"Grandpa is holding them outside. Shall I bring them in and show them to you?"

Jun Yang asked softly.
Shen Qiqi nodded.
Jun Yang knocked on the door and asked Sa to bring in two children, one left and one right, and put Shen Qiqi at her side.
Shen Qiqi sat up with her arms propped up and looked at this and that face with maternal brilliance. She was not willing to lie down and rest until she was tired.
Jun Yang sat by the bed and watched the three mothers sleep quietly. For the first time, she felt that life was complete.
Three years later.
Shen Qiqi and Junyang are holding a child who looks like a pink jade carving. They are staring at Sa and Hanu in front of a stone gate with their eyes full of tears.
Today is another day for the virtual exit, and the Shen Qiqi family is leaving Japan.
Shen Qiqi and Jun Yang, two small bags, have been over two years old and know that this is not their real home, but they have been getting along for more than two years. The two little guys have finished treating Hanu and Sa as their family. At the moment, they are crying into tears. The two little people are also red-eyed and tearful.
Sa was already married to A Cheng a year ago. At this time, she has been pregnant for six months. Looking at her wife with a big belly and crying, she is also distressed and holding her straight to comfort her.
"Aunt Xiuer, stop crying and we will come back to see you sometimes."
In the twins, Dabao Junxuan stretched out his meaty little hand and took Sa’s hand as a grownup to comfort her.
Xiaobao Junlin also learned to hold Sa’s hand gently shaking his mouth and said, "Aunt Sa doesn’t cry."
Said also made a face to make sa laugh through tears.
Although the two children were born before and after twins, Dabao was more calm and sensible than Xiaobao, which is like his father Junyang.
Xiaobao, on the other hand, is much more lively and active than his brother, but he is a full-fledged brother. He relies on his brother very much. If his brother speaks, he will definitely perform it 100%. His favorite thing at ordinary times is to be a little tail behind his brother.
Sa looked at the two big children since childhood, but even though there was no amount of sadness in her heart, she still put away her tears and squatted down to hold them in her arms. They kissed her face and said, "Dabao Xiaobao remembers to miss her aunt."
"Well" two small packages Zheng nodded.
"All right, Dabao Xiaobao, go and say goodbye to Grandpa."
Shen Qiqi came over and patted the shoulders of the two children, and he hugged a son himself.
"Sa, thank you for taking care of yourself."
In recent years, it has always been that Sa helped her to take care of two children. This time, from Shen Qiqi’s heart, it is also so different. Chapter 459 Return to Baicheng in the month.
"Sister Qiqi, take care of yourself. I will miss you."
Sa force back to embrace Shen Qiqi choked and said
"Well, there’s not much time left. The export is about to start. Get ready."
Say goodbye to the two little guys and send them back to Junyang and Shen Qiqi
Two little guys hold their parents’ hands and wave at Hanu and others respectively.
Behind him, Shimen slowly opened up a family of four, so Hanu and others walked in and finally disappeared before their eyes.
As soon as the four figures disappeared, Sa couldn’t help jumping into O’s arms and crying.
Hanu is also red-eyed and can’t help but wipe away tears.
"All right, all right, let them come back to see us whenever they want."
Hanu patted Ah on the shoulder and motioned for him to comfort Sa.
"Grandpa, Sister Qiqi, can they really come back to see us later?"
Sa looked up from her arms and asked uncertainly.
"Of course they want to."
Hanu said with certainty
"But grandpa, didn’t you say that we can’t go in and out at will?"
Sa is puzzled.
"That’s different now."
"Xiuer is not white"
"You will know later."
Hanu did not explain to her, but smoothed his beard and turned back with a smile.