Yue4 was stimulated by Zhao Erhu’s expression of disbelief, and he turned his head and ignored Zhao Erhu. Zhao Erhu didn’t care about Yue4′ s small temper. He was used to charging him. Anyway, he cut bamboo kannika nimtragol nearby and couldn’t get away from his sight, but he wasn’t worried.

Zhao Erhu went to Lin Yue since he was busy, and also picked up a hoe to find it. It is better to argue than to speak with facts. Seeing this huge bamboo forest, he has gained a little more confidence and secretly cheered up. "Lin Yue, you have to fight for yourself and don’t let people look down on you."
Digging bamboo shoots is a technical activity. It is easy to find winter bamboo shoots, but it takes experience to find the right position to dig the forest and the moon. It is halfway to becoming a monk. In my mind, I recall that my grandfather said that bamboo shoots will grow only when it is on duty once a year, while bamboo poles and bamboo leaves are green and yellow. It is easy to distinguish between finding cracks along the bamboo on duty or bamboo shoots in soft places.
I don’t know if it was God’s intention or if it was true, as Zhao Erhu said, Lin Yue dug two or three places without digging bamboo shoots. I was not discouraged but I didn’t want to admit defeat like this. Although I was too tired to sweat, I waved my hoe to dig the earth. After digging for so long, Lin Yue finally saw a yellow sharp and excited hoe digging around the tip of the bamboo shoot and slowly exposed it.
A few bamboos won’t be enough for Zhao Erhu. Cut the bamboo hemp rope and tie it up. Zhao Erhu came to see Lin Yue digging and sweating. Suddenly, he put a straight face and picked up Lin Yue’s little coat because of the heat. It was rude to give Lin Yue a set.
"I’ve told you several times to cherish yourself. Why can’t you remember this weather? You’re sweating and taking off your coat. How can it be good if the wind blows and you get cold? If you don’t listen to me again, stay at home and don’t go out." Zhao Erhu was really angry this time. At ordinary times, he can cover all the petty problems of Yueyue, but he can’t hide Yueyue from being bullied.
"I want to dig bamboo shoots …" Yuecai wanted to refute the anger in Zhao Erhu’s words and immediately became honest. Zhao Erhu put his coat on himself, but his eyes were still stuck in bamboo shoots. Even if he was badly trained by Zhao Erhu, his face still couldn’t hide his smile, which made Zhao Erhu very nai.
I went home in the evening and got a lot of harvest. In addition to a basket full of bamboo shoots, I also caught a hare. Lin Yue excitedly carried the hare before entering the house, only to find that there was something wrong with the atmosphere. Several children were squatting in the kitchen with red clothes in their eyes and messy hair. Erlang’s face was swollen with a bright red slap print. Look at Lin Yuexin. Who is so cruel to beat a child like this?
"What’s going on? Who beat you like this?" Lin Yue put Jiro, who was sipping his mouth and squatting on the ground, into his arms and asked angrily. He was a grown-up and a seven-year-old child who was afraid of his eldest brother and two younger brothers. At this time, his heart relaxed and he finally couldn’t help crying on Lin Yue’s arms. He didn’t know how to comfort Jiro. He reached out and silently patted Jiro’s back to vent it.
"San Niang blare ~ ~" It’s good for Lin Yue to stay with several children. These days, several children have more or less feelings for Lin Yue. Saburo and Shiro also ran to the front of Lin Yue when they saw Lin Yue coming back. One of them cried in Lin Yue’s body. It’s not good for Dalang to be older, just like his younger brothers. How old is his stepmother? She cried and followed him to Lin Yue’s side with a silent face, but not less than a few younger brothers.
"What’s the matter? It’s all crying like this. Okay, okay, don’t cry." One didn’t coax it, and two came again, which made Lin Yue a head and two went into a hurry. Zhao Erhu put the bamboo dragged back from the mountains in the yard, and when he entered the kitchen, he couldn’t help frowning and drinking.
"Don’t cry, boys bleed and don’t shed tears. One by one, they are all men, and they cry like babies who haven’t been weaned." In Zhao Erhu’s heart, boys are not as delicate as girls. He grew up without his mother and father, especially when he grew up suffering. He can’t stand this pair of losers. No matter what reason, he will be trained first
"The children are so wronged. What do you still scold them for? Didn’t you see that they were bullied? How did your father behave?" She was angry with Zhao Erhu for a few words. She knew what Zhao Erhu liked to lecture her so much. It turned out that Xun Er used to give Zhao Erhu a white lecture. Lin Yuecai continued to comfort several children.
