Qinger gritted his teeth and said, "Master, rest assured that Qinger will not fail to live up to his life." Then he disappeared into the sea.

Yi Yu didn’t return to the’ Pure Land of Blissfulness’, but just sat leisurely on the Borneo trail. Suddenly Yi Yu’s white light flashed around him, and "Innocent" appeared beside him. This world’s chilling witch sat down gently and gently moved Yi Yu’s head to her lap.
Yi Yu whispered, "Sister Innocent seems to have something on her mind?"
"No scale looked at Yi Yu lying on her lap and bowed his head and gently kissed his forehead. "Do you … really want to be the sky? Never think about it. It’s too dangerous. You don’t know what’ day’ stands for. Don’t worry me, okay? "
Yi Yu smiled and gently toyed with a wisp of Shen Innocent: "Sister Innocent really thinks I have that idea?"
Shen Wushi smiled slightly and said, "If others don’t dare, but you … hey! Originally, I thought that you and I were connected so that I could see you clearly. But I was wrong. You are like a mystery. What you think in your heart makes me more confused. "
Yi Yudao: "Don’t you like this, Sister Innocent?"
Shen Wuji smiled and said, "Of course! What’s the point of seeing everything as transparent and plain as water? Do you know why I haven’t gone to Deng Yin and Honghua for revenge since I came out? "
Yi Yu smiled and didn’t answer, just waiting for Shen Wuze to say it himself.
Shen Wuji didn’t lose his appetite. "Actually, I don’t hate them. Although I suffered from 300 years of burning heart, they also gave me an unexpected surprise. "
Yi Yu listened and smiled: "Is this surprise me?"
Shen Wuwei also gently pinched Yi Yu’s nose and said, "Don’t flatter yourself. If you hadn’t been taken advantage of by this bad boy at that time, I would have slapped you to death."
Gently caress Shen’s slender waist without scale. Yi Yu asked, "Sister! Just now you said that I don’t know what’ day’ stands for, so do you know? "
"No scale smiled. Tao: "I naturally know that some of them were in infancy. Listening to the words that my father and mother heard when chatting. " "But I know and I won’t tell you," said Shen Wuwei, glancing at Yi Yudao with a smile.
Yi Yuwen was stunned and said, "Why?"
"I’m naturally afraid to tell you," Shen said with a smile. You will be curious, and people will not stop you from being a bad thing. "
Yi Yudao: "But now that you haven’t told me, I’m also curious …"
"Shen Wuwei covered his mouth with a smile:" Then you can explore it yourself slowly. I believe you can’t understand it for thousands of years. And then when you are old, you won’t have these strange ideas again. "
Yi Yu smiled and stopped pestering this endless problem. Gently climbed to the spotless breasts and smiled: "Is Innocent sneaking out to find his master restless and thinking of him … ouch!"
Shen Wu’s pretty face blushed and looked at Yi Yu hatefully, covering her forehead and pretending to be in pain. "You little pervert will bully others. Unless you let your enchanting spring god lose his soul and release it to me! "
Yi Yu smiled, but the thief didn’t stop. "Sister! Are you angry or jealous? "
"Bah!" Shen Wushi’s face turned red and said, "That one will be jealous of you little villain." ……
How about pressing Yi Yu and Shen Wuguang? Don’t mention it. It is said that Qinger, the goddess of spring, was hit by the cold sea after she went into the sea, which made her already firm and the center of the earth shook again.
Qinger’s mind can’t stop flashing her association with Shuier in the past 1000 years. She has saved Shuier’s life in danger three times. Once again, I was in a desperate situation twice, and Shuier was willing to be seriously injured and protect himself …
Three hundred years ago, Shuier went to great pains to get the essence of Ebony and gave it to her without stint. In order to keep the water eye alive, the two of them risked their lives to fight with the trench monster side by side …
In short, there have been too many friendships and unforgettable ones in the past 1000 years. Thinking of these makes Qinger’s heart ache more and more. She doesn’t know how many tears she shed, and they are all mixed in the sea.
