Chapter four hundred and fifty-six: The road of the forerunner’s crossing

Chapter four hundred and fifty-six: The road of the forerunner’s crossing
After all kinds of hardships and countless dangers, I finally have to face the inheritance in my imagination. The agitation in Tang Qing’s heart almost made him uncontrollable.
Treasure, achievement method, lingshi, Dan medicine? Or some kind of magical teleportation? For example, caused by an idea, it is like taking a fast train and soaring to the realm of god in an instant?
God is too outrageous, Yuan Ying. Grandpa Tang is not so greedy. "Standing in front of the cupboard, Tang Qing licked some dry lips due to nervousness and lowered expectations.
Bao Puzi didn’t set too many obstacles for Tang Qing, and there was no organ hidden weapons on the pavilion. In addition to the outermost layer, there is no forbidden law, and there is no such test as moral cultivation. In this way, it is like a treasure house that opens the door, quietly waiting for the arrival of the predestined friends.
Even the bamboo forest, mostly by accident. It’s just that Tang Qing himself is second-rate and too greedy, which makes him beaten continuously. Besides, his gains far outweigh his sufferings, so naturally he won’t have any complaints.
The old gentleman probably really believes in karma. It is estimated that if he wants to come here, most of the younger generations will come from the same place as themselves. Under such circumstances, it is always necessary to leave some incense.
The cabinet is very simple, except that the material is special and the style is simple, there is not much strangeness. A huge drawer with a single-door handle doesn’t even have the simplest barrier prohibition. As if a shy girl, she has undressed and stayed in bed. As long as she reaches out, she can take whatever she wants and pick it at will.
"Amitabha, your Buddha, three sweeping respects, and Tang Ye is about to open the card. Our habits have always been very good. You can’t fool me by washing your hands before and after meals. "
With an abnormal flush on her face, Tang Qing tried to restrain the greed in her eyes and prayed silently with her hands folded. This just took a deep breath and opened the door resolutely.
And then blindsided.
Three jade slips
No … No ring, no storage bag, no jade bottle, jade box, magic weapon of lingshi Dan medicine material, nothing.
I cann’t believe it’s gone. How can it be gone? It’s gone
His eyes widened in an instant, and he stood there with extreme disbelief and disappointment, just like being trapped by a monkey. After a full half-ring, Tang Qing still couldn’t believe the facts in front of him, and he pulled in the drawer with his hands like convulsions, as if to remove a few copper coins from the air to soothe his injured heart.
Still nothing. It was the three jade slips that collided with each other under his scratching, making a tinkling sound, staggering and endless. It’s as if a few naughty children set a proud trap and laughed at the adults they played tricks on.
"Smile a fart!"
Tang Qing had no place to make a fire. He grabbed a few jade slips and tried to throw them. Suddenly, he took them back gently. He said with a smug smile, "Are you stupid? Do you think Tang Ye is stupid?"
Then, he came to the table with his arms dangling, sat comfortably in the plush chair that was very comfortable at first sight, and sighed with a sigh.
"Your ya think Tang Ye will be angry and disappointed? Too look down upon me! "
"The law is not false. Who is Tang Ye? Can you just be swayed? Okay, I admit, you did fool me. It’s nothing. But you can even play with Xiao Xuanzi, which is a bit unorthodox. "
"What multilayer abode of fairies and immortals? What multiple seals? What is the best lingshi? All of him? No. I have to say, you are really bad. "
Holding a few jade slips, Tang Qing seemed to be whispering to her lover and negotiating with the enemy. The expression is like the face-changing king of Sichuan opera, sometimes angry, sometimes disappointed, sometimes sighing, sometimes confused, and there is no moment to finalize the design.
"It doesn’t matter, Tang Ye has made a lot of money and doesn’t care about this money. I guess you don’t have the best lingshi at all. That thing is so precious that you didn’t get a few, not to mention you are an old man. "
Judging from his appearance, he really regards these jade slips as human beings. Without fighting back a few times, he can’t eliminate his resentment. Like a psycho.
"Next door to spicy food, Tang Ye is a mental derangement" complained to Yu Jian for a long time. Tang Qing realized that she was bored and could only berate herself helplessly, trying to put all kinds of distractions behind her.
Unfortunately, he is destined to be a snob, and he will never become a Taoist monk. With a sigh, Boss Tang probably felt that he was too photogenic, and began to talk to himself to remember the friendship of the old friend.
"In fact … you are always good to me. If you don’t have this code, Tang Ye may have lost everything. Since you have left these things, you probably have some last wishes to entrust to me. Tang Ye is not as stingy as you are. If it is convenient, I will help you get rid of it when I have time. "
After thinking about it, Tang Qingsu looked seriously and said solemnly, "Don’t be too difficult. Don’t accept the mission. Also, don’t leave any powerful skills as a thank-you gift, as that would look down on me too much. Really "
"Of course, if there really is … Tang Ye’s sake of seeing your age, you will be reluctant to accept it. Good things can’t be lost, right? "
Long-winded for a long time, Tang Qing, with extreme anxiety and unwillingness, put the jade slips on the eyebrows one by one.
