Even fangzhou folded to drink and asked, "Aunt Miao? What have you done to Miao Da’s family? "

The leader took a cool glance at Fangzhou and smiled. "What else can I do? What kind of hard-mouthed untouchables do you keep? Kill them all, of course! It’s only a dozen mouths. What matters! "
"You!" Even Fang Zhou’s face turned white and shivered, staring at the man mercilessly and wishing to kill him!
Listen to another person still don’t smile happily enough and added, "Gee, those two little wives are really watery. If it weren’t for us, I wouldn’t give up my hand! Oh, I regret it! "
Another person took a meaningful lust even fangzhou smile happily way "this is not simple? I’d say Mrs. Weininghou is much better than those two daughters-in-law Hey hey, this is the duke’s woman! "
They said with unbridled laughter.
Li Fu couldn’t help but hold the soft swordsman in great anger, and his joints turned white and his veins stood out suddenly, and his eyes suddenly turned cold as ice, staring at everyone’s thin lips and pursed his lips without saying a word.
Lian Fangzhou was extremely angry and said to Li Fu, "Jane didn’t fall into their goad, so you killed them all and took revenge on Aunt Miao!"
Thinking of hospitality, simplicity and kindness, when everyone thought that they and Li Fu were leaving, Aunt Miao earnestly urged even Fang Zhou’s eye socket to burst into tears.
They deserve it!
She swore that if she didn’t die today, not only these people in front of her, but also those behind their scenes would not let her go!
This Nanhai county is not a place where they single-handedly cover the sky and care about human life!
Li Fu nodded.
The leader saw that Li Fu was obviously very angry, but he actually resisted not being angered. He had two unexpected giggles and smiled. "Weining will wait for you-"
A word unfinished Li Fu suddenly jumped up and jumped at him like a flash, and he was taken aback to object to looking down at soft sword in Li Fu’s hand and passing through his chest!
The man couldn’t believe stare big eyes Li Fu sneer at a foot to kick him out of the wrist and yank out soft sword’s sword. A roll has been attacked by others.
This sudden change in addition to Fang Zhou that a few assassins froze!
Who would have thought that Hou Weining would let go of his daughter-in-law and violently attack?
By the time they react, the leader with the strongest martial arts has breathed his last, and two others have also died and been injured!
The atmosphere suddenly changed, and a few people left were no longer surprised and angry. Before I closed it, I cried out with a few laughs, holding a sword and attacking Li Fuqun.
Li Fu sneered at soft sword’s fast-moving sword, sword, zither and naruto’s shadow flashing, and the two sides were inextricably linked. From time to time, someone was injured and screamed.
Even fangzhou was dazzled, his hands tightly holding his big eyes and he didn’t dare to move.
She has never been so sorry and hated herself for not knowing martial arts and fighting.
Accompanied by "ah!" A scream, a man’s left arm was cut off by Li Fu, and he fell in pain. Even Fang Zhou’s consciousness glanced at it. It was just a cold look at the man, with rage and bloodthirsty. Even Fang Zhou was surprised and stepped back.
The man stared at her with a ferocious smile, and the sword in his hand staggered up bit by bit, and staggered towards Lianfangzhou step by step.
Even Fang Zhou’s face burst into a white mouth, trying to shout and endure.
These people are obviously very talented. Even if Li Fu takes the lead and kills two seriously injured people, it is not easy to get rid of them for a while. If he is distracted, it is hard to say.
The man stared at Lian Fangzhou with a giggle in his throat and a long roar. The sword in his hand stabbed Lian Fangzhou straight in the past.
The dazzling light stung her eyes, and even Fangzhou felt dizzy. Although she had been waiting for her heart for a long time, she was still so nervous that she almost couldn’t live!
More importantly, she doesn’t know whether Yunluoer gives her powder or not!
Panicked, even Fang Zhou’s hand waved the powder for a long time and hurried back.
I heard "Ah! Ah! " The squeal screams came to a terrible place in a row, and even Fangzhou had never heard such a miserable scream to the extreme, and she was a little unresponsive at the moment.
All the people in the box were taken aback and glanced at it. They didn’t look big, and there was a surprise in their eyes.
Even Fang Zhou’s brain was in a daze, and he was surprised to see them so much. He wanted to look at the screaming place and Li Fu shouted, "Don’t look!"
Toe a little fly away to embrace her quickly retreated into the mountains towards running all the way in the deep forest.
