The copper tiger and the iron leopard are even more livid. Yang Muyu has been playing this trick for an afternoon, but he has to face the East to win the championship. He just made two leng and lost a lot of money in one afternoon.

The East won the championship, pale and depressed to the extreme. Originally, I expected my eldest brother to give him an outlet, but it turned out to be such a result. Instead of revenge, Yang Muyu was tricked in vain.
The Oriental Lingding lost an ingot of gold and said coldly, "Keep it!"
"Thank you for your reward!" The shop assistant dragged the "reward" ending completely as if he were afraid that the ears of the Oriental Lingding and others would not be good or clear.
Out of the moon floor, the Oriental Lingding took a deep breath and looked at the copper tiger. "You two should send Sangong back to rest first, cousin. It’s getting late, so you should go back to rest early."
"Big cousin?" If you look at the Oriental Lingding and open your mouth, you will see the woman next to you give an expression of eyes and then shut up.
"Go back to rest early and rest assured that it will be fine." Oriental Lingding comforted her when she was worried about the old one.
"Yes!" If the flower nodded and agreed, Mammy took the flower as the copper tiger and the iron leopard walked towards the back yard.
"three public!" Walking along, Mammy Hua asked, "Do you have any plans?"
"What?" Asked the east for the title.
Mammy Hua sighed for a long time before saying, "You have to be prepared for the three public affairs."
The East still won’t understand and shake their heads, but the copper tiger and the iron leopard are even more rude. They don’t know that Mammy’s words mean something, but if they do, they can’t help but tremble.
Back to the rented courtyard, the East won the championship, and I was in a bad mood. I went straight back to my room to rest, but Hua Ruoruo took Hua Mammy into another room.
"Mammy, what did you … just mean?" If flowers frown gently and ask in a low voice, a little face is full of worries.
Sister Hua sighed again and whispered, "Didn’t miss see that Yang Gonggen had no intention of reconciliation?"
If flowers gently shook her head, she did not see it.
"If he really intends to reconcile, then he will have to return the three swords first, and naturally he won’t let Dagong settle his bill for him again. He is not prepared for this." Mammy Hua is an experienced woman who is not sophisticated, but she is much more refined than the three gentlemen in the East.
"So … what should I do?" If Hua Ruo is startled, he can’t help but grab Mammy Hua’s hand and ask anxiously, "Mammy, you have to think of something!"
"Miss!" Flower mammy frown patted if flowers small hands shook his head, "think of a way? Isn’t there no law, but is Sangong willing? "
"What method?" If flowers if eagerly asked.
"That Yang Gong will die if he doesn’t want to be good!" Mammy Hua sighed again that Yang Muyu acted at an early age, but it was so unpredictable. Isn’t he really afraid of offending the Oriental family and finally lying dead in Jinsha Bay? Or is there absolute support behind him?
If the flower is incredible, look at Mammy Hua. It turns out that she is pure, even if she can’t be good. At most, the two sides really want to start a fight. Who are you afraid of? But she didn’t think that once she really started, Yang Muyu would immediately ask the East to win her life first.
"If you want to be good, now unless it’s Sangong who goes to the Yang Gong to kowtow and make amends and-"said Mammy Hua here to shut up.
That condition is not fair or Dagong can do it, but now if there is no condition to get it, the other party will never let people go
Today, the attitude of the second husband is even more puzzling. Mammy naturally knows that the second husband and the grand duke and the third husband have always been at odds, but they have to maintain a superficial friendliness in front of outsiders.
Today, he took the lead in tearing this surface camouflage, which proves that he is going to challenge the archduke
It is reasonable and possible to help others to deal with their brothers when the Oriental family inherits a second husband in the future. Mammy Hua shuddered involuntarily at the thought of this-
She knows that Hua Jia and Dongfang Jia have always been in-laws. She is a senior woman of Hua Jia and Dongfang Jia. How can you hide something from him?
If you want to win the family inheritance, you have to kill the archduke. Is it that he arranged all this? Lend someone to get rid of Dagong and Sangong?
"Mammy, what shall I do …" If Hua sees Hua Ruo, Mammy can’t help but ask in a low voice after a long silence.
"We will leave here early in the morning!" Sister Hua decided that although Hua Jia is in-laws with Dongfang Jia, she can’t lose all her young ladies. It is the most important thing to get away from right and wrong. Fortunately, if she hasn’t made an engagement with Sangong Zhen, the consequences will be worrying.
Mammy couldn’t help dying at the thought of this flower.
If you don’t talk, Mammy Hua is her wet nurse, she is naturally trustworthy, but it seems a little too sentimental to throw away my third cousin now.
It is absolutely impossible for Sangong to kowtow and make amends to that Yang Gong. Sangong has always been proud. How can he bear this tone? But Mammy Flower said that Yang Gong would kill him if he didn’t do that?
Really? That Yang Gong looks handsome and elegant when he is only 15 or 16. He really doesn’t look like a terminating person … Mammy must have guessed wrong!
If involuntary flowers float in front of Yang Muyu’s eyes, he laughs indifferently and shivers slightly in his heart-will he really kill his third cousin?
It is said that Dongfang Zhouding and Yang Muyu walked in front of each other, and when they left the Oriental Zhouding on the moon floor, they could not help but ask, "What will happen to you if he doesn’t pay the bill?"
"Dogs can’t change the habit of eating shit. Your third brother is so angry that he still pays me out of his pocket every afternoon. That’s how bad money is. Do you think he feels better if I don’t help him spend a little?" Yang Muyu light say with smile
The third chapter silver hook gambling house (1)
"My big brother will be angry!" Oriental state ding laughed
"That’s because you’re angry. Well, wouldn’t it be as you wish if he were angry?" Yang Muyu whispered to Yang Tie when he left, telling him that he could make friends with Dongfang Zhouding, and that Dongfang Zhoudu had made it clear that his eldest brother and third child were very bad.
Only by knowing ourselves and knowing ourselves can Yang Muyu win every battle. Naturally, he has to take the opportunity to climb a friendship with this Oriental state and set up an old family in the East.
What’s more, the second child of the Oriental family did not agree with Yang Muyu easily. When he lived in Muxin town before, the richest man in the town was Zhang Laotou, who gave birth to two sons, and these two sons were turned upside down after they died of old age. At that time, although he was young, he also remembered deeply.
A little rich man with a small fortune will turn against his brothers. Is it a big family like Dongfang Family? If Dongfang Zhouding wants to inherit, he has to kill the boss.
"Yang Gong is really a smart person!" Dongfang Zhou Ding chuckled, "But you have to be careful to guard against the boss. He’s not a pig brain like the old one."
Yang Muyu nodded and said, "I see his head has worms!"
A few steps away from the moon building is the Silver Hook Gambling House. Nowadays, when the lanterns meet in the sea, it is natural to have a funny number of gamblers, or to have fun and watch the fun, all of them flock to the Silver Hook Gambling House.
"It’s cold and cheerless during the day, but it’s surprisingly lively at night. Almost every night is all night," said Dongfang Zhouding.