"What, the guide, you said you were the guide?" Luo Ya was in a daze, and he was led by a Taoist priest. That was one of the six great saints of the Great Wilderness, the archbishop of Western religion, and an awesome figure!

"Exactly, don’t Taoist friends think I’m cheating you?"
"No, this is not true. One is that I have heard of Brother Dao’s name for a long time. The other is that I have never met by chance. I don’t want to meet him today, so I am rude. Brother Dao should not be surprised." Luoya quickly fooled. After all, people are destined to prove that Hunyuan is a saint. Although he is not a saint now, he can’t live too low. It would be bad if he leads an unhappy person to destroy himself!
"Taoist friends have praised me, so I’m ashamed!" Obviously Jieyin is an out-and-out honest man, and after listening to Luo Ya’s words, he quickly said.
After the two exchanged pleasantries, the docking of Luoya became more and more admired. People’s understanding of Tao is a thousand times stronger than their own rookie. No wonder they can become a saint of heaven!
"I think the ontology of Taoist friends is the innate wood. Taoist friends may wish to use ontology as a medium to practice a magic weapon or defend themselves!" Followed by a kind reminder to Luo Ya.
"I know that, but I don’t know about the refining method," said Luo Ya, with a pale face. !”
"Why is it difficult? I’m a little familiar with refining. If Taoist friends don’t dislike it, I can pass it on to you!"
"So good, thank you, brother."
"You’re welcome." The words sound just fell and I saw Jieyin beating a piece of green light into Luoya’s mind. After fully absorbing the information contained in that piece of green light, the docking leads to more worship, which is to be sanctified in the end. If such a brilliant refining method is called rough, then the so-called treasure refining experts in later generations should be ashamed to blow themselves up.
"Thank you, Brother Tao, for protecting me. I’ll forge it!" After saying that, Luoya made another salute to the docking.
"These are some innate things that I have gained from traveling in the wild over the years. It’s no use for me to keep them. Now, if Taoist friends want to refine the utensils, give them to Taoist friends!" I took out some glorious things and handed them to Luo Ya. At first glance, Luoya, darling, there are as many as seven kinds. These are all innate things. It can definitely greatly improve the power of magic weapons when used for refining. It is impossible to say that he is not moved, but he still declined, but he couldn’t take it.
Luo Ya forcibly removed a branch from his own body, and then quickly operated the whole body’s mana to refine the tree branch according to the method of receiving and introducing it to his own refining device, and receiving and introducing it naturally set a ban on dharma protection for him.
In this way, Luo Ya has been spewing mana and one of his minds is constantly refining the tree, and whenever Luo Ya’s mana is not good, he will take his own mana as the guide to quickly restore it. After about a hundred years, his first refining was over with a loud roar from Luoya! Looking at the greener branches in this hand, no, it is now a good innate treasure. I saw that all the seven kinds of congenital treasures presented by him were adorned on it by force. With the blessing of these seven kinds of congenital treasures, the power of this magic weapon must be the bane of the magic weapon of congenital treasure. Of course, it is impossible to achieve that effect now, which depends on Luo Ya’s continuous refinement in the future.
Looking at my first magic weapon, Luoya, I feel as if I have seen it there, but I can’t remember it for a while. "Congratulations on the success of Daoyou’s treasure refining. I don’t know what the name of this treasure is?" Then lead mirth asked Luo Ya. Luo Ya first made a kowtow to Jieyin to express his gratitude, and then said, "This treasure was successful thanks to the help of Brother Dao, and I hope Brother Dao will give it a name!" After introducing Luo Ya’s sincerity, he bowed his head and thought for a moment and said, "Daoyou’s ontology is an innate bodhi tree, and this treasure is supplemented by seven kinds of innate treasures. It’s better to call it Qibaomiao Tree!"
"The wonderful tree of seven treasures, good, is called the wonderful tree of seven treasures." Suddenly Luoya remembered it. No wonder it looks so familiar. Isn’t the wonderful tree of seven treasures a magic weapon for the Taoist priest? How can I get one? No, no, the proper ontology is the innate bodhi tree, and my ontology is also the innate bodhi tree. Besides, he has seven treasures and wonderful trees, so do I. Besides, it’s Zhunti’s brother who receives the quotation. I called him brother, too. Don’t, don’t, I am a quasi! "What, I am a quasi? !” Luo Ya not only cried out. After all, Zhunti is simply a shameless spokesman in the eyes of later generations. How can such a shameless scumbag be himself?
