It’s a bit hard for him who is used to all this.

However, JiZheng only hesitated for a second. He immediately smiled and said, "Well, your territory will be canonized when I think about it. You and Zhuo Qing haven’t seen each other for a long time, have you? I won’t bother you, you go down first. "
Li Feiyang and MuZhuoQing farewell out, JiZheng a person quietly sitting in the dragon chair, looking at the top of the hall to stay.
A dark shadow emerged from nowhere and slowly became a human figure, an old man.
It is because his whole body is covered in a black robe that people can’t see his eyes clearly. It is only from the white beard that we can judge that this person is very old.
"Your majesty, why did you do that? This young man is difficult to control. " Always talking, his voice is as old as his beard.
Ji Zheng doesn’t seem to be surprised by the appearance of this person. It seems that he is still used to it. His eyes drifted slowly into the distance, as if looking at the outside of the temple and recalling the past.
After a long time, Ji Zheng said faintly: "I, how can I not understand?" This person is not difficult to control, but it is impossible to be controlled. "
"So, why are you doing this? I know what you want to do … Do you really dare to take risks? Aren’t you afraid of losing your ancestral land? Because this kid put down a rebellion? All you have to do is stretch your finger to destroy that stupid thing! "
Ji Zheng smiled indifferently, with great confidence on his face: "I didn’t want to control him at all. As for Gong Yin, I am very happy that this old guy can play such a game at a dying age and let me relieve boredom, but I won’t take it to heart at all. The sky is boundless and has helped our ancestors without reservation, and our family has always obeyed this man’s words. Now that he has recommended this boy, I believe he has his reasons. I also have my own ideas, but I still want to trust this ancestor again. "
The old man was silent for a long time. He said indifferently, "You are playing with fire. Aren’t you afraid that this boy will become the most horrible beast?"
Blade master!’ Ji Zheng’s tone was suddenly blunt: "Don’t talk to me in a qualitative tone. Everyone in this world will respect you. But in front of me, you must remember who you are, who I am, and understand your own identity! "
The old body suddenly released a cold murderous look. At this moment, the whole hall seemed to be extremely cold, and a layer of light frost spread upward from the bottom of the hall, little by little extending to the whole palace. The invincible defense circle in the hall is as fragile as a piece of paper in the face of this old power.
However, this force of frost is confined to the interior of the hall, and the guards standing outside the hall did not feel the coldness and strangeness in the hall at all, but still looked straight ahead without any sleep.
JiZheng smiled, and the index finger of the right hand gently bounced on the dragon chair. You can vaguely see that with the action of Ji Zheng, the invisible ripples slowly invaded the hall, and then spread toward the force of ice. As a result, the original turbulent cold suddenly seemed to be caught in a sore spot, jumping violently, then retreating a little, and being pushed back to the old body by fluctuations a little.
However, the fluctuation of JiZheng’s pop-up still shows no signs of dispelling, but it oppresses the old along the ground until he is trapped in the middle and can’t move.
The old body began to tremble gently, and then began to exhaled breath. Later, it even sounded like a cow growling. But strangely enough, with such a loud voice, the guards outside the door still didn’t respond, as if they didn’t hear it at all.
After a long time, Lao finally gave up his struggle and stopped. He slowly bent down and knelt down, and his already old figure looked even older.
"Yes, your majesty, the old slave is guilty."
The old compromise was exchanged for Ji Zheng’s smile: "It’s good to understand, the world is in my hands. You have to remember this … "
Li Feiyang followed MuZhuoQing to her residence. After two people had a love affair, MuZhuoQing was flushed and breathed heavily. If it weren’t for her strong resistance, Li Feiyang even gave birth to the impulse to "eat" her at the scene.
After all, he is no longer the young boy, and after two years of killing experience, Li Feiyang’s body and mind are becoming more and more intense. Sometimes he is even pregnant. Is it the fusion of red blood and tiger blood, which is making him slowly change?
