"Boom! !” Straight to the three war behemoth rushed out a hundred meters away, and the explosive power of the dark ball was completely released. The three war behemoths were still struggling to support, and they were directly blown out and fell into the mountains thousands of meters away.

One move, flying away, three war behemoths relieved a little pressure. Sirius made persistent efforts, and his paws were like a hook, and he attacked angrily. He staggered left and right, waving his paws to the point of exaggeration. Half-moon paws slashed his flesh. War behemoths were bloody and bloody. War behemoths were splashed with rubble, wooden bodies were splashed with sawdust, and so on. All kinds of war behemoths were forced back by greed, and at the same time, they left a series of shocking ravines in their bodies.
While sweeping the war behemoth’s body shape, the greedy wolf stared at the opportunity to make a decisive attack, revealing its horrible fangs, accurately and mistakenly biting the neck of a war behemoth, struggling to tear it off the neck of the war behemoth, and then directly opening its mouth, a small dark ball blasted out greed, and the part in its mouth directly turned to fly ash, and then the ball accurately and mistakenly went in from three places on the neck of the injured war behemoth, and then went forward and out.
The war beast fell on its back like a mountain, and the earth trembled.
Many war behemoths in the predecessor exhibition brutally killed the greedy wolf, and the second half of the body was not idle. A big tail like a waterfall wrapped around a war behemoth’s neck and rolled its huge body from side to side. It was used as a weapon to attack the war behemoth, and it also served as a shield to resist the offensive of other war behemoths.
The war behemoth is heavy and slow, and once it moves, it is difficult to close the move or change its direction halfway. As a result, it was sadly urged by Sirius and the two war behemoths. Instead of being directly attacked by Sirius, it was beaten to death by one of its own people.
It would not be so easy to be a war behemoth in its normal heyday, but now these war behemoths are hung up faster by Luan Er’s second resurrection skill with half of the original blood volume.
Dozens of war behemoths besieged a wolf and still hit this level. Although the wolf was in the wind, it did not show signs of defeat, which made Jiuzhong pleasantly surprised.
It’s amazing that the wolf has such strength to fight the trapped beast, but it still has the ability to resist the encirclement of dozens of war behemoths. If it can be allowed to play freely and fight, these clumsy war behemoths will never be a wolf-hungry opponent even though there are many people. Happiness is that the stronger the wolf is, the greater the value of it will be if it is harvested nine times.
"Luan son call you big troops back! Don’t call them sacrifices. There’s something else about keeping them! " Jiuzhong started to tread and ran straight to the wolf.
"Well, I know!" Luan promised a motor to retreat and called back the puppet of the war behemoth.
The city was just shaken, and the giant battles in Shan Ye have already been tourist trap. They are all huddled in every corner of Sirius City and dare not come out. From time to time, they lean out their heads and look outside the city.
Seeing that the war behemoths have receded, although it is late at night, players in Vietnam still feel that the whole day is bright. "Wow, haha is awesome! That’s awesome! We protect the country, the god beast, the wolf, and repel the enemy’s war behemoth army! Repel! !”
Just halfway through the cheers, players in Vietnam saw Jiuzhong appear in their field of vision and are rapidly approaching Sirius City. "Oh, no! Fang Sheng is coming! !” Suddenly it was a mess again.
Gen didn’t notice that he was entertaining himself in the city and had fallen into a semi-crazy state. Players in Vietnam rowed nine times and nine times and dragged a long tail flame to pounce on the wolf.
"Ho … ho …! !” When Jiuzhong approached it, the wolf had already noticed the huge wolf’s head clinging to the ground, such as mans eyes, staring at Jiuzhong and making threats and growling to scare Jiuzhong away.
Jiuzhong, of course, won’t buy it. No matter how the wolf grins at him there, he will still force the wolf in front of him.
"roar! !” At first glance, you can’t scare the nine-fold greedy wolf, decisively and preemptively raise your right paw across the nine-fold, and swing out a criss-crossing exaggerated claw curtain, as if the sky and the earth were coherent and inevitable, and the nine-fold roared and punched in the past.
"Hide the golden body! !” In the face of the wolf’s size comparable to that of ideal city’s super-large behemoth, it is difficult to effectively combat it. The nine-fold direct launch of the "Hidden Golden Body" is a huge figure, and it is no less than the wolf giant holding the Buddha’s "King Kong Ba Body! !”
