Volume 15 Section 13 A pool of muddy water

Boom Damn, these guys are really not afraid of death! "
The top of the tunnel has been destroyed repeatedly, and the lights are flickering. Wei Ya bitterly scolded 1 and followed suit with a "blazing thunder knife"
The light blue arc laser came out and the light blade cut off several main battle tanks continuously, and at the same time, the overflow detonated the car ammunition rumbling and exploding like muffled thunder in summer thunderstorm days.
When dodging to avoid the tank explosion, molten steel splashed out. Suddenly, I felt a nasty cold coming on Wei Ya, and I couldn’t help but stop. There seemed to be several bloodthirsty beasts lurking in the dark tunnel in front of me. The yogi felt that a potential threat was approaching, but it was still unknown what caused the threat.
Aware of the threat, Wei Ya stopped to think about the pros and cons, and then he simply chose the simplest way to return to the surface world whistling in the cold wind.
Looking back at the snow-covered earth, Wei Ya smiled coldly and said to himself
"The best way to kill a nest of ants is not to press your fingers to death one by one, but to pour a pot of boiling hot water. I am really confused by these guys! "
After saying his word, Wei Ya’s figure flashed into the sky in the same place.
Thousands of meters above sea level, the plateau is strong and the gangfeng is getting more and more terrible. Wei Ya naturally scattered a layer of light golden phosgene around him, but it has an incredible effect to weaken the wind to an almost imperceptible position. Even he never blew a silk. Wei Ya silently recited the spell in his eyes. After a while, he suddenly opened his eyes, patted the top door and a red virtual shadow wrapped in colorful starlight rose from his head.
After a long period of painstaking refining, the "Five-Ding Axe" has reached a high degree of fit, not only the combination of the device and the body, but also the uncontrollable power as it used to be.
The fiery red light of the "Five-Ding Axe" reflects the deep valleys of the surrounding snow-capped mountains, dyeing all the scenery as dark red as blood. The magic weapon turns red light into a sea of blood, and Wei Ya is reluctant to start work. His eyes turn to the peak not far from the oblique side.
After staring for a long time, Wei Ya said with a drink
"Who’s there? Get out of here! "
In Wei Ya’s burning eyes, he stared at the invisible side, and this man reluctantly appeared. This man in his forties has a very common plateau red face among Tibetans, wearing a dark yellow robe and leaving an inch on his head. After seeing Wei Ya, he bowed down and spoke not very authentic Mandarin.
"This Taoist friend must not misunderstand and be malicious."
Wei Ya where will believe his nonsense coldly glanced at him and continued to ask
"Is Zu a sect brother after all?"
See already can’t push to take off in the past the man or to be honest.
"Now it’s Moji Duoalan, the brother of Saga Temple."
There have always been two views in the Chinese spiritual circle, namely, six gates and nine gates, but they are actually contradictory. The so-called six gates refer to Saga Temple, which is located in a remote Tibetan border in China. The Dabule Mountain in the north and the Tang Nuu Liang Hai outside the territory belong to a member of the generalized Chinese practice enclosure. If you add these three doors to the six doors in Middle China, it will naturally become nine doors.
Hearing the name of Saga Temple, even Wei Ya, a guy who can walk sideways in the human world, has to show a little respect. The famous Saga Temple has its own advantages in maintaining its name for thousands of years.
Face slightly eased some Wei Ya continued
"oh? I wonder what the foot is lurking here. Are you with these guys? "
"Taoist friends, don’t get me wrong. I’m not with these government forces."
Hear some answer Wei Ya frown immediately said.
"Government forces? This word sounds quite new. You won’t be flying the snow mountain lion flag all the way, will you? "
After thousands of years, the idea of China’s unification has penetrated into the country, which can be said to be pervasive. Even the heretics have their own unwritten rules. Killing, arson and looting are all possible. Only traitors can’t do it like eating inside and picking outside. Although Wei Ya has never said anything about the slogan of benevolence and righteousness, he will never be polite.
Is about to recognize Wei Ya tune wrong mo some more hurriedly motioning with his hand and explained.
"Taoist friends, our Saga Temple has always been non-interference in the struggle between politics and religion in the secular hiding place."
You said I believed it without it? When always three years old! Wei Ya gherardini staring at the mo some more blue said slowly.
"Hehehehehe, so it’s cold to hide in this rabbit-less place just to watch the fun?"
Seeing that Wei Ya is so difficult, Mo Duo’s heart is full of complaints. It’s better for him to tell some valuable information. This guy will be annoyed later, but he can’t stand it easily!