"quasi-mention?" After hearing Luo Ya’s scream, Jieyin had a delicious meal. "Yes, it’s a good name, just in line with Taoist friends!" As soon as Daoyou took shape, he had the cultivation in the early days of quasi-holiness, and Daoyou’s body was the innate bodhi tree, so it was most appropriate to use Zhun-ti’s name. "
Forget it, just mention it, at least we will become saints in the future, and now I mention it, so I will definitely not be as shameless as Zhun-ti. Luo Ya’s mind suddenly felt much more comfortable when he thought of this, so he made a kowtow to Jieyin and said, "Well, if you can mention it, you can mention it. You must have seen Jieyin!"
Seeing that Luo Ya received the quotation in this way, he quickly bowed his head and returned the gift and said, "I’ve met a Taoist friend!"
"Brother Dao doesn’t have to be like this. You and I will be like brothers in the future, and now I am helped by Brother Dao, who will be my brother in the future. I must have seen my brother." Luo Ya sincerely said kotow again.
"This should be the case, but it is not necessary for my brother to do something. You and I are no different in size. Isn’t it beautiful to seek the avenue together?"
"No, absolutely not, the young and the old are orderly, and the elder brother has done a lot for me. This elder brother deserves it." Luo Ya said and bowed deeply to the leader. Take the lead to support Luoya and refuse to let him bow down. However, Luo Ya was determined not to get up, but only agreed, so Luo Ya stopped her hem and straightened up.

The first volume The lich’s quantity of robbery The fourth chapter takes the treasure and causes and effects.
Said Luo Ya since I knew that I was the one who was despised by the later generations, although there was some wry smile, he soon accepted the fact. He and the leader talked about Tao in Razer, confirming their understanding of Tao. In fact, if you want to say that the understanding of Tao is not as good as that of Jieyin, otherwise Jieyin would not be a senior, what’s more, now Luoya is not a quasi-reference! However, his quasi-mention was made by later generations, and those Buddhist classics and novels in previous lives were not read for nothing. So, the scene they talked about gradually became Luo Ya’s solution!
"Daoyou, I’m just beginning to practice, and I realize the method of three times. There are still doubts in it, and I’m full of energy, so it’s difficult to adjust the five elements, so I visit a man of profound morality in the East, in order to reconcile the five elements, and three times are now light. I have put forward many times that it is possible to solve my doubts! "
After hearing the quotation, Luo Ya smiled and said, "Brother Dao, it seems that you and I really have a fate. I once got the three lights and a blue flag in chaos. Together, these two can help Brother Dao reconcile the five elements." After Luo Ya finished, she let out the magic water, and the water vapor merged into the golden body. At this point, the gold was moist and the golden water was clear, and then she took out the violet treasure flag, and the wood spilled water vapor to neutralize the golden gas. At this point, the golden body could not be born and died, and she was fully absorbed.
After the golden body achieved great success, the receiving mind was quite excited and said, "I was born in chaos. After hundreds of millions of years of practice, my Taoist career has taken shape by leaps and bounds." Now Taoist friends have helped me achieve great success in a day, and I … "
"Brother don’t have to be so, you and I are brothers and friends, and it is only natural that I help you. Besides, with the great power of Brother Dao, even without my help, it is just around the corner to achieve great success. What’s more, brother Dao has the great kindness to help me transform. If so, he really doesn’t take me as a brother! "
Luo Ya went on to say: "As for the Tao born from the heart, it mainly depends on the word enlightenment. Enlightened heart is clear, and the heart is born! "
After hearing this sentence, I really admire it and can’t help but sigh: "Classic, the absolute classic among classics!" But he knew that this was not Luoya’s own understanding, but moved out from the Buddhist scriptures of later generations!
After hearing the quotation, Luo Ya was happy. Ha ha, I can’t believe it. It turns out that not only mortals like to kiss up, but also immortals can kiss up, and now they still kiss up to this ancestor of the universe.