"Okay, don’t cry. Tell Sanniang what happened. Who bullied you? Sanniang must make decisions for you."
Saburo and Shiro are most afraid that his father was scared by Zhao Erhu at ordinary times, so how dare he continue to cry? When Zhao Erhu trained people, he immediately stopped being a good boy. Erlang vented a phone call and was embarrassed to come out of Lin Yue’s arms. His ears were a little red, and he didn’t know what happened to himself. How could he burst into tears in front of his stepmother? This hateful woman must have laughed at him in her heart. Erlang thought with malice that she just didn’t want to believe that her stepmother would really be kind to him.
"Well, don’t cry. San Niang will help you wipe your tears." Yue Lin saw that Jiro was awkward and uncomfortable. He knew that he still had some resistance to his stepmother and was not discouraged. He took out a handkerchief to dry Jiro’s face and tears. At that time, Jiro looked at Yue Lin with a gentle comforting voice in his trance ear, like a mother’s voice in his memory, with a little warmth in his heart.
It took a few quiet moments to know that it was Zhao Erhu’s elder sister Zhao Lanmen who came to have a windfall. Several children refused to let her take all the things at home, and it was like this that Zhao Erhu heard a burst of anger, but she couldn’t send Yue. She was curious about what kind of people her aunt was talking about, so she took people’s things away without saying that she actually started work on several children.
"My aunt took all the rice in the house and also took the white flour. My second brother said that the white flour was bought by my father for Sanniang, and she refused to let my aunt take it away. When she was angry, she slapped her second brother, so she and her aunt started to fight, but we were beaten by her aunt when we went to help." Saburo was young and big-mouthed, but she was agile and told about Yueyue.
Yue4 is pleased and angry. It is gratifying that Jiro seems to hate her on weekdays. She didn’t expect to protect her secretly. Fortunately, she didn’t treat Jiro badly on weekdays. Otherwise, how could I feel guilty about going to Lin Yueru? In fact, it was a misunderstanding. Jiro didn’t want her aunt to take the food from home before scooping it up as an excuse. The food was finally robbed by her aunt. These words came out through Saburo’s mouth, but moved Yue4 and she was even more angry at what the so-called aunt said.
Yue4 gas but let Zhao Erhu go to the children’s aunt for justice, but Zhao Erhu refused to "what, your son was beaten like this? Don’t you feel bad when you are a father? And the food at home was taken away by the elder sister-in-law without even leaving a grain of rice for us to eat?"
"Sister-in-law is an elder. It’s not good for us to be a junior. It’s not a big deal for the children to eat a little food. I’ll think of some way to leave you alone." Zhao Erhu said that he was going to borrow some food from Wu Qiang’s house first.
Lin Yue always thought that Zhao Erhu was a very car-scrapping and responsible man. I didn’t expect that this time he would be so ignorant. "You took her as an elder. She didn’t take the children as a junior. Jiro was beaten and his face was swollen. Which elder would do such a shameful thing? People bullied Zhao Erhu. You still want to make peace. Are you a man? Ok, forget it, Jiro, at least call me a mother. Since I am his mother, I can’t let him be bullied like this. If you don’t go, I will go! "
"Niu Niu, stop this, I know quite well." Zhao Erhu is not a coward in Lin Yue’s imagination, but Zhao Lan. This woman is really provocative. Even if she goes to the door, she won’t reason with you. Zhao Erhu can’t do anything with her because of her elders’ status. It’s really impossible to deal with things like today. It happened not once or twice before. At the beginning, Zhao Erhu went to Yemen to theorize that things didn’t come back and was scratched by Zhao Lan, which made her feel embarrassed. There was nothing at home to take her elder sister-in-law and she wouldn’t
Lin Yue was heartless and angry. She didn’t even know where her elder sister-in-law lived. She grabbed a pole and rushed out. She was held in her arms by Zhao Erhu.
"Bastard, you let me go, Zhao Erhu. You are a coward and have no man. If you don’t go yourself, you will stop me. I look down on you." Lin Yue struggled and scolded Zhao Erhu, who was ordered by Lin Yue to let people go, and strode out the door.
