Are you lucky enough to go against the sky? Monty’s conclusion after careful observation. There must be some monster living inside him to help him stabilize. Otherwise, Yuan Shen will surely break up. Haikui told him before the combination. It must have something to do with Zhou Lin who was sealed in the body by the real Wuyang.

Monty looked at Haikui seriously and said, "I don’t know if you will be distracted after waking up this time." In that case. It is a deep blessing. "
On the other side. A middle-aged man frowned slightly. Now close your eyes and count for a while. Looking at the distance. "Actually took my distraction. Hey. That’s too much for you. More and faster chapters, please go to. You are just a tripod furnace and you want to go against the sky. "
Monty wants to think about it. Only this one is logical. He sat cross-legged again. After looking at Haikui’s eyes, he closed his eyes and meditated.
On the east coast of China. Xue Zheng Xiu and Stuart Yuan Wu are probing carefully. Xue Zhengxiu suddenly looked up at the sky. Eyes a dignified. Then he turned to Stuart Yuan Wu and said, "Stuart Yuan Wu. I have more important things to do. When you find the old man. Baojia and Ziruyi are all yours. I want the old man’s yuan god. "
Stuart Yuan Wu gloomy looking at Xue Zhengxiu. Heavy voice asked: "Xue Zheng xiu who are you?"
"You know the old so long still don’t know who I am? The old man is just a casual repair. " Xue Zhengxiu hey hey smiled.
Stuart Yuan Wu’s eyes were full of pitfalls. "I don’t think so. You take a break. I know so much about the various factions in the spiritual world. And people who are Taoist are even more familiar with it. Who will believe you if you say it? I think you are like … "
Stuart Yuan Wu seems to have noticed something. One-handed pinch tactic carefully staring at Xue Zhengxiu.
Xue Zhengxiu looked at Stuart Yuan Wu cautiously. Laughing. "Stuart Xiaoyou thinks too much." He said and disappeared.
Stuart Yuan Wu looked at the place where Xue Zheng had just disappeared. Eyes show the color of meditation. Frown. Think twice and continue to search for people in Donghua.
Stuart Yuan Wu came to Daofeizong with all the fighting power of Wanmo Palace. I got an imperial edict. This imperial edict comes from another world. Another powerful world. Stuart Yuan Wu dare not disobey. Whether the imperial edict is true or not. He has to come. And he is expected to soar. In urgent need of powerful help. The promise in the imperial edict. Success or failure. There are rewards.
Stuart Yuan Wu suspected that Xue Zhengxiu was from another world.
Xue Zhengxiu appeared in Jialing City at this time. Since he was separated from Stuart Yuan Wu. A few minutes. He came to Jialing City. Didn’t hide his breath. A powerful breath filled between heaven and earth. Mortals can’t feel it. But the practitioners here can feel it.
What exactly is Xue Zheng’s practice? Haikui guessed that he had a state of distraction.
Soon. It’s time to hide It’s time to appear.
At this time there are dozens of people in front of Xue Zheng Xiu. Fix for the lowest infant period. Two distracted periods. They looked at Xue Zhengxiu cautiously. One of the distracted monks asked, "Who are the Taoist friends? Why call me? "
"I am a celestial messenger. I was ordered to arrest a man. I order you to scrape three feet to find this man. " Xue Zhengxiu looked down at the crowd and said.
"It’s a loose tongue." Xue Zheng Xiugang finished. The friar said in a cold voice at the end of a dollar baby.
Xue Zhengxiu’s eyes looked sharp. In the later period of Yuanying, the friar only felt the sudden lag of Zhenyuan in the body and then became tyrannical.
The power of a glance. Let him be really unstable. The heart of Tao is shaking.
"Fairy angel. It’s really the first time I’ve heard it. " During the distracted period, the friar moved lightly and stood in front of Xue Zheng Xiu. Blocked his eyes.
The monk’s back was cold and sweaty in the later period of Yuanying. Heart andao fortunately. Hurriedly take a step backward. Pull away.
