Chapter one hundred and ninety-three Camouflage
Chapter one hundred and ninety-one Camouflage
At this time, Meng Qi naturally didn’t notice the small change of swords and smiles. After everyone went out, Meng Qi couldn’t wait to come to Yao Xing and asked, "Senior Yao, what’s going on?"
Yao Xing opened his eyes, was revealed bloodshot pupil. Meng Qi was surprised. Just now, I saw that Yao Xing seemed to repose peacefully. I had no idea that he had such tired eyes under his nose.
Yao Xing saw that Meng Qi seemed to have some strange eyes. He smiled and said, "It’s better to do something, it’s better to do something, but the offensive of the Magic Gate is too fierce these days."
Meng Qi stopped talking. A baby brother would have such symptoms. I don’t know how tired he is physically and mentally.
"On the second day after we came back, the magic door was launched again. And this offensive is more fierce than last time, and there are a lot of demon families in the magic door.
This demon race has a leader, and that demon’s cultivation is one point higher than mine. Even with the help of the Alexander array, for the man and Chen Hai, the old man still …
Alas, I’m afraid I’m out of luck this time, but I’ve only brought trouble to you and my nephew Dao. "
Meng Qi carefully looked at Yao Xing, this is not the appearance of Yao Xing deliberately made, as if he really felt hopeless.
"Yao elder why say so, there is always a way. Otherwise, we are going to get rid of another person like the other day? " Meng Qi frowned. He worked so hard for so long. Is it such an ending?
Yao Xing shook his head and said, "Last time, they were trapped while they were unprepared. If they were prepared, how can we trap them again?"
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Yao Xing is not without considering what Meng Qigang just said, but it is impossible.
"Is there really no way?" Meng Qi unwilling asked.
Yao Xing just shook his head, look very depressed. Then he closed his eyes. He wanted to take time to rest, but the other side didn’t know when he would attack again.
Meng Qi was very dull and came out of Lingxu Temple, and then he met a sword smile in front of the temple. Sword smile at this time of expression is relatively indifferent.
After seeing Meng Qi, the sword smiled at him and asked, "Brother Meng, what did Senior Yao say? Do we …"
Meng Qi only had a wry smile on his face, and then said, "Brother Dao, I’m afraid this time we are …" After that, Meng Qi bowed his head in despair.
Sword smile first one leng, then there is silence. The two of them went to their own residence. On the way, they suddenly said, "Actually, there is another way."
Meng Qimeng turned his head and asked, "What is the way?"
The sword laughed at first in silence, and then after a half-ring, he said, "Now many demon families have joined the battle. If we attract the attention of those high-ranking monks, then Brother Meng, you can find a chance to sneak out of the spiritual virtual Sect …"
Hearing this, Meng Qi shook his head and said, "No, now their low-level disciples have increased." The blockade network has become more and more strict. "
The sword smiled and then said, "I don’t want Brother Meng to sneak out directly, but I want Brother Meng to blend in with the demon clan and then take the opportunity to go out."
Meng Qi suddenly stopped, then bowed his head and began to ponder whether the method mentioned by the sword and smile was feasible. After half a ring, Meng Qi looked up and said, "I’m afraid this method won’t work. Those demon families won’t even know their own people."
Seeing Meng Qi’s conation, the sword smiled, and then took out a silvery white bead and said, "This is a magic bead, which can help Meng Xiong transform into any image. It is absolutely perfect, and it is absolutely impossible to see it below then."
Meng Qi took the magic bead, and after a little thought, the prototype of a rough plan was generated. If it really goes well, I’m afraid I can really escape from the blockade of the magic door with eight points.
However, Meng Qi looked at the sword and asked with a smile, "Since there is such a thing, why doesn’t Brother Dao go in person? You know, I still have two ladies, and I really don’t want to leave them unless I have to."
Sword smiled and shook his head, saying, "This pearl can only conjure up the appearance of the same race, and it can’t change the essence of aura. Even though Meng Xiong’s spiritual power is different from that of ordinary demon families, it is still a kind of demon spirit."
After listening to the explanation of the sword and smile, Meng Qi nodded. If this is the case, it makes sense. However, Meng Qi remembered what Yao Xing said today. I wonder if Lingxu Gate can still hold out until reinforcements come?
If Meng Qi invited reinforcements and was greeted by ruins, Meng Qining would like to be buried here with his wife.
Therefore, Meng Qi picked up the magic beads, then smiled at the sword and said, "Brother Dao, I’ll go to Lingxu Hall again."
Sword smiled and nodded. He knew what Meng Qi was going to do, so he went back by himself.
Meng Qi returned to the Lingxu Temple. Yao Xing was still resting in the Lingxu Temple with his eyes closed. He found Meng Qi coming back again and asked, "Why did Meng Xian’s nephew go and return?" The tone is very light, but the voice is full of something called despair.
Meng Qi’s heart sank. If it is like this, it is absolutely impossible for Lingxu Gate to support himself to move back to reinforcements. Therefore, Meng Qi stepped forward and said, "The younger generation now has a way to break out of the blockade of the magic door."
