The fingers can’t help but loosen, and the moon blade roared out with a gorgeous black light.

Any dragon, regardless of its rank and cultivation, can only release Rowen once in the end.
Different from other supernatural powers, no matter what kind of dragon, Rowen is the same, that is, the extreme shock comes from the shock of the soul.
The specific power of Rowen will be different because of the different cultivation and species of dragons. Falling on different people, the results are not the same. With the order of this dragon, it is already its limit to display the range of the dragon’s tail to surround Tang Qing and Yu Shao.
You know, the straight-line distance between Hailong and Tang Qing is more than 100 meters, while Tang Qing and Yu are less, and the distance is nearly 200 meters. Such a wide range of attacks, with other monsters, even monks, who can display it?
The preciousness of Rowen can be seen. As long as you are in this range, as long as you are inferior to me, even at the same level or slightly higher, you can’t help but be affected. If you use it on the battlefield, how many people will you knock down with this roar? A few hundred? Thousands?
However, talent has its limits, even the dragon favored by heaven is no exception. The biggest limitation is that once in a lifetime, there is no possibility of repetition.
If you don’t force the dragon to the edge of life and death, no dragon will be willing to spend the last card with only one chance. This is the absolute ultimate kill.
With this record of Rowen, the blue sea dragon is absolutely sure to make these two human ants faint. Then, of course, it is time for it to do whatever it wants.
That handsome guy must die. Hailong’s hatred for him is so strong that it can’t be controlled. Another important reason is that Hailong is deeply despised by the fear of his own talent, and needs to use the soul of this opponent to wash away the shame.
As for the handsome monk who is as annoying as loach, it is a bit troublesome to deal with. Originally, he was also the object that must be killed, but just now, I don’t know why, Hailong suddenly felt a strange feeling in his heart.
It’s hard to describe in detail, as if an invisible voice told it in the soul that once the human was killed, he would regret it.
"Don’t worry about it, let’s catch him first." Hailong was a little upset, so he thought.
Unfortunately, it immediately found that today is really not its lucky day.
Chapter 321: Rowen!
Chapter 321: Rowen! , to the website

Chapter 322: Man can conquer nature.
Chapter 322: Man can conquer nature.
The situation of the blue sea dragon today is not bad.
The dragon’s tail is the most seriously injured, the dragon’s claw is the most influential, and the most troublesome thing is poisoning.
My body suddenly became restless and my mind was a little confused. No one else could suddenly adapt to such a tense situation.
More importantly, the external threat has not been lifted.
That faint spark, from the release, just like a wind tunnel, will absorb the endless or spiritual force around it and grow stronger.
It seems that ten thousand buddhas live in a dynasty, and it seems that all rivers return to the sea. Just a few hundred meters away, the light-pinched flame that can be extinguished has turned into a raging fire, and the huge body of the blue sea dragon will be completely wrapped.
Fortunately, Yu Shao has fallen to the ground at this time, and it seems that he has no idea. Otherwise, let him control the fire, and Hailong will be desperate. This flame is not an ordinary fire. Fire and water are mutually compatible. As a water monster, Hailong knows best the threat of flame to himself.
If this is the sea, or the sea surface, even if it is only on the common land, Hailong has enough ability to despise this inferno with a very sunny atmosphere. Unfortunately, nowadays, it can’t even feel the breath of a water molecule around it, let alone mobilize the huge water spirit.
In a flash of life and death, Hailong also spelled a life.
Without taking care of many things, the blue sea dragon let out a roar that almost ran through the space. The dragon head swung hard, and the injured dragon tail waved wildly, desperately trying to break away from the invisible shackles around it. Two African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African-American African Union.
Less has lost control of the magic weapon, and the countless fire wires that seem to have life can no longer bind the African claws. In the flashing light, they are ripped off a lot.
At the same time, the blue sea dragon spouted wildly, spitting out several cold dragon breaths in succession. There is a soft aperture shining on the glittering dragon horn overhead, and in a blink of an eye, several dragon breaths are wrapped and connected together.
Obviously, I am extremely afraid of this sea of fire, and there is no way to avoid it. It can only be carried by magical powers.
It’s not over yet. The blue sea dragon’s eyes showed decisively, and he opened his mouth and sucked. I saw the wound of the injured beaten dragon’s tail, and some dragon’s blood that had to be solidified was like a fountain, shooting out and blending into the aura.
