"Ha ha, Tianjun, well, today I am too vain to die at your hands, but I am too vain to regret the rebellion that year. A gentleman was born in the world, and it is important to die a fair death. I know that I can’t escape your clutches today, but I know that I did the right thing. I am rewarded by the kindness of others. Come Tianjun!" Suddenly, too the whole person became extremely violent, and the cassock of gray Se was directly torn by his arms and was tied to his waist. Too empty, the whole person looks unusually bloody.

Zheng slightly, Tianjun didn’t expect that this was too loyal to Guihui, and he was so calm even in the face of death. At the same time, he also thought at the bottom of his heart, did he really do badly hundreds of millions of years ago? So that people such as falling sky and residual blood are willing to die for returning to the market.
However, Tianjun laid hands on him without the slightest hesitation. He looked at Taixu coldly and said, "I don’t know what benefits the return to the market has given you, but one thing I can be sure of today is that you will die!"
"Ha ha, what’s the fear of death? Even if I die in vain today, I’ll die a fair death, and I’ll take you to my back and die! " Suddenly, I saw Se’s face was cruel, and then his body seemed to be burning with flames. The whole person screamed wildly: "Haha, Tianjun, you can’t escape!"
When the body shook, Tianjun understood his meaning in an instant when he saw Taixu was so crazy. Taixu was burning the energy in his body, and he was ready to gather the energy of his whole body at a peak and explode, in an attempt to end up mutually assured destruction. Tianjun had seen the deterrent of explosive when he was in chaos, which was absolutely powerful. Now Taixu’s strength has reached the later stage of Tiansheng. I was so close to reaching the holy one. At this time, compared with the master of the celestial world, he is tough many times. If he blows himself up, at least Tianjun can’t escape at all.
Face se upheaval, Xuan Ji and Kitty are also aware of what is about to be born, but they are all helpless. At the critical moment, I saw Tianjun holding the heavenly sword and suddenly splitting the space in front of me, directly tearing out a space crack, which is really Tianjun’s own different dimensional space. At the same time, Tianjun’s fearless body was close to Taixu, and his right hand was bleeding, which directly bound Taixu. Control his soul with soul-eating marks.
At present, when life is dying, all the minds of Taixu are on how to perish together, so there is no defense on him, which also makes Tianjun’s soul-eating seal March forward and directly control his soul. Then Tianjun suddenly raised his body with his hands and threw him into another dimension.
At the same time, Tianjun flashed in the direction of Xuanji and Kitty Hawk, full of haste: "Third, split your dimension quickly. This fellow’s energy is too full, and we are too close. I am afraid that my dimension can’t bear it. "
Knowing nodded, the eagle in Tianjun’s voice just fell, and he had already put away the plank brick in his hand. He immediately raised his fist and violently split the space in front of him. It was another light flashing without any stagnation. Tianjun and Xuanji plunged into the different dimensional space of the eagle.
Space cracks have just disappeared. Only heard a loud explosion in conan the destroyer, including a black Se smoke that destroyed xìng, which swept through the entire supreme sanctuary. The master below the Saint realm within a million miles of Fiona Fang was directly swallowed up by the destructive force created by the explosive explosion, and the ashes were annihilated.
Tianjun three people are hiding in the dimension of Kitty Hawk, so is Rao. Three people still feel a violent and powerful devouring force, which directly breaks the dimension of Kitty Hawk, and exposes Tianjun three people to the supreme sanctuary again before the smoke and dust are exhausted. But at this time, the energy spread has become a life threat to Tianjun three people, just forcing them to suffer a little damage.
Xuanji’s right hand was carelessly scratched by violent energy, and even her ice holy spirit was not blocked, and she was full of blood. Tianjun distressed and hurriedly hit Xuanji’s hand with an energy of cutting, and instantly healed the scar for her.
"Whoo-hoo, this fellow is really cruel. I didn’t expect him to do something so gray and annihilated that he almost lost my life!" Kitty hawk a face of concerned looking at what is still spreading rampant energy, said is full of shock.
"If you change Ri, you really need to ask Tianxian them well. What is the reason that makes them so loyal to Guixu that they can even die!" Tianjun said with a deep sigh.
Soul explosion involves a wide range, and all the masters in Fiona Fang are killed. It is conceivable that this war almost shocked the entire Supreme Sanctuary.
There was a sly light in his eyes, and Xuan Ji spread his hand and walked to the place where the explosion was fierce. He said with a twinkle in his eyes, "There must be a lot of treasures here, but we won’t get any points when there are more people coming!"
Hearing Xuan Ji’s lovely words, Tianjun shook his head helplessly, while the eagle sneered at him: "Haha, I’m afraid even the supreme device will be blown up under such a strong explosion. Sister-in-law will look for it slowly, and let me see it later."
