Just a second or two, almost at the same time there were two voices. One is the scream of the blood-sucking bodhi old zu when Kwai Shui Shen was struck by lightning. Another sound is that the blood blade hits Meng Qi, and Meng Qi screams.

Fortunately, the second Kwai Shui Shen Lei promptly blew the blood-sucking bodhi old zu to ashes. Meng Qicai escaped being made a clean break, but the wound was so deep that you could almost see the bone.
This is the first time that Meng Qi has been hurt so badly since he became a golden scale tactic. Meng Qi fell to the ground, unable to hold on to the pain and fainted. Actually, Meng Qi is very afraid of pain …
And the neon standing there, unable to respond to this sudden change. What keeps flashing in my mind is the worry and hesitation in my eyes when Meng Qi jumped on her just now.
She didn’t react until Meng Qi fell. Hurriedly take out the wound medicine and panacea, first will be scattered in Meng Qi’s wound. Then the wound began to heal slowly, and then Meng Qi was fed several magic pills.
Sitting on the side, I looked at Meng Qi with my arms folded, and my eyes got wet somehow.
Meng Qi got this knife, which brought neon’s trust and gratitude to him, and maybe some other things. Is this guy happy or unhappy if he knows? I’m afraid he’s going to struggle for a while
Chapter 68 Respectively (Chapter I)
It didn’t take long for Meng Qi to feel something. The wound seemed to be less painful, and the ice was cool and comfortable.
When Meng Qi woke up from the ground, he found that the neon sitting on the side seemed to be thinking about something. Didn’t notice that Meng Qi had woken up.
Meng Qi moved a little, and immediately touched the wound, making him grin with pain.
Such a call will disturb the neon that I don’t know what to think. Looking at Meng Qi’s wound, he began to radiate blood again. She hurried over, sprinkled some magic medicine on Meng Qi’s wound and said, "As soon as the wound is closed, it will move, and the spirit will speed up the healing."
Although the statement didn’t sound very polite, Meng Qi heard a little concern from it. He was quite embarrassed. In fact, this kind of injury is not particularly serious for him. It just hurts …
Meng Qiyun used the spirit force to cooperate with the elixir, and his wound was completely healed in a moment. However, some troublesome things are that the bloody psychic force of the blood-sucking bodhi old zu is entrenched in Meng Qi’s body, which will affect Meng Qi’s use of psychic force.
However, this kind of thing is not something that can be solved at once. Only Meng Qi can slowly adjust his breath. On the whole, the impact is not very serious.
Next, Meng Qi collected the lair of the blood-sucking bodhi old zu. I have to say, this guy is really poor. Meng Qi turned the whole crypt upside down, but only found a few middle-order Lingshi and nearly a hundred low-order Lingshi.
As everyone knows, this has been the savings of the blood-sucking ancestors for more than a hundred years. Now, however, Meng Qi does have some disdain for this thing. But at least it’s meat, so Meng Qi is still very happy.
As for the rest, it is useless for Meng Qi to bring it. It is neon that picks up a blood blade on the bodhi old zu, which seems to have any use.
In this way, Meng Qi did not give him Lingshi. However, Meng Qi also found an interesting piece of jade.
This jade piece seems to gather the moonlight in the sky into this Yu Pei. Then form a small spiritual force field, which has the function of accelerating cultivation. Although the effect is not too obvious.
Although the effect of this thing is not very significant, Meng Qi also understood it. Obviously, this crypt is not a crypt, but in just over a hundred years, a zombie came out in the late period of enlightenment.
This thing is of little use to neon. It has a considerable effect on Meng Qi. One of the reasons why he no longer absorbs the moonlight is that he is too small.
In fact, the effect of the demon family absorbing the moonlight has a certain relationship with its body shape. Although the spirit force contained in Yuet Hua belongs to the pure spirit force of Yin, if the amount is too small, it is better to use the spirit stone with the same attribute to assist the cultivation.
Therefore, Meng Qi seldom absorbs Yuet Hua as a practice now. With this piece of jade, there will always be a spiritual force field surrounded by moonlight around Meng Qi. It is very beneficial to practice.
At least, under the shadow of this spiritual force field, Meng Qi can automatically absorb Yuet Hua’s talent through the demon family every day and keep practicing.
In fact, Meng Qi came to the outside world to travel, and his daily practice time was only the time he used to sleep. You usually have to walk around. Even so, Meng Qi rarely has time to achieve full-load practice every day.
This is your choice. If you get some, you will lose some.
