Elder Tianyi Pavilion pinched the tactic with his hands, and several magic weapons were thrown out. A purple light filled the air, and more than a dozen purple knives were interwoven into a knife array and shrouded.

He heard that Zhuge Liang is tough and can destroy magic weapons, so Elder Tianyi Pavilion dared not go near Zhuge Liang.
More than a dozen purple knives danced up and down, crisscrossed and chopped.
Zhuge doesn’t shine with his palm, and the faint purple light in his palm is crystal clear, which can shake the magic weapon. Several purple knives were crushed under Zhuge’s dim palm. After entering the then period, Zhuge’s dull Zhenyuan Guanghua has changed from white light to purple light.
Zhuge grabbed the void before it was bright, and suddenly, all the purple knives stopped in mid-air and shattered under the destruction of Zhuge’s strong power.
"You" Elder Tianyi Pavilion has a faint blood spill at the corner of his mouth. These dozens of purple knives are connected with his painstaking efforts, and the magic weapon is destroyed, and he himself is also traumatized.
Zhuge grabbed it before it lit up, and the invisible hand enveloped the elder Tianyi Pavilion and took it to his side.
Elder Tianyi Pavilion drank heavily, and his arm burst into a raging flame, which flooded towards Zhuge. However, it stagnated and overflowed at a foot where Zhuge was not bright. Elder Tianyi Pavilion can’t go near him in all his attacks.
Zhuge stepped on the elder’s chest before dawn, and the whole chest collapsed and his sternum was broken. Then Zhuge slapped him before dawn and flew the elder Tianyi Pavilion out of the window.
The people outside the Drunken Immortal Building immediately became noisy. Tianming City belongs to the jurisdiction of Tianyi Pavilion, and these practitioners naturally know the elder of Tianyi Pavilion. Seeing that the elder was thrown out of the window, everyone was shocked.
Then, in the window on the third floor, the repairers of Tianyi Pavilion flew out one after another and fell on the street in a mess.
"Call your masters!" The sound came from the drunken fairy building.
In the private room, Zhuge looked at the messy room with a sneer. He let Xiaojianling watch the fragrant princess, jumped out of the drunken fairy building and came to the top of a tower in Tianming City, standing still on it.
"It’s really him, Zhuge is not bright! I met him at the Xiandao Conference. "
"What is he going to do? He injured the elders of Tianyi Pavilion. Why didn’t he escape?"
A little while later, a large number of practitioners gathered in Tianming City, full of voices and bustling.
Zhuge stood on the tower with his bare hands, staring into the distance, with a sneer at his mouth. When he first entered the golden elixir period, he really wanted to know what his strength had been improved to, and he wanted to practice with the practitioners of Tianyi Pavilion. As early as before entering Tianming City, Zhuge inquired before dawn that Tianyi Pavilion only belonged to a small third-rate sect. Although it was attached to Dugu’s family, there was no infant master in the whole sect.
Moreover, Tianming City and Dugu City have a long way to go, and the support of Dugu’s family will not arrive so soon.
Zhuge has nothing to hide when he is not bright.
At this time, two rainbow lights came from the far sky, and the practitioners in Tianming City were suddenly boiling. They knew that another master had arrived.
When the rainbow light dispersed, two middle-aged men appeared. One of them stepped on a combat knife and was wearing the clothes of Yi Ge. This person is the head of Tianyi Pavilion, Jiang Longfei, an eight-story practitioner in the then-Dan period. The other man is driving a flying sword, and judging from his clothes, he turns out to be a member of the Xiang family.
"Zhuge is not bright, how dare you run in Tianming City? Today, I will represent the practitioners in Tongzhou and kill you here! !” Jiang Longfei heavy drink, not too much nonsense, direct shots, combating Dao appeared in his hand, to various ge not bright.
Zhuge didn’t shine his palm like a knife, and swept out against Jiang Longfei’s attack. His palm collided with combating Dao, but there was a clanging sound of metal.
