In the end, Villarreal also announced the main team list.

The DJ at the scene of the little love song interacted with the fans and shouted out the names of the villarreal B team members!
Although the number of people on the scene is not as scary as that of the super competition in the Spanish national derby, it also attracts a large number of fans to watch the game. After all, coming to watch the game of team B earlier than the first team can make them enter the state of watching the game in the new season faster.
The front line is partnered by No.1 Huo An Du Masi and No.23 Jefferson Montero;
No.1 hernan perez; No.6 Marcos Gulong Javier Martina; No.7 Cristobal Gisdubao (formerly referred to as C Gisdubao)
Defence line no.4 Kiko; No.3 Huo An Oreo; No.5 Ai Du; Harvey Costa on the 2nd!
Goalkeeper Saint Flohr Vindikia!
Shizu original class main force array
Some have also played in the first team.
At last, the stadium has a feeling of mountains calling for tsunami, which makes Sun Yao very excited. Sun Yao has been looking forward to playing in such a stadium for a long time!
"It’s like coming out quickly!"
The local TV station also has a live broadcast of the Spanish second division, which is also the first round of the game.
Both teams are stronger teams in Spanish second division.
Virva was still hanging out with La Liga teams years ago and relegated to La Liga. It is also a fierce team and it is not easy to deal with!
And when Sun Yao Eye’s newspaper announced the Virva players, the fans on the scene were also booed.
Sun Yao, sit back on the bench.
After the players of both sides entered the stadium and shook hands falsely, they prepared for the real knife and gun competition.
When the referee whistles, the game is exactly
The local TV commentator also talked about the speed of speech. When Degang Guo saw it, he could beg to accept him as an apprentice.
Is that they like to repeat when explaining.
For example, the word "Villarreal Villarreal Villarreal" can be said several times.
Villarreal B team controls the ball. Cristobal Gisdubao takes the ball. The Virva team grabbed it with a fierce shovel. Gisdubao missed the ball and escaped the opponent’s tackle, but the other team came again and took the ball away with one foot.
"Cristobal Cristobal! This ball is destroyed! " A tackle can stimulate the passion of commentators.
Sun Yao looked at the bench quietly, but his heart was already hot.
"This is the real game! The real knife and gun competition is ruthless and fierce! God, it’s still Spain. Can my calf stand it in England? " Sun Yao excited looked at the in the mind said to himself.
Just three minutes after the game, emotions broke out between the two sides. The players of Villarreal B team were very dissatisfied because of Virva’s repeated flying shovels, and they surrounded the Virva team player Field who had just put Marcos Gulong down!
The two teams were entangled in an instant.
Sun Yao also got excited and shouted at the big player.
And the teammates on the bench have also got up and prepared to rush at the loss of their teammates.
Finally, the referee was booked to stop the dispute!
And the assistant coach is also comforting the bench players.
The first game of the season is not easy to play, and no one wants to lose in the first game!
After the referee gave the first yellow card, the movements of both sides were slightly restrained, but they were serious in the end.
Javier Martina takes the ball and sends it to the winger C. Gisdubaojidubaoshi Yu wants to break through the opponent’s close watch and continue to return it to Martinat
Reorganize an attack
The ball moves to the right and hernan perez is blocked from the baseline!
Corner kick!
Hernan perez raised his hand in the corner to prepare the ball.
Teammates also got the message
The entanglement in the restricted area is also here.
Villarreal B defender Ai Du headed the goal!
The ball was cleared from the goal line by Virva defender Kpa.
Virva No.11 Field takes the ball and transfers it to No.14 Kilo!
Fight back!
A corner kick just now made Villarreal B’s defence weak. This is Virva’s chance!
Kilo took the ball and ran to the side. B team winger Oreo quickly made up the defense to stick Kilo.
There is a huge gear on the road.
Virva No.14 Kilo never gave the ball to the road.
Forward insert striker No.9 alberto’s single-handed ball opportunity
"alberto alberto alberto alberto! Knock on the door Ditch! Ditch! GOAL! GOAL!”
Commentators always pretend to be passionate and tell everyone that there is a good show here.
Sun Yao also dropped the bottle on the sidelines next to coach juan carlos Garrido.
Garrido is also a face of gloom to see a bottle fly up a kick!
Schet!’ A mouthful of anger!
Sun Yao wants to be more ready at this time. The door of the team has been breached. At this time, it is time for him to make contributions. It is so humbled to stay on the bench!
Is juan carlos Garrido also don’t want to wave off a substitution quota so early.
Villarreal has fallen behind by one goal just one minute in the game. It’s too much pressure to lose the ball at home so early in the face of a target team!
Field reorganization ball
Villarreal B team is also angry. The first round of the game is also the first home game. If you lose, it will be a very painful thing.
After all, they are also ranked in the league tour team last season, and their overall strength is not worse than that of Virva!
They were hesitant and impatient when they suppressed Virva crazily. Every attack ended in a hurry and didn’t bring much trouble to the Virva team.
"Cristobal gith dubao! Cristobal! Cristobal! He made a breakthrough on the side! Ball ~ Back up! Du Masi! Oh! This ball is above the crossbar! " The commentator regretted