Surprise, shock and ecstasy followed …
"Yu Ming Tang Qing, Jin Danyang Jurong Renshi."
After reading the first sentence in the jade slips, Tang Qing was almost scared into a mental derangement. In turn, I thought that surnamed tang was one of the most popular names in China, and it was not unusual to have the same name, so I settled down a little.
"I have to warn you, it’s no good flirting with Tang Ye." Swearing with malicious, Tang Qing continue to look down.
"When I was young, I was famous, and I studied for more than ten years. I dare not say that I am familiar with ancient and modern times, but I can know the classics of a hundred schools of thought. Through the path of scientific research, you can enter the official position without exception. Later, he won the king’s weight, and he was awarded the patrol ambassador from all directions, holding the Tianzi sword and supervising the world for the king. "
"I have been blessed by the upper body, and I have been compassionate to the people. I dare not work hard for three years. Although I have no outstanding achievements, I can be conscientious. Cutting corruption, punishing evil and promoting good, and saving people’s health are really worthy of what they have learned in their lives. "
"On the day of return to Beijing, my wife. He is a wise man, and it is a good match for me to respect him. Giving birth to our son years later adds joy. I have tasted it, and if life is like this, it is not wasted. "
"However, disaster comes from the sky, and I am conceited and clean, but I don’t know that the fish will not exist when the water is clear. When it comes to being constructed by traitors, it is not yet available for the disciples to give up their lives, and it is even more implicated in their wives and children. "
"My son is harmed by people, and my wife is unbearable to be humiliated by Goulan, and the soul pays the hanging beam. My parents are sad and lonely, my teacher died in his sickbed, and I have no way to call, and there is no way to live and die, so what can I do? "
"The son of heaven has eyes, and he is not aware of it. He thinks every day, only for the sake of immortality, and the immortal body. However, life is born with death, which is heaven, and it is what human beings can ask for. Even more alchemists use flattering words, the method of Dan Sheng, and take the ointment of all the people to continue one’s life. How can this retrograde be called heaven? "
"My life is a gift from heaven, born by my parents, and I have never reported anything, that is, I went to the grave. More harm to his wife and children, sad sad. "
"When I was in prison, I often thought about it and regretted it. If I have the day of rebirth, I will definitely slay the demons and get rid of all the evil alchemists, and give me back my talent …
"… I have been executed, why didn’t I die, but I was in infancy … Murphy, there is a rebirth in the world."
"… otherwise this place is not my homeland. Words are unknown, and living habits are not necessarily … "
"Since this is really the case, I will be Xi Zhi, and I will not bear the care of God." ……
"… fix true … is there a fix true in the world? There really are immortal immortals. "
"Don’t … I came to another world. The sky here is not the sky in my hometown. What is a planet? Maybe my hometown … is one of the vast stars? "
"This is not my home, not my hometown. Here, I am an orphan without my parents. Without this so-called spiritual root, they would not have saved me. "
"I want to fix true, I want to practice to the broken void. I want to find my way home, and I want to find the way of rebirth and revive my wife and children. "
"I want to go back, I want to show the dog emperor, this is the real immortal, and I want to show those who can only flatter and waste, this is the real fix-up."
"I’m dead, but I’m alive. Now I am no longer the Tang Qing I used to be. I need a road number and a new identity. "
"In my hometown, maybe there is a monk … let me think … the flow of legends is out of reach. I know Dan Shi … Ge Hong "
"Good embrace PiaoZi … is the name. From today, my name is Bao Puzi. "
"… this is called Tianyouxing. If my hometown is a planet, what’s its name?"
See here, Tang Qing sighed. He understood that this jade slip is actually the autobiography of "Tang Qing".
All the characters on this jade slip are written in ancient Chinese. It doesn’t matter if the newcomer is not from the earth and doesn’t understand it at all. The old man was so attached to his hometown that he told his life story to the latecomers, but he just didn’t know if he meant anything other than commemoration.
"Dog blood is a little bit of dog blood, but this kind of thing should be a common thing in ancient times, not surprising." Feeling the unwillingness and resentment between the lines, Tang Qing rarely did not mock and told his feelings truthfully.
After thousands of years of civilization, even if he is illiterate, in some ways, Tang Qing is better than the pioneer. Perhaps because he has the same name as himself, Tang Qing feels a little touched for no reason. As a result, as if chatting with old friends, Tang Qing talked to Kan Kan in the air, which was quite well-meaning.
"I said Tang Qing … ahem, I said the old man … I X, why is this awkward?"
Adjust your mood and barely suppress that absurd feeling. Tang Qingcai continued: "You still can’t see through it. It was your own fault at the beginning. At most, it has something to do with the emperor, but it has nothing to do with God. But I can’t blame you. At that time, it was estimated that there were still so many people. Then again, who can be as talented and free and easy as Tang Ye? "
"Come on, it’s no use pulling these now. If Tang Ye has the chance to practice to your level and soar, maybe he can meet you again. At that time, my brothers and sisters will talk again. "