With this thing, Meng Qi can shorten the training time by two hours a day under normal circumstances. In other words, even in the state of traveling, Meng Qi can almost practice at full capacity every day.
This is a very rare instrument for Meng Qi.
Such a thing, Meng Qi, of course, stayed calmly and didn’t tell Neon. After all, Meng Qi felt that she didn’t have such a good relationship with her.
It is a matter of cultivation, and Meng Qi has to do so.
After the crypt was cleaned, Meng Qi and Neon walked out of the crypt. It was just morning when they came in, and now it is dusk, which shows that Meng Qi has been dizzy for a long time.
Meng Qi moved all the bones of all the victims inside. Of course, using magic to carry. Otherwise, if he is asked to move skeletons and mummies, he really doesn’t want to do it.
In a sunset, Meng Qi and neon face such a pile of things. The feeling in my heart can’t be described in words. Finally, Meng Qi just silently blessed the dead. And dropped the torch.
The smoke slowly rises, and Meng Qi seems to see the souls of those dead women ascending to heaven …
"What about this guy now?" After returning to Jincheng’s mansion, neon looked at Meng Qi who was still kneeling on the ground.
Meng Qi looked at the poor guy and said indifferently, "Let him hang himself." Meng Qi didn’t bother to kill a guy like this who helped others.
Moreover, at that time, it is not easy to explain the official of the country. After all, he is the son of the duke of Jinling City. It also represents secular rights.
In fact, people who cultivate immortality can’t do whatever they want in the secular world. Of course, it will not be as restrained as ordinary people. Meng Qi just wants to have less trouble.
As a result, Kim Sung-Jae Meng Qi and neon eyes, personally put away the rope. Then stand on the stool and kick it.
At this time, the neon will give a solution to his ecstasy, only to see Jin Cheng’s face, which had no expression, was brilliant in an instant. He seems to be wondering why he hanged himself.
Then, he saw Meng Qi neon under the ground. At this time, he has no time to figure out how Meng Qi got out of the dungeon, and he is not in the mood to covet neon looks.
Just grasping the rope with one hand and grasping Meng Qi and neon with the other. Hard to spit out two words: "help!" " I never saw that charming look again.
And Meng Qi and neon just looked at him indifferently and struggled constantly, and his face turned from red to purple. Finally gave up the ghost …
During the period, the two did not show any look except indifference.
Finally, Meng Qi just said to Zi Xuan, who was standing beside him trembling slightly: "Although heaven and earth are unfair, justice is free from people’s hearts. Zi Xuan, you should firmly remember this sentence."
Zi Xuan just nodded his head, I don’t know why, was very afraid of the heart with a word from Meng Qi then calmed down.
Meng Qi touched Zi Xuan’s little head and said to the neon, "Where are you going now?"
Neon didn’t answer Meng Qi, but asked, "Where are you going?"
Meng Qi looked up at the starry sky. After half a ring, he said, "I don’t know. Let’s continue to travel around. When I feel almost the same, I will take Zi Xuan back to the Black Emperor Sect. "
"Then where to go next?" Neon also looked at the milky way all over the sky, and felt a little sad. But she has been missing for so long that she must go back to Zongmen.
"Ready to go?" Meng Qi is also irrelevant answer.
"Well ~" neon gently answered, Meng Qi didn’t recognize the meaning contained in it.
"Since you choose this, I won’t embarrass you. Have a drink before you leave. I don’t know when I will meet you again. " Meng Qi withdrew her gaze and looked at the neon.
Neon also withdrew her eyes looking at the starry sky and bowed her head without speaking. Just took the glass that Meng Qi handed me.
Meng Qi took out an altar of daughter incense that had been stored for a hundred years, patted Kaifeng mud, and suddenly a rich bouquet floated out. Meng Qi silently filled their glasses and drank them off. Neon suddenly felt sour nose, and looked up and drank all the wine.
One cup after another for two people …
Finally …
"After drinking this cup of wine, I will meet you again."
"See you again by chance."
Chapter sixty-nine Compassion (second more)
"Master, Sister Neon has left." Zi Xuan saw Meng Qi wake up with a hangover, and he was very clever and rubbed Meng Qi’s temple.
Meng Qi shook his head, but I didn’t expect her daughter’s fragrance in one hundred years to have such great stamina. After drinking yesterday, Meng Qi didn’t feel anything at first, just wanted to sleep.
But now, after getting up, Meng Qi only feels the pain like a split head. But Zi Xuan this wench knead really well, Meng Qi pain relaxed a lot.
Meng Qi didn’t care much about the news that Neon had left.