"Drink it while it’s hot!"

Acacia often took the bowl and looked at the dark soup inside. I didn’t feel bitter when I took a sip. I put a lot of licorice into it, and it tasted better than detoxification medicine.
Seeing Chang Xiangsi cleverly drinking a bowl of soup and mysterious dance, he asked, "You should have seen eleven princes yesterday. Is he okay?"
I often miss the bowl and put it on the table for a while. "It’s extremely cold in the prison, and I can’t bear it after I went there for a while. He has lived in it for three days. The cold has invaded and his face looks very bad. But yesterday I asked the emperor to send something to his cell and Yi Lee supervised Yi Lee, who was always loyal to him and wanted to come and do everything well."
Smell speech xuan dance just slightly relieved "so good! He’s got bad bones and toxins accumulate in his body, so he’s worried that bad rest will cause the poison to be sent, which will be very difficult! Do you know when he can come back? "
Chang Xiangsi shook his head. "I think he has his own ideas. Otherwise, I am afraid that the emperor will detain him until the 16th of next month and directly detain him to pay homage to Zhao Yining!"
"I’m afraid that the emperor won’t let it go easily, but if the eleventh report has made a decision, it’s 100% sure, and you need to worry about it. Although he is usually sickly, he actually has many abilities that you can’t guess."
Speaking of which, Xuan Wu smiled and got up and took the medicine bowl.
"You have a good rest and don’t look at the doctor for too long. I have something to do and I will go first!"
I often miss him for a moment, and I guess that there are still abilities that Xuan Wu said about Feng Jiang Yi, which she can’t guess. Maybe. She also thinks that Feng Jiang Yi still has many things that she hasn’t discovered yet!
Just after drinking medicine, I often miss my cloak and feel warm and comfortable. I just opened the door and saw the housekeeper coming outside.
"What’s wrong with the housekeeper?"
The housekeeper came over and said, "Huei-fang Beixuan’s little general has come over. The old slave let him in. Huei-fang is waiting in the house. I wonder if Huei-fang has seen it or not?"
What is Bei Xuanyu coming to sit at this time?
After thinking about it for a long time, I finally decided to go and see it
"I’ll soon be in the past to the housekeeper backyard two aunt three aunt these days can also behave in chapter 1, phoenix blue rings I look good?
The housekeeper respectfully said, "Back to Huei-fang, the second aunt and the third aunt are all well-behaved these days. Since Huei-fang made a mistake and was beheaded, she hasn’t gone anywhere in the courtyard. After the third aunt was beaten, it’s stopped. However, the third aunt has recently been in contact with the Qin family. I think she wants to ask the Qin family to intercede with the emperor and let Huei-fang come back!"
Qin family …
I often miss my lips and smile. The Qin family lost two daughters and was afraid of being hated by the emperor because of Shu Fei.
Qin family is already a mess. If you want to save, you will also save Qin Yier. How can you save Chang Huanhuan?
She nodded, "If the two aunts in the backyard do anything too much, I hope the housekeeper will tell me that my father is not in Xiangfu now, and if something happens in the backyard, I’m afraid I can’t keep it!"
"Yes, yes! The old slave knows! " The housekeeper should immediately
Acacia walked towards the main house. The wind was so strong that it poured directly into the corridor. Acacia couldn’t help sneezing.
Holding the moon behind her, she said, "Huei-fang, it’s cold, so don’t go to see the guests. Go back to your room and rest!"
Chang Xiangsi stopped. "Where am I going from today? I ask you not to follow me or go back to the palace, but if you don’t want to go back to the palace, you can go anywhere you want these days. Don’t wander in front of me!"
LanYue also stopped to think of the emperor’s account, so he also said, "Handmaiden, white handmaiden, go back to your residence and wait first. If Huei-fang has something to shout for handmaiden, she can! Handmaiden excused himself! "
Seeing Lanyue so consciously and often lovesick, I was satisfied and evoked a smile. It seems that Feng Li Su still listened to her words. Today, Feng Wu didn’t wander in front of her and Lanyue also consciously retreated.
Her courtyard is still cold, and it is clear that the courtyard outside is guarded by the body guard, and she also lives in the mysterious dance, phoenix five, and the flame of the moon.
Xuanwu spends more time developing medicinal materials in her place of residence in addition to decocting her pulse on weekdays.
When Xuanyu arrived in Suobei, he was the only one in the room who was served except the housekeeper who sent him tea and snacks.
Bei Xuanyu knew that Acacia always liked quiet, but she didn’t expect so few people to wait on her in the courtyard.
You know, wherever his mother goes in General Bei Xuan’s house, there are several people waiting at the side, even the ten concubines in the backyard. At least there are two maids waiting.
He waited in the house for a while before drinking a cup of tea, and then he heard the light footsteps outside. He felt that these footsteps were light, subtle and familiar, and he was often homesick!
Bei Xuanyu was so excited that he put a tea lamp in his heart and looked out. It was really homesick.
The hair is made into a tall and beautiful bun, simply decorated with an elegant hairpin, elegant flowers, a light-colored dress and a fox fur cloak.
The whole person looks elegant and beautiful, especially that flawless little face makes people feel amazing and unforgettable.
To see her crazy and funny?
But I didn’t see her. In fact, she was so charming that he fell in love!
Bei Xuanyu got up and walked towards her with a smile.
"I’m in good spirits, but I haven’t come to see you for many days. Come and see how you are today."
I often miss my seat and glanced at the tea and snacks on the table. I laughed. "What brings you here? Or did you bring Mrs. Beixuan to apologize to me? After so many months, Mrs. Beixuan apologized. It seems that Mrs. Beixuan is not going to apologize from autumn to winter. In that case, she apologizes, but it must be reported to the emperor. After all, the emperor is also an insider!"
Smell speech north XuanYu smile have so a little stiff "lovesickness my niang she … you know her sex how can easily apologize! Besides, you should also know that my mother, your mother, used to treat you like this for a reason. Today, I am not here for my mother, but … "