Well, how about I set up a department at the same time, let some people take charge of supervision, and try to eliminate all kinds of legal tricks that have been circulated for different reasons?

Although it will take about a hundred years to implement it imperceptibly, the source will be gradually removed. How about I guide mortals to take another road and not use aura?
At the same time, I will try to refine some special magic weapons to detect the foundation of mortal qualifications, and use them to test those children, so as to replace the basic cultivation methods now.
In this way, I have eliminated another source. Are you satisfied? Also, there are many blessed places with abundant aura overseas. How about going to open them together? "
Xuanzhenzi said coldly, "So you still won’t give up your crazy plans. Hum, what if you do this?" Why don’t you fight against our Emei Sect in the future? "
He turned to the blissful real person and said, "Real person, it is said that since this person is a member of your Qingcheng School, we can’t treat him well, but he is right with us everywhere. Please ask the real person to be fair. "Ha, ha, ha, ha, XuanZhen son, you said so many truths, because I blocked the road to the prosperity of Emei and cut your fate. What do you want to get rid of me and say so much nonsense?
I, Song Changgeng, walk alone between heaven and earth. Since I dare to do it, I dare to undertake it. Come if you have the skill. Let me see how powerful the two-instrument dust array, which is known as the first method in the world, is! "
I thought about so many ways to compromise, but I still heard Xuanzhenzi’s adamant4. Song Changgeng couldn’t help but be arrogant. He tried his best to explain to these people from the beginning, and finally the other party had to deal with him. He was crazy at the moment.
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The twelfth volume You and I draw out a sword Chapter one hundred and fifteen Single-handedly bear
Blissful reality said lightly, "All right, let’s stop arguing. What’s going on?"? It’s worse than those people who teach evil ways, and waste it as the leader of the right path.
Song Chang-geng just said that the method is very good, so that the source of communication can be eliminated, and the things we are most worried about competing for aura will not be born. As for other things, he must also find ways to solve them.
As for weakening your Emei sect’s fortune, I think that if you are naive enough to prosper, others who take it from you will give it back twice as much. What do you think?
If someone takes the lead and doesn’t return to your hands in the end, it means that this thing or person is not yours, but the cause and effect flow to you, and it means that you are not really blessed by God.
Isn’t it a little narrow-minded of you to shout at others for fighting and killing because of this? If you must deal with Song Changgeng, I’m his grandmaster, and I’ll take everything, okay? "
A teenage boy’s expression is faint and his voice is not high, but the words of the real person Blissful really stunned the Three Immortals in the East China Sea. They didn’t expect that the real person Blissful would really take this matter in the end.
What about the flag gate where they brought two instruments of dust? With the ability of a blissful real person, there is nothing he can do. At that time, the three immortals in the East China Sea can’t help but decide what to do.
Without waiting for their reply, Blissful Reality turned to Master Fentuo and said, "As for Xuanyuan Erbao, not only you have been thinking about it for a long time, but I have also been thinking about it for a long time.
Now that the treasure has been obtained by our Qingcheng Sect, will you stop there? If you must fight, let’s make an appointment and we’ll fight it out. "
Master Fentuo listened to his words and was stupefied. She didn’t expect things to show in the worst direction at last. Blissful reality finally accepted all the enemies. It seems that the orthodoxy of Qingcheng School is too important to him.
She glanced at her apprentice Yang Jin, sighed and said, "It depends on the fate of each person, if these two treasures can’t be given up." I can’t say anything.
Since real people have their own plans, we have come abruptly. Please include a lot of rude things in real people. Let’s do it today. Let’s get together again someday. Goodbye. "
Hearing Master Fentuo’s words, a string in the heart of Blissful Reality was finally loosened. Since Song Chang-geng had a good solution to the reiki problem, he naturally had no worries.
He knew that Song Changgeng could not fight against these two people. And now I’m still injured, so without looking back, I naturally stand up for myself and take everything to myself.
Now Master Fentuo doesn’t want to be his enemy and leave automatically. Although there will still be a lot of troubles in the future, the present level is finally over. Of course he was relieved.
Without an enemy, Real Blissful was also very happy. He stood up and made a few polite remarks to Master Fentuo, and stayed for a while, seeing that they were determined to go. Just want to send them away.
The three immortals in the East China Sea made eye contact with each other, and Qi Shuming, a wonderful real person, handed over and said, "Speaking of real people, they are our elders. How dare we fight against real people? Wouldn’t that hurt the harmony between our two families?
At the same time, it’s also a joke for those evil spirits. Since the real person wants to protect this person with all his strength, I’ll ask the real person to be kind to him, so how about never being against us Emei Sect again? "
Qi Shuming, a wonderful real person, is also very depressed. He didn’t expect things to be like this at last, so he had to settle for the second best. As long as this person doesn’t do it right by himself in the future, things will be revealed first.
He understands. This matter won’t be over, and there will be conflicts in the future, but let’s deal with the present first, and we can’t really fight with Blissful Reality, can we? The three of them really have no bottom to beat others.
Therefore, when they see Master Fentuo leaving, they naturally can’t stay, and say their final request. Blissful reality will know when they decide to take over these issues themselves. This is basically the case.
He also bowed his hand and said, "Don’t worry, I will give him a good warning. Let him be different from you in the future, that is, Qingcheng and Emei are connected by the same gas, so we should be closer in the future. "
Song Chang Gung next to the interface: "You can rest assured that my magic weapon, the Jade Turtle, which deduces and blinds the secret has been destroyed in the Holy Tomb, so the secret will be clear, and I won’t be able to seize any opportunities in the future."
"Hum, that’s the best. You should take care of yourself in the future, otherwise we Emei Sect can’t be bullied. You’d better put away your crazy plans and provoke us again, so you won’t be so accommodating."