Three times the defense and nine times the blessing, the wolf swung out to cover the sky, and the film and television saw it, and directly slammed its head and hit it.
"Boom-! !” Countless claw shadows fell on the golden body in the underground, and the nine-weight body exploded and the nine-weight body was submerged in the rolling waves.
After the attack of the wolf’s claw curtain ended and the smoke gradually subsided, the nine-fold huge figure emerged from the clouds to look like a god overlooking people and business.
I didn’t even scratch my skin when I hurt Mao.
“……!” See nine heavy incredibly unscathed Sirius Wolf city was taken aback and screamed for a moment. One by one, the mouth was marked by an attack. A huge dark ball tore up and rolled up like a tornado. air billow bombarded nine heavy.
"Buried hand print! !”
"blare! !” Before reaching the palm of nine hands, a big golden handprint was pushed out, and the windward surge suddenly turned into a huge canopy, which enveloped the wolf as if it were the Tathagata Buddha Wuzhishan.
The huge dark ball spit out from the wolf’s mouth hit nine times and hit the "hidden handprint" as if the gas hit the south wall and the moth threw herself to the fire.
"blare! !” Hang the wind and hide the big handprint, crashing down, and actually shooting at the wolf body, I heard a "burst", a wolf full of enthusiasm, and the whole body was lying in Sirius City, and the center of air billow Sirius City rushed around.
I want to protect Sirius City, but I was caught by the palm of my hand, but I was greedy, but my body was like a mountain. I pressed Sirius City into a sparse building, and the meat pie hid in the building. Players in Vietnam even turned into meat pie.
"Ow blare-! !” The wolf fell to the ground and could not help but let out a cry.
Chapter four hundred and thirty-seven You are still tender
"Era" Games Vietnam General Agent Game Department Computer Room
Looking at the big screen, the wolf was slapped by nine heavy slaps, and the technicians in the computer room seemed to be in the same mood as being photographed by nine heavy handprints.
"This sacred strength te also abnormal condition again so limit the greedy Wolf action don’t let it play out the strength is too passive! The situation is worrying! " A technical personnel expression dignified way
"But have you ever thought about …!" Technical director eyebrows locked way "once let the Wolf back to freedom from Sirius city words that day Wolf city is dangerous! Now it is impossible for players to keep Sirius City! Once Sirius City changes hands again, our war zone will be completely finished! "
"But now, according to this situation, going to the wolf-greedy city will eventually be finished!" Another technician is very pessimistic and speculates.
"In fact, I think … we can try our best to lift the restrictions on wolf-hunting!" Someone suggested, "You found that without this party, it was very arrogant. He let the players of the Holy Alliance and the war behemoth troops stand aside to watch the battle, in order to defeat our war zone by himself to protect the country, the beast and the wolf! So I think he won’t let the holy alliance players and the war behemoth troops show their actions before defeating the wolf again! This creates an opportunity for us! Fang Shengren is the leader of the Holy Alliance, and his success or failure will affect the morale of the whole Holy Alliance army. I think we should let the wolf fight hard. If we want to put Fang Shengren away, the morale of the Holy Alliance will definitely drop. It is impossible for them to defeat the highest fighting force in Huaxia, and they will finally retreat! "
"Before all this, it was the sacred alliance players who were wrong and the war behemoth troops did not take action during the sacred wolf fighting! Do you think it’s possible? !”
"Then we can take a gamble. Anyway, we will definitely die if we don’t lift the restrictions on the greedy wolf!"
"What’s your opinion? !” The technical director’s eyes swept all the technicians present.
"In favor of the left and right sides is a dead bet! !”
"Well …!" The technical director gritted his teeth and stamped his foot. "The horse lost his subconscious mind to the wolf. He can act freely if he doesn’t stick to the wolf city!"
"yes! !”
In the game world
Nine times slaps the greedy wolf, and then looks solemn and sincere, and looks like a magic stick to the greedy wolf. "Put a butcher’s knife and become a Buddha!"
I feel a little sick after talking about Jiuzhong.
"roar! ! !” Lying in Sirius City, the greedy wolf’s eyes suddenly swelled and his hair soared, and his body strength soared fiercely. Finally, suddenly, a blasting was dark and black, and he broke through and hid a big handprint on his body.