"Childe, you should be careful in everything." Wan’er collected and packed his bags for the green forest, as if sending Lang to the battlefield, with thousands of exhortations.

Qing Lin threw all the snacks and clothes that Wan’er had prepared for him in the space of Tianzi, and smiled and said to Wan’er, "Be good when I come back. It will take me ten days and a half months to go out this time. I wanted to take you with me, but Qing Xia must be protected by someone, that is, I can wronged you. I’ll leave the tiger for you, and then I’ll leave you two giant mungbeans to accompany you for me. "
Wan’er nodded. "I will take good care of Sister Qingxia, and of course I will take good care of myself."
Qing Lin reached out and rubbed it on Wan’er’s face a few times. "Wan’er, wait. I’ll be back."
After coming out of the array that protected the core area, Qing Lin released Ling Dou Ying and jumped on the eagle’s back. "Eagle, let’s go."
Accompanied by a sound, the eagle howling through the sky, the hurricane set off by the wings of the spirit bean eagle blew the surrounding flowers and plants stagger, and the claws of the spirit bean eagle slammed on the ground and immediately took off.
The purpose of Qinglin’s coming out this time is very clear, that is, to prepare for the first tribute after two months. Among the three investigation tasks given to Qinglin by Zhenxian of Xunyu, the first one is the end of the month when he was in charge of Wudu Village for three months, paying tribute to the cobwebs of three bird spiders and the frog poison of one or two fire frogs.
Qing Lin hasn’t thought of how to deal with the bird spider yet, and the bird spider is elusive and not so easy to meet. By contrast, the fire frog is much simpler. Within Wuduzhuang, there is a small magma lake opened by the real fairy of Junyu with great magic. It is said that it is connected with the center of the earth, and new magma gushes out from the ground every moment, thus keeping the magma lake from solidification. The fire frog likes to live near the magma lake. There is absolutely nothing wrong with Qinglin looking there.
The magma lake is located in the mountains, surrounded by mountains, and the terrain is quite dangerous. However, for Qinglin or other practitioners, it is not. As long as you fly from the air, the terrain that is ten times and one hundred times more dangerous will not play a little role.
This time, Qinglin was exceptionally lucky. On the way, he didn’t encounter a poison hunting in the air and arrived safely and smoothly near the magma lake.
Qing Lin let Ling Dou Ying land on the ground, and then jumped off the eagle’s back. After that, Qing Lin immediately released Xinger, Hatoyama, Huolei and Huoyu, as well as all the poisonous or fire-attribute Lingdou beasts, and formed a protective circle around him.
After Qing Lin confirmed that there was no danger, he divided all of them into three groups, one was himself and Xinger, the other was Hatoyama and the poisonous beanstalk, and the other was Huolei, Huoyu and two beanstalk ravens. They split up and searched in three different directions, trying to find the trace of the fire frog earlier.
The range of lava lake is very large. If the range affected by lava lake is counted, the range to be searched is even larger. The largest fire frog is the size of an adult’s fist. It is difficult to find fire frogs in the air. Besides, fire frogs spend most of their time hiding in the cracks of rocks and rarely stay in the naked wild. Only by carpet search can they find their traces.
In the process of searching for Paederia, Qing Lin found a dwarf apricot with four spirit bean fruits hanging on it, but after it came out, all of them were spirit bean beasts. Qing Lin transferred them to Hatoyama’s banner and asked Hatoyama to command them. Although Qing Lin is the owner of the so-called Five Poisons Village, he is quite alert to poison, knowing that the poisonous spirit bean people and beasts conjured from spirit beans will not hurt him, but Qing Lin still hopes that they will stay away from themselves.
After separate actions, Qing Lin released all the black pockets, fat pigs and four or five hundred mung bean rats. Among the Lingdou Beasts under Qing Lin, the number of Lingdou Rats is the largest, accounting for about one-tenth of the total number of Lingdou Beasts. This is also something that can’t be helped. Soybeans are basically the lowest Lingdou in the Lingdou system, and their carrying capacity is limited. The Lingdou Rats that grow from inch to foot are already the limit they can carry. In addition to soybeans, the situation of common mung beans such as black beans and mung beans is similar. The proportion of mung beans transformed into mung beans is basically the same, which is particularly large, while the probability of other mung beans transformed into mung beans is quite small. Even if they are transformed, they are giant mung beans, and their ability is hundreds of times that of ordinary mung beans.
