"Bones, are you all right this afternoon?" Tianyu asks.

"Nothing …" Bones glanced at the remaining seconds of the red light and then said, "What are you going to do?"
"See the shadow" Tianyu fingers pointed to the large billboard outside the window smiles to say
"…" Two whew sitting beside Tianyu immediately wiped the staff deeply.
Bones are pulling the turn signal, steering wheel, turning the car around and heading for the cinema over there.
"Why does the silly bear suddenly want to see a movie?" At Tianyu two whew puzzled asked.
"I don’t know, but I really want to see the name of the movie." Tianyu said and pointed to the poster at the entrance of the cinema.
"Chinese Partner"? " Bones glanced at his mouth and muttered, and then several people stopped the car.
"So suddenly come to see the film?" Two xiu feel a little incredible too Li head.
"Do you still need to choose an auspicious day to see a movie?" Tianyu patted two whew shoulder laughed
"This film I know seems to be an inspirational struggle film, and the prototype seems to be adapted from Yu Minhong in New Oriental." Bones looked at the big poster at the door and smiled and added, "first hero is my male god."
"…" Tianyu and Erxiu language.
"Come on, look at the games," said Erxiu.
Since even the bones seem to be very interested, the film is decided by the second whew and it is not hypocritical to say so
It’s a quarter of an hour before the latest scene. It’s 12: 30 in the afternoon.
"Silly Bear seems to be the first day of this film," said several people sitting in the hall and watching the film introduction.
"… that’s it" Tianyu gave a wry smile.
However, in Tianyu’s heart, it is’ exciting’ because this film can be said to be the last one I have seen before my rebirth.
I was impressed by it because it was adapted from reality.
At that time, I was depressed and the whole person hid in the virtual world. I didn’t have the courage to face the reality until I saw this film, but I couldn’t get out in the end.
More professional name to explain is that negative energy is better than positive energy …
Therefore, at this time of my life, it is very kind to see this film reflected in the cinema.
Start checking in. Three people are admitted.
There are not many people in this screening room. After all, it’s just after noon.
Shadow start
It will be over in about two hours.
"What does it feel like?" Tianyu smirked and twisted his head for two times. He looked at both of them and asked.
"It’s a bit like … we" Erxiu "cheekily" inserted the "color" plot of the shadow angle into his own personal wry smile and said.
"It’s … if you continue to live in my house, maybe the three of us will really become the protagonists in the movie …" Bones looked at the two of them and said.
"What is the most impressive paragraph in the shadow?" Tianyu interest quite high asked.
Just after Tianyu asked this question, Bones and Erxiu immediately replied, "Don’t play mahjong with your mother-in-law, don’t have sex with people with more ideas than you, and don’t start a company with good friends."
"It’s a tacit understanding. There are so many sharp words in this film that you just picked this sentence." Tianyu joked.
"Maybe … it is empathy." Two whew scratched his head and replied.
"Although we didn’t start a company, we worked as a team." Tianyu laughed.
"Yes, I don’t quite agree with this passage in the film. To put it bluntly, I still think that my friend shouldn’t be so highly praised and the person in his position should be myself." Bones opened the box and continued, "Why do people want to live for others?"
"Come on, how come so much sense? I just want to prove that my eyes are not bad by asking casually. This movie is not bad. "Tianyu laughed.
"It’s almost time for us to go back," said Erxiu when she took out her mobile phone and looked at it.
After cashing in, Tianyu and Erxiu went to the Science and Technology City the next day, not only changed their mobile phones, but also changed their brains at home.
The three men drove home again.
"Don’t start a company in partnership with your good friends … it’s been almost five years, and they’ve known each other for less than four years, right? What if I suddenly disappear after August 31st? "
"In fact, I really want to go together for a generation, but my’ foresight’ can last for five years in the game, and my memory has been very blurred recently."
"Stop early and relax early. Just have enough money."
Che Tianyu thinks so.
Since I have a car, Tianyu will take Erxiu for a drive after dinner every day, which is a skilled driving skill.
Continue to walk forward until the end of May.
Today is May 8 th, and the game has been updated from 7: 00 am to 12: 00 noon.
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