"People’s cultivation, cultivate the heart first; Enlightenment to reason, kindness; March the world to save people’s suffering; Eliminate demons and monsters, turn demons into stubbornness; People are grateful and kind; Kindness and compassion, empathy; Compassion is the foundation, and the road shows itself! ….. "Luo Ya talks endlessly, constantly telling what he knows about the Buddhist classic sentences about cultivating the heart.
After listening to Luo Ya’s words, he caused a deep sigh: "It’s really my blessing to meet a Taoist friend. Now I can achieve it!"
Luo Ya was stupefied and immediately asked, "Brother Dao has found his own way now. I don’t know where to go next?"
Then he said to Luo Ya, "Please mention Daoyou, I have learned something about bodhicitta now, and I want to go back to the west now. What are Daoyou’s plans?"
"Brother, where to go, I must mention where to go! I will go back to the West with you and cheer you up! " Luo Ya paused and still said.
It’s a great pleasure to hear Luo Ya say so, and to be honest, he doesn’t want to be separated from Luo Ya. However, he still doesn’t understand what Luo Ya said about revitalizing the West. He thinks that although the great magical powers in the West are not as good as those in the East, they can barely be regarded as fairyland. Why do Taoist friends have such a saying? However, out of the excitement in his heart, he still didn’t ask Luo Ya, only thinking that Luo Ya had never been to the West and thought that the West was very barren.
So the two men rushed to the west with all their strength. The vast world is really amazing, and it took a hundred years for Eloya’s magical power and access to reach the western boundary. After arriving in the west, Luo Ya was completely dull, not because he saw how barren the west was, but because what he saw was just the opposite of those novels from later generations, and the aura of the west was almost not weaker than that of the east. What’s going on? Is it another novel that harms people? However, he did not delve into the attitude of being safe when he came. After traveling in the west with Luoya for many days, Jieyin finally found a high mountain in the west. The magic of this mountain is that it is not outstanding from afar. Only when you enter this mountain can you feel that the mountain is tall and majestic, and this mountain is the ancestral vein of western aura. It is indeed a rare spiritual place, and it is called Xumi Mountain.
Luoya and Jieyin set up a Dojo in that Sumi Mountain, and they talked about whether they were happy or not every day. One day, when Luoya was receiving an introduction, he suddenly saw eight colors of auspicious light in the southeast direction of Xumi Mountain, heading straight for the sky.
"Is there a congenital Lingbao born?" Luo Ya’s heart moved, and she opened her eyes and looked into the eight-color treasure light. I saw eight precious stones in the treasure light, which were red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and gold. The eight rosy clouds are radiated from those precious stones, and these eight precious stones are the innate things. Luo Ya rushed over and said, "Brother Tao, how about taking a chance when the treasure is born?" Lead nodded his head. So they set up Xiangyun and rushed to the gem.
Just as they were about to get close, a light cloud flew out from the side of the gem and came straight at them. Jieyin and Luoya were all surprised, so they quickly turned around and avoided the past.
It was only after Luoya settled that I saw that the light group turned out to be a person, who was dressed in black and black with a heavy rage. The man who received the quotation bowed his head and said, "A Taoist friend is polite, but a poor one receives the quotation. Just now, I saw a treasure that is sophisticated and must be visited by Taoist friends. I didn’t think this treasure was already taken, but I hope Taoist friends will forgive me. I don’t know how to call a friend? "
"Bah, shameless and villains, trying to take my treasure and defending it. Tao ye Luo Wei is also! "
"What. Are you Luo Wei? " Luo Ya was shocked after hearing the name of this person. Luo Wei is the ancestor of the magic way who can compete with the ancestors of Hongjun. Why are you so back? It happened that you met him!
The man in black said angrily, "Will Master Dao cheat you two nobody? How dare you take my treasure? I will take your lives today! " It was the ancestor of the magic way, and he wanted to kill people because of this misunderstanding.
Luo Wei took out a murderous knife as soon as the words sound just fell, and led the attacker to meet Luo Ya. Luoya and Jieyin can’t only take out magic weapons to deal with it. Suddenly Luoya brushed the wonderful tree with seven treasures at Naluo, and under one brush, seven colors of brilliance kept pouring out. Jieyin also erected the building of Jieyin God on the top of his head, and stood in a bucket in Luo. In this way, the three men showed their magical powers in Sumi Mountain and fought.