Thought of here, the mo some more without many bitter face said
"To! How dare you! To tell you the truth, there are many psions, monsters and practitioners in this base. My other disciples have been ordered to take turns to stay nearby and spy on information. I plan to wait until the right time to save people, Daoyou. I’m afraid it’s a disaster! I, Buddha, have mercy on you. If you don’t pity those soldiers, you must leave these poor creatures alive! "
The more you listen to it, the more you think it is. Wei Ya took a deep breath and asked
"oh! You mean this side is a prison? "
Deeply aware of the situation, Mo shook his head with a disdainful look on his face and said
"It’s not a prison, it’s a biological research institute. I think you can guess what it is!"
Wei Ya a wave of his hand back "five axes" heart andao.
"You can bump into this kind of thing when a gun goes off. Old luck is really not good!"
Just then, there was an earth-shattering explosion at the square base, and a golden light rushed straight to Wei Ya and Mo Mo. As the golden light converged, a young man in his early twenties appeared in his hand, and an old man dressed in an army was the head of the base.
Is about easy to make young people in high spirits said excitedly.
"Brother things completed! You see this guy is the head of the base. Who is he? "
Wen Weiya smile more brilliant lang said
"Ha ha mountain man Wei Ya is a monk named Zuo Dao. Is there anything else you want to know about this man?"
Volume 15 Section 14 Mind your own business
Oh! How dare the government practitioners and monsters do this kind of experiment? Gee! Are those old guys out of their minds? When it’s really a Fengtian carrier! How did these mud legs get lost in less than a hundred years? How fast! Not to mention that there are many birds’ feathers in the imperial court that have not been seen in heaven these days. "
Listen to Wei Ya’s swearing. Many monks, unknown young people, have to pay for their smiling faces.
Since "Yuan Zhimen" can be regarded as a leading role in the side door, the soul-searching spells are naturally a lot of real-life repairs. It is also futile to fight personally with the general like a savage. It is no exaggeration to say that all the memories in the general’s head have been searched out in ten seconds since he took the shot. Even the memories of urinating and mud have been scraped out when he was a child.
It is in the general’s memory that those shocking and cruel experimental projects, such as Wei Ya, and such murderous murderers all felt chills when they saw them, and they couldn’t help but have a churning stomach, let alone two brothers sent by Saga Temple.
Watching Wei Ya perform illusion and present memory playback, the young man sang Jie couldn’t help vomiting for less than ten minutes in total, but Mo Mou did well next to him, except that his face turned white, and his appearance was almost invisible.
"Teacher younger brother, I practice Buddhism and cultivate my mind first. No matter how big my magical power is, it’s not enough for you to cultivate your mind!"
A few years before Mulberry Knot, Mo Duo Lan ordered a teacher younger brother to sneer at Wei Ya and said
"Friends of these things are really people can come out? Buddha! These wicked people should really be put into ten layers of hell. "
Wei Ya doesn’t have so many years of compassion, but the government can’t sit back and watch the yogi do experiments, and God knows what these guys want to do in the future, he immediately said
"All right, let’s cut short the gossip. This old thing just ordered the destruction of evidence. Shall we do it now?"
"Dao You Gao Yi, we naturally can’t stand by and watch."
Saga Temple sent Mojiduo and Sangjie here to monitor this base and search for information.
Practitioners in China’s Middle Earth and Tibet have never been in harmony, so Saga Temple can’t act rashly without sufficient evidence, although it suspects that the base is full of articles. Now, taking advantage of Wei Ya’s opportunity to muddy the water, it has glimpsed the secret curtain. Of course, it is unwilling to miss this godsend opportunity for no reason.
Junior sang Jie is always a brother, and Ma Zhizhan nods repeatedly when he sees it.
"Yuan Zhimen" has always advocated doing everything regardless of good and evil, but doing things according to one’s wishes. Wei Ya also didn’t consider whether it was a problem to join hands with Saga Temple, and said brightly
"That’s good to go in! Five elements of evasion! "
As the saying goes, people go back on their words and drink cold water. This military base has been calm since it was established in Mao’s time. However, today, I met Wei Ya, who is afraid of chaos, and even the peaceful days of these years have passed.
The Saga Temple duo has been lurking near the base for a long time. Although the core laboratory finally infiltrated successfully, in other places, the door was cleared and Wei Ya easily bypassed the heavily banned circle of the base department and came to the alloy steel gate leading to the laboratory.
The alloy steel gate as high as 10 meters seems to be flat, but it can be clearly seen that after Wei Ya opened his eyes, the ghost face to face made the gate material, and the soul sacrifice was made to obtain the magic weapon.
This gate, together with the strict circle around it, bans the entrance of the laboratory, and the whole base is integrated with the help of the earth. The energy defense is rock solid. It goes without saying that external force cracking will lead to a strong self-attack. Although Wei Ya can’t guess that the layout of the gate in the past years was from sects, it can be seen from the layout that these bans are enough to blow up the base.
"It’s no wonder that both of you can’t get in."