At the same time, it is very close to him, and Purple Yan has come to him with a cold smile. He will definitely come up with the strongest strength to deal with him, but he has a left arm to deal with Purple Yan’s attack.

It seems to freeze for a moment and then return to normal in an instant!
"hey! ! !”
A low and fast impact sounded red on the right side of the dragon wing’s head, and the bullet hit it!
The whole body of the dragon wing leans sharply to the left and the head leans to the left even more, as if it had broken its neck!
A fist-sized blood hole has already appeared with the disappearance of the red light bullet. Everything in the hole is swallowed up and evaporated …
He fell to the left in front of him, and his left arm was almost out of control. It is impossible to protect him as if he could play before he died. He blocked his left arm in front of his neck …
And at the same time, there is a purple light on his left chest, which seems to be exploding!
The purple light passed away, and his body quickly turned into purple-black Se and rose rapidly. When the right chest was slightly farther away, there was another purple light that seemed to explode!
But purple Yan has rushed over, and her right hand, which makes men eat bones, is slightly bent into a claw and extends to the part where the dragon wing is about to light up!
"roar! ! ! ! ! !”
What happened next even got a fright when Xiao Wen, a mountain 500 miles away, Okawabe Louis drowned the purple Yan with purple and black breath, and then the explosion speed of purple and black breath was not enough. The expansion speed of a black Se giant was instantly dispersed by the black Se giant!
A monster as high as 20 miles appeared on the north bank of the big river, and just rose in the south. The red magic moon moonlight is crazy in the cool and comfortable wind at night, rolling by the water! !
The monster is half human, but its body is inflated and deformed, which is both like a human being and a crocodile. A bipolar, wide, black Se hard wing slapped behind him once and set off several miles of high waves in the south river, but he failed to fly.
He roared in agony like crazy, but it was his weirder head! At this time, he actually has two heads, the one on the left is the original skull that has been blown off, and it is this head that growls, while the right head and neck are extremely long but hang down in front of him, and the head is like a dragon!
As soon as this remarkably powerful dragon head appeared, it seemed as if it were dead, but only the rest of the people’s heads were blown off and some of them were unconscious. At this time, the dragon wing, no matter how powerful it looks, has actually fallen into a desperate situation
He is crazy and purple, but he is calm!
At this time, purple Yan’s right hand, which is parked in the distance, is holding a heart, the dragon wing, the second heart, and the acquired forging body is condensed into the powerful heart of the demon arrival!
Throw away the heart with purple Yan and rush to Long Yi again. She also has purple gas, which explodes along the river. One of the giants, who is about 16 or 17 miles tall, rushed out!
Even a giant at this time, Zi Yan’s figure is still concave and convex, but she has changed into a cold, cold and pure black Se armor, and her temperament has changed greatly!
At this moment, she is no longer the purple Yan that Xiao Wen knows well. She is the famous evil queen in the underworld!
There is a field in front of her, and that is death! ! !
Violet Yan punched out her right arm and was blocked by her left arm.
"whoosh! !”
Purple Yan’s right fist still stopped at the left arm of the dragon wing, but something was pulled out of it. When the original light and shadow had not disappeared, it bombarded the dragon wing again!
Then it’s still a purple Yan right fist! But at this time, the purple Yan speed is too fast, and the ghosting of her right arm is still clearly left in the dragon wing to set up her left arm! At first glance, it looks like she has an extra right arm!
"Cut! ! !”
Purple Yan second punch firmly hit the Louis chest immediately to a chest ring! The dragon wing has broken ribs!
"whoosh! ! !”
The ghosting of the first punch disappears, the ghosting of the second punch is still clear, and the third punch of Ziyan has been blasted out!
At this time, although Ziyan is a head shorter than the dragon wing, she is like a cold killing machine, punching forward at a constant rate, and every punch is so fast, so stable and so powerful that she will never stop until the goal is met!
In the distance, Xiao asked to see the cold sweat. He couldn’t help but say in his heart, "Is this the real purple Yan …"
Then at this moment, a flustered shouted in Xiao Wen’s mind, "Come on! ! !”
Xiao asked finally to react a teleport appeared in the Louis!
His arms raised red light to the right and flashed across the exquisite fire, and the fierce sword appeared in his hand and suddenly split obliquely!
The exquisite fire sword that has been sacrificed to six and a half floors has grown rapidly in the process of splitting the arc. The original three feet have been more than two miles long when they split halfway, and finally it has been five miles long in front of the dragon wing!
It’s still a sword, but it’s already an amazing sword!
The five-mile-long exquisite fiery sword is about to be chopped obliquely in the dragon wing’s head, and the dragon wing can block with its left arm!
"hey! ! !”
The blade cut directly into the meat and even touched the bone!
And because Louis raised his arm to hold this sword, he missed the defense in front of him. "Hey" and "Hey" sounded twice, and two punches hit Louis’ chest! Except for the blood hole in the heart where the right chest was cut out by Purple Yan, the dragon wing is now sunken in the whole chest, and the sunken part has a tendency to become bigger and deeper.
At this time, maybe even if she and Xiao Wen stop attacking Louis, they will die because of their injuries.
But purple Yan xing, and shall let him die of natural causes?
However, at this time, some people hiding in the distance finally reacted from the shock.
All this actually happened in a very short time. If Xiao Wen and Zi Yan were not the masterminds, they would certainly be shocked.
Those who are hiding in the distance are the dragon wings accompanying the purple Yan out, and their hands are gesturing behind their backs, so that Wu Lao can call three Asian gods in magic dragon Temple, and then Wu Lao is four!
"Quick!" Purple Yan press a way
Xiao wengen did not directly make the smartest move!
Seeing that the four Asian gods are about to teleport, it is rare to see the blue breath in the underworld, which spreads from Xiao Wen to cover more than 500 miles in Fiona Fang!
So the four inferno gods failed to teleport successfully!
After being dazed for another time, they can honestly rush into the blue atmosphere as quickly as possible.
And this has given Xiao Wen and Zi Yan enough time!
Even if you can forge two hearts, you will still die if your brain is damaged and your heart is destroyed!
Louis has a total of two hearts. The first inferno’s heart has already exploded, but the second one has been refined to be stronger the day after tomorrow. magic dragon’s heart has been removed by Purple Yan, and its vitality has been reduced by half. Louis, the magic dragon’s first head collapsed directly, but it was smashed by Xiao Wen’s sneak attack for nearly four points. After repeated calculations, Violet Yan smashed those broken ribs on his chest, shattered his dirty fists. At this time, he was actually quite weak, that is, relying on that strong body and vitality to hold on.
"pa! ! !”
Seeing that the four Asian gods rushed for the first time in history, Zi Yan didn’t punch, but changed his fists and claws to buckle the left wrist of Louis! Her physical strength may be smaller than that of the dragon wing, but the black armor of her wrist gives off a cold and frightening breath, which shows her strength!
At that moment, the left arm of the dragon wing was actually pulled back!
In madness, the dragon wing raised its right fist and smashed it at Ziyan!