Meng Qi wandered slowly in this huge palace, and couldn’t help sighing that it was a mythical world, the original world. I think there is no place as big as the Afang Palace of Qin Shihuang and the Forbidden City in the capital. However, there is still a big gap compared with here, even though the area is almost broad. But people here are almost catching up with the height of modern architecture.

While Meng Qi was sighing, people passing by him were wondering, whose pet is this? I cann’t believe I ran to the main hall in Zongnei. The key is that this little snake looks like a tourist, and at this tense moment, it’s really uncomfortable.
However, no one cares about Meng Qi. After all, everyone has personal affairs, and no one has the leisure to mind their own business. So even with some attitude of visiting, it wasn’t long before Meng Qi found Fang Ling ling. When Meng Qi called Fang Ling Ling Ling, Fang Ling Ling Ling was still surprised. How did this guy get here?
Chapter XII Measures
When Fang Ling ghatpot came out, the whole face was already dark. It seems that if Meng Qi had nothing to say, I’m afraid Miss Fang Da’s anger will follow. In this rather tense period, even if she is in a special position, Meng Qi will at least be guilty of lax discipline. Just before he came out, someone was cooing.
Meng Qi looked at this dark face in front of him, and he could feel something vaguely. Plus those eyes that looked at him along the way just now, Meng Qi could guess 7788. But it doesn’t make Fang Ling Ling angry, because he really has something to say.
Just when Meng Qi expressed that he had an idea to help the black emperor, Fang Ling ghatpot looked at Meng Qi’s serious face and looked much better. When she came to a secret room belonging to her, she called Meng Qi to talk about it concretely.
And Meng Qi also told Fang Ling ling what he had met outside. But said Fang Ling ghatpot’s face turned black. Meng Qi had just finished, and some smug people wanted to catch their breath, only to find that Miss Fang’s face looked more and more like Bao Gong. It seems that there is no connection between the two things.
Meng Qi sighed, thinking that with Fang Ling’s mind, she would be able to extrapolate this kind of thing, so that she could keep a low profile. But, alas … So Meng Qi had to go on talking.
"You not is say, don’t want to come to the so-called play with them? Since they wounded or killed the fox. And I said something like that again. If it was in Zongnei, I would say that the fox was really a mountain protector in Zongnei. And they did this kind of thing, which obviously brushed the face of Zongnei. It is not impossible to interrupt this exchange, of course, it is a bit far-fetched. But as long as Zongnei makes the identity of the fox special. Plus, with me and that little fox testifying, they can’t deny it. "
As Meng Qi slowly narrated, Fang Ling’s eyes became brighter and brighter, and then it was like two little stars. However, suddenly she meditated again, thought for a moment and said, "But in this way, the intentional trace is too thick, doesn’t it show that we are guilty?" No way. Besides, if Haoranzong admits his mistake and apologizes, we still can’t stop communicating. "
Meng Qi listened to this, but he was a little stunned. He nodded his head underground and began to think again. Soon Meng Qi looked up and asked, "Is there any old guy in the clan who has a high seniority and high prestige, but has a strange temper and is angry with his six parents?" Well, anyway, it is one or two generations higher than the leader of Haoran Sect this time. "
Fang Ling-ling was puzzled when she saw Meng Qi suddenly ask this question, but she still said, "There are such people. Remember the elder Cheng who studied you before? He’s just like you said. But what do you want? " Meng Qi grinned when he heard that there was such a person and that he would never forget the old guy.
When Fang Ling Ling saw Meng Qi, she actually began to laugh. Just about to ask what, Meng Qi said, "Well, it’s good to have such a person! As long as we let the wind out first, saying that the fox is the old man’s favorite thing, and that the old man found out that she had been killed, let it out and avenge her. Well, this time, the wind should be fast and the action should be big. On the surface, you still pretend that you don’t know anything, and let the people below pretend that they have inquired about it themselves. Then, you will take Fox and me to identify people. After discovering the murderer, you will immediately call the old guy to beat them off guard. Hey, hey, even if they had taken precautions and sent those people back, we can still identify the murderer only if we find out who is missing and showing the portrait. And this contradiction will be transformed into the old guy, plus his old qualifications and high prestige, and Zongnei can’t do anything about him. And the old guy as long as the dead to tie up lousy dozen with them, if again in the case of the influence of this matter, hum, what nonsense communication, you can completely ignore, the most important thing is, although we have gone too far, but it is reasonable in hand. They have suffered a dull loss, and they have to admit that they are unlucky, hahahaha. "
Originally, Meng Qi didn’t think so deeply, but after what he said just now, Meng Qi was more inspired and more energetic. At last, I couldn’t help laughing and dancing. Didn’t find Fang Ling ghatpot to see his look very strange.
When Meng Qi returned to absolute being and found Fang Ling ghatpot looking at himself in a strange way, his heart was suddenly shocked and he knew that his performance was too shocking. A snake demon of the building foundation stage is equivalent to the first-class monster beast. Generally speaking, at this time, it has just started the soul wisdom. Moreover, Meng Qi’s ontology is not a spirit beast of heaven and earth.
