The thief has such a hand.

The thief was furious. "Where did you get paralyzed? The little red guy actually hit us with his idea to die." He said with a swinging knife.
Haikui smiled. "What, do you still want to do it?"
At this time, many thieves are bold and fat. As the saying goes, two fists can’t defeat four hands, but this is meaningless to practitioners and ordinary people. Even a hundred ordinary people can’t defeat a foundation practitioner, and it’s even worse for Haikui. What about the practitioners who reach the fairyland in the early childhood?
"Mom, don’t delay the arrival of the egg horse. Wait a minute. It’s crowded and crowded. Don’t delay the time to make a fortune." A cargo scolded.
Haikui nodded, "Yes, don’t delay your making money, then I’ll hurry up."
With that, Haikui’s feet moved instantly and people seemed to be divided into five people, each holding out his hand in front of five people and raising five people at the same time.
This is not that Haikui has cultivated the separation, but that the speed has reached the extreme to produce the effect.
Haikui looked at the five people grimly and said, "Give me all your money, or I’ll cut you alive." He said that Ran Yan was fierce and at the same time grabbed the thief’s knife and gently scratched them in the face, leaving a wound on five people’s faces.
Haikui’s body instantly recovered. A man looked at them coldly and said, "Go quickly. If you don’t get it for 30 seconds, I’ll cut you off."
Where have you seen this battle before five people were frightened? Who the fuck is this? Look, I’m afraid it’s a demon! For a moment, I was shaking with fear and my eyes trembled
Haikui is satisfied with their reaction, like this group of social scum. If there is no absolute power to intimidate or the state violence agency is finished, they can’t be stopped. "Go quickly, it’s been a second."
Haikui said coldly that several people were frightened out of their wits and went back to get the money.
In a short time, the five men turned around and came back with this one in their hands. Bao Haikui simply checked out a handful of cash and returned the other things to them. You also saw what it is like for me to surpass mortals. You should all know how to keep your mouth shut.
A few people watched Haikui take a lot of money and suddenly disappeared. Is this fucking magic? Is magic so strong?
Haikui ignored those stupefied people and walked back.
The 345 police officer chased four or five carriages, but he didn’t see Hai Kuiying sweating all at once, but the bus had arrived.
Wang Zhonghou is also anxious after the policeman’s ass. For him, although it is not a big number, it is equivalent to his income for nearly two months, and his heart is like a root floating.
When the policeman saw that Haikui could not be found, he immediately turned his head and said, "Go back to the sleeper car quickly." His idea was to detain the beautiful girl and the boy would definitely appear.
However, the train has already knocked on the door, and the passenger car is crowded with people. It is difficult for them to move.
Wang Zhonghou shouted "Let’s go!"
But the drivers are all here, and they are all in a hurry. Who cares if he shouts?
Wait until two people back to the sleeper car has been like also didn’t see a figure.
The policeman had an inspiration and hurriedly said, "Express to the exit."
But when they got to the sleeping car, Haikui was out of the train and waiting for Yang Yulu and Ma Mengmeng outside.
Wang Zhonghou screamed and kept cursing, "Are you policemen eating for nothing and letting people run away like this?"
After looking for a circle, no one can be seen. The police have confirmed that the boy may have left, but they have the real information about the boy buying tickets here.
The policeman took Zhong Wang’s kindness to "go to the car police room to register and buy a ticket. If they have information, they can’t run."
Wang Zhonghou has long been furious. "Then hurry up and be a bunch of fools like a head fly."
The policeman was not happy in his heart. The attitude of the goods was really fucking bad. After that, he was also unhappy. He pointed to the front and said, "That’s the police room. You go first and I go to the toilet." Then he slipped away. This person can’t serve.
Wang Zhonghou was in a bad mood and scolded "a lazy donkey grinds shit too much"
Haikui waited outside until Yang Yulou and Ma Mengmeng greeted with a smile. "Why are you so slow? Slower than me? "
"Are you out?" Yang Yulou looked at him strangely.
"Why do you want me to go to prison? But that old goat named Wang Zhonghou is really not a fucking thing. "Haiquin really took Wang Zhonghou’s money this time, so he was not so angry. Instead, he took it for granted. Who told you to falsely accuse me? I’m really welcome.