Zhuge Buliang and Jiang Longfei retreated respectively, while the repairer of the Xiang family frowned and retreated to one side, without joining hands with Jiang Longfei.
Jiang Longfei leapt up, and the space trembled where the combat knives passed, and the shadow of the knife shrouded Zhuge Liang.
Zhuge’s dull hands chop quickly, and his body is of the earth as a magic weapon. He is completely fearless of Jiang Longfei’s attack. The palm of your hand shattered many knife shadows. Zhuge stepped on the inverse empty step before dawn, and instantly appeared behind Jiang Longfei, his palm was sharp and he cut to Jiang Longfei’s neck.
Jiang Longfei combating Dao split backwards, which contradicted Zhuge’s dim palm.
Zhuge grabbed the void before it lit up, shattered the void around Jiang Longfei, swept the iron leg out, and whipped it like a whip on Jiang Longfei’s combating Dao. Knife chatter, Jiang Longfei facial expression, a bear zhuge not bright this blow, he felt a hemp arm.
At this time, Zhuge came to kill again before dawn, and his feet were printed on Jiang Longfei’s face.
Jiang Longfei flew out obliquely, leaving two clear footprints on his face.
"You" Jiang Longfei has the urge to vomit blood, which is an absolute insult.
"This kid is really like a rumored pervert."
"Jiang Longfei’s eight-story cultivation in the then period is no match for him. If such a person grows up, who else in Kyushu can subdue him?"
The practitioners who watched the battle in Tianming City argued.
"Why don’t you cast the door of life and death? Or do you not understand? " Zhuge stepped on the inverse empty step without bright feet, and walked in vain, looking down at Jiang Longfei.
Jiang Longfei a roar, combating Dao cut out, an overwhelming cold breath, this side of the void was frozen, and the ice flow spread towards Zhuge.
Little ice crystals fall, this small world is frozen, and a layer of ice flows in the void.
Zhuge not bright eyebrows a wrinkly, ghostly back off.
But I still didn’t get rid of the cover of the ice flow. An ice flow covered Zhuge Buliang, and in an instant, Zhuge Buliang was covered with a thick layer of ice. Zhuge Liang was frozen into an ice sculpture before dawn.
The practitioners in Tianming City were noisy and looked at this scene in amazement.
"Hum, overreached, it seems that rumors are empty. This boy so much "Jiang Longfei sneer at a way.
The Xiang family member also nodded and said, "It is rumored that he is so horrible, presumably because of that piece of black iron in his hand."
Just then, a crack appeared on the ice sculpture. Then, the crack spread around. Accompanied by "boom!" There was a loud noise, and Zhuge rushed out of the ice before dawn, laughing: "Want to seal me up? Die! !”
Voice down, a big purple palm down, vanity jitter. Cracking the empty handprint is prompted by Gu Wu Upanishads, which is more powerful than before.
"Look out!"
The name of the Xiang family people drink a way.
But it was too late, all the vanity around Jiang Longfei was smashed, and Jiang Longfei flew out with his big palm. His body was like a shell and smashed into a building, and the whole building was immediately reduced to ruins.
Zhuge’s hands were sealed before dawn, and a blood print formed in the palm of his hand, which turned into a mountain of blood and shocked Jiang Longfei in the ruins.
"This guy is so horrible that even the head of Tianyi Pavilion can’t seal him."
"It’s a monster!"
People in the city, zhuge not bright a wave of his hand blood mountain, Jiang Longfei will want to struggle to stand up again.
Dozens of bombardments in a row, a horrible pit more than ten meters deep appeared in the ruins, and Jiang Longfei was lying in the pit, already unconscious, not knowing whether he was dead or alive.
"The door of life and death-open!"
With a cold roar, the practitioner of the Xiang family made a move. This is also a practitioner of the then period, but he realized the meaning of the door of life and death. When the door of life and death was opened, the momentum of this practitioner climbed to a peak, and there was a faint foot entering the momentum of Yuan infant.
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