Usually, he is just a heterogeneous person with abnormal spiritual intelligence. Now it seems that it is not so simple. Even thought of this kind of mean way, that is, helped the black emperor zong, and avenged himself. The key is that Elder Cheng will definitely agree to this plan for the sake of Zong Nei, and at this time Fang Lingling thought of the rescued little fox.
With this guy’s temperament, how could he risk saving a fox for no reason? Once this method is successfully implemented, the fox will surely be taken in by Zongnei. It seems that, hum, this matter needs to be well excavated for this guy. If it’s just a pet, it’s a waste. Well, at least it can be promoted to be his younger brother, haha.
Fang Ling twill more think more feel good, of course, both pets and younger brother, Meng Qi can’t run out of her big miss Wuzhishan. Besides, she doesn’t want such a fun, smart and pleasing pet to be caught and studied into something puzzling, well, at least before she gets tired of playing, hehe.
Just when Meng Qi was seen jumping about, Fang Ling Ling finally stopped looking at him and began to think about what needs to be done when this method is implemented. And Meng Qi also escaped, relieved. Look at Chinese Ling Ling, who was deep in thought, she asked in a low voice, "Well, if it’s all right, I’ll leave?"
When it comes to business, Fang Ling twill will no longer tease Meng Qi. Wave your hand and signal that Meng Qi can fuck off. She has to discuss it with Zongnei herself. In fact, this method may not be acceptable to those old guys, but she will talk about it anyway. After all, this method sounds really analog.
However, there are still many places that are not fully considered, but with such a shelf, if this method is really used next, the specific operation is still very convenient. Fang Ling twill thought like this, and came to the hall.
After Meng Qi went out, he quickly left this place. And then returned to the house at a faster speed. I was relieved when I returned to my nest. Although he was very excited at first, now he only feels a little tired. Looking at the sleeping fox around him, Meng Qi felt that his nest was a little small. I can barely hold myself and Fox. It seems that I have to find a spacious place.
Meng Qi still didn’t know that, because Fang Ling twill put forward that method in the discussion hall, there were a lot of monks who needed to look up at Meng Qi now. First, a few old fogies were very opposed to this method. But after all, it’s only a minority, probably burying his head in practice and making his head funny. But it won’t be long before they gradually understand that some things can’t be replaced by face.
Then, I began to discuss the specific implementation plan slowly. Some old guys here are much better than Meng Qijing. Meng Qi wants to die, but he has a general framework. These old things, holding each other, a huge plan is gradually produced. However, Meng Qi’s method has been changed beyond recognition, and only a faint shadow can be seen in it.
Speaking of this, I have to talk about the management system of the Black Emperor Sect. If a Sect wants to become a big school in the world, first of all, top monks are necessary. How the top monks in a Sect mean which rank the Sect belongs to.
However, it is not necessarily possible to manage a Sect well by practicing high. Moreover, they spend most of their time practicing and have little energy to manage these chores. Therefore, the management of a Sect is not the top monk in the Sect, but the disciples of three or even four generations.
These people are often cultivated. However, there is also a lot of free time. For example, it takes a chance to get from then to Yuanying, and you can’t just make a breakthrough through penance. Taking on the role of management can also be regarded as practicing after entering the WTO. However, if you cross this hurdle, you don’t have to play such a role. But not everyone will take it. It’s just that there are many people who are always suitable for this road.
There are also some who know that it is impossible to live in the elderly in further cases with their own qualifications. They often act as decision makers. These people are not the same as those in management just now. These are real high-ranking monks. And most of them are people who have served in the previous role, so it is handy to do this kind of thing. As long as there is no major event in the sky, they can completely manage the whole Sect. And it will hardly be hard. As long as the following people come up with ways, they will start to implement them if they feel that there is no problem. It is only those three or four generations of disciples who really suffer.
Chapter 13 New Love and Old Love
Just as Meng Qi was sleeping soundly, Fang Ling Ling Ling had come back from the magic temple (the general name of the hall of the Black Emperor Sect). And obviously with a smile on his face, it seems that he is in a good mood. I think there must be a solution.
Go straight to the front of Meng Qi’s nest, and for the first time, it is useless to directly remove Meng Qi with spells. Instead, he reached in and groped in Meng Qi’s nest. After a while, Fang Ling felt Meng Qi, and no matter where she touched it, she just ripped Meng Qi out.
Poor Meng Qi was sleeping soundly, so he was completely in a daze, and he died. Fang Ling Ling was really grasping Meng Qi’s tail. Therefore, Meng Qi was directly carried backwards. The most important thing is that Fang Ling Ling Ling saw that Meng Qi had not yet woken up, pinched her mouth and grabbed her tail directly.
"ah! ! ! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ "Meng Qi shrieks immediately spread more than ten miles away.