It actually used its own blood as a guide to trigger this magical power to resist the power of the fire.
Visible to the naked eye, the series of actions of the blue sea dragon not only brought great pain to itself, but also caused great damage to Zhenyuan. Even those two eyes, which are as radiant as searchlights, have become extremely dim and become two flickering light groups.
The raging sea of fire and the cold suddenly met, and the forces from the two poles collided together without reservation or any buffer.
There is no explosion, no light, only annihilation and step-by-step retreat of the ice consumption ring, and layers are compressed; And the peripheral fire, also a little bit, a little bit of being killed.
The inferno is obviously better because it is supported by the fire spirit force everywhere around it, and it will touch the ontology of the dragon as soon as it is seen. The blue sea dragon’s eyes were sad, and he couldn’t hold back any more. He roared with anger, and even his voice was hoarse, and he spit out a dragon’s breath again.
This dragon’s breath is different from the previous one, with a deeper color and a brilliant sapphire blue. After the blue dragon spits out this dragon’s breath, its eyes are even dimmer and its spirit is already very weak. Even the glittering and translucent dragon horn has turned into a gray color, just like a stone, without any luster.
People have the essence of life’s core monuments, and dragons have the essence of dragons. After this dragon’s breath is spit out, even if this dragon is put into a dormant state immediately, it will not be able to return to its peak state for decades. The monster beast is, after all, a monster beast. Before taxiing, it can only rely on its own resilience.
Just like Jasper Dragon’s injury, without Tang Qing’s help, it may still be doomed to death in the end. Even if it can be restored, I don’t know if it will be a long time.
It can drive the blue sea dragon with super strength of six orders to this degree, and the power of the magic weapon of the ancient lamp with less space can be seen. In fact, he is a blow, and unless he is advanced, he will never be able to display it again.
With the integration of this essence, the ring of Xuan Bing suddenly spread, like autumn wind sweeping away leaves, and like a waterfall rushing to a bonfire. The whole fire area was swept away and turned into a crystal clear.
By this time, Tang Qing and Yu chose to decorate the venue with less meditation. In the area of hundreds of meters, it has been completely turned into a huge ice cube. How terrible it is
It is reasonable for Tang Qing to estimate that this sea dragon is better than Jasper Dragon. You know, it’s fighting in a wounded body, multiple restrictions, and a highly toxic situation.
After the fire was annihilated, the blue sea dragon fought hard and wanted to take back the residual essence. Suddenly, I found that a "magic weapon" that made it grief-stricken could not be avoided.
What a coincidence! Unfortunately, that plane told Spin, with the glorious moon blade of death, to come straight to its injured African paws under Tang Qing’s "miss".
At this time, the blue sea dragon, the whole body repair is almost consumed, and even the essence of its real name is running out. At this time, I’m afraid it’s not even able to fly. Sea dragons have no wings, and they still have to rely on spiritual cultivation to fly.
If you want to fight next, by what?
The beaten tail is useless. If the beaten claw is hit hard again, what will it fight for?
Anxious, the blue sea dragon did not lament her own bad luck, and struggled to combine the other African claws, with the intention of resisting this unparalleled blow with the strength of the two African claws. Arguably, it shouldn’t be so nervous. The African claw is the hardest part of the dragon, and the fine scales on it alone are better than ordinary magic weapons, not to mention the dragon itself has the magical power to strengthen itself. That high-speed rotating moon blade is not even a horoscope, so there is really no need to be so pessimistic.
But as a result, the mortal weapon won a complete victory.
Even the medicine-paid shield knife was passed by the moon blade, and the injured paw of a six-order dragon was nothing but a hair.
Unfortunately, when the dragon lifted its other paw, it was extremely deadly again and again because of the influence of Wudu Dan, and it was half a beat slow. Otherwise, with two African paws resisting at the same time, the result will be better.
In the blood shooting, the blue sea dragon didn’t even feel the pain, so he saw a claw several meters long flying. Looking at the shape, how could it look like his "hand"?
The chaos of the mind even makes Hailong’s eyes dull. It can’t understand how its proudest African paw could be cut off by something made by a mortal.
Not only that, the moon blade has not disappeared, and with a crunchy sound, it is cut like the root of another African claw again.