"Kai, if you change places and go to other places, you won’t."

"Think about it." Kai didn’t directly refuse, but he didn’t really say anything that made Cai Liangyan scold his carelessness.
When I received Tang Qinling’s words, he was floating. When I learned that the Tauren team needed two players, I was really sleepy and met a pillow.
Before he complained to Tang Qinling, I didn’t expect to get such a good news in a few days, and suddenly I felt lucky.
Looking at the scenery outside the window, Cai Liangyan also fell silent. Whether he can join the Tauren team or not still needs to be finally run-in
And when Zhang Hao got back to the hotel from school, a new person came.
"I said that when you went to lspl to find abuse, don’t expect too much. My former team’s pits are better than my teammates, so take them to fly."
"Yes, the technology didn’t say how much your salary is a month."
Zhang Hao heard these words when she took the door. Take a closer look at the two guys in the guest room and don’t know what to say.
"Xiao Hao, this is to inquire about friends after the announcement of team recruitment."
I heard that Gao Chengfeng introduced Zhang Hao Zheng at a fast speed, but it seems a bit arrogant to see the situation.
"You played in the league before," Zhang Hao questioned.
"Well played in Draco team stayed with them to fly.
"Poof" Chen Yi immediately sprayed it.
Seeing that someone despised one of them, he was unhappy. "Hey, I said, what are you laughing at?"
"Nothing, nothing"
Chen Yi’s words about Tianlong Team were very impressive. At the beginning, Chen Yi’s team won the first victory by killing Tianlong after losing N games in a row. However, this team is recognized as an experienced baby team in lspl League, and everyone loves it.
Chen Yi heard that it was the Tianlong team that came out, which was naturally dear, but such players really dare not recruit.
But for a moment, Chen Yi suddenly brightened up at the moment. On the other hand, although they can’t recruit, they are, but these two generations can compete.
This involves a rule of the professional league. If a registered professional player has no team, it is acceptable to rent from other teams.
That is to say, when the tauren team plays lspl, they can rent two guys who are free men to the team to play temporarily, and then they can make the team normal when they have the right candidate.
In the future, these two men will become free men, because their team was removed from lspl. No, don’t be at the bottom of the score because you finished playing in one season.
Chapter 25 We are here to join the team.
"Well, we’re thinking about it. The horse will have a final battle. We’ll discuss the team after the national league." Chen Yi is very sophisticated. After all, he is very familiar with the team industry.
And Zhang Hao and others have almost no experience in this field, so naturally it is not as good as he simply let Chen Yi run it. It is also a happy thing to have a familiar person.
I heard that I have to wait a while, and the two of them are a little unhappy. "Hey, I haven’t said anything about this treatment yet."
Two grand road "then what treatment do you want?"
It may be that the sound is slightly brighter than Hong Zhong, which makes the two people startled. Suddenly, they are a little humbled and say, "Five or five thousand months."
"This price is really lying in the trough." Er Hongyu asked for 10,000.
After that, the two of them became confident again. "Yes, it is 5,100 months, which is still the lowest. We didn’t ask for it from a higher place."
Chen Yi is also laughing internally, so the price is really the professional team level or the lowest level, but the level of the two seems to be a little bit worse. After all, diamond thugs are also grasping a lot these days
Their only advantage may be that they will adapt to the professional baptism faster.
"3,000" has escaped.
When they heard it, they suddenly felt a little uneasy. One of them even clamored to leave. "Forget it, you are not sincere. Let’s go."
"Yes, it’s boring," echoed another person.
The tauren team didn’t stop watching the two men leave and were silent again. These two guys are a good choice, but the price is slightly higher, which is a bit uneconomical.
After all, it’s hard to find temporary workers who can be recruited and kicked away at any time. When the Niuren team is considering whether to take them back, they will see the two of them turn back on their own.
"Then what three thousand is three thousand? You can have food and shelter."
"Well," the tauren nodded without considering what they would change their minds. Just as they were about to promise, the door rang.
Seeing that the two men were nervous made the insiders puzzled. Could it be that their enemies were here?
"Crunch" the door two people walked into the room immediately busy.
"Brother Yan" Zhang Hao is also confused about how this great god came.
"Long time no see, Xiao Hao" Cai Liangyan smiled.
"Welcome, welcome. Kai is here. What are you?"
"Speak slowly" Cai Liangyan sat and looked at the room with two people’s expressions pondering.
Cai Liangyan way "you seem to be a dragon team.
"Yeah, yeah, but now we’re the Bulls."
"Ha ha" Cai Liangyan said nothing.
"Now you’re not."
Two people a listen to suddenly a little reluctant to what do you mean? "
Zhang Hao zheng vaguely felt something?
"If I say that we are going to join the Tauren team, we will continue to say that if not, we can solo." Cai Liangyan has a light wind and a light cloud, and a guy who has been removed from the team dares to question it at the moment.
"You, you, you" people are a little depressed. They came out of the room with high bargaining chips, but they met Cai Liangyan at the corner.
I vaguely heard Xiao Kai say something like "I really want to join the Tauren team". How can I not know them after playing lspl?
These two people are nervous and hurry back to show their loyalty, but it seems that it is still late. When they go out with a sad face, Chen Yi can’t help laughing.