Finally, before you know it, Qinger has dropped by three thousand feet, which touches the law outside the abode of fairies and immortals. Qinger, who has been blocked from the protection of the cave, hasn’t
Come here. But fortunately, this water is born in response to the water, and it is gentle and kind, and there is nothing offensive about it. It just stops people outside and calls the police.
"Sister! Why did you come without saying anything? !” Soon, a pretty woman dressed in a aquamarine palace came out from the inside. I saw this woman Emei with almond eyes, long body and slim waist; Light as running water is like blue waves; God is broad-minded and happy. When it’s really a light as a stream, elegant as a calm lake and a clear moon, it’s a comfortable woman.
Qinger listened to this familiar and pleasant voice and smiled reluctantly as the woman entered the abode of fairies and immortals.
On the sea, Yi Yu is still lying on Shen’s uncleaned thigh.
There are still some red words on her face: "Do you really trust Qinger on her?"
Yi Yu smiled and said, "What do you think?"
Innocent is also a smile: "Although Qinger’s personality is a little sleek, at first glance it looks a bit philistine. But I think her bones are more human than ours. Some are sentimental, not kind, but naive. In my opinion, this time she probably failed to live up to your trust! "
Yi Yu smiled slightly: "Maybe! But I really hope she can betray our trust. "
Shen Wugi was puzzled and said, "How do you say this?"
Yi Yu looked at the blue sky on the sea and said faintly, "In that case, I can let Qinger always remember who is the master and how to be loyal to him."
"No scale shook his head. Sighed: "Hey! In this way, Qinger is really pitiful for his royal highness, the God of Spring! Why not start with Joy? That girl may not be more loyal than Qinger. "
Yi Yu smiled slightly and said, "Only dogs can be domesticated into intimate pets by tying the immature wolves directly to watch the home."
Shen Wushi sighed for a long time before saying, "If so, it seems that Joy is even more pitiful."
Yi Yu laughed: "The wolf is fierce and the dog is loyal. There’s nothing pathetic. Besides, if Heer behaves well, maybe she can be upgraded to a German shepherd someday! Who knows the future. "
Shen Wuji: "-
Shuier, who just made a cup of tea for Qinger, asked with a smile, "Sister! Aren’t you going to retreat and close the door in the last hundred years? Why are you free to come to my sister? "
"I …" Qinger didn’t dare to look at the clear eyes of the water. I don’t know how to speak.
Just as Qinger was distracted and her eyes strayed. Suddenly, she saw an embroidery that had just been finished by the couch. The three-foot-square brocade is embroidered with the pattern of "the turn of Lan-Gui", and the silk thread is extremely fine, that is, the Beihai Tiansi silk goes down with ten stitches. It may not leave a trace, but it takes thousands of stitches to leave some color. I don’t know how much work it will take to make a pair of embroidery.
Qinger took a closer look. I saw that there was a small line under the brocade,’ Give it to Sister Mu Cailing to celebrate the 1000-year-old sisterhood between Mu Cailing and Shuiruoxi.’
When the water saw Qinger, the embroidery turned red and said, "Sister, I embroidered this for you. I wanted to give you a surprise. It’s your fault! I didn’t say anything when I came, so people didn’t put it away in a hurry. "
With that, Shuier walked to the side of the brocade and stroked it gently, just like looking at his own child, with a nostalgic look on his face: "Sister! Do you remember that 934 years ago was the first time you taught me needlework embroidery … "
But while Shuier was still immersed in the beautiful memories of farming, Qinger suddenly burst into tears …
When Shuier saw it, he was frightened and quickly came to Qinger’s side and asked with concern, "Sister! What’s wrong with you? What are the grievances and grievances? Talk to the water! "
Qinger sobbed: "Sister Shuier … I’m sorry for you! ….. "This celebration will tell the past story again with tears.
After hearing the water, she looked at Qinger’s small mouth one by one and didn’t speak for a long time.
At this time, Qinger looked at the water that was still staring blankly and gave her a hard push: "What are you still staring blankly? It’s too late to run them down soon! "
"but!" Although there is some indignation in my heart about Qinger’s betrayal, at this moment, Shuier is more worried about her safety. "Sister, what can you do if the water is gone!"