"Hum, you just wait!" Seeing that Kitty Hawk didn’t believe in herself, Xuan Ji grunted in a cold voice, and he really didn’t believe in evil, so he looked for it. Tianjun seems to be thinking about something, but after only a few breaths, Xuan Ji exclaimed in disbelief: "Tianjun, look, I found a bracelet, which looks good!"
Xuan Ji said with some joy, while Kitty Hawk said with some disbelief, "No way, there is a bracelet under such a powerful explosion?" Let me see. " Tianjun is also very curious. If Xuanji really has a bracelet now, it is definitely not a mundane product, at least it is also an upper-order Buddha.
After being near Tianjun and Kitty Hawk, I saw Xuanji really holding a string of colorful beads in his palm, shining and dazzling in the sunshine. There are seven beads, including seven colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple, each of which is as big as a bullet.
With a look of surprise, Tianjun reached out and took the beads from Xuanji’s palm with curiosity, and then absorbed them with the force of a soul, as if trying to detect the quality of the beads. After a while, I saw a flash of surprise on Tianjun’s grim face, unable to restrain myself: "If I didn’t guess wrong, this bead should at least be the supreme device, because I felt like HarmonyOS’s sword on this string of columns."
"Really? Really? Sister-in-law’s luck is really so good? " Kitty looked helplessly at Xuanji Road, and then she was shocked. It seemed that J Ο ng Shinto came: "Hey hey, I’ve looked everywhere, maybe I’ll find a supreme device later!" Kitty hawk said, and the whole person directly ignored the disdain eyes of Tianjun and Xuanji, and went out alone.
"Tianjun, is this really the supreme device?" Xuanji didn’t seem to wake up from the words of Tianjun, and asked with disbelief.

Chapter six hundred and five
"Ha ha, this I can cheat you? Being able to stay intact in such a powerful explosion is at least the supreme device. Xuan Ji, try to confess the Lord with your blood, so you won’t know? " Tianjun smiled and said according to Xuanji’s sweet shoulder.
"hmm!" Heavily nodded, and Xuanji said with delight that the beading was too feminine, so Xuanji didn’t shirk letting Tianjun own it. Directly from the fingertips to force a drop of delicate and charming blood, Xuanji carefully drops J and NG blood on the column. At the moment when J and NG blood collides with beads, a fascinating light shines, just like the rising sun, which makes people dare not stare.
Xuanji’s eyes were slightly closed, and the whole person was immersed in it, with a faint smile on his face, as if he were thinking about something. After a while, he saw Xuanji’s lips lightly open, as if reciting Buddhist scriptures: "Seven Se pearls, the supreme device of the upper order, the defense is the treasure, and there is no treasure to break through."
"Seven se accident bead? No treasure to break through? This, this is a bit too rebellious, Xuan Ji, your character is too good! " Tianjun looked at Xuanji with a face of surprise.
"Hee hee, thanks to this emptiness, otherwise these seven Se beads may not be born." Xuanji is full of excitement. At this point, many masters have come around one after another, all of whom were shocked by the movement made by Taixu. However, there seems to be a fierce battle from thousands of miles away, as if two people have shown a powerful magic weapon at the same time, and they are arguing at this time. All the people watched in the past, and then the news came out that it was now the supreme device.
Slightly appalled, Tianjun and Xuanji both saw the surprise in each other’s eyes, full of disbelief. They didn’t expect that two supreme devices appeared in the same place but Wan Li, which was really strange.
"Xuan Ji, put away your supreme device quickly, so as not to make people greedy, and we will join in the fun." Tianjun ourtenant looked at Xuanji and said, knowing a little. Xuanji’s mind moved, and the colorful beads were strangely attached to her white wrist, just like an ornament.
At this point. Tianjun seemed to see the clue of the struggle not far away, and frowned. After sorting everything out, Xuanji saw Tianjun’s worried expression and quickly asked, "Tianjun. What’s the matter? Did something happen? "
"The person who quarrels with others there seems to be the third child." Tianjun said faintly.
"Kitty hawk? Who are you fighting with? " Xuanji asked in surprise.
"Return to the market!"
"What? Why him again? Let’s point over! " Worried that the baby eagle had an accident, Xuanji took Tianjun’s hand and died in the struggle. Of course, Tianjun had already informed the major saints before this, and his ability alone was not enough to deter him from returning to the market.
"Hum. Returning to the market, you are at least a master of the sacred statue. You are so shameless that you found this sword first, and you are shameless! "
You said you found it first. You found it first? Who saw it? Boy, at best, you are a compound animal. Don’t think that I won’t kill you if your boss is Tianjun! "Two people who won’t let who, all is the fingertips overflow a blood column attached to the sword, but because it is two people at the same time to recognize the Lord. Instead, this long sword can’t recognize the Lord.