When Meng Qi is so, but after Meng Qi arrived in the team of Ai Zhuoshui, he immediately felt guilty.

It’s not that I don’t, but since Meng Qi came, I feel that everyone here has a strong hostility towards himself, and Ai Zhuoshui has no good temper towards Meng Qi, throwing Meng Qi in a room, and then ignoring Meng Qi and limiting the action area of Meng Qi.
Meng Qi was also sent by Dragon Valley to make contact, but now he is a prisoner. However, in recent days, the progress of Dragon Valley has been relatively smooth, and the cat and demon clan in Kyubi no Youko has also benefited a lot from Dragon Valley, even without any strength.
At that time, Meng Qi’s liaison ambassador was useless. In an environment full of hostility everywhere, Meng Qi recognized that he was practicing hard, then followed the cat demon clan in Kyubi no Youko and sent the news back to Huilong Valley regularly.
Today, Meng Qi is practicing hard as usual, but a catwoman woke Meng Qi up and said that Ai Zhuoshui asked him to discuss things.
Meng Qi revealed a smile at the corner of his mouth. He had long expected this. Recently, Longgu was against a powerful race and this race was quite stubborn. He would rather die than surrender.
Suo Long Gu decided to extinguish this clan, so that Kyubi no Youko Cat Demon naturally can’t make any effort as before, and Ai Zhuo’s water is also white. Although it is necessary to make all one’s strength, it benefits but it is real.
This time, Ai Zhuoshui didn’t want to contribute, but he was afraid that he couldn’t do anything. Ai Zhuoshui specially called Meng Qi to naturally want Meng Qi to join the Dragon Valley to see where their attack direction is.
Meng Qize has already received the news from Longgu, but he deliberately didn’t tell Ai Zhuoshui the news. Even the clay figurine has three points of anger because he has been a doormat for so long. Kuang Mengqi is not a broad-minded guy.
When Meng Qi saw Ai Zhuoshui, he asked, "I don’t know if Ai Zong called Meng Qilai for something?"
Ai Zhuoshui always has a cold attitude towards Meng Qi, and of course, his enthusiasm has not changed much. He simply said, "Sit down first." Meng Qi nodded and then sat down.
After Meng Qi sat down, Ai Zhuoshui seemed to care very little and asked, "The brute orcs are powerful. I’m afraid it’s not easy this time."
Meng Qi smiled when he heard Ai Zhuoshui’s words and said, "Barbarian orcs are really powerful, but it’s not a big problem to clean up them. After all, my strength in Longgu is not what it used to be. Don’t let Ai’s patriarch suffer too much losses. Let Meng Qi take a message that Ai’s patriarch needs to contain it this time."
Hearing Meng Qi’s words, Ai Zhuoshui’s eyes twitched. The so-called containment is to let yourself not start work at will. That is to say, Longgu doesn’t intend to give himself benefits?
This answer is naturally unable to satisfy the other Ai Zhuoshui. Although she hates her teeth itch in her heart, her face has revealed a smile like never before. Suddenly, it is like a gorgeous summer flower.
Meng Qi actually looked dull for a while-but immediately Meng Qi just sat back and stopped looking at Ai Zhuoshui, who first despised Meng Qi’s performance and then said, "Since my Kyubi no Youko cat demon family has belonged to the name of Dragon Valley, it is natural for Dragon Valley to solve problems. What do you think of my family taking the initiative to take the main attack on Meng Qi?"
Meng Qi was fascinated by this beautiful enchanting just now, but he didn’t lose his head because of it. He pretended it was hard to say, "It’s good that the clan leader of Ai can be so deeply righteous, but it’s hard for Long Lao to decide the war arrangement."
Although it is difficult to pretend on the surface, Meng Qi actually has a smile on her mouth, which is naturally seen by Ai Zhuoshui. She asked coldly, "How do you know that the Presbyterian Church will be difficult if you don’t give my opinion back to Huilonggu?"
This original face was torn by Meng Qi, and naturally he lost his good face. He said coldly, "Meng Qi was sent by Longgu as a liaison messenger, but the head of Ai clan relegated Meng Qi to a small place. Meng Qi wants to give you this convenience?"
Ai Zhuoshui didn’t expect Meng Qi to say these words openly, but Meng Qi looked at Ai Zhuoshui with a sneer. He didn’t believe that Ai Zhuoshui dared to kill himself.
But to Meng Qi’s surprise, Ai Zhuoshui grabbed Meng Qi’s neck, and then Meng Qi felt that he was going to suffocate in a short time …
Chapter DiErLiu narrowly escaped death.
Chapter DiErLiu narrowly escaped death.
Meng Qi’s eyes rolled like two big lanterns, looking at Ai Zhuoshui. Meng Qi really didn’t expect Ai Zhuoshui to kill himself, but now looking at Ai Zhuoshui’s angry look, Meng Qi knows that this time I’m afraid it’s really a mistake.
In Meng Qi’s mind, the scenes of this world seemed to be played back like a lantern. Nine days seemed to be a sigh, and then an external force came to give Ai Zhuo water to Meng Qi.
Meng Qi fell to one side and gently pinched his neck, which was a violent dry cough, while Ai Zhuoshui stood aside and his face was very complicated, but he didn’t mean to rush again
After half a ring, Ai Zhuoshui suddenly said, "Now you can block the freedom of entry and exit in our camp." Then he sat back to his previous position.