Chapter 299 are looking for.
Xue Zhengxiu glanced at all. "Which one is a descendant of the Sect that has existed for more than 3,000 years?"
A distracted person stood up. Xue Zhengxiu threw him a jade slip. "Look at it."
The distracted person picked it up. After a glance. He said to the crowd, "Dear Taoist friends. This is indeed a celestial messenger. "
Everyone was surprised. Everyone wants to know what’s in the jade slips. But Yu Jian was taken back by Xue Zhengxiu.
"Don’t ask anything more. Let you know what you know. If you don’t know, you will be killed if you want to know. " Xue Zhengxiu took a look at them and said coldly.
Everyone shuddered. They all shut up honestly. The celestial world is the supreme existence in their hearts. And they also aim to soar to the celestial world. How dare you offend the celestial messenger?
"To find this person. Dig a thousand feet and find it. " Xue Zhengxiu waved his hand. Haikui’s image came out. Sure. Is what he looked like before he changed his body.
Zhou Lin can’t communicate with Haikui after being sealed by Wuyang real person. Haikui changed his body. He doesn’t know it yet.
The people kept the appearance of Haikui in mind. Xue Zhengxiu flicker disappear.
A few minutes after Xue Zhengxiu left. After a distracted person confirms it. He said to the crowd, "Let’s go."
"Zhao predecessors. What do you see? " Someone asked the distracted person who saw Xue Zheng’s jade slips. First time update
"The seal of the fairy world." Friar Zhao’s distracted period said.
"Feng Xianwen. What is that? "
Friar Zhao’s name is distracted. "After successful soaring celestial. The fairy world will appear on the fairy list and admit that you have stepped into the ranks of immortals. Then you take this fairy list to Huaxianchi. Into the fairy pool. The true elements in the body are transformed into immortal elements. Since then. You are a real fairy. "
Brother Zhao said. Many people are showing the color of suddenly. Someone has heard of it. Someone hasn’t heard of it.
"That day? Armageddon is not the real element that helps us refine the body. " One person did not understand and asked.
"Armageddon is natural selection. More and faster chapters, please go to. Get rid of those who can’t survive the disaster. This is one of its intentions. Second. People who have survived the natural disaster. The cultivation will grow in the Armageddon. You can bear the cleaning of the fairy pool. The fairy pool turns the real yuan into the fairy yuan. The flesh is the container of immortals. If it is unbearable, it will collapse. Still failed. So people who have survived the natural disaster. It will be able to withstand the cleaning of Huaxianchi. " Brother Zhao explained carefully and said, "Look at those people who have crossed the sky through the ages. Most of them rely on strength to survive. Lucky to get help from others. Or a magic weapon to resist. Ascended to the celestial realm. That is also the lowest fairy. People who can’t stay for three days after entering the fairy pool. The whole body can’t be completely transformed. Such people can’t get along in the celestial world. "
Some people didn’t know this kind of thing before. Someone immediately showed a pessimistic expression. "If according to zhao predecessors said. After soaring, isn’t it a change of environment to continue to practice and practice again? "
Brother Zhao looked solemn. "Yes. I sent my predecessors to soar. Ten times as hard as you can in the lower bound. Work hard in the celestial world to stand in front of people. Today, I’ll tell you about it. In fact, the fairy world is not as good as you think. "
In the crowd, the face of a monk in the later period of Yuan Ying immediately collapsed. "I thought I could be free and unfettered in heaven and earth after I became an immortal. Listen to you. Is the struggle in the celestial world more fierce? "
Brother Zhao sighed and remained silent. But everyone knows.