However, there are great advantages, and there are small advantages. It is more advantageous to find a small-sized spirit beast like the fire frog, or a normal-sized spirit bean mouse. They can smoothly drill into the cracks of rocks and a small corner without worrying about accidentally hurting the fire frog.
Qinglin doesn’t know how many fire frogs there are in Wudu Village, and what proportion of adult fire frogs can collect frog poison? A fire frog is that big. It is estimated that at least 500 or 600 adult fire frogs have to be collected to make up one or two.
Green forest commanded, spirit bean rats left a part of the guard in the green forest and Xinger’s side, and the rest of the nearly four hundred spirit bean rats like a gray cloud, swept away in the direction specified by green forest. Xinger watched these fluffy little things with great interest. After all, she is essentially different from human beings. Unlike many human girls, she jumped up and down with fear and screamed.
Black Pocket and Fat Pig’s interest is not high, and the temperature around the magma lake makes them feel quite uncomfortable. Seeing that they are listless, Qing Lin received them in the space of Tianzi. Anyway, the main purpose of this time is to collect the frog poison of fire frogs, rather than looking for spiritual beans and natural materials.
Quack …
Suddenly there was a frog’s cry in front, and Qing Lin was so happy that he hurriedly took Xinger’s hand and ran past. After running for more than 20 meters, Qing Lin saw that not far ahead, a piece of mung bean rat was dark and formed an encirclement, and two fire frogs were enclosed in the middle. The two fire frogs are golden red, which is an obvious feature of mature fire frogs. Two fire frogs crouched back to back on the ground, their big lux eyes staring at the surrounding Lingdou rats.
There are about 130 lab rats in this group, and they have compressed the activity space of the two fire frogs to less than two square meters. As long as Qinglin gives the order, lab rats will rush to catch the fire frogs.
Qing Lin is well aware of the power of fire frog. The frog poison of fire frog is actually the means of fire frog protection, and the second most powerful, ahead of frog poison, is the means of fire control of fire frog. The moonless day of each month is a relatively mild day in the lava lake. At this time, the fire frogs will rush to the periphery of the lava lake to breathe the aura of fire attributes emitted by the lava lake. Some of the more powerful fire frogs will even directly absorb the fire erupted from the lava lake, and those who have become fine fire frogs will even jump into the lava lake to take a bath and practice. It is precisely because of this way of cultivation that the most puzzling thing about the fire frog is its means of using fire spells to attack.
Most of Qinglin’s Lingdou are fearless of heaven and earth. What they are most afraid of is fire. If there is a fire, everything will be empty, or they will die, or they will cause injuries that can never be repaired. Although there are a large number of mung bean rats, they are also very precious, and Qinglin is not willing to waste them easily.
"spread out." Qing Lin commanded. With a crash, the rats surrounded by the fire frog retreated for five or six meters, and the activity space of the fire frog was suddenly enlarged by twenty or thirty times. It is more difficult to hurt the rats by means of spraying fire.
Qing Lin tiptoed to the ground, as light as a swallow, and stepped into the encirclement of the spirit bean rats. He carefully looked at the two fire frogs, wondering what kind of means should be used to grasp the fire frogs in his hands and let them honestly offer frog poison for themselves.
When the green forest looked at the fire frog, the fire frog also looked at the green forest. In a sense, mice are also the world of frogs. It is obviously not good for them to control so many mung bean mice to surround them.
Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack and quack. The jumping ability of the fire frog is quite amazing. It jumped to a height of one meter and six or seven, which is basically the same as the position of Qinglin’s eyes.
Whoo-hoo … Two fire frogs spit out a flame from their wide mouths, and it burned straight into the eyes of Qing Lin. Qing Lin hurriedly raised a hand before and after his eyes, and quickly retreated. However, even so, the fire from the fire frog ignited Qing Lin’s clothes, and Qing Lin tore off the sleeves that were on fire, then took out a Dan medicine, chewed it in his mouth, and carefully applied it to the right forearm burned by the fire.
Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack. This time, the green forest had a place, and the fire frog was not allowed to succeed.
Qing Lin’s arm is burning with pain, and the coolness of Dan medicine can’t completely suppress the pain caused by liaopao. "I’m so angry. If I hadn’t reacted quickly, my eyes would have been burned out by you." Qing Lin couldn’t wait to rush forward, one foot at a time, and stomp two fire frogs into patties. However, Qing Lin had to carefully weigh the consequences of doing so. Fire frogs are small and agile, which is not so easy to stomp on.