Meng Qi finally caught his breath at this moment. I didn’t expect it to be heard. At that time, I didn’t understand it, but then I thought that a force that came just now should be so Meng Qi wouldn’t be naive to think that Ai Zhuoshui would suddenly change his mind just now.
Meng Qi got up and didn’t have a good face. Anyway, Meng Qi simply said, "Ai’s patriarch should have been so convenient for himself. You asked me to return the dragon old place for you, but can Yu Long old place make arrangements to ensure it?" After that, Meng Qi handed over and even the scene words were too lazy to say directly.
Ai Zhuoshui looked at Meng Qi and became more and more angry, but this anger was vented because the will of the person who just stopped her from making moves was that she must never resist.
"Grandma, what did you just stop me from killing that nasty thing? It’s just a monk then. Even if I kill Longgu, it won’t be like that, "said Ai Zhuoshui, who was wronged at the top of his head.
And just now, it seemed like nine days’ voice came again. "Silly boy, that man just now is not as simple as you think. Longgu appreciates him very much. If you kill him, you may be giving Longgu a reason to start work."
"But our clan’s strength has been enhanced several times now, and even in Longgu, we will not be afraid of him." Ai Zhuoshui is very unwilling. First, Qu Longgu, now even a monk then is quite afraid. This gap really makes Ai Zhuoshui feel uncomfortable.
The voice sighed again and said, "Our strength has increased several times because we benefited from the alliance of Dragon Valley, but the benefits we got are naturally a small part of it. Our strength has increased so much. Can you imagine that the strength of Dragon Valley has reached the same level?"
When I heard this, Ai Zhuoshui was silent. Now she has enough ability to fight in the Dragon Valley. Who would have thought that it was such a situation that a clan leader could naturally measure these gains and losses? Ai Zhuoshui squeezed his fist and said, "I won’t shoot that guy again after my grandson knows."
"So it’s good to Zhuo Shui. Now the demon race is really facing a new situation. You should be more careful here. We old guys can’t help you too much for some reasons." That sound is a little disappointed and maybe there are three points.
After Meng Qi returned to his residence, he was relieved to remember that he almost belched and said that he was not afraid of it, but his goal was finally achieved, but it was unexpected that the woman fell out.
However, Meng Qi didn’t pass Ai Zhuoshui’s request to Dragon Valley. It’s not that Meng Qi’s villain gave the news because of the context, or let Kyubi no Youko cat and demon clan take part in the main force. Meng Qi just borrowed a potential to achieve his own news.
However, even so, Meng Qi wants to dry Ai Zhuo water for a few days first. Although it has no substantial effect, it will always make her uncomfortable for two days.
In the past few days, Meng Qi went to see Ai Zhuoshui again. Naturally, there was no good face when they met. Meng Qi also kept a straight face and then told Ai Zhuoshui what he had decided. Ai Zhuoshui also sent Meng Qi out after hearing Meng Qi’s words.
And Meng Qishen doesn’t want to stay here. Just go out. Meng Qi just seems to walk casually in the Kyubi no Youko Cat and Demon clan camp. It’s about Ai Zhuo who ordered Meng Qi to move without being restricted. But once Meng Qi gets close to where, the Kyubi no Youko Cat and Demon clan will avoid him.
Meng Qi is also nai. In fact, there are two reasons why he wants to walk freely. First, his responsibility for this contact is not only to play a microphone, but also to inquire about the changes in the strength of Kyubi no Youko cat and demon clan, and then to lose control of this change in Huilonggu Kyubi no Youko cat and demon clan.
Secondly, it’s Meng Qi’s own reason. Meng Qishen is actually a man who yearns for freedom. This kind of freedom is of course not what he wants, but Meng Qi doesn’t like too many constraints.
As far as Meng Qishen is concerned, he doesn’t like to move very much, but even so, if someone actually restricts Meng Qi’s freedom, although there is no conflict here, Meng Qi is still uncomfortable. It can be said that he has an egg pain, but he is such a person who hates that kind of shackles, even though the shackles don’t actually have much conflict with him.
But now, although freedom of action has been restored, Meng Qi found that it is not so easy to find out the current strength of Kyubi no Youko Cat Demon.
Of course, you can walk around like this and look at some rough inferences, but judging from the information in Longgu, the Kyubi no Youko cat demon clan is not much threat to Longgu even if it digests those benefits assigned to them. In this case, Meng Qi has not investigated these things too much.
In the next few days, Meng Qi didn’t have the shackles, but he still stayed in his residence every day to practice hard, because since the Demon Conference, Long Yao gave Meng Qi some methods of transportation in some fields.
There is no point in Meng Qi’s cultivation because Dragon Valley has no time now, or the demon race has no time to repair it. How to take shortcuts is not a short time to rise too much.
However, the method taught by the professor to Meng Qi can make Meng Qi improve his combat effectiveness in the shortest possible time. In such troubled times, this is not only a problem of combat effectiveness, but also a problem of vitality.
Meng Qi naturally knows this, and since he came to that field, he sometimes studied this. Although it has not achieved much, it is not a gain.
A few days later, Ai Zhuoshui called Meng Qi again, but it was not to find trouble with Meng Qi, but because of the attack on the barbarian orcs.
The attack direction of Kyubi no Youko Cat and Demon is not the strongest but by no means the weakest place of the Barbarians’ defense. Meng Qi is naturally going to watch such battles.