"I don’t know how well Mulberry Mushrooms are made. They are delicious ingredients." I heard Qiu Yuan boast that Grace was modest on the surface, but my heart was much more comfortable. At the thought of this, I stared at Norus again.

Norus was very depressed when he came, and was glared at by Grace. The two monks were puzzled
I don’t know if I can sleep in bed today …
Everyone seems to have forgotten what happened between Qiuyuan and Norus just now, and they ate happily and chatted happily.
Qiuyuan gave Grandma Salo a piece of tofu and heard her say, "Xiaoqiu, how did you teach Little Mara to play the erhu?"
Qiu Yuan was stuck and then reacted. What about this?
"Ah, I’m still preparing for this. After all, it’s the first time for me to teach others to play the erhu … it will be fine soon."
Qiu Yuan hasn’t seen Zhe in town since he left home that day. It seems that he was sent to their choir by Mataris to study.
General Qiu Yuan is very much in favor of this.
Quite right! It can also exercise children’s skills, enhance artistic accomplishment and hone an emotional intelligence.
It’s a good thing for a zhe, a conceited child.
Qiuyuan also knows that he has no bad intentions, but he is too arrogant and has some arrogant people.
Children are not sensible, just give them a beating.
Qiu Yuan remembered that the former naughty monkey had broken a grandfather’s favorite flowerpot in the nursing home, and was tied to a long bench by several masters, took off his pants and spanked with a pole.
That’s an unforgettable one!
Sallo wouldn’t have asked about what happened in Qiuyuan’s recent life.
Mataris’s eyes are full of erhu, and he looks forward to Qiuyuan teaching him every day, but he can’t come at all.
As soon as he saw the gate of Qiuyuan’s breeding house, he dared not go forward. Fortunately, he waited outside, but after waiting for a long time, Qiuyuan did not come out, so he went home frustrated.
But Mataris was wrong about Qiuyuan, who told him to look for Qiuyuan at noon yesterday and Qiuyuan happened to be taking a nap …
Tong also showed that someone was waiting outside Qiuyuan’s door, but Qiuyuan forgot about it as soon as he turned over.
Uncle Tong also said it once, but he didn’t say it again.
This led to Mataris’ illusion that Qiuyuan didn’t like others to visit his place and waited for Qiuyuan’s door at home.
This is some drama.
To prevent losing contact, please remember to reserve the domain name 8 l a.
Qiuyuan bought Mataris the cheapest erhu. It is stipulated that props in the store cannot be sold to other people, nor can they be exchanged, but they can be given away.
It is foolish to buy the cheapest and pay for it yourself, but it is impossible to reimburse you.
Qiu Yuan, the master of ghosts and goblins, was warned when he thought about calculating erhu money in Mataris.
The wine has gone round three times
Although everyone didn’t drink, they all meant the same thing
Qiuyuan helped Grace clear the table, and then left home. It was not convenient to stay in Grace’s house and go back to take a shower.
Qiuyuan looked back at Serena when she left.
"Are you going to let Pikachu spend the night at your house or let him go back with me?"
"Ah?" The little flower ball on the sofa made Pikachu circle and Serena stopped moving. "… I’d better let it go back with you first, I’m afraid it won’t adapt."
"What’s wrong with this? But you don’t know enough about taking care of Poké mon. When you meet my requirements, let you take care of Pikachu in person."
Qiuyuan said so after thinking about it.
Pikachu is a very common and ordinary Poké mon, but it is not something that Serena can do for her to take care of Pikachu with little knowledge about breeding.
Qiuyuan is going to exercise Serena’s ability in this respect in the next few days, so that she can get familiar with Pikachu’s life habits as soon as possible, and then slowly teach her other Poké mon feeding knowledge.
And Serena nodded obediently and gently touched Pikachu’s head, kissed it on the forehead and gently patted its ass to let it follow Qiuyuan.
"pickup truck ~"
Pikachu licked Serena’s palm, then jumped on the sofa and left with Qiuyuan.
Before leaving, Pikachu looked back at Serena and handed her a reassuring look.
This made Serena laugh and cry and gave it a look. Pikachu twisted little ass away.
Qiuyuan walked with two Pikachu on the road, holding the back of his head in his hands and chatting and looking up at the stars.
"If I have an organic conversation, I will have to see if there is a powerful mystery of the universe Poké mon in every star."
"Pickup pickup? (Star Poké mon? )”
Pikachu, who was lying on Qiuyuantou, gave a confused cry and knocked on Qiuyuantou rhythmically.
"Yes, there are Poké mon in the stars."
For example, Deoxys was conceived from a derailed falling planet.
Although this Poké mon world was created by Zeus, there are still many Poké mon worlds in the universe.
Qiuyuan chatted and thought so.
The world of Poké mon is big enough just now, except for a few known areas. As human footprints spread farther and farther, more areas and more new Poké mon will be discovered.
Chapter 17 contest registration is about to close.
Not to mention Qiuyuan, I’m not surprised to have such a result.
From the perspective of the third person, it is not surprising that these three papers can cause such a great sensation.
Even these three papers were published so late that he was somewhat dissatisfied.
Maybe the official has read these three papers for a long time, but they want to release them at one time, which will impact people’s cognition, bring more shock and lead to more thinking.
Let Qiu Yuan be happier or he can finally participate in the Alliance Doctor Forum Competition …
I still remember seeing that the first prize in the doctoral forum competition was a poké mon egg from Vulpix, arora. Qiuyuan has been thinking about this all the time.
But now it’s been more than two months. It stands to reason that the arora Vulpix Poké mon egg should have hatched long ago, right?