But when Huang Mao saw the person who came in, he immediately turned into a smiling face and said, "This should be the sister-in-law, right?"

"What Dongdong?" Li Lu doesn’t know what sister-in-law is.
"Xiaoyi, I think there are many people who seem to be ready to fight. It’s interesting," said Li Lu with a smile.
"Yellow hair, please prepare first. I watch your performance and remember that the former hostages can’t be lost." Li Yi said lightly.
"Brother Yi" Huang Mao walked out of the room.
"Little Heron, do you think outsiders are interesting?" Li Yi asked with a smile
"It’s interesting. I want to see it," said Li Lu.
"I’ll just listen to our little egret to see it," said Li Yi with mirth.
Li Yi found a room where she could see outside and went in with Li Lu.
"What do you want me to say, old man?" When the former Li Yi spoke, the old man always let Li Yi keep these hostages.
"The cat can’t be leaked" said with a big smile.
"Then why did you let me put some magic in my yellow hair?" Li yiwen
Li Yi was about to speak when he said, "Don’t tell me that the cat is not to be revealed."
He smiled and said, "So that yellow hair won’t die? It’s so simple that I don’t even know."
As soon as Li Yi was ready to fight back, Li Lu tugged at Li Yi’s hand and said, "Xiao Yi Xiao Yi, look, they are going to fight."
"Little Heron, who do you think will win?" Li Yixiao asked.
"If you ask me, I say that the person who called me sister-in-law can win." Li Lu said with a smile.
Li Yi smiled and said nothing.
"By the way, what is Xiaoyishao?" Li lucai remembered that the former man called himself sister-in-law
"Ahem … that what … watch the play." Li Yi was startled first and then reacted quickly.
"Oh" Li Lu nodded at the yellow hair.
"Are you choose to merge? Or merge? Or merge? " The little leader said arrogantly
"I choose to merge," Huang Mao said faintly.
"Fuck you, if you had told me earlier, I wouldn’t have brought anyone. It’s too fucking pit. Hurry up and pack up and give up the site, and you’ll die," said the little leader.
Chapter 45 Pity dad
"You know, then say it. Don’t pretend you don’t know. If you don’t know, I’ll tell you," said Li Yi with a smile.
"I told you," Lin Keer said.
"Say it, I didn’t stop you from saying it," Li Yi said with a smirk.
"You … you … you" Lin Keer stuttered a little.
"Although I am handsome, you are not so surprised, are you?" Li Yi smirked and said
Lin Keer really has an idea of strangling Li Yi now. He is too narcissistic and handsome and pure-bred
"If you want to win this game, your teammates must have the ability to cooperate, the tacit understanding and more training." Lin Keer said and smiled.
"What are you laughing at? Is it spring? " Li Yi jokingly asked.
"You’re in spring," Lin Keer said, giving Li Yi a dirty look.
"Then what are you laughing at?" Li Yi asked
"If you think laughter is spring, then you laugh every day. Are you spring every day?" Lin Keer smiled and said.
"That … I won’t tell you this. You just said that if you want to win the game, you must have a tacit understanding, which is also cultivated in the battle." Li Yi smiled as if she was about to kidnap a little girl.
"Yes! What’s wrong? " Lin Keer asked.
"Can we practice one?" Li Yi said with a smile.
"How do three people in our team practice?" Lin Keer gave Li Yi a dirty look and said.
Beauty’s supercilious look is never tired of looking good!
"The other two teammates have found it. Let’s get ready to practice!" Li Yi said
"What time is it?" Lin Keer casually asked.
"Now," Li Yi said lightly.
"Now oh, I’ll go to what? Now? You won’t have class for a while? " Lin Keer frowned and asked
Li Yi smiled and shook his head and said, "No."