Two fire frogs squatted on the ground, and their four big eyes stared at the green forest. Obviously, once the green forest has any sinister move again, the fire frog will certainly not hesitate to spray fire again and burn the eyes of the green forest.
Qing Lin slowly retreated, and retreated outside the encirclement of the spirit bean rats. Then Qing Lin rummaged in Tianzi space for a long time and found a fishing net. This is not a fishing net used by fishermen to cast nets for fishing, but a fishing net with a net bag in front and a long bamboo pole behind it.
Qing Lin removed the net bag from the fishing net, and then replaced it with some fire silkworm silk that he bought at a high price. This kind of silk is very fire-resistant and is a good material for making fire-attribute shirts, but the price is much more expensive than gold. Qing Lin spent ten pieces of standard spar at first, and only then did he buy less than two ounces of fire silk. Fortunately, the fire silk is very light and tough, and this new fishing net compiled by Qinglin in a hurry has not even used up half a penny of fire silk.
"See where you are going?" Qing Lin copied the fishing net in his hand, and once again walked into the encirclement of the spirit bean rats. After nearly two meters, Qing Lin waved the fishing net. The fire frog was on guard and jumped up.
But this time, Qinglin had a weapon in his hand, and the fishing net turned a corner in the air, so he put both fire frogs in the fishing net. Then Qinglin quickly put the net mouth down and buckled the fishing net on the ground. Then Qinglin caught the fire frog from behind the fire frog through the fire silk.
The fire frog croaked with anger, its mouth blazed and its nose smoked, but it couldn’t help the green forest at all. Qing Lin laughed, pulled out a piece of fire silk, tied the mouths of two fire frogs, and then took a transparent glass lamp to scrape the mucus off the back of the fire frog. This is the frog poison of the fire frog. After the frog venom of the fire frog is collected, it only takes three to five days to regenerate the frog venom, and it takes about a month to recover.
After collecting the venom of two fire frogs, Qing Lin tore down the fire silk, leaving the fire frogs far away, and then took Xinger and the lab rats to find the next target.
The search for fire frogs is very difficult. On the first day, three teams only found about ten fire frogs, and collected frog poison without even half a dollar. After that, for several days in a row, the progress was still not great. The number of fire frogs searched every day remained at around ten, and sometimes even ten were unlucky enough to be searched. At this rate, it will take about a month to a month and a half to collect one or two frog venom, and the time left for Qinglin is not enough to collect the spider webs of bird spiders.
"Ping son, Xinger, Hatoyama, fire thunder, fire rain, and Zhang Xianglin, these days, you are clear. Help me think quickly. " In desperation, Qing Lin had to gather all the spirit bean people who accompanied him out for a meeting to study countermeasures.
It’s the first time for Zheng Ping and Zhang Xianglin to see Hatoyama, Huolei and Huoyu. The space inside Tianzi is too big. The situation of Hatoyama, Huolei and Huoyu is too special. The former is poisonous, while the latter two are fire-related spirit beans. They usually don’t meet other spirit beans.
Zhang Xianglin quietly gave Zheng Ping an expression of eyes and asked Zheng Ping to give Qing Lin an idea as soon as possible. Zhang Xianglin is very clear that Lingdou people who can be named by Qing Lin personally represent that they are outstanding among Lingdou people. Wan’er and Xinger are not worse than Zheng Ping in appearance and temperament. If Zheng Ping does not have outstanding performance in ability, it will be difficult for Zheng Ping to occupy a favorable position in this Lingdou system headed by Qing Lin.
Zheng Ping can be elected as the head of the clan of the Zheng family. Besides being the lineal blood of the Zheng family, her personal ability is also an important reason why she can be selected. The people of the Zheng family are dying, turning ghosts into ghosts, and want to avenge their people. The heads of the clan can’t do it without ability.
"Son, can you tell me something about the characteristics of fire frogs?" Zheng Ping said.
Qing Lin told everything he knew about fire frogs. When Qing Lin finished, Zheng Ping said with a smile: "Since we can’t find a lot of fire frogs every day, we don’t need to look for them. When the fire dolls come out to absorb the aura of fire attributes on the day of the moon, the son will come out and act again, and we will be able to catch enough fire frogs and collect enough frog poison."
Qing Lin patted his forehead, "yeah, such a simple method, I didn’t want to come out. Pinger, you are still smart. "