Xuanzhenzi said coldly, he was really annoyed, and this matter was finally settled because of the intervention of the bliss reality. They came for nothing, and naturally they were depressed and didn’t good the spirit.
If it weren’t for Song Chang-geng’s saying that he deduced and blinded the secret, the mysterious jade turtle symbol had been destroyed in the holy tomb, and the secret was really clear, Xuanzhenzi would be even more depressed.
We polite a few words, said some pleasantries to each other, and finally sent the Three Immortals of the East China Sea and Master Fentuo away, and the real Situping also left Guihua Mountain with the Three Immortals of the East China Sea.
Qi Lingyun stayed, on the pretext of taking care of Shuangying, two Younger. After seeing these people off, Blissful Reality said to Qin Ziling, "Ziling, please tidy up and arrange for your school sisters to practice."
Then he said to Song Changgeng, "You and I will go for a walk."
Qin Ziling knew that they had something to talk about, so she took a few school sisters to salute and leave. Li Ning originally wanted to say that Shuangying should leave Emei School, but later she didn’t mention it when she saw too many things.
Now I know that things are not so easy to solve, so I didn’t say it again. After I left, I went back to my tree house for repair. Shuangying and Qin Han Calyx winked at Song Changgeng when they left.
Of course, Song Changgeng knows what they mean. He just wants to talk to him and ask about things that used to disturb the cat’s nest, but he is not in the mood to take care of them now, to cope with what the bliss talents need most now.
When everyone else left, before he could speak, the real Blissful began to say, "Don’t say thank you. We all need what we want. You have received a few disciples with good qualifications and good fortune these days, which made me see hope, so I tried to protect you. But tell the truth, will you be right with Emei Sect in the future? Tell me, will you let me know? "

The twelfth volume You and I draw out a sword Chapter one hundred and sixteen A new future
Song Changgeng was dazed, thought it over carefully and said, "Although we may have to get a head start on some things or people in the future, there is nothing else.
However, if the Qingcheng Sect wants to rise, confrontation with the Emei Sect is inevitable. After all, one mountain can’t accommodate two tigers, and two sects want to rise at the same time, and mutual competition is indispensable. "
With a sigh, Blissful Reality said helplessly, "I know all this, but I can’t help it. In order to establish orthodoxy, this is a necessary thing, and I have realized that I have to pay the price.
This time, I can temporarily suppress these things, but neither of them will let you go. Be careful when you go out in the future, especially when your magic weapon is destroyed.
Hey! You don’t have a magic weapon to deceive the cat, and your future actions are easy to be calculated, so you should be careful. You’d better do more work in advance to temporarily confuse the cat.
You’re here to recuperate. Now that we’ve torn faces with Emei Sect, you should pay more attention to Shuangying. It’s best to leave them in Qingcheng Sect. I’ll go when Mrs. Bao Xiang is robbed. I’ll go first if nothing happens. "
After seeing off the Blissful Reality, Song Chang-geng simply responded to the inquiries of Shuangying and Qin Han-calyx, and then went back to retreat and heal himself, and also thought about his next action plan.
This time, if there is no blissful reality, all of them will be carried down, not to mention the dust array of the three immortals in the East China Sea, that is, master Fentuo and his disciples are not able to fight against each other.
So Song Changgeng thought for a long time and finally decided to modify the previous plan. In order to avoid the problem of competing for reiki, he decided to solve it by his own way.
At the same time, I can’t hide my identity. I can’t hide my abode of fairies and immortals in the South China Sea, the North China Sea and Taihang Mountain. There must be a danger of being attacked then.
Fortunately, the hidden strength of the three places is very strong. Originally, the corpse in the cave dwelling of Taihang Mountain was prepared for the subsequent counter-offensive to the North. Now I’m afraid I’m going to hide in the south in part.
The upper thunder army on Xiaoyao Island in the South China Sea has just been built and has not yet formed combat effectiveness. It seems that it is necessary to contact Zi Xuanfeng. Tell him to prepare more backup hiding spots, just in case.
Beihai Black Knife Gorge has nothing to worry about because female disciples are proficient in law, and Long Xuan and his wife are seated. Song Changgeng pretended to be Situ Ping himself to help the Qingcheng School set up, but it’s a pity that such a thing happened before the plan was completed.
Speaking of it, Song Changgeng did not expect that the mysterious jade turtle symbol would be destroyed. At that time, his plan in the Holy Mausoleum was to take the opportunity to destroy the parents in Songshan, because these two people were very important to Emei Sect.
As far as he knows, in the future, many disciples will enter Emei, and there are many things related to Emei. These two people are all in the shadow, and even they are the key to success or failure, so they must be eliminated. In this way, the Emei Sect is equivalent to a broken hand, and there will be insufficient manpower to do things, which is convenient for Song Changgeng’s future actions. Yang Jin was born as a piggyback, but I didn’t expect that it was this affiliated person who let himself have a big accident. Not only was he injured, but he also destroyed the magic weapon. Finally, he had to let them go because of the instability of several Uber.
Without the magic weapon. Only his own strength has completed his own plan, and Song Chang Gung has a new understanding of his own strength. After thinking in the sacred tomb, he decided to think of it as the main means of cultivation.
All the dharma formulas he has learned before will be integrated in the future and transformed into a version of dharma formulas, and he will be devoted to one dharma formula in the future.
After the holy ling to things. Song Changgeng finally understood that a spoonful of water has universal flavor. There is no need to taste the truth of the world law, only to be good at one kind of law. In order to spend limited time and energy in one place.
Therefore, in his healing, he mainly transformed his own skill. After the Taoist skill and Buddhist skill were transformed into Xuanyin blood flame gods, he produced a blood god bead in the abdomen.