Because Meng Qi had brought Yao Xing a surprise the previous time, Yao Xing opened his eyes and looked at Meng Qi expectantly and asked, "What can I do?"
Meng Qi told Yao Xing about the magic beads and some general ideas of his own thinking. Yao Xing listened, thought for a while, and said loudly, "Good!" Although he only said one word, Meng Qi could hear the hope contained in Yao Xing’s tone.
To tell the truth, Meng Qi is somewhat incomprehensible. If Yao Xing is bent on escaping, I’m afraid there is still a great chance to escape. Why did he choose to live and die with Lingxu Gate?
But at this time, what Meng Qi wants to say to Yao Xing is not this matter. He wants Yao Xing to cheer up again and must insist on coming back.
"Senior Yao, when I go here, it will be half a month long and ten days short. Please ask Senior Yao to support me until I come back." Meng Qi’s expression is very serious, which is related to the life safety of Cheng Rewei and Hu Xianer. If Meng Qi comes back and finds out …
Meng Qi can hardly imagine what to do.
After listening to Meng Qi’s words, Yao Xing suddenly cheered up and said, "Meng Xian’s nephew can rest assured that even if I fight for this old bones, I will keep the inheritance of Lingxu Gate."
Then Yao Xing seemed to think of something and said to Meng Qi, "Don’t worry, nephew Meng, I will take good care of my two nieces."
Meng Qi waited for this sentence, nodded, turned around and went. It seems simple at this time, but the risk is not small at all. And Meng Qi is going back now. If he wants Hu Xianer to say goodbye to Cheng Rewei, because this time it may be forever …
Back in the residence of Lingxu Gate, Meng Qi told Cheng Rewei and Hu Xianer what he was going to do.
After hearing what Meng Qi said, Hu Xianer was very nervous and grabbed Meng Qi’s arm for fear of losing Meng Qi. Cheng Ruowei, on the other hand, suppressed the fear and worry in her heart and said lightly, "Xianggong, don’t worry about me and Xianer’s sister. Go, Xianer and I will wait for you here. If anything happens to you, Xianer and I will go down to accompany you. "
Cheng Rewei tone is light, but there is a kind of decisively in it. Meng Qi was very moved in his heart, but at the same time he hoped that the two women wouldn’t do this. Meng Qi hoped that if he fell, the two women would be able to live well. However, this feeling of being cared about is really good …
Meng Qi pulled the two women into his arms, and then whispered, "Don’t worry, you’re" xianggong "and I’m a Xiaoqiang who can’t be killed. You must wait here for me to come back. If I don’t see you when I get back, I don’t know what to do, okay? "
Cheng Ruowei and Hu Xianer nodded cleverly, and then leaned on Meng Qi’s shoulder to feel the sadness of parting.
Hua Huan looked at the fierce fighting in the distance and burst into a spiritual flame. There was only infinite joy in her heart. He is just a small snake that can’t build a foundation. He should have been filled into the huge meat ground as cannon fodder.
However, because he has a compatriot’s brother, he has already had a later period of enlightenment. This kind of cultivation is already a medium-sized leader under their big leader. Men in charge of hundreds of small demon, is also a small strength.
Moreover, his brother’s task is to blockade with his little demon. Compared with the task of killing people in front of the mountain gate, although the current task has less harvest, it is extremely safe.
Although his brothers and sisters don’t have a good relationship with him, they are still willing to help with such a small matter as transferring themselves to his staff.
Of course, for the arrangement of the task, his compatriots and brothers are somewhat dissatisfied. After all, he is quite confident in his own cultivation, and he is full of wants to be neutral in this battle. So as to get more rewards.
But for Hua Huan, it is better to block the task like this. After all, it seems that he is such a repairman. If he just touches it, it is estimated that even the body can’t be left.
Huaheng hung on a stout branch and quietly unfolded his thoughts to ensure that no one could easily go out within his own responsibility.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-four The war of the little people
Chapter one hundred and ninety-two The war of the little people
Of course, it is useless for him to cultivate nature at such a low level, but in order to completely block the spiritual virtual door, all the places outside this place are set up in a position.
The role of this appearance is to give up all the abilities of our own monks to read the rest, in exchange for greatly strengthening the detection power, so that even a monk then may be found if he does not pay attention.
However, although he is doing his duty faithfully, Hua Heng’s heart is actually quite disapproving. This time they demon race joined the battle, so the end of this spiritual virtual door is already doomed.
Moreover, in such a dense blockade network, how can anyone escape? Once the trail is found, there will be two monks of the demon family who will come to deal with it. I think it’s impossible to escape even if Brother then comes.
Flower constant half narrowing her eyes, the sun at noon is really some diabolical, although hiding in the shade, but flower constant still feel what should have been no temperature of blood is a little boiling.
But even though Hua Heng didn’t care much at this time, he didn’t dare to be lazy. After all, the rules of the demon race are extremely strict. If you are found to be lazy, if nothing else, even his brothers will not let him go. At that time, the countless tortures of the demon race, even death, are extremely happy things.
However, even if Hua Heng concentrated his thoughts highly, he could not find that in the shadow of the big tree where he lived, a pair of eyes were looking at Hua Heng.