Lin Yuemu reached the goal of turning around and embarrassed to smile at the children. "Well, don’t worry, since I am your mother, I won’t let you be bullied by others. Your father will take revenge for you." Lin Yuemu said, tidying up the kitchen that was turned upside down by her aunt to cook an egg for Jiro to rub her face. Unfortunately, all the food at home was searched by her aunt, and the eggs were naturally gone. Wait until Zhao Erhu came back to get the things back.
I was bullied by my aunt before, but I didn’t expect my stepmother to be so protective of them. After this, several children were close to Lin Yue, but they have always been biased against Lin Yue. Although Erlang twisted his heart, he gradually began to accept this stepmother.
Yue went to the room to check it again, but there was nothing missing. But the door was indeed left unlocked. Obviously, someone had come in. Could it be that the children had come in? Otherwise, how could my aunt’s greedy personality not put the box away with two pieces of cloth? It seems that valuable things at home have to be put away. The money at home is kept by Zhao Erhu. Yue doesn’t know where to put it, so she can’t worry about it.
Probably my aunt couldn’t see the soybeans and corn in these rough things. She also wanted to think about it in Lin Yue. She scooped up two scoops of dried soybeans and put them in a pot. She saw several children mysteriously lying next to the stove, and "What are you doing on the stove side is not afraid of getting dirty with pot ashes and playing elsewhere?"
"Sanniang, we are not playing. What do you think we are hiding?" Saburo smiled, pointing to Dalang, and pulled out a cloth basket from the kitchen, gloating and saying that he was depressed when he complained earlier.
"What are you? This was not taken away by my aunt! " Looking at the things in the basket, Lin Yue said with some joy that this was the first time that Sister-in-law Chun Hua sent her eggs to mend her body. She didn’t eat much, and there were still a dozen left and more than two kilograms of flour.
"Aunt Li’s family column reported to us when she saw her aunt coming to our house. Jiro knew that we should put away all the good things at home, but it’s a pity that her aunt came too fast and we hid such things." Dalang was not annoyed and said that she gave her basket to Lin Yueyue for praise and patted Dalang on the shoulder, which made Dalang very embarrassed.
"It’s very good to hide these. I’ll make Lamian Noodles for you to eat later." Lin Yuexiao said in his heart that how much this aunt has done can make the children so wary. Sometimes she still thinks that Zhao Erhu’s hunting income is not bad, so he sold a lot of money just once. There are fields at home. How can life be so tight before? Even if several children are raised, they can’t eat enough. It’s no wonder that there is an’ aunt’ who often has a windfall.
"Sanniang, I also hid it. You give me a good meal." Shiro Cong was clever and said when he heard that he was eating hastily, and then ran to the corner to pull open the messy firewood, which was impressively filled with pig Shui Mu pots
Lin Yue’s favorite pig water is delicious. No matter what her aunt took, she must never let her take it away. When they hid things, she didn’t care about it. No one noticed that Shiro actually hid pig water. Even if he didn’t hide it, her aunt didn’t necessarily see it as Lin Yue’s disbelief that it was such a four-year-old child who made a wooden basin and put it on the chopping board. She felt a little strong when she picked it up. Eating Shiro really played a limited potential.
With Lin Yue, food is no longer waiting for Zhao Erhu to come back for food to cook. In addition to the children hiding in the crock, there are still more than half cans of bone soup frozen and the back is a thick snow-white oil layer. Lin Yue thinks that today the children have suffered a lot of grievances and their performance in caring for their families is commendable, so they want to do something delicious to comfort and encourage them. So they divide the remaining flour in the basket into bone soup for the middle of the night to cook noodles, and then select a few dug bamboo shoots, peel them and cut a piece of smoked pork intestines, smoked pork intestines and fried winter bamboo shoots to make a dish.
Roll out the noodles and cut them into noodles, and the water in the pot is boiling, waiting for the noodle pot. Lin Yue thinks that the noodles are not delicious after being cooked for a long time, so she covers the kitchen alive and waits for Zhao Erhu to come back before starting the noodles. But when Zhao Erhu comes back to calculate, Zhao Erhu has been out for more than half an hour. That aunt is so unreasonable. What’s the matter? Lin Yue looks at the gate of the hospital from time to time, but she is worried. She just heard the children elaborate on Zhao Erhu’s glorious deeds and realized how difficult her aunt is to ask for something before going to the door.
