Moreover, its body is much larger than that of ordinary tree demon, and the strangest thing is that it has a very ferocious face.

Thick trunk, two lanterns-like eyes, a huge mouth and long fangs dripping with saliva, looks disgusting and terrible.
Especially at this moment, its body has been stabbed and its look is distorted.
No! They suddenly found a more strange place.
That is, its wound was sprayed with blood, red blood.
This happened at a time, but at that time, people didn’t feel like it. Now, when they see that the source of the blood rain is a tree demon, they are really horrified.
Do tree demons bleed, too?
It’s incredible. In an instant, everyone was shocked.
And at this moment, Qianfeng’s body has jumped to a height higher than that of the tree demon flying in the middle.
The sun shines on her for a moment and people can’t look straight.
At this time, she has already launched an attack.
Cold and charming, drinking her body, in the middle of a flip, the aura surged, and the end of her right arm burst into a devastating light.
Brilliant knife light, she has swooped towards the tree demon.
Time seems to freeze at this moment, and at this moment, she is the only picture in this day.
No one can deny it or deny it, especially these men who look up at her at this time.
This tree demon is suspected to be the king of tree demons.
No other tree demon dares to stay here in its territory.
It has the peak strength of the spirit emperor, and there are some tree demon kings who have the ability
But even the tree demon king is still a tree demon.
How high can you ask for the wisdom of a demon?
It would be really strange if a elm head were smarter than a human.
It didn’t expect that it would attack it just after it appeared, and it was still so fierce
The most important thing is that the speed of this blow is very fast, and the flint seems to be as fast as a blink of an eye and as fast as a flash, and when the root doesn’t respond to people.
The demon king of the tree didn’t come to protect the aura in vitro, and the gas mask had already suffered from a thousand chickens breaking the moon.
I have been brewing since just now.
Condensed a lot of spiritual force until just broke out hand knife.
Scary wounds, large tracts of blood, screaming and screaming, the demon king of the tree has swooped down from the height of the moon and wants to launch an attack on the demon king of the tree
In this world, at least for hundreds of years, there has been no creature except tree demon in this forest for a long time, and bossing around a group of tree demons has already made the tree demon king have a dominant consciousness.
I am in charge of the sky, but I have the feeling that I dare not disobey it.
This feeling has been imperceptibly influenced by every cell in its body, and today someone actually challenges it to be a king.
Not only that, but also when he just appeared, he sneaked on himself.
A despicable human being with no dignity and spirit
For hundreds of years now, the sudden contrast has raised the anger in the heart of the tree demon king, and the anger will be extinguished if it is exhausted.
It’s angry! It’s completely angry!
It will tear up this human who dares to challenge it and hurt it, instead of turning it into nickel powder to nourish this land.
Thousands of phoenix broken moon has rushed over, and the lich king roars and gives off a little green light, suddenly moving towards the front and gathering away quickly.
Green fluorescence has become a glittering and translucent torrent in an instant.
Like nine days of divine water falling in the sky, this glittering torrent is spinning wildly, like an angry sea roaring and spinning, turning into a whirlpool and sweeping away towards a thousand phoenix and breaking the moon.
Thousands of phoenix broke the moon, and a flash of light flashed through her eyes. Her right arm was dragging a long light blade, and Guanghua was bright and suddenly moved, and she had already split out.
Draw a sword and cut off the water, and suddenly it seems that the waves are divided into two parts. The glittering torrent is divided into two parts in a moment. The attack of the phoenix breaking the moon is not only the surge of aura, but also the light of the knife is once again full of mapping, and the cold face of the phoenix breaking the moon is crashing towards the tree demon king
Fang Ming night suddenly froze. I don’t know what. He suddenly had an illusion that at this time, thousands of chickens broke the moon and their strength was much worse than when they met just now.
Of course, in his view, this is also an illusion.
943 Chapter 943 Ghost Night