Watching her play like a child, Atobe Keigo couldn’t help muttering that she was not gorgeous and then picked up those white sandals and ran to her.

Today, both of them are naive. They pushed a pile of sand to make a sand castle, but they rushed to break it and picked up many shells, but they were buried one by one, and then they were found out and buried again or thrown into the sea.
In this crazy way, two people finally lay down on the beach exhausted.
"Xiaojing … Are you happy today?" Sitting on the beach, I looked at lying on the beach and Atobe Keigo asked with a smile.
"Uh-huh, it’s not gorgeous, but it’s ok." Although Atobe Keigo said that, he was satisfied and laughed.
"Scene, we are really rare to be presumptuous …" Atobe Keigo and her are similar in some places. Many people are nervous every day, and occasionally entertainment can’t relax their subconscious nerves. This crazy game really makes them … rare to be presumptuous.
"Ah, uh, Huai" She called him Xiaojing, so he wouldn’t be melodramatic and call him Miss Xia.
"… Xiaojing, shall I be your sister?" Look at that endless sea, I said with a smile
For a long time, Atobe Keigo didn’t call himself Xiaojing so kindly. It turned out that he was a younger brother. It really hurts his self-esteem. Is his masculine charm finished before her?
"If you want to be me, it’s enough." He still couldn’t say it, and he said that after only one day together. His gentleman really didn’t allow him to say it.
"… well," see yourself more like a friend? Friends are good, too
【 Fei appeared after don’t know the taste funny natural to stay Huai sauce! 】
Atobe Keigo got up and sat on the beach with Xia Huai and looked at the sea. The blue sea is no longer the same color as the sky. The sky has gradually turned into a wine red that has been brewing for a long time. Although this scenery is not the first time to see it, it is particularly beautiful because they are rare to be presumptuous today.
No, no, no, it’s rare to be presumptuous. I guess it’s just eating chocolate
Kunimitsu Tezuka hum is too careless.
No. Where’s Minister Fei?
It’s rare for Kunimitsu Tezuka to be crazy about her.
No, I don’t. The minister really likes Xia Huai very much.
Kunimitsu Tezuka Feiye
No, Fei?
Kunimitsu Tezuka love.
No Fei … (covering her face ing) Youth …
[Fragments-Deep Love]
"That’s enough! Dad, please don’t break mom’s things again. It’s mom’s legacy, dad! Please! " These words sound so heartbreaking in my ears that I have never begged for something, but this is something I can never give in to.
"Since you said that, you can break this sogeum. I can move all these things into your research room and don’t ask these questions." The man is covered in alcohol and bloodshot eyes. How terrible it looks. The original handsome face is twisted and scary.
"I …" This sogeum is her favorite. She clearly remembers her mother’s warmth, holding her hand and pulling the sogeum. This sogeum has a mother’s taste and is the only clearest memory of her mother and herself.
"What are you trying to say?" To get drunk, the inside of Danfeng’s eyes was changed to be cold, and his whole person smelled of danger.
She also knows that even if she doesn’t break the string, he will break it and break it.
Trembling as if she had been sprinkled with one thousand catties of powder, her hands were so slow to move.
Tears accumulated in her eyes for a long time and finally fell straight. This drop was like a gate, which made her tears wet all the time, and her bloody little face wet the periphery of Xiaoqin.
Black hair and long hair have been hovering around the floor. The elegant white dress is so pure, but it seems to be soaked in black atmosphere here, but it is just obvious that the crying little girl is thin and thin.
She resolutely broke the strings and then slammed the piano, so it fell apart.
For this move, the man who smelled of alcohol acquiesced and staggered out of the door.
Only she knows that what she treasures most has been abandoned and destroyed by herself, and painful tears have flooded her sight and her world again.