Although the wonderful tree of seven treasures claims to have nothing to brush, it can be brushed on Luo Wei’s knife, but it can’t be brushed off Luo Wei’s hand. Moreover, every time after the Qibaomiao tree comes into contact with the knife, Luoya always feels that the loss of mana in the body will be accelerated. It’s good to take the lead in the defense, but the attack power is nothing at all. In this way, if you hit Luoya, you will hit a real fire, and you will never care about anything again. Pity a great sumeru mountain was devastated by the fight of three people. Looking at the consequences of the fight, the face is getting more and more bitter.
Gradually, Luoya and Jieyin began to fall behind due to lack of mana, and Luo Wei suddenly and fiercely accelerated until he cut Luoya. "Don’t hurt my brother!" Knowing that Luoya’s attack on the seven treasures and wonderful trees was more than defensive, Jieyin shouted in a hurry, and a teleport blocked Luoya’s attack. Suddenly, the God-connected building flew far away under the knife of Luo Wei, and the golden body of the God-connected building was cut out with a wound about two feet deep and ten feet long. After receiving the praise, the original body appeared from the air and fell. Looking at the regret in Luoya’s heart, why do you want to covet the treasure? When Luo Wei saw that Luo Ya was distracted, he cheated on him with a knife. Just as the knife was about to fall on Luoya, a green light blew it away.
"Hung-chun, you’re ruining my good deed again!" Luo Wei shouted angrily into the air. This sound also made Luo Ya return to absolute being.
I saw a figure slowly emerging in the air, and the figure was so compatible with this world. Luo Ya knows that this person is the later ancestor of Hongjun, but he has not yet become a holy road.
"Luo Wei, you and I are born opposite each other, and you are destined to bring endless rage to this world, which is not allowed by heaven." The Taoist said slowly.
Luo Wei was furious: "Hum, don’t you say no? I’d like to see what your cost is? " Say that finish before hung-chun answer is a knife cut in the past. I don’t know how much more powerful this knife is than the one that was just cut to lead. With a wave of his right hand, Hung-chun waved his big sleeve and easily blocked the knife. Then hung-jun raised his hand and hit the knife again, only to see it fall into pieces with the knife. Luo Wei obviously didn’t expect Hong Jun to have such a skill. In a surprise, he was bounced on his forehead again. Under this bullet, only Luo Wei shouted, "I’m unwilling!" It turned into a little black smoke and dissipated between heaven and earth, but there was not even a trace of Yuan God left. Not the kui is a Taoist ancestor, although he has not yet become a saint at this time, he can’t resist one over ten thousand by himself. It seems that he will have to be careful in the future, so as not to let him find out that this anomaly has destroyed himself!
After Luo Wei was destroyed, Hung-jun flew into the receiving body with a piece of green light. With the help of Hung-jun, the receiving injury healed immediately, and most people woke up. When Jieyin woke up, he and Luoya saluted Hongjun together and said, "Thank you for your help. I hope you can give me a large size someday!"
Hung-jun said faintly, "I should go now. I’ll see you again someday, and then you’ll know." After that, I left Changhong without paying attention to them.
After watching Hung-chun leave, Luo Ya’s heart was lifted, and she hurriedly asked about Jie’s injury. Jieyin looked at the devastated Xumishan’s face and said, "I don’t have any serious problems. I just need to cultivate for more than a hundred years." However, the ancestral vein of my western aura is seriously damaged and difficult to repair. If it goes on for so long, the western aura will become increasingly exhausted, and I am afraid it will fall far behind the East in the future.
When I heard this quote, I felt a pang in my heart. It turned out that the poverty of the West was because of this, and it was all because of myself. This time, the cause and effect with all sentient beings in the West was a big one, and I couldn’t stay in the West to educate all sentient beings in the future. Luo Ya said guiltily, "Brother Dao, it’s all my fault this time. However, Brother Dao doesn’t have to worry too much. There must be a chance in a few days. We may not have a prosperous day in the West, as long as you and I strive for it! "
Jieyin nodded and said, "That’s all we can do now. Let’s repair Xumi Mountain first!"