Therefore, the root of man should not appear here. He is the character in Master’s memory!

"Wu Changtian"
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Chapter 33 Beyond life and death
"Are you a human being or a demon?" Wang Gan asked with a gloomy face that a demon was still alive, which was incredible.
"I am your demons and your desires" replied Wu Changtian leisurely, admitting his own body without disguise.
"If you tell me this, will you still be my pawn?" Wang Gan laughs at.
But soon his expression changed, and his eyes flashed as if he had lost his soul.
Life can be full of love and despair!
This feeling suddenly appeared in his mind, as if his father had left in those days.
Wang Gan knelt down and grabbed his neck tightly to control the idea of life.
"Are you white? What kind of * * can resist the temptation of life desire to people, because you lose this kind of * * is equivalent to giving up your life and not replying to anything. I am the strongest demon in your heart, and you will always be able to defeat me. "
Wu Changtian Wang Gan’s heart echoed and I don’t know what he remembered. His eyes gradually lit up and he let go of his hand and reluctantly got up.
"An elder made a special trip to see me and discuss something beyond life and death with me. He deliberately showed off with me and didn’t take it to heart. I finally got it!" Speaking of lust, Wang Gan suddenly remembered what Wu Taiqing said to himself, and some kind of enlightenment gradually melted his heart. "Wu Changtian Wu Taiqing asked me to bring you a message, so you listen to me!"
"People are not pigs and dogs, but there are things worth sacrificing their lives and guarding."
"He is white, but are you white?" Wuchangtian was silent for half a ring way
"I’m afraid of death. If I want to cultivate this immortal love, I’ll be ruthless, cold-blooded and greedy. All the obstacles in front of me have been blasted. The spirit of immortality and eternal moral laws have been imposed on me, but immortality is not the only thing I pursue my life. There are things I want to protect more, even if I sacrifice this life!"
Even if he is alive, he still has thoughts and spiritual sustenance in his heart, and he will do whatever it takes to achieve his goal.
This is beyond life and death, this is my way forever!
The Buddha raised the tiger because of his compassion and obsession with saving the world. Even if he gave up his life, it was worth it. In the end, he rose above life and death to achieve the Buddha’s goal. His spirit has been forever in the world.
"Brother Taiqing’s move is wonderful. It seems that I lost." Wu Changtian sighed and said, "Go and remember what you said today."
The darkness disappeared, and Wang Gan’s eyes suddenly widened, and his back was wet with cold sweat.
"This Wu Taiqing exactly is what position is too accurate? How did he know that I could meet Wu Changtian? What do they have? " Wang Gan thought for a long time that Wu Taiqing was unfathomable, and he must not deal with this man in the future, otherwise he would have to be counted as a cling.
"Wang Gan you incredibly successful? You solved the demons? This is forever! Almost all people who are haunted by demons lose their minds in the end, as if they had killed their own souls, and finally they were possessed by demons. What happened to you? " Fu Tian seems quite surprised, but more is a surprise.
"Senior Futian, please tell me who Wu Changtian is?" Wang Gan asked.
"He? He is … "Fu Tian hesitated for a long time." He is a Saya master. "
Master. Master? Isn’t that my grandmaster? But this answer Wang Gan was not satisfied. He vaguely felt that Fu Tian’s predecessors seemed to hide something from themselves and didn’t want to let themselves know.
"Fu day predecessors that he …"
"Wang Gan now is not to ask this time! There’s not much time left. Refine the heart of that sin so that you can achieve the true fire of Samadhi! " Futian interrupted him to stop him from asking questions.
Wang Gan’s heart is tight, and he quickly sees that Qi Hai is fighting with each other to turn Qi Hai upside down. Even the acupuncture points are full of battles. If it were not for the suppression of the cold fire, it would have died.
However, when Wang Gan ran his consciousness into the sea of gas, he suddenly felt that the black demon poison fire had a great boost to his spirit. Like a millstone, he wrapped the evil heart fire in the central black and white flame and slowly rotated it, which would be reduced by half every cycle.
This balance has been broken, and the heart of sin is gradually unable to support it and is swallowed up by black and white fire step by step.
After about three wick of incense, the heart of all crimes was refined and the other two kinds of flames were nearly twice as big, and they synthesized a perfect round Tai Chi form and slowly rotated.
What’s even more amazing is that there is a ring of Buddha’s light on the periphery of these two kinds of flames, which is obviously the benefit of refining and chemical crimes.
"This is samadhi true fire? But I was swallowed up by them, even the acupuncture points. How can I break through to the sixth floor? " As soon as Wang Gan’s eyes turned, he suddenly had an idea. He said to the seven cunning treasure foxes, "Treasure foxes, treasure foxes, look for this snake beast Dan quickly."
Wang Gan had the idea of this seven-scale snake beast Dan!
There are seven cunning foxes leading the way, and Wang Gan walked all the way along the abdominal cavity. Soon they came to a place full of mucus, and sure enough, they saw a huge animal Dan two meters high.
"Why is Tianbao here?" Wang Gan suddenly discovered that there was a foreign body vaguely in this beast Dan Department. A closer look at it impressively is the writing brush formed after the birth of his own flash lava.
This seven-scale snake swallowed this brush and sent it to its own beast Dan in an attempt to refine it and swallow it up.
"If you dare to refine my baby, don’t blame me for refining you first!" Wang Gan was furious when he pressed his hands on the surface of Beast Dan and saw strips of roots sticking out of meridians and plunged into Beast Dan.
Wang Gan just took a breath, and he felt that the sea of gas poured into several fine yuan, all of which were as bright as stars and powerful!
"Ha ha, is this the seven-layer essence? It’s really concise. This essence is almost equal to a whole group of four-layer cyclones. If it is condensed into a group of seven-layer cyclones, what is it?" Wang Gan couldn’t help himself, even though he let the precious tree of Qihuang refine its own cyclone.