"Where are we going next?" Yang Yulou asked.
"Go to school, of course," Haikui said. "It’s only ten o’clock in the afternoon." Are you two going to eat first or report to school first? "
Yang Yulou laughed and said, "Ask your monitor."
Chapter 17 This is like an introduction?
Haikui looked at Ma Mengmeng.
Ma Mengmeng turned red and shook his head. "Whatever you decide."
Haikui hesitated for a second. "Let’s go to dinner first and report for duty at noon. I haven’t had a good meal in the car these two days. It’s better to have a good meal and I’ll introduce you to our school alumni."
Yang Yulu said, "Hai Kui didn’t expect you to know so many classmates before you got to school."
Brother Haikui’s shame, I’ve come for a walk, okay? I just made a haha with them and said, "Let’s go near the school first and I’ll introduce you."
The three men took a taxi and went straight to Fugang University.
Haikui dialed Yunxi Yuehua in the car and asked her to bring Jingxiang to the school gate. Then she dialed liujing dialect. Although she is not familiar with liujing, after all, it is a place. Maybe she can help each other after studying in Laifu Port.
Yang Yulu asked behind Haikui, "Strange, how do you know so many people and it seems to be a girl?"
Haikui gloated with a chest, saying, "It’s natural for a man to be handsome and charming."
Next to the driver’s uncle, he looked at it with a smile and was embarrassed to laugh.
Yang Yulu threw a dirty look at the back of Haikui’s head. "Come on, you, you, who are you and I don’t think any girl you know is beautiful."
After that, I looked at myself and Ma Mengmeng and said, "Of course, except for your monitor and me."
Haikui laughed more triumphantly. "Wait, I will surprise you, and maybe you will beg me to say, please be my boyfriend less." Haikui teased Yang Yulu that she was elated because Shizuka and Yunxiyue are both great beauties, although Yunxiyue is a little different at this time and liujing is also a beauty, although she looks petite and exquisite.
Yang Yulou thinks this guy hasn’t boasted yet, so he has to tell Ma Mengmeng, "Is that what he is like when you have known him for so long?"
Ma Mengmeng thought that he really didn’t care about Haikui’s situation, shook his head and said, "I didn’t know him well before."
Haikui was sad when she heard that. It was a waste of me paying so much attention to your every move before, but you actually said that I didn’t know my heart well.
Yang Yulou exclaimed, "No, you and he were childhood friends."
Ma Mengmeng turned red and said, "I didn’t talk to him much before I talked nonsense. If it weren’t for this time, his grades were too Uber, I’m afraid we wouldn’t remember each other after."
Haikui’s sad heart is cold. "Stop it, I’m sad." I didn’t expect myself to be such a presence in the monitor’s heart.
Yang Yulou looked at Haikui strangely and asked, "Haikui didn’t you say that the monitor was your childhood friend?"
Haikui growled, "Who said it was all you, the girl? I said at random that I never said she was my childhood friend. If I hadn’t filled in Fugang University at the moment, I’m afraid she wouldn’t even know who I am when we met later." Haikui was upset at the monitor.
Ma Mengmeng blushed and said shyly, "But I have paid some attention to this boy since his grades came out and he was admitted to Fugang University. In fact, he is good."
Ma Mengmeng said to Yang Yulou that his eyes were flashing and shy.
Yang Yulu looked at her and suddenly felt that his monitor liked him. He looked at Haikui’s hair with a triumphant expression.
Haikui feels full of blood and resurrects. Generally, just now, the monitor said that he didn’t pay attention to him first, which made his heart cold. After that, he said that he was good. I almost want to move with the embrace of the sun.
Yang Yulu suddenly asked, "Monitor, do you like Haikui?"
She asked Ma Mengmeng and Haikui instantly became statues.
Ma Mengmeng doesn’t know how to answer. She feels very embarrassed. She feels that she has risen to a good impression on him. She doesn’t like it, but if she doesn’t like it, will it be stiff?
Haikui pricked up his ears to answer him, but he always wanted to know whether the monitor liked him or not.
The driver’s uncle also cocked up his ears. He still prefers such pure hexagrams. He is over forty and has not experienced such an interesting age. Besides, where did he put them in his own time?