I miss the purple princess bed in the room!

"I’m tired, too. I’ll sleep with you." Yue Xuanyi hurriedly posted it to arouse people’s disdain eyes.
"Well, let’s go." Xingtianmo or go to the second floor arm in arm with Yuexuan Yi. She can’t wait to have a date with Duke Zhou.
Early the next day
"Why is the headmaster in such a hurry to find us?" Xingtianmo wanted to catch up on sleep and wake up naturally, but she was awakened by a strange word. It turned out to be the old man of the principal.
"I don’t know" Yue Xuan Yi Yi didn’t wake up just like Xingtian Mo.
The headmaster was so anxious to find them that he said that if they didn’t go, he would die = …
"Knock knock" Xingtianmo habitually knocked on the door.
Unexpectedly, there was no response from Yuexuan Yiyi, so I impatiently kicked the door and thought it was habitual.
The door was hit and the headmaster was talking to a man, Kan Kan.
Xing Tian Mo and Yue Xuan Yi walked in unhurriedly to see that the man was Xing Lengyu.
Seeing his impatient face, it is estimated that the headmaster will be angry if he doesn’t stop. If he is angry, the consequences will be very serious …
7 exchange learning
"The headmaster …" Star day foam called a he didn’t respond estimation is too absorbed.
"Principal!" Star day foam shouted a pity that he finally had a reaction.
"Hey, what are you doing here? Can I help you? " The headmaster inexplicably asked with a face of koo.
Xing Tian Mo and Yue Xuan Yi suddenly had a black line on their faces. The old man forced them to come here early in the morning. Now he asked them what they were doing. Is this old headmaster selective and forgetful? !