After a while. Brother Zhao said to the crowd, "Let’s follow what the messenger just said. Find this person as soon as possible. If you can’t catch him alive, don’t startle him. Signal to wait for the arrival of the messenger. The emissary left a rune signal. I will give it to everyone. " He said, with one hand, he definitely drew a few pictures in the air with Zhenyuan. Hold on a second. "In the last five fingers spread out with true yuan before pushing. Runes will automatically look for the messenger’s adult. Remember. "
They wrote down the runes and dispersed. Brother Zhao also flew in the same direction. Heart andao: From the first generation of soaring predecessors. A person of the younger generation. Must be suppressed. You can’t cross the sky until you can’t suppress it. In this way, the actual strength to survive the apocalypse is much stronger than the strength to go all the way directly, to be distracted and to soar in Mahayana. After soaring. Win at the starting line.
The battle between the immortals is more fierce than expected. Update the first time where there is a paradise. Where there is no immortal happy. It’s all bullshit But once you have set foot on this road, you can’t back down. The elders of the sects in the celestial world are still waiting for the younger generation to soar to increase their strength. Hey.
Brother Zhao’s face gets lower and lower as he thinks about it. But he shoulders the mission of sects. Shoulder the mission of becoming cannon fodder or elite to the celestial world. Let him have no other choice.
Haikui is still in a coma underground. And in Jialing city and even nearby. There is a great uproar among practitioners. Are looking for haikui. Trying to dig up the ground and find him out. But what more people know is that Haikui is the person asked by the celestial messenger. After finding it, you can exchange it for the interests of the celestial messenger. The alliance of cultivating immortals is also looking for the people who slaughtered the Hao family. These two things are the most important things among practitioners in Jialing.
Xue Zhengxiu appeared in the place where the Hao family was slaughtered. There are policemen and soldiers everywhere now. Fiona Fang is blocked for miles. The news was also blocked. But the mayor of Jialing needs to give an explanation to the above. Not only did half the police come. The subordinate army division also sent a battalion of soldiers to station and assist.
Xue Zhengxiu looked at the vehicles flashing the alarm and the big green truck with a slight frown. "This is the place where the last induction. I don’t know what happened. "
Xue Zhengxiu glanced at the people below. The soldiers are resting. You can also walk around. He appeared below in a flash. Update and control a soldier’s mind in the first time. The soldier’s eyes were confused. Turn to yin. He walked up to the policeman who was whispering and asked, "Brother. What happened here. "
Two policemen looked up. There is a strange color in his eyes. One person asked, "You don’t know yet."
I don’t know. The soldier shook his head.
"I heard that the rich family Hao family here was slain by people. A big fire left no residue. Look at this. Everywhere is blackened. Maybe the place where we are standing now is the ashes burned by the dead. " The policeman said. The tone is slightly low. Finally, it was found that the other party was a soldier. I can’t scare him with this tone. Hey, hey, smile. "We don’t know the details. More and faster chapters, please go to. I came as soon as I was informed. Waiting for the investigation. "
"Oh. Thanks a lot. " The soldier smiled.
"You’re welcome." The police also waved generously.
The soldier turned around. The expression of eyes was gloomy. Suddenly, my eyes turned into confusion again. Strange. Look around.
Xue Zhengxiu once again appeared over the original address of Hao’s family. Not only dark eyes. My heart is also gloomy. He’s sure it was Haikui. But the dead didn’t even leave a soul behind. So he can’t know what was going on at that time.
He used his magical powers to explore carefully for dozens of miles in Fiona Fang, and there was no sign of Haikui. Except those down there that are not living. Nothing else was found. Xue Zhengxiu thought for a moment. I don’t think Haikui can stay here. After killing people. There must be a monk here to explore. I’m sure it’s bad luck to stay here But at this time, there is not a soul of the Hao family. He doesn’t know where Haikui has gone. After looking in four directions. The figure disappeared into the air.
Most practitioners speculate on Haikui’s trace with the heart of ordinary people. Many people think we should hide in sparsely populated or barren hills. And the so-called big is hidden in the city. Haikui is now under a hotel in the center of Jialing City. So they can’t find Haikui in a short time. Moreover, the monty flag hides the breath of him and Haikui. Even if someone is looking in the city. It takes a little effort.