It’s really bad luck for Meng Qi to meet such an owner who doesn’t cherish pets. Looking at Fang Lingling in tears, Meng Qi couldn’t help cursing again: "I XX you OO, die!" In fact, Meng Qi would never do such a thing again if he was sober. But as everyone knows, I just woke up from sleep. Well, I’m always a little confused. Plus, Meng Qi’s relationship with Fang Ling Ling Ling has grown by leaps and bounds for a while. There would be no previous cautious.
However, as soon as the words were exported, Meng Qi woke up. However, this time Meng Qi decided to push hard. First of all, his relationship with Fang Lingling is already quite good, and he is also a pet and friend. Come again, this time, no matter what, I have done him a big favor, with Meng Qi’s understanding of this big lady. Fang Ling twill, not a reasonable person, even a kind person.
Of course, Meng Qi’s top ling ling is not an emotional struggle. Although it seems that Meng Qi was confused and angry at the moment, it is not the case. Meng Qi is also waiting for a chance to get closer to Fang Ling ling. If he only concentrates on being a pet, his relationship is almost the same now.
However, Meng Qike is not reconciled to this. What he wants is more trust, so that Fang Ling Ling can regard him as a bosom friend. If it is related to a certain degree, Meng Qi may be free. However, only kowtowing can never be really looked up to.
So, sometimes, Meng Qi must argue, so that Fang Lingling can change slowly from consciousness. This is a long-term plan, which cannot be completed for dozens or hundreds of years. However, it is almost impossible for Meng Qi to practice on his own to escape from Fang Ling’s clutches.
Not to mention Fang Ling ghatpot’s cultivation talent is higher than Meng Qi’s, and there is the whole Black Emperor Sect behind Fang Ling ghatpot, but he has nothing. Even if he is free, but without a backer, Meng Qi’s life may not be better than now.
Of course, you can also ask Meng Qi to find a mountain forest to hide and live in seclusion. But after the little fox incident, Meng Qi also understood that even if you don’t bother yourself, trouble will come to you.
But if you really want to find a deserted place with thin aura, no one may find him, but in this way, Meng Qi’s cultivation speed doesn’t know what will slow down. Moreover, Meng Qi’s ultimate goal is to be able to enter human social life. If you want him to stay alone in that hellhole for hundreds of years, it’s strange that he’s not crazy. Don’t forget, under this snake, there is a human soul.
Therefore, Meng Qi decided to change into a route. The first step is to have a good relationship with Miss Fang Da, and the better, the better. As good as it can be. As for the second step, it will be time for Meng Qi to break through the enlightenment. At that time, what Meng Qi wants to do is to mix in the Black Emperor Sect. Even if he can only be the most ordinary disciple, he is very handsome if he is well attended by a big lady. At that time, we can also have a single house. How nice it is to do whatever you want.
However, the key is to make Miss Fang not treat him as a pet, at least a very special pet. In fact, Meng Qi often whispers, if only Miss Fang Da were the kind of idiot woman who doesn’t care about the world. Three times five divided by two will scare her.
His requirements are not high, just let him help himself where he can. However, Miss Fang Da’s IQ may be much higher than Meng Qi’s. It’s good that Meng Qi doesn’t play around himself.
However, since things are already like this, Meng Qi can’t change it. However, Meng Qi still feels that it is quite a smooth road to go this way.
Then, as Meng Qi expected, Miss Fang’s face suddenly turned black. Meng Qi, however, pretended not to see it, mustered up courage and continued: "I have never seen such a savage girl like you. You are a woman at least. Don’t you know the word tenderness? If you go on like this, I think you will be an old nun all your life. No one dares to ask for it. "
At first, there was still some anger in Meng Qi’s words, but gradually it became rambling, as if he were really worried about Fang Ling’s lifelong happiness. And Fang Ling ghatpot also strange, Meng Qi said so, but her anger gradually disappeared. And, with a strange expression, it seems to be recalling something.
And Meng Qi saw Fang Ling twill reveal this expression, and stopped talking, as if he didn’t want to interrupt Fang Ling twill’s recollection. After a while, Fang Ling twill, Meng Qigang wanted to continue to say something, but he saw a strange smile on Fang Ling twill’s mouth. Knowing that things were not good, he just wanted to escape, but Fang Ling twill grabbed his tail again and turned the windmill.
Meng Qi that depressed ah, thought, this dead girl, is really hopeless. However, this time Fang Ling ling paid attention to her strength, and seemed to be just playing with Meng Qi. However, Meng Qi still felt dizzy and wanted to vomit, uh, oh …
Just when Meng Qi vomited, he suddenly found that the rotating world suddenly stopped turning like just now. At first glance, it turned out to be Fang Ling’s silk, but how did Meng Qi feel that it was still turning?
After a while, I finally recovered. Looking at Fang Ling ghatpot’s eyes is simply * * naked showing her flesh, drinking her blood, and ripping her bones. However, Fang Lingling directly ignored Meng Qi and asked, "Isn’t there a fox demon? Call it out and let me have a look. "