"Why hasn’t Sanniang dad come back and won’t be beaten by his aunt again?" Dalang is also worried about his father’s uneasiness and asked about the time when Zhao Erhu was caught by Zhao Lan with a scar on his face, which made Dalang have a shadow in his heart. Lin Yue was made seven by Dalang’s question, although she denied Zhao Erhu’s size and some skills would beat him.
By again? What does this mean? "Was your aunt beaten before your father?"
"On more than one occasion, my aunt was angry with our dad, but she couldn’t find a door. My aunt refused to scratch my dad’s face and drive him out." Dalang said that with a little anger and resentment, the child has always respected and worshipped his father for something. No one is bad for his father.
"How is it possible that a big man like your dad can’t beat his aunt?"
"It’s not dad who is the best. It’s dad who says that my aunt is an elder and can’t start work on her."
After Lin Yue looked at Dalang and said this, several children looked depressed. Some people felt that the word "filial piety" was very demanding in this era, that is, Zhao Erhu was driven out of the house by the Zhao family, and he still had to give money and gifts at holidays because the man was his own father, Zhao Jingen, but he was not good to him. Otherwise, he was unfilial and would be reviled. Chapter 4 dealt with the past.
But then again, Zhao Lan is just aunt Zhao Erhu’s condition. It’s unreasonable for her daughter to splash out water when she gets married. It’s Zhao Lan who relies on her elder status to make a fool of Zhao Erhu. A big man is not good at her before he takes her. There is no way to deal with such people. There are more provocative and more Lai Linyue who secretly vowed in his heart that Zhao Lan must know that he is powerful.
When Lin Yue finally couldn’t resist going out to look for someone at her aunt’s house, Zhao Erhu came back with a small bag of rice, which seemed to be enough for one or two meals. He didn’t get anything back. In fact, Zhao Erhu didn’t go to her aunt’s house for nothing, so she couldn’t spit it out unless she saw a slapstick farce. He was forced out by kannika nimtragol and had no food at home. He planned to borrow some food from his friend Wu Qiang’s house first to cope with this evening.
When Zhao Erhu took the door, his heart was still a little uneasy, and he was afraid that Kannika nimtragol would make trouble with himself, especially Kannika nimtragol. Looking at himself with a pair of wronged eyes, it was too much for people. Zhao Erhu sat in Wu Qiang for a long time and helped Zhang Qiang to do some kung fu work. Only when it was getting dark did he get impatient and went home.
Yueyue knew that Zhao Erhu had come back so well, but she was a little angry with Zhao Erhu for doing so after thoroughly understanding her great aunt, and she was also relieved at the same time. Anyway, Zhao Erhu also had a passive beating when she sent the door to find her aunt. The more she knew about this man, the more she felt sorry for him, the better she would be. She didn’t force her aunt’s greed to be dealt with again. She would definitely give her a lifelong lesson, so that she couldn’t even dare to come to her door and eat this loss for the time being.
Zhao Erhu was psychologically prepared on his way back, no matter how eager Kannika nimtragol was, he was coaxed, but he didn’t expect things to end the way he thought. It should be said that Kannika nimtragol was calm and some abnormal reactions ended, which surprised him. Before Kannika nimtragol, he was still crying and asking him to go to her sister-in-law’s house to get things back, but now he is completely indifferent and didn’t even ask a word.
"Niu Niu, eat these rice first. Don’t worry, I won’t let you hungry." Zhao Erhu said dryly that he was really timid in elder sister-in-law.
Lin Yue’s understanding belongs to understanding. It’s absolutely impossible for Zhao Erhu to look at Zhao Erhu with a vertical expression before he took Zhao Erhu’s hand, put away the food, cooked the noodles in the pot, picked them up and put them in the prepared bone soup. Several children had already set the dishes and chopsticks for the table to eat.
Although Lin Yue made a delicious dinner, the children were amazed at it, but Zhao Erhu didn’t know what to eat. Kannika nimtragol didn’t want to talk to herself again. This time, it was his own fault. Zhao Erhu felt guilty and looked at Lin Yue from time to time. At the same time, he didn’t even give Zhao Erhu a look, but Jiro, who was smart and sensible, saw that something was wrong with them. After dinner, he winked at Dalang and took two younger brothers back to his room, leaving the rest for adults.
Lin Yue didn’t want to listen to Zhao Erhu’s explanation. After the meal, he went back to his room without even washing the dishes. The rest was naturally given to Zhao Erhu to clean up.