There are three people left outside who are not injured. The rest are seriously injured, two are slightly injured, one is dead and three are dead.
A few people stared at the terrorist accomplices who died at the hands of Mrs. Weining Hou, and their faces were bloody and frightened.
No wonder Hou Weining dared to show off in Nanhai County with a lady who can’t do martial arts. No wonder …
Rao is Nanhai County, which has been rich in poisons since ancient times. They have never seen such terrible and powerful poisons. What the hell is this …
Several people looked at each other, in addition to fear and trepidation, and asked whether to chase or not.
It doesn’t seem appropriate not to chase, but it seems even more inappropriate to chase. Who knows if there are any strange things in Mrs. Weininghou’s hand?
In what meritorious service opportunity at the moment a few people even dare not think about it!
"Come on, let’s leave here quickly and contact other brothers to report to the Lord! Well, now that we have found their trail, they will not escape in this mountain sooner or later! Consumption can also kill them! " One sneer at a way
Several other people have agreed to fold so many brothers, and even the leading brother Lu has lost his life. It can be seen that the other party prick the hand even if he goes back, he has something to tell.
A few people want to take back the dead brother’s weapon, and it is certainly impossible to take it away from the body.
Who knows that when collecting weapons, don’t just collect the sword that was poisoned by Lian Fangzhou, but the sword is good at three or five sentences. The man feels that there seems to be something wrong with his hand. He bowed his head and scared. "Ah! Ah! " Screamed and the sword in his hand stumbled to the ground.
A few people were surprised. Fortunately, someone responded quickly and wielded a sword "shua" to cut off the man’s whole arm in shock and picked up a life for him.
Li Fu ran out for more than two minutes with Lian Fangzhou in one breath and stopped panting.
"Chase, can make track for? Otherwise, let’s run and run a little further! " Even fangzhou leaned against the tree and gasped for some pain in his chest and asked intermittently.
Li Fu patted the judo behind her. "There should be no chase. It doesn’t matter. Let’s have a rest." She said and helped her sit down.
I ran too fast and too fast, and my heart was full of tension. At this time, I stopped, and even Fangzhou felt trembling all over, especially my legs could not stop trembling.
Li Fu helped her to sit, then pulled her injured foot and rubbed it. "Is there any discomfort?"
Even the continent some embarrassed busy back feet say with smile "nothing! It’s already healed. How could it be wrong? I’m not afraid of running too fast and my legs are always shaking. "
Li Fu couldn’t help laughing. "Good mother, when did I say you were afraid? My mother is so bold. How can she be afraid of people casually? You didn’t go through such a thing, so eager to dash all the way. Are your legs and feet trembling with fear? "
Even Fang Zhou smiled and said to him, "You are shaking with fear!"
Two people laugh make a mood slightly loose.
"By the way, why didn’t you let me see it?" Lian fangzhou asked
Li Fu’s eyes flashed with a touch of disgust and disgust. He didn’t like all kinds of harmful poisons, especially disgusting poisons that looked so evil.
He smiled and said, "Because it’s really ugly, I’m afraid you’ll be scared."
Lian Fangzhou spat out his tongue and laughed, "Where am I so timid?" In my heart, I believed Li Fu’s words. He said so. The death must be very, very ugly. Fortunately, I didn’t see it …
Li Fu gave her a look and suddenly added, "Is that medicine for you from Yunluo? It’s too vicious, and if you make yourself too bad, do you still have it? Don’t be careful when you are easy. "
Even Fang Zhou nodded "well" and said, "Luo Er also told me that this powder is too poisonous and too powerful to be in the most critical moment. It’s best not to! But I was really scared at the time. I just took a look outside. This is what I can’t do! "
She smiled and comforted Li Fu. "Don’t worry, Luo Er told me that this medicine is not afraid of my wounds until I see blood!"
Li Fu "oh" a little relieved in his heart, but secretly muttered that it’s no wonder that winning is like that …
I rested for a while and recovered my strength. Even Fangzhou was busy. "If those people make track for me, it will be miserable. Let’s hurry!" It’s Jane. What should we do if we pick it up? "
Li Fu just mused, "There is no need to worry at present. I don’t think that a few of them may have the courage to chase, but once they contact others, it’s hard to say."
This is a bit depressing for both of them.
Lian Fangzhou muttered, "We are really unlucky!" Being trapped in this mountain is temporarily ill, but it is even more difficult to get out!
And aunt Miao’s family. Chapter 1177 Crossing the deep forest