People from outside the city have been deaf to things outside the window for two months, but it’s impossible to practice their own merits and demerits. They came back to find a key thing and revisited the old place to find their previous feelings, but those guys outside the city really hate it. Although it is impossible to pose any threat for a short time, it is always troublesome.

In addition to Ruer, several other girls are crazy about absorbing the aura around them to increase their strength. The huge gap between the six maids around Duanmu Ming makes them feel a sense of crisis, and Ruer’s physical strength is very close to the divine level. Even if the aura is so strong, there will be no great progress here. She needs an opportunity.
In the apocalypse, hey, hey, there’s a joke about Duanmu Ming. There’s absolutely no such thing as the apocalypse coming to trouble his woman. I wonder if this is a disadvantage?
The mighty outside the city is still dealing with the engineers. Duanmu Ming didn’t ask the mighty to dismantle all the dark towers at the foot of the mountain and halfway up the mountain. It can’t be to let it destroy the other party’s process as much as possible, and by the way, run in new weapons and explode the skeleton.
Two months ago, dozens of dark towers had been erected at the foot of the mountain and halfway up the mountain. Although they were scattered and demolished by the terrible explosion skeleton, they were finally completed. I’m afraid they will unite and start the monty array.
The complete monty array is formed by one hundred dark towers, and it needs to be started by a magic device. In addition, it needs a lot of extremely dark SPAR and beast essence, so that even the high-order gods can’t get out of it.
But that’s just saying. Are there so many fools waiting for you to build a hundred dark towers? And it’s too difficult to be a magic weapon and a spar. The real monty array is not so complicated. It’s just that the real inferno is getting less and less in the process of bearing, and later people come up with various alternative methods. Although the power is not reduced, the program is much more complicated.
Monty large array in the present mountain, if it is started for one year, even if Ruer is so close to the master of God level, don’t want to go out. After one year, it will be another story.
The other party won’t want to kill the left-behind department of the ethnic alliance this year, will it? Although they have a good idea, I’m sure they will fail. All ethnic alliances have emergency shelters. Once the situation is remedied, they will go into hiding. You can definitely find out how much you are interested.
However, this is to make sure that everyone outside can return and make decisions, because if you hide, even your own people can be found again.
This situation will not happen, not only the problem of ethnic casualties, but also the problem of Duanmu Ming’s face. Where can I put my home under siege for a year?
"When Ru was a child, who was going to shoot?"
"Master, you are the master here. Of course you want to sit here or I’ll go."
"All right," Duanmuming wanted to think, "Actually, there is Four Holy Beasts sitting here. Let’s not worry about it. Let’s go together. Although your ability is not weak, there are few people outside who are different from you. I still have some worries."
"Master …" Ruer’s eyes are full of gratitude. "Master, you don’t worry about me …"
"I know you will be careful, but I still don’t trust." Duanmuming smiled and looked at the window sill. In the outside city, he still meticulously learned from each other. Because of the distance, even Bi Meng soldiers looked like small ants.
"They are probably all waiting for the moment when they leave the city." Looking into the distance, the mountains are dark and foggy. "They are probably waiting for that moment."
"Young master, why didn’t you inform them or just solve those enemies in the mountains?"
"This is just a game." Duanmu Ming’s eyes suddenly appeared a little confused and tired. This information was immediately discovered by all the attention, but she did not show it.
"Even without me, the other side will also attack, and it has obviously been prepared for a long time. I let their department enter the city, and the average growth level has been a great help to them. Besides, no one will specifically inform you before attacking you." Duanmu Ming said with a cold smile and a look of indifference, which made Ruer afraid
During these two months, his master and himself were almost inseparable, so he didn’t leave himself. How could he have such a great change? For the first time, Ruer felt the atmosphere of terror from Duanmu Mingshen; It is also the first time that Ruer feels that her master, master and husband really have the majesty of the demon king who despises all life.
"The inferno horse will attack the demon world. This is the first test they face. Whether they can pass or not depends on themselves. If even this little wind and waves can’t pass the clan alliance, there is no need!"
"Yes, Master" Ruer, no matter whether Duanmu Ming is good or bad, finally listens to him and tells her that she will be the starting point of all actions.
"Now it’s time for us to see some old friends." Duanmu Ming smiled with a sinister smile on his face and his breath grew rapidly unconsciously as if there was no end.
The real Duanmu inscription seems that the horse is about to awaken.
It’s really a long time to talk about it for two months, especially for engineers who have been having a headache recently. Although the two women, Death and Ice Devil, are only here to help themselves (it seems that they are ill or come from the human world privately), they are more like traveling, but their strength is not there, and these two women are very good, so someone can discuss it with them.
More importantly, if things go wrong, someone will take the blame.
"These two dead women, I must report this to my master!" Engineers swear bitterly in the heart, although he also knows that the master reprimanded them a few words at most, which is not a big deal.
"Chief …" An evil spirit ran to him and said weakly.
"What is it?" It’s very rare for a fifth-order master to be so scared that his eyes should be lit by generate, so that the evil spirits who came to report were as scared as wrecks.
"Chief … and two dark towers fell down."
"Where are people?"
"Run … run"
Just after the end of the speech, I came to report the evil spirit, and I felt that my body was suddenly light, and the earth was spinning away from me before my eyes …
Chapter 39 Two months
With Ruer Duanmu Ming, he flew directly from the high rooftop. The castle shield was not for Duanmu Ming, and the dark sky had no effect on him. He was able to see everyone moving in the dark fog.
After flying for a moment, I fell to the foot of the mountain, far away from the glorious castle and some distance from the completion of the monty array. A man in the Woods was waiting for Duan Muming.
"You’re late." The ice demon looked at the person in front of him more coldly, but his eyes seemed dreamy.
"It would be nice to come!" Duanmuming stretched himself. Since he came to the demon world, he has returned to the demon ghost emperor. He should know almost everything. It seems that there is no need to keep a low profile and live a completely away from him.
"You … are not uncomfortable there?" When Duan Muming proudly put pse on his face, the ice demon actually touched his forehead without changing color, which made Duan Muming almost busy.
"Uh-huh, although I am handsome and let you have a longing for love, I can’t be so casual or less. I still need to cultivate a feeling and find a tent …" Duan Muming gushed and didn’t notice that the ice demon’s face was getting worse and worse, and there was already a precursor to the storm.
Ruer looked at her master with a wry smile. She never expected Duanmu Ming to change so quickly. Just now, he looked cool. He became so funny in the blink of an eye … or batting practice!
There was a rustling sound in the Woods next to it, and it was calm again.
"She’s gone." Duanmu Ming suddenly calmed down and there was no glib tone.
"You still have such a deep prejudice against her after leaving," said the ice devil.
"…" Duan Muming was silent for a moment and sighed in a subtle way. "We are from two different worlds. What is it?"
"Nothing can’t see you?" Ice demon calmly looked at Duanmu Ming’s eyes, which made him afraid to look at Ruer. I don’t know when he had quietly retired and left them alone.