It’s the one-horned green cow! After this figure roars, it doesn’t hesitate at the moment. Sitting on the cloud, it is full of spirits and begins to connect with the magic weapon.

At the same time, the treasure thief the Monkey King has forced the beating diamond bracelet to a big hill thousands of miles away. Standing at the top of the mountain, the Monkey King forcibly suppressed the diamond bracelet with mana, and informed Pig Bajie and Sha Wujing to meet with his mind.
"Brother Monkey, you can sing which one. Why did you come here?" About half an hour later, Pig Bajie and Sha Wujing arrived. Pig eight quit to see the Monkey King grumbled.
"Yes, master elder brother, it’s important to save the master!" Sha Wujing also said.
"Hey hey, I know this. Master, I have seen him. He is safe for the time being. What are you looking at? " The Monkey King a crooked smile, will be the magic weapon of the bosom light out.
"King Kong bracelet!" Pig eight quit and Sha Wujing exclaimed at the same time.
"hey! How do you all know this thing? " The Monkey King strange way.
"Monkey King, this is a magic weapon for the old gentleman. Lao Sha and I have been in heaven for a long time and have seen it naturally. However, Big Brother, you don’t seem to know this magic weapon. You shouldn’t! " Pig eight quit to say.
"Oh, why do you say that?" The Monkey King depressed way.
"Monkey Brother, when you fought against Erlang God, do you remember what fell from the sky and knocked you unconscious?" Pig Bajie reminded.
"Hum, don’t mention it. I’m angry when it comes to it. Otherwise, how could I lose to that little sage Jiro!" The Monkey King was a little angry when he mentioned the past.
"Monkey Brother, as far as I know, it was Tailaojun who hit you with a diamond bracelet when you were fighting against Erlang God." Pig eight quit to say.
"So that’s it. I didn’t expect the old gentleman to be so insidious. It seems that I played those three sticks lightly!" The Monkey King hate hate way. And pig eight quit and the Monkey King a listen to the Monkey King incredibly still played too old gentleman three sticks, some dumbfounded, this monkey is too bold. However, how could they know that the monkey only beat the old gentleman and became body double with a futon?
"Big Brother, you didn’t steal this thing from Tailaojun?" Sha Wujing asked to worry about.
"No, it’s not. I stole this thing from the monster who caught the master. " The Monkey King crush the diamond bracelet, face is sweating.
"It seems that the monster is too old gentleman’s clique, otherwise such a powerful magic weapon will not fall into his hands! Monkey, what should we do? " Pig eight quit to worry about.
The Monkey King smell speech hesitated for a moment, and said his plan. Pig Eight Rings hesitated: "Brother Monkey, is this ok?"
"Hey, if you can’t do it, you have to do it. Try it!" The Monkey King Road.
"good! Lao Sha, let’s act according to Brother Monkey’s plan! " Blowing the cold mountain breeze, Pig Bajie resolutely said.
"hmm!" Sha Wujing see things at this point is not good to say much, nodded his head.
"Good, old pig, old sand, disposal!" The Monkey King see two teacher younger brother agreed to come down, nods. Say that finish, the Monkey King untied a trace of mana suppression, let the magic weapon spread a breath, then blocked the breath mouth, a jump flew to the seclusion, and began to concentrate on holding up the crazy beating diamond bracelet.
Pig Bajie and Sha Wujing flew to the foot of this mountain and started their disposal.
"Old pig, old sand, can be faster! I can’t hold this treasure down for too long, but I need to solve it quickly … Yeah! ! !” A gnashing of words spread to come over, it is I don’t know where it is, and I have tried my best.
"I know!" Pig eight quit and Sha Wujing should sound, in the hands of the action is also constantly accelerated.
Jinming Mountain is only a short distance from this hill, but Wan Li, just a moment after the Monkey King sends out a magic weapon breath, a tauren figure wearing silver armor and holding an ink gun has appeared in the top of the mountain for nine days, looking at the two people who are busy below!
"Come on, open the array!" The green cow and the Monkey King are in the same realm. When the green cow monster came, the Monkey King felt it. At present, there was a sudden flash of divine light in his eyes, and his mouth made a sound.
"Ok, mix three talents, open!"
A passage from Pig Bajie resounded through the sky. After the words were finished, a monstrous momentum emerged.
The Monkey King suddenly appeared, turned around and placed the diamond bracelet in the law. Then I squinted, looked up at the angry figure in the top nine fairy clouds, and spit out the words: "One-horned green cow, I took your magic weapon. If you want it, come down and do it!"
When the tauren in Yuntou heard this, he burst out laughing wildly. Lang Lang said, "the Monkey King, I underestimated you. I didn’t expect you to know how to fight. However, do you think you can win me in this way? It’s ridiculous. That’s all, just do it! If you dare to provoke me, you must have the consciousness of death! " Before the voice fell, the smile on the tauren’s face disappeared, and the ferocious curtain of murder appeared. Without the slightest hesitation, the moment flew down from the nine-day madness, and a huge black gun appeared in his hand, with boundless power, stabbed the following three people!
"Three talents in one, open!" A powerful voice fell, and several mana lines appeared between the three people standing on the top of the mountain. It seems that it is an equilateral triangle! Behind the Monkey King emerged the word "Heaven" formed by mana. Behind Pig Bajie comes the word "land", while behind Sha Wujing comes the word "people".
"Old pig, old sand,! Let’s see if our three brothers can stand up to this arrogant monster together! " The Monkey King felt his own surging infinite strength, and now his confidence exploded. When he said it, his body was already leaping, and he raised his golden hoop and slammed it toward the ink gun that stabbed him head-on!
"good! Let the three brothers fight with them! " Crazy voice immediately sounded, and two figures followed Ao Lie like the wind. Two magic poles in their hands shone brightly, and they were full of endless murder and waved to the top of their heads, menacing black guns!
The giant sound of "bang" sounded, and the four figures staggered, and they were separated in a flash. Unlike just now, everyone has countless wounds with swords and guns, and the blood is like shura evil spirits!
"Ha ha, cool, one thousand seven hundred strokes for an instant! My old grandson can finally have a carefree battle again! Come again! " The meaning of fanaticism permeates the soaring discourse, and in an instant, four figures are fighting in one place again!
Four kinds of weapons are intertwined, arousing endless dark energy. In the nine days above the head, Xianyun has been shocked and disappeared early. The top of the mountain where the meeting is held has been cut down by seven or eight hundred feet! The remnants of the mountain, thickly dotted with traces of countless weapons spirit wave, every trace, almost all in ten feet deep!
The four men fought for a long time, and the diffuse fairy-demon breath cage covered the surrounding scenery. In the hazy smoke, the tauren-shaped green minotaur held the giant ink gun, and the three men fought alone without falling in the wind.