The former Li Feiyang was not steady, but he was definitely not a crazy person. Now, his heart is full from time to time.
Conquer, kill, possess.
If Li Feiyang hadn’t been suppressing himself intentionally or unintentionally, and the infinite heart sutra would always cleanse his heart, maybe he would have been a different person.
"ZhuoQing, you tell, this is how to return a responsibility? How did you become the goddaughter of Emperor Bai Man? " Li Feiyang calmed himself down and once again put forward this question that has been wrapped in my heart.
MuZhuoQing adjusted his messy clothes, some JiaoChen stared Li Feiyang. Then he said, "This starts with the day you suddenly went crazy …"
Mu Zhuoqing said again what Li Feiyang didn’t remember that day, and then said that a little mind of the father of the boundless sky appeared from the five swords, and then took her and Li Feiyang to the white country. Just don’t know why, the road is endless and Li Feiyang is thrown into a village …

Chapter 152 imperial doctor
Ya put Li Feiyang down, and took Mu Zhuoqing to Bai Man’s country. Emperor V Man had a long talk. After that, Emperor Bai Man was asked to recognize Mu Zhuoqing as his adopted daughter.
Emperor Bai Man seems to have great respect for the father of Cang Infinite. He not only agreed to this request, but also promised to take good care of Mu Zhuoqing. In fact, during this period of time, Emperor Bai Man was really kind to Mu Zhuoqing, and it can be said that he treated Mu Zhuoqing as his own.
After Bai Man’s father arranged all this, the last thought left. Mu Zhuoqing once wanted to find Li Feiyang, but when he was flying in mid-air, things were indistinguishable, and he couldn’t remember where Li Feiyang had been put by the boundless sky, so he had to give up.
Because the boundless mind once said before it disappeared, as long as Mu Zhuoqing waits patiently here, Li Feiyang will naturally come to her …
After hearing what MuZhuoQing said, the original doubts in Li Feiyang’s heart did not disappear, but became more dense.
He doesn’t understand why.
If, according to Mu Zhuoqing, he slaughtered himself wildly that day, it should be regarded as the public enemy of practitioners all over the world. As the founder of the Five Elements Sect, Cang Wuyou has no reason to help himself. But instead of taking himself away, he may even help himself.
Why is this?
Why do you want to interview the emperor Bai Man? Why did he bring himself here? Why did Emperor Bai Man recognize Mu Zhuoqing as his adopted daughter?
Really … That’s weird.
Don’t. What’s the plot against yourself?
Li Feiyang just gave birth to this idea in my heart. Then I gave up. Obviously this inference is wrong.
If the sky is boundless and wants to harm yourself. He has no reason to save himself. Kill yourself while you’re out of your mind. Didn’t you get it all?
But if not. Why should he help himself?
Li Feiyang is puzzled. Think about it. Only the Emperor, who had a close talk with Cang Infinite, might know the truth. But Li Feiyang believes. He won’t tell himself anything.
To say. When they summoned themselves. He would have said it.
Li Feiyang is a simple man. Since I don’t understand, don’t think about it first. The urgent task is to solve your own problems and do what you should do.
First, solve the weapons that the Dark Forest urgently needs, and then try to find some help as much as possible to help the Dark Forest through this sacrifice.
After dinner that evening, Li Feiyang was chatting with MuZhuoQing in her bedroom. Suddenly, the news came, and the emperor summoned them to the Prince’s bedroom.
Hearing the news, Mu Zhuoqing suddenly trembled all over. Then, as if remembering something, he grabbed Li Feiyang’s arm excitedly and said in a hurry, "It’s saved, my brother has it, Feiyang, let’s go!"
Li Feiyang was dazed by Mu Zhuoqing’s appearance. He asked in amazement, "What has been saved? You don’t worry, talk to me first … "
"I’ll tell you on the way, come with me!" MuZhuoQing high-handed, pulling Li Feiyang ran out of the bedroom, and then royal five swords flying.