweat on his forehead, but at that time he looked cautiously at Sunday and knew that he had met the enemy. I won’t treat Sunday as an ordinary monk before.
The magic monk who is ready for battle is not the one who can easily kill on Sunday. After all, before that, under the condition that the magic monk despised Sunday, since he failed to kill it on Sunday, such a situation is enough to explain part of the strength of the magic monk. In such a case, when the other party goes all out to fight against it; The demonstrated strength is naturally stronger than before.
However; Sunday is obviously not in the mood to consider those problems, even know that the magic monk’s strength? Sunday is angry now, but at this time; On Sunday, I just want to kill the monk in front of me to vent my anger. As for other things, I have no idea at all.
Strike no; When I saw that the Taoist priest had fled away; On Sunday, after a huff, regardless of it, it was at that time that he chased after the convenience.
Just; The other party is obviously ready for Sunday, and Sunday once again rushes to the other party, waving a broadsword and preparing to split the other party with a knife; The name of the magic monk is in the case of knowing what kind of monk Sunday is, ready to drive Yunfei away from Sunday, and then use a magic weapon to nullify Sunday after pulling away.
Although there are not many people fighting like Sunday, it is not difficult to meet, whether it is physical training or sword training; The way of fighting is similar to that of Sunday. Although the underworld is isolated, its practice system is in the same strain as that of the celestial world; After seeing Sunday’s performance, the demon monk; Nature is immediately and at that time will all the ins and outs of Sunday to guess.
Knowing that Sunday is an enemy who is good at melee; According to the monk’s reaction at the moment, there is nothing wrong with each other’s actions. Monks who are generally close to physical training have no chance of winning. It is the most correct move to open the distance between the two sides and then use a magic weapon to nullify Sunday. But; That magic monk happened to meet on Sunday, and as a result; It was a very correct move, but it did not make it win this battle, but let it die.
Generally speaking; The movement ability of physical training will not be very fast, which has a lot to do with the fact that physical training only practices combat skills, but rarely practices the skill of driving clouds. It is for this reason that although the combat capability of physical training is not too much weaker than that of sword training, it is even better than that of defense, but because of the existence of the weak top of speed, it makes the reputation of physical training far less than that of sword training.
And the way that the magic monk is now used to cope with Sunday, if it is used in physical training; That is naturally the most correct reaction. But now the problem is; Sunday himself is not the kind of physical exercise mentioned above in the traditional sense, so his original correct response naturally makes it impossible to achieve any results.
Although many people regard Xuangong as a method of body cultivation, it is actually a method of proving Tao, which is far from what ordinary monks can imagine.
When it comes to defense; Turning Xuangong is more than a hundred times better than ordinary physical exercises, but all the weaknesses of some physical exercises are made up by magical powers. At present, this is the case when facing the response measures of the magic monk, and when the other party flies back; Sunday is just a somersault cloud flying; In an instant, he also caught up with the magic monk, and then in the other side’s surprised eyes, he didn’t give him a chance to respond, and he didn’t even have a chance to offer a magic weapon. The magic monk was cut off by a knife on Sunday.
After successfully killing the magic monk; Sunday is not relieved at that time, although it is a waste of some hands and feet. But in the end, the magic monk didn’t bring too much trouble to Sunday, and now he died after Sunday’s hand; Sunday arrived and successfully completed the task.
Now that the task has been completed; On Sunday, there would be no need to stay in the same place. I took away the storage bag of the magic monk, and after a spell burned his body to ashes, on Sunday, I was ready to go back to the mouth of the magic hole and wait for the next accident.
But I don’t know what’s going on. Before Sunday, I kept on sealing the magic hole for half a day. But a demon monk with excessive strength didn’t appear. Now, as the monk who was killed on Sunday, Sunday has not come back to the mouth of the cave, and the magic weapon of Sunday’s hand has begun to report to the police one after another at that time.
An alarm shows that a magic monk with excessive strength appeared in the magic space. Now, the magic weapon of Sunday’s hand is alarmed so frequently that it can only explain one thing, that is, a large number of magic monks with excessive strength have entered the magic space, and this situation is for Sunday; There is no doubt that it is absolutely unwilling to see it.