Of course, Jiang Xuanxuan also knows that Qing Xue likes Liu Chengyi. Jiang Xuanxuan is not very optimistic about this, but there is nothing she can do. After all, people like her and can’t interfere.

Jiang Xuanxuan persuaded Qing Xue in the car for a long time to make a clean break with Liu Cheng. Don’t experience this kind of thing again. Fortunately, Jiang Xuanxuan and her bodyguard are here today, otherwise I don’t know how it will end!
In the end, Cheng Feixue came at that momentum, but it was just a fight that hurt people and made them notorious. Now the network is so developed that every minute it takes to get online, it’s just a curse.
Xue Qin is not married, and even the object is not yet. This kind of determination has a great impact on her blind date.
Now life is happy, and Jiang Xuanxuan worries a lot about Qing Xue. She is afraid that Qing Xue will ruin her life and still feel that she is right.
Qing Xue didn’t say anything, but she listened to Jiang Xuanxuan, just like a mother. She nodded and dealt with it in a few minutes.
"The Mary …"
As Jiang Xuanxuan expected, things didn’t pass so quickly this time.
At about 10 o’clock in the evening, Jiang Xuanxuan saw her and Qing Xue’s name in the hot search in Weibo, and they both took the word "tearing" behind them …
Immediately, Jiang Xuanxuan’s head was stunned by her anger. "What …"
Just after two shots, she looked at the face and forwarded the comments. She couldn’t help but remind her mouth. "Unexpectedly … no one scolded me?"
It’s been ten times before the hot search, and a whole row has been forwarded to scold Jiang Xuanxuan. There are few people with that additional video. Almost% of people are scolding Cheng Feixue, 17% are speculating that Qing Xue and Lu Chengyi are even more loyal, and 3% are very generous.
Jiang Xuanxuan has never enjoyed being praised by so many people. She feels that her mouse is paddling in that row. The more she looks at it, the happier her mouth is. "Is there anyone who says that I am domineering?"
"Ha ha ….. what’s the name of Xuanbao ~ it’s even so called ~" Compared with the other room, Qing Xue’s side Jiang Xuanxuan looked at the news from the Internet in a wonderful mood, and the sun hung over her head.
Jiang Xuanxuan ordered another video to watch the scene of her domineering quarrel from the beginning to the end. Then she touched Ba herself and praised "I am really handsome today … really handsome! Even you have to be fascinated by yourself! "
Just then Jiang Xuanxuan suddenly looked intently and saw that many people loved Gu Chen and asked him to see his wife’s handsome appearance …
"ah!" Immediately, she cried her head and blew it up. "He won’t see it! No? "
Jiang Xuanxuan was afraid that Gu Chen would see her making trouble outside. When Gu Chen came to see her once, he urged her not to go out often and told her that it was better for her to stay at home and stop thinking about going out to play.
At that time, she promised …
Now that he sees this video, isn’t that a slap in the face?
The more Jiang Xuanxuan thought about it, the more frightened she became. She clicked on Gu Chen’s Weibo again to see if he had any news.
I wonder if Gu Chen is used to visiting Weibo. I hope he is not …
Jiang Xuanxuan prayed and swept Gu Chen Weibo more closely. Weibo is like a job number. It is the latest technology of the company’s production and forwarding of the latest games … Anyway, he has forwarded the company’s official account information. In the past half month, he has forwarded five 4d technologies to send out somatosensory games. There is news.
Does this mean that he doesn’t have a Weibo account? His Weibo account is actually controlled by the information department of the company, right?
Thought of here, Jiang Xuanxuan put some peace of mind on this hanging high.
But when she rowed further, she saw the wedding photos of the two of them appear in the picture. Is this kind of thing also distributed by the Ministry of Information?
Jiang Xuanxuan’s head is really a bit stupid. I wonder if he will watch Weibo.
There are also netizens who are constantly searching for the topic Aite Gu Chen in Jiang Xuanxuan. When Jiang Xuanxuan saw that the number of Aite increased again and again, her sorrow also increased.
"What should I do … Do you want to talk to him directly?"
"Even if he doesn’t look at Weibo, someone will wake him up?" Jiang Xuanxuan drummed his mouth and analyzed the status quo. "Anyway, he will die anyway, or he will die early and admit that he should not be too angry?"
Those crazy netizens not only visited Gu Chen, but also visited Xi Aite, opened newpys official website account and gave Aite everything that could be linked to Gu Chen’s Weibo account.
It seems that netizens want to pull Gu Chen’s water and let Gu Chen get into this muddy water for a big fight.
Gu Chen has been widely watched on the Internet recently.
Yugong’s new 4d technology game is about to be released, but the United States will sell it at the same time, but the limited number is 10,000. The game suite will be put in official website, and everyone will snap up just 10,000 sets. Everyone will be ready for it on the day of release.
Section 547
In private, he and Jiang Xuanxuan just got married and immediately joined the work. Jiang Xuanxuan’s figure also disappeared around him. Many netizens teased him if he was going to help Jiang Xuanxuan for a generation and not let people see it.
Including now that Jiang Xuanxuan suddenly became popular on the Internet, netizens knew that Gu Chen had sent Jiang Xuanxuan back to the country after her wedding. At this moment, Jiang Xuanxuan’s personality is still so provocative.
A few months ago, Jiang Xuanxuan tore Bai Mu by hand. Now in the video, Jiang Xuanxuan tore Cheng Feixue again. Her bold personality is familiar and inexplicably makes Jiang Xuanxuan have many fans.
Gu Chen’s family belongs to people who are not in the entertainment circle but are often popular in the entertainment circle. The reason is that Gu Chen is good at network resources.
So Jiang Xuanxuan think about it and think she’d better not be naive.
How could Gu Chen not watch Weibo? And even if he doesn’t look at Weibo, he won’t be ignorant of the news.
"Alas …" Sighed Jiang Xuanxuan or called Gu Chen.
She dialed the words directly before she thought about how to tell Gu Chen.
Jiang Xuanxuan bit her lip and felt nervous that the words would be picked up soon. She quickly sent the words to Kyle’s ear playing with toys.
The little guy raised his round eyes and looked at her. Jiang Xuanxuan grinned. "Dad wants to talk to the baby."
"Well …" Naiying, the little guy.
But after waiting for a long time, I couldn’t get through.